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Dinner Plans To Go

Meals with opinions are trouble.

Dramatis Personae

Lisbeth, Nemo, Rakel, Andrew Bennett

27 August, 2016

Rakel needs clothes, and Lisbeth takes her shopping, calling Nemo along for shopping and a meal to go. On the way, they meet Andrew...who doesn't take kindly to being Lisbeth's prospective snack!


Historical Waterfront and Boardwalk - Fallcoast

Lisbeth is out on the town. And for once she isn't hunting! Nor does she have her violin case with her. Oh no. Tonight's a fun night. Tonight's a -family- night. She's going to find Rakel some clothes that don't make her look like she was thrown out of a cosplayer's convention, even if it kills her!

Well, okay. Maybe not if it kills her. That might be a -bit- much. She'd know, of course.

Even so, it has to be dealt with. She had given some of Maris and Grace's old clothes to her for the time being. Not that they probably fitted that well. Nemo had also been given a call to meet them around the boardwalk as well. Since why not take the opportunity to enjoy the company of family? It'd be a good opportunity to introduce her to some of the other family members.

Plus, y'know, she hadn't fed in like three days. She was starting to get -hungry-. Having someone there to help her deal with that if things turned sour would be useful. She was getting into a preventative state of mind when it came to her condition.

xxxxxIndeed, the borrowed clothes looked borrowed on Rakel, but at least she looked like she belonged on the street instead of a convetion, even if she looked kinda like a bum who just rolled out of bed and threw whatever she could find on. "So where are we going first?" She inquires of Lisbeth, trusting her sister's ability to find clothes.

xxxxxTiny people are tiny.

xxxxxTiny people in dark clothing whose hips are below car hoods are difficult to see.

xxxxxDrivers who idiotically don't put on their headlights before starting to pull out of parallel parking in front of theatres are less likely to see said tiny people, which isn't so great in Nemo's case.

xxxxx"HEY!" The voice is loud, angry, and female, shouted a split second after a VERY quick jump gets the tiny woman -- tiny, very obviously -winged- woman, in Rakel's case -- up onto the hood of the car, crouched, hands splayed over the metal for support. SHE was paying attention, unlike the dowdy, older female driver, who is even now rolling down the window to call an anxious, "Oh dear, goodness, child, are you alright?"

xxxxxSpying Lisbeth and Rakel from her higher perch, Nemo scoots down off the car and tells the lady, "Yeah, no thanks to you. Turn your fucking headlights on before you move." The irritable inventor waves the woman away, walking toward the back of the car on her way toward Lisbeth and the unfamiliar figure at her side, and after an anxious, indecisive moment, the driver pulls away, carefully, red tail-lights disappearing into the distance.

xxxxxNemo lifts a hand, sequined shorts glittering in the street lights, and waits until she's closer before asking, "Who's the friend?" and giving Rakel a curious, vaguely grumpy once-over.

The weather is somewhat nice. Temperature is good and partly cloudly, so some sun is coming through the clouds. Plus it is Saturday. And that means no rehearsals, no teaching, and taking a day off from composing. Andrew walks with a laptop bag slung over his shoulders, checking out the buildings and the stores. Afterall, he has only been in town for a couple of weeks, so he should get acquainted with his surroundings.

xxxxxHe hears the tiny woman shout and jump up on the hood of a car and watches her for a moment. Ahhh, Fallcoast. A small grin plays to his lips as he allows himself to be entertained by whatever it is she is doing, and his eyes follow her walk over to Lisbeth and Rakel. As he sees them conversing he looks away at a window in a store, but then his eyes narrow for a moment, and he turns back to the trio and studies them, particularly Lisbeth. Something about her is familair to him. Like that moment when you have not seen someone for a long time, and you are not quite sure if that person is who you think it is.

"Rakel. And not a friend. Family." Lisbeth says, enunciating the word "family" as she shoots Rakel a look. The changeling gets a once over in her hand-me-down's before she turns back to Nemo. "She's my sister. I think. I don't know. It's...Um, well --- Yeah. A long story. Walk while we talk?" she says, gesturing down to the boardwalk proper. There were a bunch of shops there, along with the usual luxuries and restaraunts.

"Apparently, I have a sister I didn't know about. Though i'm still kind of wondering if this is -real-..." she adds as she meanders off, presumably assuming the two other Abernathy's were following her. Perhaps some of the skepticism in her voice shows through as well.

As for Andrew? She looks a bit different from when Andrew had last seen her. Paler for certain. There was something else about her too. There was something about her demeanor and the way she looked her companions over. Something that spoke of danger, but not necessarily -bad- danger. The Daeva blood curse had it's advantages, after all.

Even so, Lisbeth is completely oblivious to Andrew for the moment. The problem of explaining the situation to Nemo had her distracted from her surroundings. There's an exception when she pauses to let her eyes hover over a dark haired young man that was hanging out outside of a nearby pizzaria. That look spoke of hunger. Need. It vanishes after a moment, carefully concealed. Though, it would probably look wrong to everyone -except- for Nemo.

Though, on second thought knowing what Nemo knows that would probably make it seem even more wrong to her. Who knows?

xxxxxRakel frowns slightly when Lisbeth looks at her and her clothes. "Don't look at me like that... we're here to fix this problem." She chuckles a bit, and then follows behind Nemo and Lisbeth after a moment, a bit back so that she is not intruding on their conversation. However, there are other reasons she follows, too. Has nothing to do with a succubus or anything. Nothing at all.

xxxxxThe little inventor falls into step, or rather, hastens her own steps to keep up beside Lisbeth and Rakel, the latter's insistence upon being behind them met with a sharp, "Come on up where we can see you, yeah? No hiding."

xxxxxLisbeth's focus on the lone man...uh, yeah. Nemo just rolls her eyes and teases, "Family first. Scrumptious guys later." The taller vampiress gets a meaningful look before the, yes, (to Rakel) glowy-arsed late-twenties woman twists to tell the other Changeling, "Mnemosyne, Nemo for short, and if you say anything about finding me or captains, I'll punch you." She sounds dead serious, too.

xxxxxKeeping an eye on the surroundings, she lags back a moment, tugging at Lisbeth's elbow to get her to slow, and adds a sotto voce, "You know that guy? He's been staring at you." Being Nemo, she isn't subtle, and she stares right back, head canted in a wordless demand for explanation.

She may look diffferent from what Andrew remembers, but there is something about her that seems familiar. What will it hurt anyway? He's new, and knows virtually very few people. Though he looks at Nemo and wonders if she'll use him as a hood of a car, jump on his head and start yelling at him too. And she probably would too, based on her tugging at Lisbeth's arm and staring right back at him. That image makes him grin a bit as he would find it amusing and probably allow it just for the entertainment aspect. He slowly shakes his head to get rid of that thought and begins to walk towards them.

xxxxxAs he approaches the trio, his eyes study Lisbeth closely. Yes, he is certain he recognizes her, at least some former aspects of her. Though, maybe she is just a doppleganger of the violinist he once knew. He stops as he nears, waiting for a break in the trio's conversation and then puts a hand up slowly, as if to say 'Pardon my damn interruption. Yes I am being THAT guy in the middle of a busy street. AKA I'm a Creeper. And that is with a capital 'C'.'. Though he says through his calming, warm timbre, "Excuse me. I am sorry to interrupt, but you look like someone I once knew. Is your name Lisbeth by chance?"

Lisbeth grins. "Yes. We are. And go shopping!~" she says. That last word is done in a bit of a sing-songy tone. Because adapting to a life of long and sometimes bloody nights makes for appreciating the simplest of things at times. Especially when she can actually -help- a family member instead of assault them for their precious life juices.

Speaking of juices, Nemo's first comment gets a mixture of a dirty and guilty look from Lisbeth. "I wasn't thinking of wandering off this time. Don't worry." she murmurs, sounding more defensive than anything else. Of course then Nemo points out the stranger...Or is he? She looks over at him as Nemo does, staring at him. And not in a creepy undead sort of way either. She's breathing, blinking, and the gears in her head are visibly working as she tries to piece together where she knows the man from.

The man's name clicks just as he steps forward to speak. It takes her a moment to reply to the man, her eyes are running over him in the same sort of way they had with that other poor soul just a few moments ago. So much for promises, huh?

"Hey! Yeah, it's me. The one and only Lisbeth. Long time no see, Andrew. How have you been?" she says, pulling free of Nemo's grasp and stepping away from her to meet the man. She's turning on the vampiric charm hard, a flirty little smile on her face. The look on her face and in her eyes says "Yum.". Which is totally not bad news for the group. Honest.

xxxxxRakel frowns a bit and moves up towards the other two women and follows their gaze over to the man in question. "Hmmm..." For once, it seems that Lisbeth's influence is having an impact on her, which might work against her, because her sister has suddenly become modetately clingy, going so far as to hug Lisbeth from behind. "I appreciate you taking me out so much." She purrs a little bit.

xxxxxNemo, irritable, watches Andrew approach, stepping away when he asks about Lisbeth directly. Jumping on his head does seem rather like something the small woman would try, yes, what with the amount of barely held-back energy she seems to have. She's a little spring just waiting to sproing.

xxxxx"Uh huh. Be nice," is the little bug's response to Lisbeth's promise, knowing just how much that is good for. "I'm gonna be over here--" she points toward the farther side of the sidewalk, "--where I don't have t'watch you flirt." Cheeks already pinkening (or purpling near-invisibly, to Rakel's vision) just from the vampiress' attitude to date, the embarrassed inventor clomps off, sequined arse glittering in the light. The fact that Rakel is clinging to Lisbeth like that is just frosting on the cake.

xxxxxJust like when 3PO got excited at the beginning of A New Hope when he saw his companion and said 'R2-D2, it is you, it is you!', Andrew has a moment like that in his head. Sucess! He has a little dance in his head that out of thousands of people and a busy street, he recognized someone and was right. Exciting! His smile warms as she approaches him and notices the flirty smile. What is happening? He hasn't seen her in ages, and she's acting like this around him? He is not exactly sure what is happening, but he likes it. Of course, the poor mortal is thinking this is a long lost missed connection. 'Hey man. She likes me. It's gonna happen!', said the poor soul at the gentleman's club.

xxxxx"Well, uh, you look amazing. How have you been? No, where have you been?" He turns his attention to Nemo and Rakel briefly, offering them both a nod and a smile, but something is just pulling his attention back to Lisbeth. Not only has he run into a long lost friend, but there is something....pulling his attention back to her and he cannot shake it.

If Lisbeth is overtly angry at Rakel she manages to not show it. Nemo might remember the last time someone interfered with her attempt to get a meal however.

Lisbeth rolls her eyes at Nemo's remark before turning back to Andrew. Andrew's compliment has her beaming beatifically at the man. "Thanks! You too." she says, seemingly genuine even though she doesn't really mean it. She pauses to look Andrew over again. This time the look on her face isn't flirty. It's -hungry-. A mortal might mistake it for something lusty. Vampires don't have any interest in -that- however. Oh no. They just want one thing. "I've been great. Better than ever, in fact. I was diagnosed with some health issues that have taken me off the club scene for a bit. I should be back to the daily grind soon however."

"We're about to go shopping for clothes and get a bite to eat. Do you want to come with?" she adds, suddenly changing topic mid speech. The way it's phrased isn't just an invitation. The question is said with a sudden vulnerability. Like she was worried that all of her overtly flirtatious advances were about to get her rejected. What a terrible shame that would be!

xxxxxRakel suddenly sort of looks off into the distance. "I didn't know you were sick..." She releases Lisbeth from her hug and looks sad. "What is wrong? I hope its getting better!" She scowls competatively at Andrew, as if she is ready to fight him off to keep Lisbeth for herself!

xxxxxGlum, appearing about as far from being interested as a bug can be, Nemo mutters, "Shopping," under her breath in a tone most would reserve for, say, mucking out a stable stall after a horse had diarrhea. For a week. The tiny woman reaches up behind an ear, pulling out a small device and some even smaller tools, and starts to fiddle with it while waiting for the others to move.

xxxxx"You should go with her, dude. Lisbeth hasn't been out to eat in a while." See, look at the nice little Changeling, callously encouraging mortals to become meals. What a sweetheart. "What's your name, anyway? Dunno if you eavesdropped well enough to hear, but I'm Nemo Abernathy. Cousin." Her head jerks Lisbeth's way, though her eyes trail off onto Rakel in puzzlement.

The poor mortal man nods slowly and smiles when she agrees that he looks great too. He believes her. "Well, thank you." And he does mistake the look for lust. Most times he can compose himself and ignore it, but not now. Lisbeth has a hold on him and he doesn't care at all. "Oh? I am sorry to hear of your health issues, but glad that you are doing better. As for me, I'm conducting the symphony and teaching at the University. Still composing and performing when I can."

xxxxxHe thinks about the invite for just a second and before Lisbeth can finish her sentence he blurts out, "Yes! Yes I would!" His eyebrows furrow a bit and he looks away. That was strange. He hasn't gotten that excited about something in a long time. At least with an impatient outburst like that. But then he is back to it and looks up to Rakel and then to Lisbeth, "Yes, I would be honored to join the two of you." Strange, the poor mortal is exuding interest on Lisbeth for all the wrong reasons, when he thinks she is into him.

Andrew turns to look at Nemo and smiles to her, "My name is Andrew. Pleased to meet you. I enjoyed your show on the car earlier. Do it again?" He offers a grin to her in jest, of course.

If Lisbeth was less of a kind soul she'd have to restrain herself from the urge to vindictively suck Rakel dry. Right. Sure. Because Lisbeth was the one-off exception to vampires being selfish monsters. Honest.

That monstrous impulse that drove Lisbeth to Andrew to get her nightly meal also could be competitive in it's own way. Rakel was INTERFERING with her HUNT. Keeping her from isolating and feeding on HER PREY. The Beast didn't care if Rakel was family. It only cared about being fed. All human considerations were a moot point to it. Those territorial impulses pulsed like a strobe light in the back of her head. Thankfully Nemo is there to distract her from having to deal with the urge to snarl and tear the other succubus a brand new throat hole. Or rather, to remind her that other people were nearby and that this was neither the time nor the right group of people to take out her frustations.

"Great! See! Everyone approves of you coming along too. We'll be a match made in heaven." she says, pulling free of Rakel and sauntering off down the boardwalk. Thank god her in-laws were there to help pick up the slack when things just started to go slightly awry. "So...Clothes! Where too around here?" she says, looking over at Nemo. Her prior glumness was noted. She leans over to whisper something to the Changeling before pulling back at the group. "What sort of clothes do you like to wear, Rakel?"

That last bit was directed at her sister. And that was presumably her name.

Lisbeth whispers "Cheer up! We can stop in at a Radio Shack or something."

xxxxxSomething seems to catch Rakel's attention. Something about Lisbeth seems off, like, despite everything, she is somehow upsetting her. "Uhm... Well, not sure, maybe I'll just go browse by myself for a bit while you catch up with your old friend." She looks over at Andrew, eyes narrowing for a second, then runs off without further word to do some window shopping.

xxxxxNemo rolls her eyes and steps forward, reaching out to give Lisbeth and Andrew a push forward together. "You two go get reacquainted. I'll...stay with Rakel." She eyes the window-shopping succubus, then the clothing inside the stores themselves, siiiiiighing as though making The Most Grievously Awful Sacrifice Ever. "Be quick, Lis."

xxxxxWith that, the tiny woman moves up to stand beside Rakel and ask, "So, haven't seen you around. You new in town?" [faepose] Nemo's arse is, indeed, glowing, and blinks a slow strobe as she speaks, antennae raised. A zzzt of electricity sizzles up the left, fizzling at its tip.

xxxxxAndrew just decides to follow along, seeing wherever the trio leads him to. Right now his fixation is on Lisbeth, and when there is a gap in the conversation, Andrew speaks up, "You know, since I knew I was coming here, I was trying to get in contact with you. We have some openings in the symphony and I think you should join. Don't you?" He looks to Rakel as she decides to wander off on her own. "Oh, you should stay. The more the merrier!" He turns to look back at Nemo as Andrew is pushed forward and hears her comment about being quick. Oh? Is Andrew going to get lucky? Lisbeth is sure seeming quite interested in him. Normally he can contain himself in situations like this, but cannot right now. He looks to Lisbeth and says, "Where are we going to eat? You guys know this place better than I do."

Lisbeth relaxes as Rakel eases off to go do...Well, whatever it is that handsy succubi do when they decide to go window shopping. "I'd love too join! Do you have some...I don't know, contact details or something? Or an address and time to show up at for rehearsals?" she says, giving the man an expectant look. The details weren't just for the symphony. She was a good little vampire, and was building a herd she could tap for blood. Having one more person couldn't hurt, right?

xxxxxRakel doesn't go shopping like she says she was going to. Instead, as soon as she is out of sight, she finds the nearest bench and sits down and lets out a sigh. When Nemo joins her, she looks up at the other changeling. "Yeah, I am. Well, sort of." She looks bac down the road to where Lisbeth probably was, or had been. "Was hoping to be able to spend time with my sister but she seems almost upset that I am with and way more interested in flirting with that guy." Rakel returns her attention to Nemo. "I may just go home."

xxxxxNemo is a good little relative. She is also an experienced little relative, which would be why she so carefully takes it upon herself to occupy Rakel while Lisbeth tries to steal Andrew away. Since Rakel has gone out of sight of the others, that really does make the task much simpler, now, doesn't it?

xxxxx"Yeah? Didn't know she had more sisters," the little woman muses, bright eyes curious as she studies the shape of Rakel's face, her features, for resemblance. "Not that I've really asked too much. Are you on the Abernathy end of things, or..?" As explanation, she tacks on, "I dunno who most folks are on sight, yet. Just married into the family back this Spring, you know?" She quirks a wry half-smile. "Been an adventure, I can tell you that." And, thanks to being far enough away from the others to feel safe in doing so, she drops her voice to a low murmur as she adds, "Quite a few of us in the family."

As Nemo an Rakel wander off to sit on a bench, Andrew turns to Lisbeth and reaches into his laptop bag to pull out a business card. "Sure thing. Here you go!" He then looks back to the pair and then to Lisbeth, "You know, I didn't mean to intrude on your friends. Give me a call sometime. You should spend time with them, we can always catch up later and grab some drinks or something, yea?" He offers ot Lisbeth, smiling warmly to her.

Lisbeth is oblivious to her sister's discomfort and dejection. Daeva could be so very selfish and dead inside at times, after all. Compared to her mounting hunger (The moment she was waiting for was so close! She was so -CLOSE-!) family seemed a rapidly dimming reminder. Of course then Andrew is trying to detach himself from their little shopping excursion. "What? Wait. No. You're fine to stay!" she says, gently tugging him towards a darkened alley. It was not in the direction of Nemo or Rakel. Though going through it might take them closer to the two of them quicker.

"I suspect Im the only sister she didn't know she had." Rakel admits. "Would be hard to fit any more of us in." She grins a little at that. "Or out, depending on your perspective." She then lets out a sigh. "Yeah, I'm an Abernathy. We have the same mother." She kicks at the ground a little bit but then looks over at Nemo. "Oh? I've met at least one other one. Big guy named Dayne."

xxxxxNemo nods, reaching up to run a hand through her short hair. This is complicated by having to dodge antennae, but she is familiar enough with the appendages to avoid them without difficulty. "Neat. I'm Elmo's wife, if you see him around. He's...uh, he's something special. He also has a really cool girlfriend, Dottie Skinner, and she's -fantastic- at the whole throwing giant bacchanals of parties and all. They, uh, might be right up your alley." Sex, succubus, bacchanal. What's not to like?

xxxxxAfter a pause, she clarifies, "He was dating Dottie way before he married me. I feel kind of bad for her, you know? Everyone assumes that just 'cause I'm his wife, Dottie's somehow an interloper, which is stupid."

Being pulled towards an alley is interesting, but Andrew halts in his tracks, causing his shirt to be tugged on hard, which makes him lean a bit towards Lisbeth as he is pulled. He does laugh though as this whole encounter as been amusing. Andrew reaches out and attempts to pull Lisbeth in for a very platonic and friendly hug. "It is so good to see you again. Really!" Whether the hug was successful or not, after he speaks he looks to her again and says, "Call me. We need to get you on with the orchestra. Maybe do a Master Class with the violin majors up at St. John's." And he prepares to make his way and walk down the street, still looking at her with a smile.

xxxxxRakel gives Nemo an odd look. "Uhh... I... I see..." She frowns. "Well, I guess I have no idea how to respond to that sort of situation either way." She chuckles softly. "I feel like an interloper now."

Lisbeth watches as Andrew leaves. If she was in her right mind she'd probably hope that Nemo and Rakel were still around the corner. Of course, she was just fang blocked by her own aggressive approach moments before all her effort would have borne fruit. So she's very much -not- thinking clearly.

Once Andrew rounds the corner she hisses and snarls, completely ignorant of anyone nearby watching her as she stamps her feet and balls up her fists in frustration. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Lisbeth: Violinist, dread occultist of the Mother of Monsters, vampire, and apparently possessed of the restraint and temperament of a tantruming child.

It takes her a moment to get herself under control after her initial explosion of rage and beastly frustration. She couldn't let her sister see her like this. Not someone she cared about. She takes a few deep breaths --- not that she still needs to breathe --- to calm herself before turning to go meet up with Rakel and Nemo. When she sees Rakel sulking with her back turned she moves to creep up on her. Is she getting ready to ambush her? Is this is another vampire thing? Oh no!

It's not, thankfully. It's a hug thing. How's that for an apology? Stealthily, she glomps her sister, drinking in the feel of her bodies' warmth. She might not be able to take a few pints from her family (Nor her meal for the night.) but she could at least bask in their lives. There was no harm in that, right? "Sorry I peeled off and gave you some angry signals back there." she says, mostly to Rakel. "I needed to work him over a bit. He has more work for me. No money means no food or home, you know?"

xxxxxThe other woman's lack of response is no impediment to Nemo, who simply shrugs, unconcerned, and, given that she has never stopped standing or paying attention to her surroundings -- hey, give her credit for understanding that the night's not safe! -- well... she sees Lisbeth before the hug. She also doesn't spoil it, telling Rakel instead, "Why? I mean, if you're family, you're family. Lisbeth'll be right back. She plays the violin, you know? Probably just wanted to talk music shit with that guy."

xxxxxOnce the hug has happened and Rakel hasn't attempted to throw Lisbeth anywhere, Nemo shifts her weight, glancing at Lisbeth above Rakel's head while that novelty of a situation still exists. The look quite clearly asks if Lisbeth fed, and just as clearly assumes otherwise.

Given the way Lisbeth seems a bit... overcome... by the warmth of Rakel's body the answer to whether she fed is most likely "No.". Either way, she doesn't reply, instead pulling back with an effort of will that borders on being inhuman in quality. No feeding on family. Not if she can help it. Nemo gets a look that's thankful as well. So at least she can recognize the subtle helping hand of family!

"It's not okay. I shouldn't have let myself get distracted like that. Work's something we have to do do every day. Spending time with family you never knew you had until a week ago is far more unique and important." she says, sounding genuinely remorseful over her behavior.

xxxxxRakel puffs up a little bit as Lisbeth tries to explain the situation to her, then nods. "Fine, but you're definitely helping me pick out some cute outfits." She smirks a bit. "Little Nemo here doesn't seem too big on the idea of shopping, though."

xxxxxNemo pulls a slim smartphone out from her hip, and it's a good thing it IS so slim, because those shorts are fairly well skin tight, and starts to type something with silent fingers. She holds it at an angle where Lisbeth can easily read the screen, given that she's standing beside her, and Rakel can't see through the back side of a phone. Convenient, that.

xxxxxOnce she's sure the vampiress has read the message on the phone, she STARTS to put the thing away, then pauses when it rings, Darth Vader's Imperial March DUN DUN DUN dun du-dun dun du-dunning its demanding call for attention. She taps the screen, scowling, and answers, "Yeah?" before listening. Her expression shifts an instant later, irritability mingled with a subtle softening, exasperation taking on a fond note. "Fine, but you're paying for it."

xxxxxTucking the phone away, she tells the duo, "Wifely duty calls. Elmo broke shit, and I've gotta go make sure he doesn't set the house on fire. Uh, nice meeting you, Rakel. See you both 'round the estate some time, yeah?"

xxxxxShe doesn't wait for an answer, zooming off before anyone can suggest she stay for shopping. Flee, little bug, fleeee!

TXT From Nemo To Lisbeth - (not actually a text, but a note in the Notes app: Come to my shop later.)

Lisbeth shoots Nemo a look at the announcement of her protests over shopping. Was there something there? A plea? Maybe so, maybe not. If so then perhaps she didn't want to risk being left alone with the only immediate family she had left in the city in her current state.

Alas, it's not to be. Nemo buzzes off into the darkness and Lisbeth is left alone. With Rakel. Whelp! It was time to show that she still had a human side and could resist her Beast, right? Trying to look like she wasn't mentally taking a deep breath to prepare herself for what was to come, she waves Rakel onwards. "Alright then. Onwards, to clothes!" she says, a bit hammily...