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Deathly Places

"Uh, what's going on? Someone let me know what to punch or who to give mojo on."

Dramatis Personae

Destiny, Frankie, Kara, Vandal, with David as himself and ST

1 July, 2017

David enlists some help checking out some cenotes for possible use. After meeting at Denny's, the group starts its search at the Wax Museum and finds it occupied. There is no punching, though there is some mojo.


Denny's, Creepy Wax Museum Exterior

The gathering around the table of the Denny's is somewhat unusual. They draw the eye just from the difference between the redhead, the giant, the singer and the gangbanger. Upon the table there is a small packet of papers, the papers themselves are covered in notes, mostly in heavy pencil. As people arrive David makes introductions, primarily to Destiny. "Destiny, this is Vandal and Frankie, both of whom are interested in giving us a hand, or at least talking about it. This is Destiny she is going to be my... ah... project manager for this endeavor, she'll be managing both locations and doing the mundane aspects of ownership using her own talents, which should be obvious to both of you." David's voice is pleasant and warm, "So these places are those I'm absolutely certain will meet our needs, except Alexi..." He taps one of them, "Says that we should leave this one alone, so I'm inclined to listen, the old man is a pain in the ass but he always has a reason." HE moves the other three around to offer each of them a look at the locations. The first a spot deep in the forest, the second an abandoned shoe store, and the third is of all things a Wax Museum.

Destiny is dressed casual, an 80's t-shirt, a leather jacket, red hair back in a pony-tail, leggings and Chucks. She offers her hand around to those who want to shake it, eyeing everyone she's introduced to curiously, as if she's exploring the social community of a new species for the first time. She's the Vampire Jane Goodall, here to study the Sin-Eaters! "Nice to meet everyone." She makes no mention as to her talents, just listening to what David sees as her part of this 'job', and sliding into a chair to lean over and look at the map.

Frankie lingers at the table, not taking a seat but looming nonetheless, arms crossed. She shoots Destiny a bit of a dubious look, but that's fine. On Frankie's shoulder is a ghost crow, invisible to everyone but mediums and Bound. It has red glowing eyes and has to be a psychopomp, just by dint of being a ghost animal. She leans in to peer at the map.

Dennys! Vandal is So. Fricking. Excited! He waves at the waitress every single time she walks past and asks to know how long until his pancakes are ready. The kid has ordered the biggest stack of pancakes imaginable. With syrup, and cream cheese frosting and marshmallows and nutella and banana and cinnamon and brown sugar and...the list goes on. It's enough to make most moderately sane people sick. Destiny gets a wave and a goofy grin when David introduces her, baring his teeth and holding his hands like claws in the international symbol for 'vampire' because he's way subtle. The kid is dressed in a pair of torn up black jeans and a faded band teeshirt with a leather jacket pulled over the top. There's a spiked collar around his neck and a single, fingerless leather glove on his right hand.

David doesn't seem disturbed by Frankie's skepticism, though there is a quirk of a smile at the skeptical look. Vandal on the other hand earns a mildly bemused look, because the kid who seems almost fragile compared to David's bulk ordered enough food for three people. There is some amount of amusement there, "So the basic idea is to figure out which of these is currently, ah, occupied, and they may not be, and which will provide the most bang for the buck. Then we want to co-opt them, but first thing is first. We want to figure out who or what is currently occupying these locations. Obviously once we know what that is, how we approach it will be different. Also depending on how easy they are to co-opt, it might be worth the time to try and insure at least one of them is more of an open location as opposed to one restricted to one specific group." HE takes a deep breath, "So, based on that, any ideas on how we want to proceed or which of these we should look into first?"

Destiny fixes Vandal with a gaze for a moment, tilting her head. Fascinating, they can communicate through symbolic sign language! A lop-sided smirk crosses her lips at the gesture as her eyes twinkle. She returns the gesture with symbolic sign language of her own, an outstretched middle finger, unaccompanied by words. She crosses her arms under her prodigious chest, leaning back a little in her chair and saying, "I mean, without knowing what exactly you expect to find there or what you want out of the place. I've got no opinions."

"Talk to the locals," Frankie suggests. "Or go there and see. Or both." Wait, is she the gangbanger in this set-up? Isn't that Vandal? (She gives him a puzzled glance. Apparently the universal sign for vampire is not so universal.)

Vandal laughs so hard back at Destiny he actually ends up snorting a little, which of course only adds to his allure, rocking back in his chair a little bit and /almost/ overbalancing it and going toppling backward, though he manages to save it at the very last moment, just as the waitress sets Mount Pancake down in front of him. The waster kid tucks into it like he hasn't eaten in weeks and is busily chewing on a mouthful of syrupy goodness by the time David asks about the places. "Sfooo Fop sffounds futhing shith!" the kid exclaims through a mouthful of pancake, before pointing out the one in the woods and the one in the wax museum. He chews a little and actually swallows, before saying "Wax museum sounds fuckin' awesome!"

David makes a thoughtful noise, "Sure, we've actually claimed the wax museum one before, that was before Alice lit out of town." He frowns a bit as he says that, "Which was a bit rough, when we first went through it, there was the guy there who believed that there had to be a bit of flesh and blood in every one of the figurines. The place was a forest of unhappy Ghosts. We mostly cleared them out, but even then it kept sucking in the really seriously nuts ones, and it was some amount of work to keep it clean." He glances over the other three, "So, you guys want to start there? The goal being two fold, initial surveillance to see if there is anything there, and then claiming it."

Kara walks into the Dennys. Sure, she's late, but better late than never, right? Her lips twitch when she notices two familiar faces, so she heads over. "Hi Vandal, Frankie," she says before poking Vandal's shoulder lightly. "No choking. And what's this about a wax museum?" she asks, nodding to the two unfamiliar faces. "Hi. I'm Kara," she offers.

"Wait a minute." Destiny speaks up, leaning forward and her smile growing wider, "You guys had the wax museum already and you lost it?" She doesn't outright laugh, but she definitely seems like she wants to. "Well, I mean, maybe it'll be easier this time? How'd you lose it?" She seems genuinely curious on that point, because if they lost it, it might mean whatever is there is too much for them to handle. "I g otta say, a Wax museum sounds /cooler/ anyway." She turns then, looking over to Kara and pursing her lips, before nodding, "Hey, I'm Destiny."

Frankie tips her chin at Kara. She hasn't introduced herself, but it's just been done anyway. Frankie tucks her black-nailed hands into her jeans, arching an eyebrow at Destiny. "Mmhmn. What are you planning on doing with this, anyway?"

"Wax Museum'll be fuckin cooool!" Vandal chimes in, jabbing his finger at that point on the map once again, between shoveling piles of pancakes and assorted topping into his mouth. It is probably enough for about three of four people, but the kid sure can put it away! "So basically we gotta go check it out, make sure the coast is clear, then fuckin' snag it, right?" he asks then, looking up at David and ten aside at Frankie and Destiny. Kara gets a grin and a wave and he introduces her to "That's David..." then points out Destiny "...this is Toots!" with another snort of laughter. Teach you to flip him off!

There is a faint snort at the 'Toots' but he grins, after all given Destiny's prominence the nickname could've been much worse. David tries to take the things in order, but he starts with Frankie, "In a pretty signifigant sense this is really just securing our flanks. We may not, probably won't even try and claim all of these locations, but knowing what there, what barriers for us to be assaulted or what is using them has its own value. In addition I found myself.. rather low on Plasm after a few underworld trips the other day and I wanted to have a place where it was reasonable to be able to easily recharge and I Want folks I know to have access to it, and strangers messing with me, not."

He continues quietly, "We had the Wax Mueseum when Alice and I were very active. I have no idea where she is, and I spent to much time... well elsewhere to be certain of things, when Alice left a lot of her things got sold, this parcel got sold to a large consortium that owns... well things like Madame Toussand's in Vegas.."

Destiny nods her head, glancing over at Frankie and arching a brow back in a mirrored expression, "I'm kind of wondering that myself. If you guys are talking about ghosts... I can't see them, can't affect them, can't talk to them, can't do anything. But I think..." She looks to David for confirmation, "That my role is basically to handle pulling the strings? Getting the owner to sign over the deed, staffing the places with loyal managers, ensuring that no one gives you guys any hassle about permits or anything...." You know, all the Secret Illuminati stuff that vampires supposedly do. She side-eyes Vandal for a moment, glancing him up and down, but leaves it alone for now. The dismissive shrug of her shoulder suggests she's been called worse things than Toots.

Kara glances between the faces, familiar and unfamiliar both, then she moves closer to Vandal, bending down to whisper in his ear. "Okay, what the hell is going on? Why are we snagging a wax museum?" She tries to be discreet because, hey, no one likes admitting ignorance, right?

"...She's with you?" Frankie asks David. It's kind of impolite, talking about Destiny like she's not right there. Okay, it's rude. Frankie is being rude. But Frankie is also being wary. The ghost crow on her shoulder makes a warbling noise, unheard by any but the Bound.

"You coulda gone to our fancy Prison!" Vandal remarks when David complains of running low on plasm, but doesn't push the issue, instead leaning in to peer at the map and listening as the others all pitch in their opinions. There doesn't seem to be any malice in his teasing of Destiny, though he does snicker to himself once or twice more about the 'Toots' thing. When Kara asks about the Museum, the kid explains. "It's a haunt right? See-note some people call 'em too. Places you can go downstairs..." the boy explains, before looking aside at Frankie when she questions Destiny being here. Frankie being Cranky? Never!

David's reponses come slowly and in time, "Yes, she's mine." Which is its own sort of rude but he offers Destiny a faintly fond smile, "And I think she'll make an excellent... intermediary here, no one questions that sort of acquisition when it comes from her folk. Also there is just as likely to be mundane as well as Spiritual trouble, moreso frankly despite the fact that cenotes have their own draw for the dead." HE pauses, "Daiyu's?" He seems surprised, "Or was that a insane Asylum... I never remember..."

Destiny looks Frankie over, up and down for a moment. Her brow furrows, and it's clear she's trying to decide if she needs to buy into this... whatever it is. Eventually she says, "Honestly, I mean, based on what I'm hearing, Frankie seems like she's right. Shouldn't my job be to swoop in after, background stuff? I don't want to wind up being a liability to anyone."

Frankie nods to David, transferring her gaze back to Destiny. She shrugs, arms still crossed. "His choice, he invited you along. So. Wax museum?"

"Huh," is Kara's reaction to Vandal's explanation. Then she shrugs, grins, and tries to snag a fork and steal a bite of Vandal's pancakes. Thief! "So guess this is why this guy I know told me I'd find coming here interesting," she says.

Vandal looks almost as if he's about to slap Kara's hand away when she goes in to steal pancakes, but he stops himself at the last second. HE was kind of slowing up anyway. He had ordered /a lot/ of pancakes after all. Good job he's not paying! "I can just throw up a fuckin' boneyard or whatever when we get nearer an' see if there's any weirdness in there, I guess?" the boy asks, rolling his shoulders into a light shrug. "Just need someone to watch me while you all head in or whatever..."

David makes a thoughtful noise, "That I haven't ever learned how to do, so that'll be super helpful. So we get nearby, keep an eye on Vandal, let him do his voodoo? Or do we want to case it first? Or I dunno sneak in in the middle of the night or whatever?"

Destiny is silent, shrugging her shoulders, leaning back to let the others talk and make the decisions on this one.

Kara grins at Vandal when he stops himself from smacking her head, rewarding his restraint with a shoulder bump. Then she goes back to studying the two unfamiliar faces as she noms the pancake. "Getting into this place won't be a problem," she says slowly.

"Always do some recon," Frankie says, adjusting the strap of her messenger bag. She rubs her cheek. "Which I guess is Vandal doing his thing?"

"Sooooo, let's go!" Vandal chirps, pushing up from his seat, seeing as everything seems to be decided and there seems to be a plan of some sort. A vague plan. Sort of a plan. Vandal is pretty good at Boneyarding shit up. He could probably snag the haunt from here, but hey! A road trip is a road trip! He shovels in a final mouthful of pancake before starting for the door.

The trip to a nearby location is relatively uneventful and occurs entirely under the cover of darkness. There is a silence at this time of night that seems to deepen the closer you get to the museum itself, and a faint since of drawing inwards as if being tugged along. Still eventually you all gather nearby.

Destiny keeps her hands in the pocket of her leather jacket, probably hitching a ride with someone else if they've got a car or other mode of transportation, she doesn't seem to have brought any transportation with her. She's still lingering near the back, sort of just watching them all curiously, like she's still learning the ropes. Which, she is.

Kara follows after Vandal because hey, this is more interesting than sitting at home, right? Luckily she's wearing dark jeans and a black shirt, so she doesn't really stand out. But for now she's quiet, hanging with the others.

Frankie is also wearing a leather jacket, which, well... it's kind of warm for that. Still. Norbert Ghost-Crow takes wing, flapping toward the wax museum to scope the place out ahead of time. Frankie still seems wary as hell, but at least she's giving less stinkeye.

Typically, Vandal doesn't seem too cowed at the prospect of heading out to snag a haunt and chatters along merrily about everything and anything he can think of along the way, even going to far as to leapfrog over a couple of trashcans as he generally messes around and misbehaves the entire journey.

Shortly after Norbert departs he returns, winging quickly and if not nervously certainly with some amount of speed. He lands on Frankie's shoulders, and quorks. Repeatedly, with some emphasis.

The images conveyed are sharp and crisp. There are Ghosts about, which isn't a huge surprise near a cenote. There is a group of people inside the Museum itself, one of which spotted the bird, which surprised and distressed it. There are two... older Ghosts accompanying one of them. The other image which is very clear is that the Gate itself is open, and there are a large number of boxes, which are being steadily moved into the underworld by the men.

Frankie is silent, standing with her head cocked to the side as if listening to something. Which must just look weird to Destiny, because she can't see the ghost crow. Even weirder is when Frankie starts talking about what's inside the building, despite having been right there with them. Outside.

"Ghosts. No surprise there. The gate's open, and there are people there moving things through it. Not Bound? Maybe just mediums. One saw. Two older ghosts with them."

Everything about this all looks weird to Destiny to be frank, and she does in fact watch with a 'wtf is this shit' when Frankie starts tilting her head to the side listening. Then again, she shrugs and nods her head. Who is she to judge, she can hear most of their heartbeats from half a football field away. "So that's what like.... how many people?" She focuses on the people. People she can handle.

Vandal's brow knits with a light frown when the Boneyard falls across the area. A relatively strong one at that. "Huh..." the kid says, reaching up to scratch at the top of his head. Deciding that is it probably not a good idea to let these unknown guys have control of a Boneyard right over them, and also supposing that them immediately throwing out a boneyard is somewhat problematic, the kid closes his eyes and sends a shimmering ring of silvery plasm spiraling outward, his eyes flashing briefly with mercurial silver as he wrests control of the boneyard from the unknown party.

Kara glances to Vandal when he speaks, her head tilting. "What is it?" she asks, voice quiet. She hears Frankie, nodding slightly to the woman, but Vandal's got her attention for the moment.

David keeps quiet and listens.

"I have no idea," Frankie murmurs, though Kara didn't ask her. "Nothing good?" she suggests. She shifts her weight from side to side. "I don't like this," she murmurs. "Caw," says the ghost crow.

Vandal's awareness spears over miles. But his focus is clearly the inside of the Museum. The area of it proper has a few lingering ghosts, not many but they are attached to the wax figurines. Inside the area itself there are 5 people one of whom is shaking his head as if slightly dazed. Each of them are dressed in relatively expensive suits. The four men are grabbing a couple of the boxes and lifting them up, even as the man shaking his head starts to direct them towards the gate.

Destiny pauses a moment, biting her teeth into her lip and then offering, "Uh, what's going on?" Because you know, from her point of view, all of you guys are just standing around and sort of... well, just standing around. "Are you guys using some kind of scry spell or something?" She gives a little grin and then laughs before saying, "Someone let me know what to punch or who to give mojo on."

Kara glances between Frankie and Vandal, but she looks as confused as Destiny does at this point, but she doesn't speak, just waits to hear the answer to Destiny's question.

David's voice is quiet, "Frankie sent someone into scout, I don't know what Vandal is up to honestly." He says it, "But something happened..." David pauses and takes a deep breath and reaches down and unsnaps his pistol holster.

Frankie shakes her head, holding up a hand in Destiny's direction. "Some kind of mojo's happening. He seems to be doing okay, though." She inches closer to Vandal, trying not to startle him. She actually doesn't know much about Boneyards. "He's not leaking blood from his ears or anything."

Vandal staggers slightly as the boneyard trance comes upon him, his awareness being spread over far too much distance to really be in too much control of his basic motor skills. He can mostly stand upright, though more easily if he supports himself, so the kid finds a patch of wall to lean against as he mumbles out. "They're trying to escape through the gate with a load of fuckin' boxes an' shit" the kid mumbles then, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger.

"Should I like, carry him or something?" Destiny asks, looking over to Frankie and then David, as if waiting to be given some direction, how can she help, "Sounds like if they're running away with shit, it might be shit you want, right?"

David says, "Not sure we should try and rush them, but I'll take Vandal." He reaches down and picks the slight man up, "What do you think Frankie? Kara? Did you want to try and rush them?"

"I am so lost. Who are they? Do we even know if they're enemies?" Kara asks, looking between Frankie and Vandal. "So why would we rush them? I think I've missed something here. I mean I get it, take the museum, but...sounds like we don't have a lot of info to go on here."

"Fuck, no," Frankie says, shaking her head and eyeing the others. "I don't care what they have and I'm almost certain I don't want it. Maybe you should check out the shoe place instead. This one's clearly in use."

"So to cut through the indecision, it sounds like the options are bum rush them, just head inside and talk to them to see what's going on, or go ahead and give the place up and move on to the next in the list, try and knock out the easy ones first?" Destiny shrugs her shoulder, raising her head, clearly trying to spur the group into a joint decision.

Two of the boxes are left behind but they each grab particular boxes and head through the gate. Shortly after that, the gate itself changes in some indefinable way and the view through it shifts as well. Then the gate closes leaving the area bare of others inside, with around five boxes remaining.

Vandal is actually slightly less aggravating than usual when he's in a trance state. He's not talking and making silly jokes constantly and he actually holds still for more than a few seconds at a time. Currently, he's being hefted over the shoulder of the giant Davis, while his mind wanders across the vast expanses of his Boneyard, though, mostly in the Waxworks. "They're gone..." the kid mumbles out, before adding "Left some weird ass boxes though" which is about as descriptive as the kid ever gets.

"Well let's go see what's in him. Come on, loot and adventure, right?" Destiny takes a few steps towards the door of the wax museum, slowly, as if uncertain of her own course of action. Her hands come out of her pockets and she brushes back her hair in that pony-tail, glancing towards the skyline for... some reason.

Frankie listens to Vandal, then nods. "Well, you could go look in the boxes if you're curious. I... I think I've got to head out, though." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone. "Shit. Yes. Sorry."

"Well, do we wanna go check what's in the boxes? I'm okay with snooping. Not so much on attacking people if we don't know if they're actually a threat," Kara says, shrugging and looking around, to make sure no one's around before she starts toward the building. Sneaky-like. She's a thief, so this /is/ what she does!