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Dani's Official Wagner Welcome

"Loooo there!"

Dramatis Personae

Asger Bjornhammer, Corinthia Wagner (who was going by the alias Rieka at the time), Dani Olsson, and Dr. Sonja Nygaard

January 1st, 2021

Returning from their meeting with Lord Winter (see this log), Rieka introduces Dani to the head of the Wagner family (Sonja). Along with Asger, this subset of the family share a meal.


The Wagner Longhouse on Rising Moon Isle

The hearth is crackling with a blazing fire stoked to warm the longhouse and the sound system is playing holiday music of a folk style common to Norway. No, the decorations haven't gone down yet. After all, the twelve days of Christmas aren't even halfway over yet. Of course, it also means that there's glogg adding fragrance to the room as Sonja sits in a comfy chair with her feet kicked out and a book in hand. Lighthouses of New England. Adding to the aroma in the room is a seafood chowder that is cooking in a large slow cooker on the kitchen counter. The timing on it... odd that it would be ready now as opposed to earlier in the day.

Rieka comes in with Dani, laughing as they chat. "No seriously. Get every record you ever owned, every record from everyone you have ever met, throw in every record from every record store you ever walked into.. And it would not take up much of this thing's capacity." She is showing the expandable 1T micro sd card from her phone." Ohh there is a Sonja chillaxing. "Loooo there!"

Dani seems to have come to accept Rieka as part of her life and is laughing right along with her, although the disbelief on her face about the purported capacity is plainly clear on her face. "But, the music, it made sounds so sterile... and.... Oh, I can't find the right word for it but it's not right," she says to the her cousin(?). Then she sees the woman in the chair and stiffens slightly (ears twitching in her mien). "Who's that," she asks softly, hoping to keep the words from carrying any farther than required to allow Rieka to hear them.

Asger comes in smelling like smoke and sweat. He goes to the cooker and pulls out a bowl to help himself. "you sure you want to be head of the household and not chief cook cousin?" He asks as he gestures to the two women who entered. "That's the two I told you about. Ladies, this is Sonja head of the family."

It was as if Sonja knew when people would be arriving. How she does that.. well.. people have asked. She shrugs it off as good timing. "Evening everyone. I hope you don't mind repurposed leftovers. I wanted to make use of the last of the fish from Yule before it went bad." She sniffs at the air, "And don't go assuming I know how to cook. I follow recipes. Family ones, youtube ones, google ones, recipes. Maybe a little tweak here and there." She's walking towards Dani and Rieka like someone who doesn't bump into anything ever in life and gives Rieka a hug, "Well? You have a rapport. Introduce us." Seems she's put that onus on the other incoming Nord.

Rieka is sooo enjoying the whole Dani thing! "Huh? It's decent quality, lots of songs came out before H.D." Clearly she does not understand. She sticks her tongue out at Asger then winks. "We have met, but congrats/condolences for taking on a leading role." She hugs back, being a hugger and all. "This is Danielle Olsson-Wagner. Umm kindof my direct aunt-ish and just recently arrived from abroad. Much to catch up on."

Dani shakes her head and says, "My mother did not keep her maiden name or pass it to me my friend," to Rieka. Turning to Sonja she explains, "My name is Danielle April Olsson," and then stops herself as she was about to say more and she wasn't certain that she should proceed with details about herself and instead turns to look up at Rieka for a moment. Then she realizes something she can say that is on a different, tangential, subject. "I know how to cook and I've been told I'm not that bad at it either," she states on a subject that was not really an ongoing part of the conversation.

Asger smiles as he serves up several bowls and offers them to the women. He then looks to Sonja. "Sonja is in charge of the family, unlike me she don't care if you aren't human." He says as he goes to sit down and eat and he watches them.

Sonja steps back from Rieka and gives Asger a squint, "Asger. Are you asking for an ass kicking? If you are, I'm happy to talk about it. If not, stop being rude. If you can't and aren't picking a fight? Go.. howl a the moon or something." Since he wants to go calling people out for not being human. Still, she looks over the two women. Her forehead knits as she looks from Dani to Rieka..appearing almost surprised at something.. then looking to Dani, "Oh good. Because, as I just told Asger, I don't cook.. not professionally. I'm more.. a professional busybody. We'll talk more on that later. Meanwhile, enjoy some chowder, a warm hearth.. glogg's over there if you like.. and.. empty rooms are down the hall if you need a place while you get yourself settled." She gives Rieka another curious look then looks back to Asger with a sigh, "Honestly, what's gotten into you lately. I can understand Janeen to a point but.."

Rieka nods to the maiden name part but then shrugs. "Wagner is a Wagner, despite another name. The whole paternal name thing is stupid." Turning to Asger she headbobs while accepting the food. "Hay thank you Asger! And humanity is overrated." Then she is playfully neenering at him for being scolded. She looks to not get something with Sonja's meaningful looks but smiles at the offered hospitality. "Thank you, and am looking forward to that talk. And to being more helpful about family things. Really wanting to be involved and such. Though fully am taking Dani under my wing."

The banter between Asger and Rieka goes over Dani's head by all appearance. She smiles at Rieka and says, "My Dinana would really appreciate your stance on family," before asking Sonja, "Is it the traditional Wagner Epleglogg," (hot mulled apple cider), "Or is it closer to the Icelandic Jolaglogg my grandfather would have made?" as she takes one of the offered bowls of chowder.

Asger eats his chowder and he watches the goings on. He chuckles. "Werewolves become ancestor spirits when we die. It is effectively becoming immortal." He says as he takes a bite of chowder.

FTB: The four Wagners share stores and details about various family recipes while satiating themselves on generous servings of chowder and glogg along with fennel orange salads Dani whipped up and some crusty bread.