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Dancing with Lady Luck
Dramatis Personae

Al Cavanaugh and Lucy

August 6th, 2016

Lady Luck strikes again as Lucy wanders across Al for the second time, and things get a little bit more interesting.


The Vault of Heaven; B01

Saturday is the best night for the clubs. People get to lay in the morning making them fresh and energetic for the evening. Al doesn't come here often, tonight though he's dressed in silk and cashmere. Dark red shirt and jet black jacket, all cut to emphasize his broad shoulders and swimmers physique. He's moved to the last section of the bar not yet crowded and sips a rum. He seems to be enjoying watching the crowds he's not a part of. His attention does turn to the dance floor briefly though.

Amastacia is no more or less dressed up than usual, wearing her black jacket over the similarly colored t-shirt, finishing it all off with a pair of black skinny jeans that hug her legs and simple off-brand athletic runners. She does however have a touch of light green eye shadow around her eyes and a sparing application of mascara.
xxxxxAfter paying for the cover fee and receiving her stamp, Amastacia slowly makes her way into the club proper, edging around the dance floor and towards the bar. She casts a glance around as she reaches the line of stools, looking for anyone interesting she might strike a conversation up with when a vaguely familiar face at the far end of the bar catches her eye.
xxxxxThe twenty-eight year old wanders over slowly, sliding into place beside Al's stool and resting her left elbow on the bar, "Well hello there Mister Cavanaugh, I hope this evening finds you well?" Her brunette hair runs down the right side of her face and along her chest, partially obscuring her eye as she flashes him a bright smile.

Seeing Lucy approach, Al smiles with a bright, warm smile of his own. He motions to the spot next to him. "Lucy, call me Al." He studies her a moment. "Please, join me, what are you drinking?"

Amastacia settles down on the stool beside Al, "Alright then Al.. hmm I guess I'll just join you in whatever you're having?" She crosses her legs at the knee, taking a moment to check the time on her silver analog watch before turning towards the server behind the bar and holding out the hand with the stamp on it, "I'll be having one of whatever this fine gentleman is enjoying please." Order placed she returns her attention to the well-dressed blond beside her, "You are full of surprises, do you come here often or do I just happen to run across you by chance?" She smirks lightly as she adjusts her leather jacket, rolling up the sleeves and pulling it open a little.

"Chance." Al shrugs a shoulder. "I come here once a month at most." He's drinking the best rum in stock. "I generally prefer bars to clubs. Especially if there's a piano I can play." He smiles amused as he looks at the woman. "What exactly makes my being here surprising?"

The brunette adjusts the way her hair is laying across her chest as she listens to Al, running her fingers through the silky locks and idly twirling a few strands around her index finger, "Oh? Perhaps we'll need to find you a piano to play at some point in the evening." She flutters her eyelashes a bit until her drink arrives, at which she twists her torso to pick the glass up, raising it towards Al before she takes a soft sip of the liquor within, "Mmm, I'm not sure, perhaps I am simply an ass for assuming but you struck me as a type that only went out with the boys after a big case or something akin to that." She takes another sample of the rum, swirling the contents of the glass as she lets the alcohol linger in her mouth before swallowing it, raising the glass once again to Al, "You have excellent tastes Al." She leans a little closer to him, resting her left elbow on the bar once more and placing her chin in her palm as she squints her eyes with a soft little knowing smile on her face, "So tell me, if I'm not prying too much, but why law?"

Al smiles "You thought I'm all work. It's the suits. A man that wears a Savile Row suit to a coffee shop must be all work." He on the bar a little closer to her. "As for why law. Originally I wanted to know how the rules work. I thought it would keep me safe. Now it's all about the courtroom. I love the challenge, I love knowing an innocent person will go home to their family because of me and more than even that. I love winning."

Amastacia takes another sip as he talks, resting the glass in her lap afterwards. A light grin comes across her face at the end, a slight nod given as she keeps herself leaned in towards Al, making it easier to speak over the electro-swing music pumping out of the speakers for the dancers on the floor. "How noble, and slightly selfish. May be a bit rude to ask, but what of the clients that aren't innocent? I mean, by law everyone is innocent unless proven guilty but I mean... when it is fairly obvious your client is guilty, do you still get the same satisfaction because you won, even if it means perhaps a murderer or the likes is still out there? Of course that's me assuming again that you work in criminal law and not something like civil cases." Her hazel eyes lightly flick back and forth between Al's blue ones, watching his reactions to her questions carefully, thought that slightly cocky knowing smile stays on the edge of her lips.

"I work in criminal law." He seems perfectly easy with the questions. He does sigh when moving to the matter of criminal law. "I have worked for a large firm most of my career, I've defended powerful and wealthy people. In that time I refused to defend two people. Both times I believed they were guilty. I did once defend a pot dealer. It did cheapen the win, but he sold great pot." His smirk makes it hard to tell if he means what he's saying or not. He sips his drink. "What about you? What made you decide to get into game design?"

Amastacia's smile turns a bit softer at his words and she sips again from her glass after he asks her the question, taking a moment to push some of the hair out of her face and take a quick glance around the bar, "Well, games were something I enjoyed as a kid, they were great distractions and sometimes they can help pique interests you didn't even really know you had... I guess I wanted to pass that on to other troubled kids like I used to be." She sits a bit more upright as she wriggles on the stool, getting into a more comfortable position, "I think my next project is going to be a story and mystery driven puzzle game, akin to the Myst series if you ever played those when you were younger. I'm not sure yet what form it is going to take but I want to leave my own social commentary somewhere in the world."

Al smiles. "I never played Myst, I did play the seventh guest." Al smiles. "I can see why that would appeal. We all want to do something to let the world know we had an opinion and it mattered." Al then laughs. "I am building my firm for similar reasons." He glances at the dance floor "Would you join me for a dance?

Amastacia nods lightly, "Exactly." She finishes off the rum in her glass and places it on the bartop lightly before glancing at the dance floor and a light crimson runs across her cheeks, "I suppose I could, though I must tell you I am absolutely terrible at it." This wasn't exactly true but she did not see herself as anything special, much more a watcher by nature. She glances back to Al, her smile turned down a bit, definitely appearing self-conscious, "So you've gone for working for a big name to making your own name?"

"Exactly. Again, there's a little selfishness in there. I think this is more of a challenge. I want a firm that will shake those in New York. I have my work cut out for me." He offers a hand to her to her and smiles. "You can't be a bad dancer once you realise it's personal expression. As long as you enjoy it how can you be bad at it?"

The brunette blushes again, but takes Al's hand and stands up from the stool, her left hand tugging on some her hair to conceal that half of her face as she crinkles up her nose while smiling shyly, "Perhaps that is a good view on things, I'll give it a try but if you walk away with broken toes you may only blame yourself." She bites into the corner of her lower lip with a canine as she lets Al lead the way.

Al smiles as he looks a Amastacia. "I'll try not to take it as an expression of I told you so." He moves close to her, moving fairly well with the music. His blue eyes lock with her hazel. "We're not in a ballroom, just sway with the music. Relax and enjoy it."

Amastacia was downplaying her ability somewhat, she moved fluidly, easily following Al's lead though she doesn't seem as comfortable with dancing to this type of music, seeming more the classical ballroom style of dancer. She stays silent, her eyes locking with his but occasionally looking away with a cute little shy smile and a light dusting of crimson along the ridges of her cheeks as she keeps tempo with the lead of this physical duette.

"Seems like you were selling yourself short." Al's hand moves to her waist as he guides her movements. He continues to look down at her, his smile faint. "So, what's this game going to be about? You said it would be a social commentary?"

The brunette grins softly with a slight shrug to her shoulder, a glance down at his hand as it moves to her waist but no other comment. She leans in a bit closer so that they don't need to half-shout to speak while dancing, nearly touching cheek to cheek, "Like I said I haven't really figured out what form it will take, though it will be a puzzle game, the commentary woven into the narrative and the overall story arc." She glances a sideways and up to look at his blue eyes, "What about your firm, why do you want or need to shake up people in New York with it?"

"I need to bring clients here." Al laughs at that, his expression thoughtful. "I'm very persuasive, but that's a challenge. I need good lawyers to entice them, even then it would be hard." The hand on her waist guides their movements as the dance becomes a touch more complex.

Amastacia grins a little, leaning even closer, nearly placing her lips to his ear as she whispers, "Or maybe you just need a little luck." She pulls back and gives him a wink with a soft giggle that is more than likely drowned out by the music. She's able to hold her own with his movements, obviously good at improvising and comfortable with her body though a little cautious, occasionally looking down to make sure not to step on his feet.

"I'd rather win because I'm good than lucky. Anyway, the luck I need.. It isn't likely." He moves in close to whisper himself. "Anyway, I want the challenge. It keeps me entertained." He smiles as he moves back a little. "You're a good dancer."

A sly grin comes from the brunette and then she shrugs again at his compliment, "Thanks, though I think you're the truly talented one, I am simply following your lead. Challenges are nice... but sometimes getting lucky is downright fun." She gives him a soft mysterious wink, "And perhaps that luck is closer than you think."

"I'm fair at best." Al arches an eyebrow. "Well maybe I will, good luck comes in all forms." He pauses a moment, simply following the music. "I mean I'd planned to have a few quiet drinks and head home. Instead I've got good company and a dance partner." He moves her to the edge of the dance floor with a grin. "Shall we go somewhere with a piano?"

A light bead of sweat trickles down the side of Amastacia's neck as they pair make their wave off the dance floor, "Perhaps she's already smiling on you, lady luck that is." She giggles again at his wording choice and shrugs lightly, "Perhaps, though I don't know any off hand, only being in town a couple days now, though I think perhaps you may have a lead or two?" Another fluttering of her mascara laden lashes as another wry grin makes it way onto her lips.

"Well, I quite like the Six Feet Under club." His grin becomes mischievous "And that's much less forward than suggesting my hotel suite." His tone takes on an edge of mock seriousness. "I would hate to be forward."

Amastacia fans at her face a bit as she giggles at Al's wise cracks, "And here I thought all lawyers were forward. Though that is quite the foreboding name for an establishment, I don't suppose you can keep a gal like me safe in a place such as that?" The smirk on her lips never fades however, and a moment later she attempts to slide her left arm through Al's right.

Al takes her arm in his as he leads her across the door."You've been misinformed, lawyers are rarely forward. We're subtle... And quick to anger I think, though that might be wizards." He flashes a grin, as he heads for the door. "We're not going to have trouble, at least we shouldn't do, people tend to leave when they see me at the piano, I don't know why."

The brunette stifles a laugh at Al's comment about the piano, "Maybe not something to say before we find said piano." She giggles a little bit more as they leave the club's stuffy sweaty interior behind and into the relatively cooler evening air in the courtyard. Amastacia takes a deep inhale and slowly lets it out, "Shall we take a cab or is it within walking distance." One can clearly see her McLaren parked just a little ways up the street, though perhaps the woman has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving.

Al shakes his head with a grin. "It's a nice night, lets walk, it isn't far." Al smiles as he looks at Lucy. "So, why Fallcoast? Surely you could have settled anywhere?" He grins. "Got family here? Plans? Dark and terrible secrets." His tones teasing as he makes way towards the club.

Amastacia laughs lightly at the questions, shaking her head lightly as the pair continues along, "To be honest? I picked up a dart and threw it at a map of the USA with my eyes closed. There is where I landed." She waves her right arm a bit to indicate the city around them as she walks beside Al, "I'm from Washington, then when I was teen I moved to California... after I got my degree in computer sciences I decided to study abroad and got accepted in Edinburgh." She falls silent as a buzzing goes off in her jacket and she unzips the breast pocket, pulling out a sleek looking smartphone, "Oh damn, I'm afraid Al, we'll have to call our evening here. I have an appointment that I totally forgot about, however, I still fully intend on hearing you play piano, soon." She tucks the phone away after shutting off the alarm and flashes a warm thoughtful smile up at the taller blond man as she unwraps her arm from his, "Is that alright?"

Al smiles as he nods. "That's fine. You've got my number. We can arrange something." He then grins. "Usually I start playing before people start to run off."

The twenty-eight year old brunette wriggle her fingers as she starts to briskly jog back towards her car, "Ha, maybe I just decided to get ahead of the curve!" She calls out from nearly across the street. Rather than jumping in and driving away, she unlocks the door, pushing it up and open, and retrieves a satchel from within. Using her fob to lock it the door slides back down into place and the lights flash as Amastacia begins jog-running north along the street.