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Consilium Caucus June 2016

No Grievances?!

Dramatis Personae

Aym, Blades, Boxius, Cassiopeia, Doc, Element, Elegy, Joker, Kara, Limit, McHale, Nicotine, Nomad, Piper, Pixel, Sand, Smolder, Viduus, Yossarian

June 12 2016

June Meeting of the Consilium of the Granite Coast; Positions and Factotum Classes announced.


The Cannery

The mage known to the Consillium as Smolder remains where he has been, seated on a chair that he dragged into the general area of one of the corners of the factory floor. He wears a dark hooded jacket with the hood up and pulled low over his brow, and his khaki-clad legs are stretched out, Converse sneakers up on another chair that he's drawn over. A water bottle is in one hand, and his iPhone has found its way into the other as he waits for the meeting to start.

Aaron, known as Aym to the Consilium, also arrives. He takes a nip out of a silver flask before heading over to where the Council is meant to sit. After a quick glance over the table and the chairs, he finds the ones set aside for the Mysterium. He pulls out the seat for his Provost, and then moves to sit in the Councilor's chair, brushing his fingers through his hair to wrangle it under control. The Mastigos looks out across the Consilium hall and goes about pulling a notebook and some writing utensils from his bag, setting those out. He sets a bottle of water next to it, and makes a place for himself. After that, he reaches a hand up to brush his fingers through his beard, remaining quiet and just staring out at the meeting area.

Nomad arrives a few moments after Aym, winding through the crowd and offering introductions to some - mostly those mages not from the Mysterium - with a shake of the hand and a smile. He's slightly less than average height, his head shaved immaculately for the evening, and well-dressed in a blue-and-white striped shirt and grey trousers. After introducing himself on the way, he moves to the Mysterium section of the council seats, taking one next to Aym.

Someone sits at the council table on the left hand end, a large bottle of water resting before him. Those close enough can see a silver pin on the lapel of his jacket in the shape of the traditional Guardian's Mask. Presumably then, this would be Joker, councillor for the Guardians of the Veil. Or at least a life model decoy. As time passes, he occasionally blends into the background, but whenever someone looks for him, there he sits.

Stepping from the office of the Adamantine Arrow, Kara arrives wearing the attire one might expect of someone who has named herself for a Valkyrie. A linen shift, no doubt hand made, is worn beneath a full chain mail shirt. A seax is tucked along her waistline and a battle axe hangs at her side from a belt. She carries, rather than wears, a Norse helmet with fine blonde horse hair draping from the crest. Her hair is braided into a crown of sorts. She walks with her chin held high towards the council table. Sitting, she rests the axe against her chair and the helm upon the table.

Cassiopeia is dressed in formal robes, loose cloth rustling as she walks; the pale green of the body contrasting against the auburn of the trim, and there's a clasp in carved stone adorning the neckline. Her hair is worn loose and falling across her shoulders, a stray bang coming to play near her eyes from time to time. Moving from the Ladder of the Vox Draconis to the Council table, she offers nods of greeting to the various members of the Consilium in place, carrying with her a sheaf of paper. She doesn't take her seat, though, instead busying herself with looking through them. "I hope everyone's doing well tonight?"

The young woman who shadows Kara on her way to the council table is rather less imposing. Rather than armor, she's clad in a long black skirt and a long-sleeved burgundy blouse styled like something out of the 1950s; rather than weapons, she carries a leather portfolio and a fountain pen. Elegy stays a precisely short distance behind and to the side of Kara until the latter takes her seat, whereupon she takes the (slightly smaller) chair next to it.

Mikhail, or McHale, sits in a chair in the far back looking well the part of a college student attending a mandatory lecture. He has a Kindle in his hand idly reading while the others file in and the shindig gets going.

Tristan enters wearing the traditional clothes of a Disciple of Aesclipius - the rare Legacy of Healers of the Wise. Which means not robes... but rather a cloak of blood red, clasped with the sigil of his Legacy. He walks in, and makes his way towards the Council table, as well, nodding his head to Cassipeia, before taking a seat in the front row without a word to anyone else, although a nod here or there to those he knows.

When Nomad sits down next to him, Aaron gives the other Mystagogue a slight nod and then moves to pass a notebook his way, along with some pens. "Here you go. In case something of note comes up, so you can," he pauses. "Note it." He clears his throat, then looks back down at his blank legal pad, and back up at the people filtering in. He writes something on the notepad and turns it toward August, then draws a question mark underneath what he's written. After that, he offers a nod to everyone filtering in, before surveying the Council table.

Nomad looks down at the notepad and writes something down, sliding it so that Aym can more clearly see it before taking up the pen and beginning to write some other things - probably notes, given his position. With a glance his eyes flicker around the room, taking in each face.

Somewhere along the line, one Brando slips his way into the factory floor -- somehow managing to keep his entry mostly unannounced even with his considerable height. It's not as if he is unnoticable, but still quiet enough that the unattentive ones may not pay much heed to him. Still. Clad entirely in plain olive cargo pants, olive field jacket and a black tank top underneath that, the young magus makes his way along the sides to find a seat somewhere in a far corner where he can still keep his eyes on both the doorway leading back out and the council table alike. Quiet, but when his eyes sweep over Kara and Elegy over thataway, a small smile briefly plays along his lips.

Aaron is quiet following the notepassing to his Provost. He drums his fingers against the table and looks over to Joker, offering a slight half-smile to the Guardian Councilor. Following that, he looks back down at his paper, moving to fold the page back. He brushes a hand through his beard again, then reaches into his coat pocket for his cigarettes, setting them on the table. With a quick glance up, the Mysterium Councilor wonders aloud, "We can smoke in here, right?" Then he looks back to August and gives a slow nod at something, before a thoughtful look crosses his features.

The Arrow known as Smolder remains in his position in the corner. It seems to be less that he's picked a likely position to monitor all the entry ways, and more that he seems disinclined to sit with the rest of his Order this evening. As more footfalls resound through the factory space, the young man looks up, his dark eyes peering out from under the brow of the hood, making note of the arrivals. As he catches the eye of the other Arrows in the room, he does at least lift that water bottle in silent greeting.

From the Free Council office upstairs, the elusive beast that is the herald Yossarian comes out dressed in a suit jacket and t-shirt, with a pair of jeans, leaning over the rail to look at the gathering forming up, a tense expression at the sheer crowd, but then manages to force himself to descend the stairs, finding a moderately quiet spot to stand.

Cass quirks a brow and smiles over at Aaron, gesturing for the man to go right ahead with a simple offer of an open palm. "Go right ahead. As I understand it, the Hierarch has been somewhat delayed, but I imagine we can do introductions and announcements from the orders without unduly disturbing protocol."

She pauses for a moment, standing taller. Voice clear and loud. "I am Cassiopeia, Claviger and Famulus Superior of the Vox Draconis. Master of Life. Dreamspeaker, Factotum and Councilor to the Consilium of the Granite Coast. I bid you all welcome here tonight." A pause, gesturing to either side of the table. "If my esteemed colleagues would join me in making introductions?"

Where once the was no Sand, now there -is- a Sand. Just a blink and you miss it entrance. Already seated in a folding chair that came with him for the ride. He has a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of Miller High Life in the other. Suit. Tie. Shades. Sand.

Lighting a cigarette, Aaron pulls it up to his lips and takes a drag out of it. He glances around for an ashtray, then moves to reach into his bag, taking a small ceramic bowl out of it. He sets that in front of him and rests the cigarette into it. After a quick glance in August's direction, followed by another one of those nods due to their apparently internal conversation, he moves to stand to his feet. "Introductions, then."

"I am Aym, Councilor Pro Tempore, Acquisitor, and Neokoros Superior of the Alae Draconis. I am well-versed in Siderology and Magosophy. Formerly the Provost of the Consilium of San Francisco for my Order. Adept of Mind, Disciple of Spirit, Warlock walking as a Key-Bearer Seeker of the Temple of Solomon on the Path of Scourging. That's probably enough of an introduction." He grins. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you." After that, Aym gives a slight nod, then sits back down, moving to pick up his cigarette from the ceramic bowl.

So, when Elegy emerged from the Arrow office? She did so on her own, looking, perhaps a little puzzled, and when she first stepped out she spent a few moments looking round in search of someone. Still. Now she's up at the table in the seat next to the conspicuously empty one reserved for the Councilor -- from which she rises to speak. "I'm sorry to say that Councilor Kara has been unavoidably detained," she says, in her soft voice. "I'm sure that she'll be here if it's at all possible. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Elegy, Necromancer and Provost of the Ungula Draconis." And sits back down again, having made her own minimalist introduction.

Nomad stands after the Councilor has introduced himself and clears his throat, speaking clearly and concisely, "Nomad, Neokoros Superior, Censor and Provost Pro Tempore of the Alae Draconis. Alchemist on the Path of Doom, Celestial Master, and Disciple of Matter." With that he retakes his seat and pulls a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lighting one before taking a drag and setting the half-empty pack on the table before him.

Smith waits for his fellows to introduce themselves, then stands himself. "I am Joker, Councillor of the Visus Draconis, Scion of the Watchtower of the Golden Key, Master of Prime." He pauses a moment before adding, "Fun police." With that, he retakes his seat, leaving his provost to introduce herself.

Gabriel rises to her almost six feet in height once Joker has made his introduction, "I am Viduus, Provost of the Visus Draconis. Walker on the path of Doom." any talk of arcana or Legacies is left to the imagination. After that the Moros retakes her seat and goes back to looking over the gathered.

Quiet. Piper's entrance is as nondescript as her walk into the meeting. Slightly late, but not by much -- she knows exactly how much, in fact. Just enough. Looking around as others introduce themselves, the fortunately sober-looking woman moves to take a seat nearby a fellow member of the Ladder, Element. That's about when she begins her sour grumbling and looking for her pack of cigarettes.

Cass waits a bit, while other introductions are made, and then gives a nod to Tristan, at the first row, gesturing for him to come take the Provost seat. Shooting a smile Piper's way at her entrance.

This was Element's first Consilium, so of course she had to make it. She silently entered in a seat as al lthe councilor's introduced themselves. She couldn't help but give a light smile at Cass as she sits. She was polite enough to not bring her camera today.

And once he gets the gesture from Cass, he stands and makes his way up from the first row and into the position of Provost to Cass' side. "I am Doc, Famulus and Pro Tem Provost of the Vox Draconis of the Consilium of the Granite Coast, Master of Life, Disciple of Aesclipius." And with that, he settles into the seat.

Introductions. Sand sighs heavily and lifts his beer, cigarette now dangling limply from his lips. His tone is of terminal boredom, an easy if gravely sound. "Sand. I'm the good looking Herald. Citizen Agent. Yadda, yadda, yadda and I've been sober for the last two months." Good for him, right? Sand sips his beer and returns to his observation of these wild animals called his fellow Awakened.

"Will you stand for the Libertines, then, Herald Sand?" Cass inquires, gesturing for Sand to join them at the Council table. "And, well. With introductions done. Do any of the Pentacle orders have any announcements to make?"

Carrie, clad in her usual black, with a coat on over her narrow shoulders, has been sitting in the back somewhere, being unobtrusive.

Having been sitting in the back, relaxing as everything has been going on, Hoyt looks up at the front now as the announcements part is said. Time to get to business, it seems, so instead of slouching just a little, he starts to sit up a little straighter in his seat clearing his throat. Hands fold across his chest, which is covered by his typical motorcycle jacked, and he's even got his motorcycle pants on. Someone road a crotch rocket to the meeting, even in this temperature of near fifty degrees.

A brow lifts above those dark shades, Sand chuckles low and amused. Finishing his beer, he stands up from the folding chair and sets the empty bottle on the now vacant seat. "Sure, why not? Game of Thrones can wait a little longer." And just like that, Sand is a part of the show. He takes the seat and can't seem to get that somewhat creepy smirk off his mug.

Kyle steps in quietly, dressed down and looking about at those assembled. A bit wide-eyed, but nothing too unusual. He finds a spot near the back, simply witnessing the proceedings.

Taylor steps down the stairs and quietly looks over the group assembled, pressing her lips together softly she joins the group standing somewhere near Piper, someone she is vaguely familiar with. Dress shirt and kilt, blonde hair pinned up, she wallflowers with perfect posture, hands folded, appearing much like the famed Aphrodite of Cnidus in form and feature. She offers no words as she is aware that things are already underway.

Moving to stand up to his feet, Aaron says, "The Alae Draconis has no outstanding business with which to address the Consilium at large. But I would like to note that Provost Nomad and I are acting on a pro tempore status. We may not be the official Councilor and Provost to our Order, but will stand in for it if anyone has direct business with us," he pauses, then reaches a hand up to push through his hair. "That being said, we are primarily focused on our internal structure, rebuilding and the like. I would like to announce Maga Pixel as being a new member of the Alae Draconis." It seems that concludes the Mysterium's busines, and he sits back down.

"The Visus Draconis have an announcement." Gabriel stands when Cassiopeia asks if there is business and after Aaron is done, "The Visus Draconis would like to announce the appointment of two Consilium positions, our Herald will be Limit, Mastigos of the Visus Draconis and our Sentinel will be Jezebel, Acanthus of the Visus Draconis." The Moros announces. There's a look around and she finds Carrie in the crowd and there's a nod to the woman. Jessica was not in attendance this evening. There's a bit of a squint when she sees Kyle near the back before she takes her seat again.

Carrie rises when she's identified as Herald for her Order. There's no particular pride or pomp in how she does it, she simply stands up so others can better see her. a quick look around and then a dip of her head to Gabriel in response before she silently resumes her seat.

Elegy listens to Cass's announcement, and then, as the other Order representatives rise to speak, to their own additions to the agenda. When there's a moment of quiet, she rises, but only to say: "At this time the Ungula Draconis wishes to announce our selection of Duana, of the Path of Thistle, as our Herald. I regret that she is not present to be introduced to you all. Thank you." Taking her seat again, she relapses into silence.

Taylor remains quiet in the back of the assembly, while watching the presentation her ice blue eyes have a tendancy to drift over the crowd made up primarily of people she is unfamiliar with. Hoyt is identified in across the room and offered a polite nod should he notice, the back of Piper's head is examined for a moment, as is Kara of yonder. Lips press together in thoughtful fashion as her angelic attentions return to the Gabrial and Aaron, unknown to her but apparently in charge of things at the moment. Elegy is also an unknown, and the strange things spoken of by that person incite a contemplative tilt of the head.

As introductions of the Councilors begins, Smolder shoves his phone away into his pocket. He takes another drink from his water bottle and tucks it under his chair as the young Arrow sits up straight, his attention on the various Councilors as they make their announcements of appointments.

Cass nods. "Similarly," She announces. "For the duration that Magus Doc holds the position of Pro Tem Provost, he will be excused from his duties as Herald. Maga Minx has agreed to take them on, though she's been unfortunately detained on urgent business.. We would also like to welcome Maga Piper, Acolyte of the Vox Draconis, Warlock on the Path of Scourging, Disciple of Time and Space and Wave-Lady of the Demon Wind, to the ranks of the Sentinels." Again, she shoots a smile to Piper, gesturing for her to rise. And once the crowd has gotten a good view. "In the interest in fostering good understanding of the Lex Magica and the laws that bind us as a community, I will offer Factotum lessons in the coming weeks. I am expecting Lictor Ouroborous to visit us sometime next month, and would like to have people ready and prepared for examinations by then. You may contact myself, or my provost." Gesturing to Doc. "If you are interested. Times for group classes will be announced imminently."

Yossarian seems amused at Sand's call up to the majors over there, and he crosses his arms, tilting his head, listening to the announcements, eyes somewhat unfocused, not looking in all the right directions all the time.

Hoyt caught Taylor nodding in his direction, from the corner of his eye. He smiles, and raises a hand while nodding, and a little wave. But beyond that, his hand goes back to crossed across his chest. He's listening, and his eye quirks a little as hearing that people are a little more busy.

With the introductions underway for the rest of the Consilium, Aaron gives a slight smile and leans forward at the Councilor table. He picks up his cigarette, ashes it, and takes a drag off of it. Breathing smoke out of his nose, he glances Cass' way, then looks back to the others splayed out through the audience. He reaches a hand behind his neck to rub at it, stretching it to the side to cause it to pop. Each gesture to the various folks introduced or mentioned garners a quick glance from the Clavicularius. He studies each in turn, keeping that half-smile, then moves to write in his notebook.

Kyle's eyes widen a bit more at spotting Gabriel near the front - foot scuffing the floor a moment. There's a nod, but nothing else. Business is business, after all.

Spotting Taylor, Piper gives a simple, silent nod as the woman approaches. She closes her eyes and heaves a sigh, eventually deciding against smoking during an official meeting. She's intent to just listen on the meeting as a passive observer, but when that announcement is made, she blinks. It takes her a moment for Cass' words and gestures to actually sink in before she smiles for the Councilor and slowly gets up out of her seat. She stretches, looks around her with those intense dark eyes of hers, and gives a single, respectful if terse nod to those assembled. "... Uh, yo. Thanks," she offers after a moment, and, with that, just kind of... sinks slowly back into her seat. Eloquent as ever.

Tristan sits quietly to the right of Cassiopeia, quietly listening and surveying the crowd, a splash of red there at the table, but not saying anything with Cass being the the Councillor and presiding on behalf of the Silver Ladder.

Sand at the Councilors table. Surely there are atleast a dozen people rolling over in their graves right now. He lights up a new cigarette with the old one, field dresses it there on the floor and stows the butt in a pocket. He's always very particular about that for some reason. He's awaiting his turn? That smirk of his remains in place. This is too twisted even for him. "The Free Council of the Granite Coast Consilium has only one new issue of business. Sure, we have many new kickass Libertines joining up. No new appointments as of yet because we still have to talk about all that and it takes a minute." Taking a long drag off his menthol smoke, he snaps his fingers and points upward. "Oh, right. That one issue of business. The Free Council would like it to be recognized that I am the best dressed person in the room. My sense of style to be acknowledged as a true treasure of the Consilium." That said, he smooths his hand down that purple and gold tie. Slouching back into his seat.

"Very well," Cassiopeia concludes, once silence has again settled over the Consilium and it appears there'll be no further order announcements. If Sand chooses to take that as acknowledgement that he is indeed one stylin' mofo, then she can't rightly stop him. "With that taken care of, and without the Hierarch's agenda, I suggest we have newcomers to the consilium who wish to be recognised by the Council and who haven't already spoken to a herald step forward, then hear any complaints, grievances, or causes that our members wish to bring to us. Is this agreeable to my esteemed colleagues?" Cass looks from one side of the table to the other.

Giving a nod to Cassiopeia, Aaron finishes his cigarette and pounds it out in the ceramic dish he brought along with him, blowing a plume of smoke into the air. He says, "I think that would be a wonderful idea, Maga Cassiopeia. Without the Hierarch's agenda, it would be best if we heard grievances and things we could potentially address and fix here and now." He glances back over at the crowd of Magi, then to his Provost, before moving to take another cigarette out.

Lyra gives a short nod in answer to Cassiopeia's suggestion. "It's agreeable to the Arrow," she says, clearly having no particular intention of saying more unless it's waterboarded out of her. She does, however, pick up the fountain pen she brought with her, just in case she might feel the need to record anything.

Taylor had been observing in casual fashion, her eyes drifting over Sand as he proclaims himself the Fashionista of Fallcoast, Cassiopeia is looked upon and listened to closely. She had not expected that she herself might become a focal point of this gathering, thus the invitation to step forward and introduce herself is met with an astonished blink and a quick glance around the room. It does not take long for the Taylor to decide that nothing short of a command is going to move her off her wall, the last thing she wants is to be center of attention, thus she remains silent in the crowd.

"The Guardians see no issue with proceeding in such a fashion." Joker adds, a glance to the Hierarch's empty seat, and the empty provost seat beside it. He frowns, but turns his attention back to the gathering since more introductions are likely in order.

The newly minted Herald of the Guardians, Carrie, stays seated and quiet, her eyes sliding across the gathered members of te Consilium as the proceedings carry onward. A glance to Joker when he speaks.

Mikhail clicks to the next page on his kindle with his thumb.

After all has been agreed upon, the introductions approved, Kyle steps forward. "Evening. I'm Rook. Disciple Mastigos of the Guardians of the Veil." He nods to each of the Counsilors, waiting to see if there are any questions to be answered on his part.

Hoyt clears his throat, as he stands up, his hand left hand sliding to his side, while his right hand offers a little wave. "Hi, I'm an Obrimos, from the Free Council." He smiles, "Semi-new to Fallcoast, I guess I just had a calling to come here. I teach Astrophysics at the University." It was his turn, right? With that said, he slides down into his seat.

Against Taylor's better judgement she pushes herself off the wall and clinches her jaw, over the next few moment she carefully moves herself toward the front of the room so that she may be seen by the majority of the room, or at least those who are interested it her introduction. "Umm, Ah Hello..." she greets in a voice every bit as soft and angelic as her appearance, so shockingly similar to that aformentioned famous statue. "I suppose I will take the opprutunity to introduce myself, I am Delta of the Obrimos..." Softly said she looks nervously around the room, "I'm not sure exactly what I am suppose to say, but I will say that you can be assured that I will not be a burden on the community and that I am being mentored by Viktor, whom I can only assume is a respected member of that said group." Lips press together as a nod is offered and Taylor quickly moves to return to her previous location.

Gabriel looks to Kyle when he moves forward. There's a small quirk of her lips in a smile. Then she points to her eyes and then points to him. Watching you.

Cass gives a quick nod, gesturing from Kyle to The Guardian Officials. Considering Taylor's greeting. "I trust that you will be brought up to speed. It will be noted in our ledgers that you stand under his protection." Then, she considers Hoyt's words... Waiting. A slight pause. "Do you have a name?"

Element follows up later after everyone stands up and joins up next. "Hello all, I'm Element, Alchemist on the path of the Leadon Coin, Acolyte of the Vox Draconis, and Disciple of Matter. Nice to meet you all. She gives a light bow. She was a younger woman but spoke in pure professionalism. Must be the Thearchness, or just nervousness.

Hoyt stands back up, a little sheepish grin, as he forgot about including his name. "Boxius." He says, before sitting back down, his head cocked a little. How did he forget that, he wonders.

Aaron notes down the Shadow Names as they're spoken, along with a quick short-hand of the titles given for each person that stands up to announce themselves. The Mysterium's Councilor glances over to August, then back down at his pad of paper, turning to look up at Hoyt. With a nod, he writes something down. Element's professionalism earns a smile from the Mastigos. He picks up that new cigarette that he lit and rolls it against the ceramic dish, sharpening the cherry into an ashy point. He pushes it between his Provost and himself.

Watching impassively as the newcomers and arrivals introduce themselves, Piper leans back into her seat until the front legs start to lift off the ground. Her dark eyes move to Kyle, considering the fellow Mastigos with a critical eye before nodding once. Taylor gets similar treatment -- but Piper at least offers a small thumbs up for the familiar face in the aftermath of her introduction before those dark eyes fall on Hoyt, a small, wry smile tugging at her lips for his slight gaffe, arms crossing over her chest as she listens to Element speak out those formal titles with crisp professionalism.

Nomad ashes his cigarette and glances at Aym, letting his eyes wander over each face as they introduce themselves. Taking a breath he inhales from the cigarette, he lets it out in a slow stream, away from those gathered at the rest of the table. He, too, notes things down in his own notes, though he seems to write at different times than his Councilor, and for different lengths of time.

Taylor blushes at the thumbs up from Piper but does not offer any words, instead she offers a smile and moves to where she was standing previously. Almost directly behind Piper she crosses her arms with discomfort and continues to watch the presentations in silent fashion and quite glad that everything worked out well enough.

Sand, at some point, got his phone out and was playing something flashy and animated. He glances up briefly when Hoyt speaks up. "Eh? Eh?" He asks and upnods at him while elbowing at Cassiopeia. Upnodding at Hoyt again before going back to his game. Faux Councilor Sand chuckles quietly.

Kyle gives a half-smile at Gabriel's gesture, nodding to her with a shrug. The a more serious look to Cass and the other Guardians mentioned. Once there are no further questions forthcoming - he steps back, simply finding a spot nearer to the Guardians than not. His hands get stuffed into his pockets, likely to keep from fidgeting.

"We welcome you to the Consilium of the Granite Coast." Cass bows her head in greeting. "We scribe your names into our annals, and accept you as members of good standing. Per our charter, you are entitled certain rights among the Wise. Per our charter, you have certain duties to your orders, your consilium, and your cabals." Spreading her hands. "The Council will now hear grievances, complaints, and reports of matters of substance. Please form an orderly line." She gestures to the space between rows of seats. "And you will be called to introduce yourself and state your claim." The Thearch Councilor gives another nod to her fellows at the table, then settles down.

Aaron finishes writing in his notebook as Cass announces the time for disputes, setting his pen aside. The Mystagogue Councilor folds his hands together on top of the pad of paper and turns his eyes up to watch the collected Magi, "And don't rush us all at once, of course," he notes to the assembled with a wry grin. There's a side glance given to Cass, and he tilts his head down to clear his throat and pick his cigarette back up from the ceramic dish.

"Goddamnit!" Sand shouts abruptly and shakes his phone. Tossing it onto the table, his defeat is made clear. Now done with the game forever, he lurches forward in his chair and plants both palms onto the table top. Squinting behind those dark sunglasses at the assembled Awakened before him. "Somebody -has- to have something to complain about. I refuse to believe that there are no grievances for us to judge off handedly."

Yossarian does not appear to be having public grievances, instead peering around the chamber to see if there are takers. Then it's Sand. A look of amusement quirks at his mouth and he hunches his shoulders a bit, pulling in on himself during the proceedings, attention sort of all over the place.

Taylor eyes the room innocently, her angelic features darting from individual to individual half expecting someone to rise up and begin offering grievence. This does not occure however, and thus her attentions instantly snap over to Sand as he exhibits a loud outburst of anger.

"Hey," Piper begins with a voice that is only slightly hoarse, hands shoved in her pockets and eyes, for once, looking only vaguely tired instead of 'hellaciously bloodshot, "I'm doing just super. Sorry." Everything's relative.

Hoyt is in his chair, quietly listening to everything unfold, hands across his chest still. He really doesn't have anything to complain about, he's actually been in a fabulous mood as of late, all things considered. "Nothing here." He says, "All things have been peachy on my end!"

"Re-really?" Aaron reaches a hand up to brush through his hair and scratches the back of his head. He looks at August with an expression of extreme confusion, then over at the other Councilors at the table. "No complaints at all? I'm - huh. I didn't prepare for this." He reaches down to page through his notes in a hurried fashion.

"But if not, so much for the better." Cass concludes, smoothly. "The Heralds have been delivering reports and sharing news fairly efficiently, so I believe everyone -should- be up to date on recent events - if not, feel free to seek out any of the heralds in attendance - they were introduced a little earlier, for the most part, with one exception being our friend Yossarian over there." Gesturing to the magus. "If there's nothing else, and there's nothing on the -official- agenda, then I believe we can call this meeting."

Sand gestures with an upturned palm to Aaron, still looking at the Consilium members in the room. He can't help it. He starts to laugh. "Right?!" Slumping back intop his seat, he takes out his smokes and sparks up another. Bureaucracy makes the anarchist chainsmoke. Go figure. "Feel free to seek me out any time for news and updates... Ladies." Finger guns! Pow! Pow!

Taylor remains silent behind Piper, watching Sand who has turned out to be a far more colourful individual than she had anticipated. She cannot help but smirk at his lack of respect for what she assumes is a setting with a great deal of tradition behind it. Absently she slides a blonde strand behind her ear and smoothes her knee length kilt, all the while glancing around the room to see where everyone heads off to now that everything appears to be coming to an end.

Yossarian's attention snaps as he is referenced, an uncomfortable look on his face, like tasting something he doesn't quite know what to make of, but he lifts his hand a bit when called out by the Ladder councilor. When the meeting is called, he exhales a bit, starting to look for the stairs, producing an envelope from a pocket.

Nomad smiles slightly, offering Aym a glance.

"Then it's official. Thank you all for your attendance. If you do have something you'd like added to the official agenda for the consilium meeting next month, please seek out your Councilor or Provost. We will be calling cases from the floor then as well, but we do prefer advance warning where we can get it." There's a beat, and she considers the table again. "To my Esteemed Colleagues; for the next meeting I would also like to set on the agenda a discussion of current Order projects, and what assistance, if any, the various orders would ask of the Consilium and each other."

Aaron grins over at Sand, then shakes his head. He finishes his cigarette quickly and puts it out, moving to stand up to his feet. "Thank you, Maga Cassiopeia. And Nomad and I shall speak to our fellows to try to figure out what projects need to be announced to the Consilium." He turns to everyone in the audience and says, "Thank you all for coming tonight. We realize that you have busy schedules, and that you have a lot of things to square away on your personal journeys. Your attendance is welcomed and appreciated." With that, he starts to pack up his belongings.