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Consilium Caucus January 2017

Black tried to set it on fire.

Dramatis Personae

Joker, Yossarian, Hesper, Siren, Black, Neura, Teth, Bones, Milo, Leora

21 January, 2017

It's been a while since the Consilium met. Not enough Councilors seated for a quorum, so introductions are made of new folk.


The Cannery

The large open area is filled with high quality Aileron chairs, each one exactly alike. Refreshments of several kinds have been set up to one side of the room. They range from the common place pizza, beer, and soda to the refined lobster, caviar, and wine. Milo is here, helping to get people seated, and taking names of any new Mages or proximi which wish to be recognized and declare themselves to the Consilium. Several other mages of lowly status, like himself, are helping out with arranging refreshments, a sound projection Forces effect, and in general answering questions.

Bones smiles as he introduces himself to Milo, "Call me Bones," he says, grabbing a soda. "As you probably already know, I'm new in town." He pops the top of his drink and takes a sip, "My Order hopes I can be of some use."

Black has come with both Hesper /and/ Neura it seems, having driven in his best, and worn his best black tie suit. He has on a brooch which states his membership status, and most here would know him from before. He nods to the two women, now having shown them where the Cannery is located. "This... Is our Cannery, meeting place. It's not much, but there's more securities being planned for it, I've heard speak from the Council," he offers. He /did/ bring his stave, which is blackwood inlaid with gold upon it all, just like the sheathed wand he has. "Most everyone here knows me," he murmurs, when others might arrive. He is famed a bit, so. It's hard not to know at least his mundane full title, and his written Consilium notes.

There are always fresh faces at meetings like these, of course there are also faces that stand out no matter such a gathering. One such is the red head who has slipped into the main room in the last five minutes. Siren is just leaving Milo's side with a touch to his arm as she gives her name and slowly moving into the crowd to find a seat where she can watch the going ons. She is dressed in a wrapping creation of green that clings to curves as she takes up a glass of wine and pauses near the tables.

Milo will look at the mages arriving and decides to make an announcement. "We'll be getting started soon. Please feel free to get refreshments and socialize for the next few minutes, and then take a seat. We will have more social time after we conduct business. Also, if there is any Wise with more standing in the Consilium who wishes to officiate tonight? If so I will yield my place, as one of the most junior." He will turn to Bones at his voice, and smile, "Please call me Vulcan, or Milo. I am well known in the community, especially in charities, so I also go by part of my given name."

Teth grins to himself as he enters, and ambles over to shake Vulcan's hand, quietly murmuring a greeting and giving his intention of joining the Consilium. After which he takes a slice of pizza and chews a mouthful, then on considering grabs a second slice, and takes a seat. He waves from his seated position at Black, Neura, and Siren - and any others he happens to know.

Yossarian appears from the Silver Ladder office upstairs, closing it behind him. He's dressed up for this one, slim cut Italian suit reminiscent of a Mod, in a dark blue that manages to be more midnight than navy. His shirt has a tab collar and a narrow tie that has lateral slashes of silver, like a ladder or something, and there's a little pentacle lapel pin like a politician might wear the flag. He has a folded tablet with him. Anyone percieving spirits might occasionally spot the floating spark of his familiar occasionally peeking out from it. He pauses to get a drink, looking kind of uncomfortable, and instead of taking his usual place to the side as a herald, walks toward the head table, apparently claiming the seat just to the right of the Hierarch's and offers the wave of someone who isn't sure how to greet people to those gathered.

Neura smiles at Black, and then to Hesper. "I've been here before, though it was pretty deserted, I used the library..." She looks around, holding on to Black's arm as she smiles at those who pass by, "So you're a big shot, then?" She teases Black, smiling up at him. "It's a fairly nice place, if not well decorated."

Tonight is Hesper's first visit to the Cannery. Or as far as she remembers. Her gaze drifts up the walls and the room itself as if caught in a snare of an older memory. And as Black guides her inside along with his other female companion, she does seem rather serious this evening. She checks in with Milo, noting her Proximus status and her desire to be a part of the group gathering. Her hands then reach to unfasten her longer coat and allows the buttons to slip open, to prevent growing too warm.

Teth grins to himself as he enters with Leora, and ambles over to shake Vulcan's hand, quietly murmuring a greeting and giving his intention of joining the Consilium, and furthermore introducing Leora, a Sleepwalker of his acquaintance wanting to become a part of the greater Mage community. After which he takes a slice of pizza and chews a mouthful, then on considering grabs a second slice, and takes a seat. He waves from his seated position at Black, Neura, and Siren - and any others he happens to know.

"I'm well known in Fallcoast, here I am just a member," Black tells Neura, while he motions to Hesper and allows her to register in as wishing to be part of the meeting. He settles in and finds coffee, if he can, to sup from. Once he has that, he leans back and looks at, oddly familiar faces. Huh. He then drinks the coffee, and debates, leaning upon his stave, waiting for the full start.

Blue eyes catch those she might happen to know as they come into the room. A slow smile touches Siren's lips as she nods towards the other Druid and dips her chin in a slight bow to Teth. Her eyes then flicker to the trio who walk in and Siren can't help but blink once or twice as she looks Black, Neura and Hesper over. There is a tilt of her head as she clearly is trying to figure something out before she shakes her head and moves to find a seat.

Milo will shake folks hands and they enter. When Hesper comes over though his face lights up, as if a flood light shines down upon it. He smiles at Hesper, and takes a quick break from his duties to talk with her, handing the clip board to one of the helper mages in the mean time. Her name was already added to the clip board, in anticipation of her presence. "I am glad you could make it.", he says, "How are things?".

Yossarian unfolds his tablet, finding an itemized list for agenda stuff and a tab for notetaking. He loosens his tie slightly then lifts a hand in greeting to Hesper when he notices her, the rest of the crowd not being terribly familiar to him. He takes a sip of his drink, which seems to taste differently than he'd expected, but not unpleasant.

The door to the Guardian office opens and the unassuming figure of Smith steps out, looking down over the Cannery floor from the elevated position. A flicker of magic passes in the air for those closest, before his voice carries easily over the open area. "Good day to you all, and welcome to the Cannery. For those of you I haven't met before, at least in this face, I am Joker, the Councillor of the Guardians of the Veil." Dressed in slacks and a button down shirt, he carries a coffee mug in his hand, steaming merrily into the slightly chill air.

Hesper removes her coat and then brightens as well when Milo arrives in her direction. As if anticipating him being here for her first meet and greet, she kisses him on each cheek. The wonderful greeting warmly offered back in French, "Bonsoir!" And then she embraces him warmly, "Ah, I see you already added my name this evening. Wonderful. This is all very exciting, non? I am sure you will do great and always remember you have your Cabal right behind you now." She winks, and her blue eyes watch him. "Want me to steal you away a glass of wine as you sign others in?"

Leora enters along with Teth, an expression of curiosity and anxiousness in her soft, green eyes. Not knowing anyone else, she sticks close to the professor. She's dressed in a dark grey peacoat, a red scarf around her neck, black pants, and boots. Her hair is groomed into loose curls. Slender hands smooth out her coat before she sits down. "So, what are these meetings for?" she quietly questions Teth, finally pulling her attention back to him after looking around the room.

With Joker introducing himself, Yossarian seems to realize he should probably do that and stands long enough to say "Oh, right. I am Heylel, the Herald, though in this case I have traded that hat and sit in council for the Silver Ladder. Hello or nice to meet you, as appropriate. Glad to see people turning out." When addressing the room his demeanor shifts a little, to that sort of poise a teacher might use who wouldn't otherwise speak to a group. Then he's seated again.

Neura disengages from Black, smiling back at him. "I'm going to mingle, alright?" And with that, the black robed girl walks into the crowd, finding herself with Teth and Leora. "Oh, hello. Is this the Sleepwalker you were telling me about, Teth?" She asks, flashing both of them bright smiles, "It's a pleasure to meet you, dear."

Milo raises an eyebrow, at something, "Please I would love wine, thank you. I find my lips are...dryer..than I am used to. Something sweet, please." With that he's distracted by Joker and Heylel, and addresses them "Councilor, Herald", he says with a small bow, "I would be honored if either of you should wish to run tonight's meeting." He'll nod to Teth, with a smile.

Teth quietly converses with Leora, "Loosely speaking it's a meeting for local Mages and Sleepwalkers to come together in cooperative and protective effort." He turns to Neura as she approaches, "Yes, this is her. She's new to all of this, so do be gentle.", and his eyes flicker to the assembled Mages on the last. Following the introductions, he raises his voice and adds, "Teth. New here. Absolutely lovely to meet you all."

Black nods to Neura, while he offers her a wan smile, then he turns back to the whole meet at hand. "Well, whoever is running it, I have an announcement to make, or a request," he leans on his stave, "Sirs, Ma'ams," he offers. He then waits for them all. He watches Neura, then Hesper, then Siren idly, then his gaze is upon Leora, and Teth. Afterwards, Bones, and Joker. He is commiting all to memory, while he looks tired, seeming to debate.

Hesper smiles back at Yossarian when he acknowledges her and she offers a simple curtsey from where she's standing beside Milo for the moment. And then she's giving a tap to Milo's arm in the gest he makes with her. A private joke between them perhaps and then a nod goes over to Smith. "A glass of wine coming right up." She disappears to the refreshment table, with a glance to Black when he leans on his stave.

"We are two councilors short of a quorum for an official meeting, but that doesn't preclude accepting new business and recognizing new arrivals to the Consilium." Joker states, descending the stairs and approaching the others. Those close to him can see that his mug says #1 Councilor in black upon the white surface. Apparently someone has a sense of humor, acquired after the original was surgically removed on becoming a Guardian.

Bones takes another sip of his soda and finds himself a seat after opening his coat. He nods at Black and Joker as he gets comfortable.

Siren takes another sip of her wine and is not in the least worried that her staring might be taken badly. So with so many in the crowd those blue eyes look over Hesper with a small smile to her lips and then drift away to pick up Teth and his companion. Leora gets the same curious look as the woman drifts close enough to hear Teth's words. "She will be fine Teth.." The voice is low and husky almost vibrating along the skin at close range. Siren then turns a smile to Leora and Neura, "I am Siren, it's a pleasure to meet you both.." Her voice trails off as people make announcement and those sharp eyes flicker towards Black, Milo and then the Council.

Yossarian looks across at Joker and looks mildly aghast, before saying "But sir. How can we possibly address new business before the old business has been spoken of?" It will usually take people who don't know him a few moments to realize that he is not serious. He glances around the room and then says a little bit drily, "As said quorum can not be met currently, please do encourage your respective orders to delegate councilors so that we can. I will provide a cardboard box full of steak knives, if a method of selection can not be agreed upon."

Milo nods at both, and says "Then I will yield the floor to you gentlemen for the call for old business, or new business, as the case may be.", smiling slightly. "I will also convey the need for a Councilor to be selected to my fellow Mystagogues at our next meeting."

Leora had gotten distracted but looks back to those trying to introduce themselves to her. There's an apologetic expression on her face before she smiles, both politely and in a friendly manner. "Pleased to meet you both," she responds, her tone gentle and pleasant to listen to. "I suppose I'm here to observe how these things go down."

"Pleasure to meet you too, Siren." Neura introduces herself, "I am Neura..." She goes on and on with some titles, and then finally finishes, "So you're wanting to join the Mysterium, Leora?" She asks, sipping on her champagne, "Maybe one of you can help me with some work."

There is a soft smile given to Lenore and a dips of her chin to Neura, but then something seems to catch her attention and she gives a tiny smile, "Do forgive me, I see someone I need to speak with. I'll be happy to speak with you both soon.." Another smile for the ladies and Teth and then Siren is slipping away and making her way to the back of the room.

"I realize that the choosing of councilors by the orders is not something that we can rush, but you may wish to appoint a Provost to attend meetings in their stead while the selection process proceeds." Joker suggests, taking a seat and sipping from his mug of coffee. "So, most important would likely be to recognize our new arrivals. Please introduce yourself and your order, and any other facts you are comfortable sharing."

Bones stands and sets his drink down. Clearing his throat softly, he says, "Call me Bones. I am a member of the Guardians of the Veil. More mundanely, I'm a medical examiner." He nods to Joker then, looking around, returns to sitting, picking up his drink and taking a sip.

"The majority of my knowledge about this Mysterium is that the professor here is part of it," Leora replies with a light gesture toward Teth. "Do I have to join a group to be here?" she questions with raised brows, a curious expression on her face. Then she hears a man, Joker, say something about new people and introductions. The Sleepwalker looks his way, briefly, before then shifting her gaze to Bones as he introduces himself.

Milo nods at Bones, "Thank you. As for myself, while I am known somewhat, I've had my head down doing research. I am Vulcan, Master of Matter, Adept of Spirit, Disciple of Prime, a Mystagogue the path of the leaden coin. I am a Forge Master, so I make stuff, and talk to spirits. Rings, weapons, fetishes, alchemical sprays, and such. I am also building a nightclub primarily for the Wise."

Teth muses, and quietly replies to Leora, "That depends on the Consilium in question - some will require Sleepwalkers - such as yourself - to join a specific Order. Some will allow a Sleepwalker to join the Consilium independantly of an Order. It kind of depends what you want to do."

Neura clears her throat a bit, raising her voice to be heard, "I am Neura, Adept of Prime, Mystagogue of Obrimos and follower of the Reality Stalkers." She says, lessening her title for now. "I have been in Fallcoast for a long time, but...I have only become active just recently." She winks at Black as she says that.

Black chuckles at Neura's words, seeming to remember something after a moment. "You all can just call me Black," he states, after a moment. "Acquisitor, Alae Draconis, Lorekeeper and Edgetender, Skunk Works Cabal, Mapmaker of the Tellurians," he introduces.

At some point the wine was delivered over to Milo before his introduction and then Hesper moves to stand in the background. Her preferred view is to watch and listen over by the refreshment table as she sips her own glass. As each offers an introduction she nods to them with an acknowledgement. As a Proximus it seems she will also be going last.

A voice from the back drifts slowly to the front as the last mage seems to state there introduction. "I am Siren, Proximus of the Draoidh, member of the Mystagogue for over a decade. Investigative Psychologist, Hypnotherapy, Criminal Forensics and Medicine are my learned skills, blessed in the knowledge of my bloodline as a Druid of the earth and healer, speaking of Spirits.." She dips her chin to the Awakened but it's clear she knows what she knows.

Soft green eyes follow the introductions are made around the room. Quietly Leora leans in to whisper to Teth again, giving a brief glance his way. "Should I introduce myself too or is that only for you guys?" she quesions him quietly, not wanting to interrupt anyone or their own introductions. She knows she has no fancy titles or anything important to announce other than her name.

Teth nods at Leora, "Introduce yourself, by all means. Simply your name, and your status as a Sleepwalker, is fine."

Is it time... ah it is, Hesper adds on when appropriate with a smile. "I am Hesper Honeywood, recently in from Paris with the influence of the Ladder. Pleased to meet you all this evening. I am also a Proximus in service to the Silver Ladder and Ward to Dr. Tristan Thorpe. My blessings have been utilized in the past for military intelligence of import. And I am a member of the Singularite Cabal. It is an honor to be here this evening. Thank you." She speaks with a soft french accent and nods over to Siren with acknowledgement, as a fellow Proximus in the room is very welcome! She pauses to give Leora a moment to go next.

Milo nods, flashing Siren a smile, and looks out over the sea of faces to determine if any have not spoken up and introduced themselves. "Are there any others, who wish to announce themselves, Magi, Proximi, or sleepwalkers? If not, let us open the floor for any items of discussion anyone wants to bring forth, this being an informal meeting. Is there anyone who wants the floor?"

Yossarian is apparently running down a list of something on his tablet, maybe marking things off of a list, or linking profiles, it's hard to tell, then he's done and he studies each of the people as they introduce themselves before he surreptitiously picks up a piece of pizza, taking a bite. Did he pick that up before? Of course he did. When everyone has gone, he says "Hi, everybody."

Leora gives a small nod to Teth before slowly rising to her feet. Her hands briefly smooth out her coat again before she turns her gaze upward enough to address the room. She takes a small breath to calm her nerves before introducing herself, a pleasant smile upon her lips. "Hello, my name is Leora. I am a Sleepwalker who has only just discovered such recently thanks to the professor here," she states, lightly nodding at Teth. There's a pause before she adds, "I would like to talk to anyone who is good in dealing with spirits sometime." With that said, she sits back down.

From the back Siren returns Hesper's smile and raises her glass to the other Proximus present. That smiles stays on her lips as she looks towards Leora and she nods as well, in greeting and maybe offer to speak of spirits. If one is good at reading body language atleast. When Yossarian says Hi, she can't help a soft warm chuckle and she nods towards him as well.

Milo will nod to Leora, "Leora, welcome. There are several of us that deal with spirits, myself and Siren included. Please feel free to call on me at my gallery any time to discuss the matter. I've left cards on the refreshments table." He looks at Siren, and at Hesper, and mutters 'A Tian Na' very quietly in Chinese.

"Welcome to all of the new arrivals, and thank you for attending to those of you who have been here longer." Joker states. He looks over the group and continues, "If any of you have business to present, please do so now. If it's something that requires the attention of the full Council, then it will need to be tabled until we have a full council to listen to it."

"... I have simple business," Black states, while he stands up, leaning upon his stave. "I am going to be working with others, and asking people to come together, to set up some basic defenses for the Cannery's security, past what it might already have, as a combined effort," he offers, idly. He then lifts his shoulders a bit, "I will be contributing to it as well. We've had recent Abyssal activity, hopefully everyone moves to protect their homes, or what have you. I'm willing to help any in need."

Yossarian scratches the back of his head and then takes a sip of his drink, saying "Your efforts I'm certain will be appreciated by the Sentinels, who I will attempt to put you in contact with to coordinate such things." He makes a note, then takes another bite of pizza.

Milo stands, clearing his throat and nodding to Black. "Thank you Master Blaze.", and then he will address the others, "I will volunteer my services to the consilium as well, to act as a clearinghouse for information anyone finds on supernatural threats, and report to the councilors as they are discovered. I have a network of ally spirits to help in this regard, and several deep friends with military intelligence experience who I hope will help with this effort. I myself also have experience with military intelligence, so am prepared to do so."

Teth adds on to Milo's statement, standing, "As an additional note, I'm prepared to assist members of the Consilium in protecting their sanctums and so forth, provided due recompense is offered for my time and the expenditures involved."

Siren tilts her head to the side as her eyes move from Black to Milo and then Teth as they speak. The woman seems to ponder before her voice flows once more. "I have connections to hospitals and the police as well as my training in interrogation. If these and my other skills can be of use to the Consilium please let me know. Vulcan and Teth have my connect information.

Milo nods, and says "Is there any other business? If there isn't, then lets declare the meeting over. But feel free to stay and socialize"

Hesper has been quiet this evening, mostly listening and watching. The glass of wine she was holding is half full at this point and she does react to the mention of protection. Of course, this makes her want to glance over to Smith for a moment and Black, before nodding back to Milo. The glass in hand is set down on a nearby table as she quietly slips out of the room.