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Coffee and Pokemon
Dramatis Personae

Al and Lucy with a brief appearance by Pearl

August 5th, 2016

Just a poliet conversation between two adults!


The Daily Grind; B01

Main Room - Daily Grind - Fallcoast

Warm coffee. It's a wonderful smell, and The Daily Grind has it in spades. After a while, all coffee shops like this start to blend together. Menu with specials, check. Counter with coffee machines, baked goods, and a cash register, check.

Cozy interior? Accomplished with leaving the brick walls unpainted. Art from local artists on the walls? Check and check, for paintings and photography both. A little raised area that can be cleared to be used as a stage? Yup. Tables, chairs, some comfy sofas and armchairs that take some spills but are not too stained, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Staff wear aprons in solid colours, but are otherwise dressed normally.

The music is good, at least. From a panoply of genres, some of it is old, some of it is new. Not 'never Top 40', if only because a really good song that happens to be very popular sometimes makes the playlists.

Al has been doing a good job of cutting back his coffee intake, but today he's indulging. He's sitting near the door, drinking his second large black coffee. He seems to be studying the crowds. He's dressed in a dark blue bespoke suit with a burgundy shirt, both bespoke from Saville Row and made from. the best Egyptian cotton. He seems vaguely interested in the groups of people heading in with their phones and then leaving without ordering.

From outside there is the barely noticeable whine of a high power electrical motor, a few of those aforementioned people looking up while exiting the coffee shop as a black McLaren P1 pulls into one of the parking spaces and then shuts off its engine. As the driver's door slides up, rather than some suited up race driver with a helmet, a brunette woman clad in a black leather jacket and black denim jeans steps out of vehicle's cab. She presses the key fob, the lights on the P1 flashing as it is locked and then reaches back in, grabbing a silver and black cased laptop, before pulling the door back down and closing it.
xxxxxAmastacia's nose crinkles lightly as she smiles at a few of the folks that are now taking photos of her car rather than catching virtual pokemon, before walking around them and entering the Daily Grind, tossing her long brunette hair over her left shoulder with her right hand as she walks up to the counter, "Good afternoon, could I get a caramel macchiato please?". The laptop slung underneath her left arm is comparable in size to most modern laptops, though a bit bulkier and the case appears to lack any company logo at first glance. After paying for and receiving her beverage the five and half foot tall brunette woman decked out in black turns about and begins looking for a seat, noticing the well-suited individual and smiling at him faintly before she decides to settle down at a table beside his own, putting laptop and coffee down before taking her seat. She flashes Al a bright smile from between her dusky lips, "Seems like a popular place no?" she asks as her hazel eyes sweep down his figure.

Al's own smile is bright and brief, settling into a faint grin. "It is, I'm not sure why so many people are running around here, but the coffee's good." He looks over Amastacia quickly. "That's a very nice car you have by the way." He then frowns "Is little Spartan for me though."

Amastacia leans back in her chair, crossing her legs over each other at the knee as she checks the silver analog watch on her left wrist for a moment then folds her hands together. The smile on her lips calms down lightly but continues to tug at the corners of her mouth as she glances out the window at the McLaren, "Why thank you, I saw it in a magazine while I was in Europe and just had to have it. The shipping cost to bring it over here though was almost criminal." She leans forward as she looks back to Al, offering him her right hand across the space between their tables, "I'm Lucy." She says, some of her brown locks spilling over her shoulder and framing the side of her face as she does so.

"I'm Al, it's a pleasure to meet you." He takes the offered hand with a chuckle "Shipping costs are a nightmare it's true." A gold Rolex is revealed as he shakes the hand. "I have had a couple of Bentley's shipped over in the past." He settles back in his seat, sipping his coffee. "I haven't been to Europe in a while."

The woman's grip is soft, almost delicate as she shakes Al's hand, leaning back into the comfortable position as she folds her hands in her lap once again, "Ah a man of taste it appears I have met, the pleasure is all mine." She takes a moment to sip from the warm caramel macchiato, setting it back down as she returns her gaze to studying the suited man, "I just returned from a four year stint, studying abroad at Edinburgh." She glances over as a few more of those phone wielding pokemon addicts enter the coffee shop, the smile turning into a bit of a grin as she looks back to Al, "I think it may have something to do with that new pokemon game that came out on people's phones. Seems fairly popular, are you into games?"

Al nods. "I used to be, but these days I've hardly the time." He then chuckles. "I made time for Fallout four and sometimes when I get a few minutes I'll have a fight in UFC, but otherwise I'm out the loop." His grin becomes a wry smirk. "I only know Pokemon Go from the news. What about you? Are you a gamer?"

Outside the Daily Grind in one of the parking spaces is a black McLaren P1, drawing the attention of a few of the Pokemon Go players that are seen wandering in and out of the coffee shop. Amastacia, a woman with long brunette hair and wearing all black, is currently seated at a table not too far away from the immaculately dressed Al, a laptop and Daily Grind coffee cup on the tabletop before her. She currently has her legs crossed at the knee, hands folded in her lap as she converses with the suited gentleman, "Oh, not as much anymore, I'm mostly in the creating games field these days, indie projects and the like. I play a few here and there, though I haven't gotten into the Pokemon Go fab yet, I wasn't a fan as a kid, so there's no nostalgia calling me to play." The slight smile stays on her face as she continues to study Al's figure with her hazel gaze, leaving her thick brunette hair to frame the left side of her face as she speaks.

Pearl walks into the Daily Grind wearing a pair of designer jeans, a very tight fitting halter top that shows off her ample curves and a pair of high heels upon her feet. As she walks in her glasses go from being sunglasses back to regular ones as the lighting change from bright and sunny to normal lights is noticed by her glasses. She recognizes Al from the other night at the bar and begins to make her way over as she kindly says "I hope I am not intruding. Mind if I join the two of you. I fear that conversations were cut short at the bar the other night Al since you received that phone call." Her gaze then looks over to Amastacia as she extends her hand as says "Pearl Shores by the way, it is a pleasure to meet you." That name is known in the high society for her being the heiress to the Shores hotel franchise and also in the charity circuit since she is usually always by her parents side while her twin brother, who really looks nothing like her, is hanging out in the shadows.

Al ahs at that. "Game design seems fascinating. I lack the necessary skills to do it myself. I was a little too old for Pokemon when it first hit." Pearl gets a bright smile. "It's good to see you again. I'm sorry our conversation got cut short. Please take a seat. We were just discussing computer games, Pokemon GO specifically."

Amastacia takes a moment to look over the new comer before taking Pearl's hand, her grip during the handshake soft and the smile upon her lips grows a little bigger, "Lucy." She offers simply before bringing her hand back into her lap to join the other. Having been out of the country for several years, and not really one in 'high society' or their circles either she doesn't recognize Pearl off-hand, "I have no problems with your joining us." Turning her attention back to Al she nods lightly, "I've only developed a few platformer games, pretty simple to do. I don't really have a project at the moment."

Pearl giggles at the mention of Pokemon Go and says "I kinda play it, it helps pass the time while I am waiting for my brother to finish up with classes to be honest but some bugs are still needing to be fixed." As she pulls out her phone a text message goes off and she sighs softly "It appears my brother's class got cancelled. My apologies. Raincheck and lunch will be on me next time." She gets back up after just getting comfy and is rushing towards the door with a bit of worry on her face.

Taking a long sip from his coffee Al sighs. "Not having a project can be terrible, or it can be great. I'm sure you'll get a project soon enough, or make one for yourself." He reaches into his jacket and removes a business card, it reads, Al Cavanaugh and lists a mobile number and email address. He stands with a sigh. "I'm afraid I must be going. I need to try and recruit some lawyers to a new firm. It's like herding cats." He flashes a bright smile to Lucy. "It was a great pleasure Lucy. I would like to continue our discussion some time."

Amastacia takes the card with a flash of that bright smile once again, looking it over before tucking it into the breast pocket of her t-shirt, "That's quite alright, I'll be sure to give you a call soon, hopefully not a business one." She smirks lightly as she turns to her laptop, opening it up and looking over the top as Al begins to walk out, "Have a great day, and also if you want to call me you can get a hold of me by calling the front desk at the Albergo Gancia."