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Checking out Fallcoast

Dramatis Personae

Aurore, Beatrix, Brigitte

19 July, 2015

A trio of Hunters getting to know the town and where to patrol



It's about time aunt and niece had a look around town. Or at least the aunt. Knowing Beatrix she's been out and about all over the place already - damn teenagers. It is early morning and still dark - the time when Hunters do their best prowling. Brigitte has also decided she wants a 'native' to help show them around. Kyani must be busy so instead she called a woman she remembered from the meeting...Aurore was quite memorable.

The three of them met in the center of Fallcoast - seemed the easiest - and then started a wandering. Even though Aurore was brought along to guide, it is Brigitte that seems to be leading the way and making the choices of direction. They are heading for the seaside, on foot, down a steep road. The older woman wearing jeans and a large winter jacket despite the relative heat. "So you're a native?" she asks Aurore innocently.

Aurore's opted for a battered old leather jacket, worn with tight black jeans (ripped, to show fishnets beneath), and calf-high stompy boots. "Heh. Yeah, I'm a native. Pretty much however you define it. Where're the two of you from?"

The smaller French girl, Beatrix, keeps herself dressed lightly, Levi's jeans hugging her hips with a close fitting black tee with the Mudflap Girl image in yellow printed across her bust. A comfy pair of black knee high leather workboots and a matching belt. A few spots of old grease and oil on those pants hinting she has been hip deep in an engine or three before coming out to take the grand tour.

"Or at least been in town long enough to count!" Beatrix beams playfully while she walks with the others, having to put some extra oomph into her pace to keep up with the taller women. "I'm mostly from Quebec, a dinky town called Disraeli. One of those towns where people stop on the way to other bigger towns." she explains. "Before that I'm kinda fuzzy." she says in a soft little French accent.

"Quebec" nods Brigitte to Aurore, "But I spent very little time there. Most of the time in Europe...Africa...Middle East. Beatrix was born in France but she doesn't remember. Her mother, also more French than I, was there at the time. How long have you been Hunting, Aurore?" She stops at the bottom of the street, looking out over the dark ocean - hearing it crash on the rocks more than see it. The smell of the sea filling their nostrils.

"I've spent a bit of time in Quebec," Aurore says in French that mingles Quebec with other accents, before switching back to English. "Hah. Depends on how you define it. I've known there's... oddness out there for a long time. Been trying to figure out what's up with it for most of my life. Joined the Loyalists a couple of years back, after we... sort of bumped into each other. I accidentally got them to notice me."

"You could not have been doing it much longer than I" Beat guesses while keeping up with the women. The ocean getting a big smile. "I haven't seen that much water that wasn't frozen in a long time! Though at least when it is I could at least skate." she says and makes a sort of faux ice skating motion while boots leave big prints in the wet sand. "I would think it impossible to not notice you!" the short French girl states brightly to Aurore.

"That's my niece being flattering" Brigitte deadpans to Aurore, "Though she isn't wrong. So how did you get their attention? I didn't even know this world existed...not like I do now at least." A faint smile towards Beatrix. "You're a skater too? Or was that your impression of your disco dancing?" Back to Aurore she asks, "Thule? They're the book ones? So we rely on you for info?"

Laughing, Aurore flashes a bashful grin, while ducking her head. "Thank you," she purrs, her rich voice warm. "And... yeah, sort of. In much of the world, we're meant to be the ones who show up mysteriously when the rest of you need some occult insight, give you what you need, then disappear again. Here... thanks to the Society, we're a more permanent and open fixture."

"No figure skater but what Quebecer would I be if I didn't learn to skate." Beatrix explains with an index finger pointed skywards. Back to Aurore. "Well hopefully we will have enough call for someone with occult knowledge to keep you around!" she adds. "The more we know is half the battle and all that!"

Brigitte reaches out and ruffles Beatrix's hair. "Listen to her. She's an expert already" she grins before offering her niece a teasing wink. "Oui, this Society is rather unusual" Brigitte nods, "But that does not mean it is not a good idea." Her eyes narrow as she stares out at the ocean. "Hmmm...anyone armed? I only have a knife. It is a big knife but still..."

"I'm not that sort of Hunter," Aurore says rather sheepishly. "Bookworm, researches, and detector of a few types of weirdness. Never been in combat in my life. One of a number of things I need to work on, but...."

The little brunette peers over towards the ocean. "Well I do have the shotgun in the car." Beat states brightly. "Or maybe the car itself if you think something is coming out of the water." she says and nibbles her lower lip. "Maybe I should go back to get it?" she asks the two women on the beach with her.

Brigitte shakes her head to Beatrix's words, even though her eyes remain locked on the ocean. "No, Beat, it will take too long" she notes softly before pursing her lips. "It is probably nothing. I have to remember this is not the Congo" she smiles to her companions before nodding down the beach. "This way. And don't feel sorry about missing combat, Aurore. It's terrifying. Hectic. And losing will really make you have a bad day."

Aurore gulps, then nods, mustering a somewhat wobbly smile for her companions. "The, ahh, the Congo?", she asks, peering warily towards the waves as well. "What were you doing there?"

"There is also the mess. It is not fun, even just watching sometimes." Beatrix adds with a look down at the beach sand beneath her. "Suppose next time we come here we set up for fishing. Maybe make a barbecue of it. Though odds are if there's something down there it'll have tentacles. Those things always do." the diminutive French girl says with a bouncy shrug of her shoulders.

"Killing people" Brigitte replies flatly to Aurore. "I was in the French Foreign Legion. We fight all over the place. Sometimes without even telling anyone." She nods to her niece. "And the mess. Definitely the mess." Then a frown. "I'm not a fan of calamari. I don't think it has tentacles but it does have eyes. We are being watched."

Aurore offers Brigitte a warily impressed look, before nodding slowly. "Ahh... perhaps we should move away from the water?", she ventures. "Or are we acting as bait to see if whatever is out there might be lured into the open? Right now, a barbecue sounds kind of risky, I admit."

Beatrix combs some of her shaggy bangs out of those big bue eyes and hmms at the spot in the water. "Good thing I decided against the bikini then." she says playfully and wiggles hips. "Want to place bets it has its own seaweed wrap. Premade sushi so fresh!" she says with a more wicked tone towards whatever might be watching the women.

"Beatrix is...enthusiastic" Brigitte smirks to Aurore as they walk. "She can't wait to get waist deep in monster gizzards. Neither can I really but I'm patient. Patience wins battles." She leans towards Aurore but Beatrix can hear every word. "So what we patient ones would do is send the enthusiastic ones forward and let them bring out the bad guys. Sometimes the enthusiastic ones never made it long enough to become patient." The sun is starting to rise. "Bait? Nah. Not without my equipment."

Aurore laughs, though it's a teeny bit shaky, as she shakes her head again. "I think that I *really* need to get back into some serious training. Pick up a little more foot-speed, if nothing else. Maybe learning to fight can come sometime after that. But I think it'll stay a last resort for me."

The short little thing does hear everything, poking her kinda longish tongue at the both of them. There's an eye roll and a head tilt to go with it before she shakes her head. "Like anyone actually complains when I get eager!" she says playfully. "Still if you want to learn to fight, I'm sure Brigitte would love to help you get into shape!" she suggests bouncing on the spot and going right back to bright.

"You said 'get back into', Aurore" Brigitte notes, "So you used to train? Why did you stop? Not everyone needs to fight. Not every encounter is a fight. I won't be reading those books of yours." She smiles over at her niece. "I wasn't complaining about your eagerness, Beat. Never. But I think you could do with some training too. Jack...my other niece...has quite the little business she has put together. Plenty of space to train if you want, Aurore."

"University work, in large part. My less conventional studies, too. I went from spending several hours a week in dance classes, to doing it occasionally." Aurore shrugs ruefully, still keeping one eye on the Atlantic. "As you can imagine, my fitness levels aren't quite where they used to be."

"Safe space too way better than some gym full of skeevy gorillas!" Beat adds in suggestion and encouragement. "And if you're out of shape it doesn't show from what I can see." the young French girl points out with more of those big bright smiles. "Says the girl who might have put a few pounds on in the last couple weeks. I blame the junk food!" she says and bounces on the spot, adding some deliberate jiggle.

Brigitte rolls her eyes at her niece. "Yes, Beatrix, your irresistible teenage body is just a mess" she teases before shaking her head. "And Aurore is hardly a blob waiting to be molded either. Dance classes? It sounds like /I/ am the one who needs the exercise. An older woman could get a complex around here." She frowns. "I think one of my knees just went. Beatrix, come here so I can lean on your head."

Aurore giggles, cracking a grin at the two relatives. "I could let you wrap an arm around me, if you wanted," she responds teasingly. "Or both of you, if you feel I need propped up from the other side, to help cope with the immense weight of the elderly among us..."

The short little thing just chuckles and steps up inside Brigitte's reach, pressing close enough the woman can actually use her niece for some support. "Think the ground is getting too soft!" she points out and presses one of her boot clad fee down on the sand beneath. Aurore gets a chuckle and crooks a finger on the hand on the currently free side. "Well I might as well help you both!" she says in a mock tone of being put upon. She then bursts into giggles.

"It looks like Beatrix has us both in hand" Brigitte snorts to Aurore. "And just watch the 'immense weight' bit" she warns with a tease before looking out at the rising sun. "Hmmm...probably time for a morning beer. Anyone who is legal who wants to join me?"

Aurore laughs, shakes her head, then moves to sandwich Beatrix between herself and Brigitte. "Sure. I could live with a beer, I think. Do you have anywhere in mind?"

"The perfect pick me up!" Beatrix says and gives both women a light but noticeable spank. "What about those of us that aren't? Might be better to head back to our place?" she suggests. "It's only illegal if it's drinking in a bar. Which most of them are probably closed by now." she points out. "Totally researched that!" she adds in that bubbly French accent of hers.

"Okay...back to the junkyard then. If Aurore doesn't mind us abducting her for a bit longer than a bar trip. I can't believe there isn't someone waiting to make her breakfast...but Beat is an excellent cook." Brigitte turns the trio back towards the vehicles. "So, Aurore...where's the best place to pick up hot women?"

Aurore blinks, then laughs. "You could quite possibly do worse than the club I dance at. Officially a 'gentlemen's club', of course, but... I'm not the only one of the staff to have an eye for the fairer sex."

"As long as you don't mind greasy and lots of bacon!" Beatrix chimes as she and the others head for the vehicles. "Always good prep for good drinking." she says and beams proudly. "Well considering most of the clientele. I imagine most girls that... dance, would prefer other girls." she says cheerfully. "Works for us thankfully!" she bounces right back to perky.