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Cannibal XXXX
Dramatis Personae

Akio, Kilo, Nicole, Rictus

5 November, 2017

A backroad diner is selling beer that has unforeseen side effects.


Tired Tits Diner

It is a cloudy Saturday night and cold. Damn cold. Cold enough for ladies to cut glass and men to complain it would be bigger if it wasn't for the chill. A full moon shines down on the world when it can break through the clouds, illuminating the world in hues of grey and silver.

On one of the roads heading into Fallcoast, one that winds through the deep forest, is a diner. The famous, to the right people, establishment called 'Tired Tits'- adorned with a neon sign of a bird coming to rest on a road and then run over by a tire. It is not the main highway. The main highway has classy joints like 'McDonalds' and 'Hooters'. This is a diner that has been left behind by 'progress' and now serves bikers, hoodlums, teenage runaways and truck drivers looking for teenage runaways.

Tonight at the 'Tired Tits' is Imported Beer Night. Deliveries of XXXX (Australian for beer) arrived during the day and since Happy Hour - 6pm - it has been served out on the cheap. The place is packed. The building itself is a long rectangle split by a bar counter - customers on one side, serving area/kitchens/bathrooms on the other. Music is pumping - the latest by 'The Eagles' - and people are yelling at each other to be heard. What better place for a group of Geists to relax after the previous night's escapades on board a ghost ship?

Rictus is going all out. His uniform is freshly laundered, his mohawk combed back, dyed bright blue with yellow tips. He's even put on a button down black shirt which, after some explanation, he finally put on /over/ the Eulogy for Apathy t-shirt, letting it hang open as not to obscure the band's logo. It's a start, at least.

He pulls up in a sleek black late 60s mustang and slams to a stop, leaving a smear of tire on the pavement. He hops out and runs around, opening the passenger side seat for Kilo. He grins broadly, waving a hand at the establishment Which he finally looks over towards. He pauses a moment, scowling, and then the grin is back, "Looked a little different from fucking Google Maps. But hey, we're here, let's go see what they fucking got." Music, a crowd, can't be all that bad. Besides, who doesn't love a good dive?

Kilo is in a short, grey, wool, pleated skirt -- very school-girl-esque with a white button down and burgundy tie. She also has black ankle-high boots and white socks scrunched down to her ankles, as well as her hair plaited in two braids on either side of her head. She hops out of the growly Mustang when Rictus comes 'round like a complete and utter gentleman, opening the door for her as if she were a perfect little lady. How completely lovely. The perfect start to a perfect evening... right?! "I'm game. Looks like it's crazy in there, I bet it will be a ton of fun." She remarks and makes sure she's not wearing any gang affiliated items. No need to get -that- sort of fun started in a crowd like that. "OK, let's do this thing!"

Already inside this palace of bad ideas is Nicole, sat at a table with a biker, a hoodlum and a truck driver. Maybe just shooting the shit, maybe doing some kind of deal, maybe swapping war stories or just finding some like-minded people to get drunk with, people who don't ask questions and don't mind a broad joining in the fun. Then, by the looks of things, somebody suggests a drinking game. The biker gets up to fetch shots, because it's just not the same with cheap beer.

Rictus flashes Kilo a broad, lopsided grin and offers his arm, "Let's fucking blow 'em away." He doesn't /mean/ it literally. Not yet, at least. Tonight is for fun and relaxation, after all!

He heads towards the bar, pushing through the door, and pauses, dark blue eyes scanning the room quickly, taking in it. He barks a laugh when he spots Nicole and her drinking companions, giving Kilo a nudge, "Well, if it ain't trouble! Looks like they fucking started without us." Not that Ric knew the other Bound would even be there, but that doesn't stop him from heading in that direction, Kilo in tow. Although, Kilo might be him, knowing how the BFFs are.

Ric growls out, "Hey, trouble! Fancy meeting you here. What we fucking drinking?"

"Chiquita Bonita!" Kilo grins widely and swoops in for a fierce Nicole-Hug, even if she's still sat at her table. "What's my little cholo-girl doing in a place like this without any chaperones? Tsk Tsk." She beams at Nicole as she has a little fun with her, pushing the biker, hoodlum and truck driver out of the way so that she and Rictus can slide into the booth or table or whatever it was and be near Nicole. They are the besties! They take precedence!

"Hey hey!" Nicole greets the arriving Sin Eaters, her smile bright. A kiss is blown to Kilo before she is squished in a tight hug, returning the squeeze. Rictus gets a lazy salute, and as they're made room for at the booth, she introduces the sinners she's been spending the evening with. "Baby-G! Ric! This is.. uh. George, Marc and.. uh."

Brief pause, then she fingersnaps as she points to the hoodlum. "Skeeze. That was right, right?" She does at least have the sense not to use her preferred nickname for Rictus in /here/, because doubtless calling somebody Rainbow Dash in a place like this would be like dousing him in blood and throwing him to the sharks - and while aforementioned punk might enjoy a good old fashioned barfight, she's not here for violence. Yet, anyway. "The beer's pretty good, some Four-Ex shit, and Marc's just gonna buy the tequilla, right baby?" she prompts the biker, batting her lashes his way.

The hoodlum and truck driver grumble at Rictus and Kilo as they are forced to find new seats. They were both /soooo/ close to getting it on with Nicole in the bathrooms. Just ask them...but don't ask her. Marc the biker nods and heads for the bar, finding a place next to a large man huddled over his beer. Skeze picks his nose as his eyes dart between the new arrivals and Nicole, listening intently. George...George is George. A bottle of scotch resting on his belly as his eyes scan the room for anyone younger than his drink.

There's a disturbance near the jukebox. Someone mustn't like the music being played - what's wrong with Gilbert O'Sullivan's 'Alone Again (Naturally)'? A couple of screams and fists are starting to be thrown.

Rictus lets out a laugh as Kilo pushes her way into Nicole's presence. He follows, flashing the woman a grin as he flops himself down into a seat. "Sorry about your fan club," he offers a wink, "but you know there ain't no keeping her back." He kicks his feet up, snagging one of the abandoned drinks from the table and leaning back, knocking it back.

"Place is a fucking dive. Why the hell haven't I been here before?" At the commotion over by the juke box, he perks up a bit, looking over. "Shit, and looks like we got here just in time for some rough and tumble. Think it was the song, or someone copped a feel? Probably fucking Skeeze. Who the fuck goes by Skeeze?" Rictus, at least, is classy, right?

"Guys? Guys? Oh shit. This may get ugly." Kilo has her eyes on the jukebox and the fight that has broken out there -- she seems to be taking it much more seriously than Rictus is -- and immediately stands up and faces the fight. She doesn't want some chair being flung down over her head accidentally when she's not expecting it. That's a no-go for her. "Hey! Knock that shit off." She yells out, surprisingly loudly for such a tiny little baby gangster. Now it's just a matter of watching to see if anyone listens to her. Or aims at her for saying something in the first place.

Eh, it's not out of the question that Nic could have been convinced to share a little bathroom rendezvous. She's not known for being picky, after all. But the presence of her friends has quashed that idea in favour of getting drunk with /them/ instead, so George and Skeeze will have to find their fortunes elsewhere. "It's all good," she promises Rictus with a sly smile. "Baby-G is the best." Simply, the best. At everything. Including, apparently, shouting at people who want to start a fight.

Nicole turns, craning her neck to see what's going on over in the area of the jukebox, keeping hold of her beer and taking a long drink from it. She's in no hurry to get involved with the burgeoning fight however, rather intending on spectating. Possibly this would've been more interesting than shooting tequilla with George and the boys anyway.

A biker is rammed into the jukebox, causing a needlescratch sound - they still use vinyl? - and putting Gilbert into a loop or 'Alone again (scratch) Alone again (scratch) Alone again'. The biker was tossed by what looks like a much smaller man. A man that now leaps on the biker and...tears a chunk of flesh from his neck with his teeth! A fountain of blood erupting from the distraught biker. The biter chews on the flesh before swallowing it down. His own skin covered with popping pustules of putrid puss that spray out yellow gunk over the aghast people around him.

At the other end of the bar there is a scream. A 300 lb biker crying out in terror and fear as one of the waitresses, flesh dripping from her face, bites into his hairy chest and rips off a huge chunk. More blood, spilling over the floor and causing the trucker to slip as he tries to scramble away. The waitress chews on the huge piece of driver before swallowing it down. Then she starts to cough and retch. A furball of human hair vomited from her mouth before she reaches for her next victim.

And at the bar, poor Marco is assaulted by the huddled giant next to him. The biker's nose disappearing into the slavering maw of the beer drinker before being torn off to the sound of crunching bone and cartilage.

For some reason, Akio has arrived at the 'Tired Tits' - a neon sign outside of a bird landing on the road then being run over by the tire of a car - a roadside diner on the backroads. His timing couldn't be better. As he walks inside, all Hell is breaking loose. There are fights everywhere. Fights involving people trying to eat other people.

Rictus doesn't seem all that concerned about the fight, not at first. Fights break out in bars - he's been in plenty of them. There's a laugh as Kilo shouts at them and Ric glances at Nicole with a wink, "Isn't she?" He goes to grab himself a refill when the screams begin.

"What the..." He pushes himself up, turning just in time to see a man getting part of his face torn off. His instincts kick in, that ghostly glow lighting up around him - visible at least to Kilo and Nicole. His defense mechanism. He looks around, pinpointing the main sources of altercation.

"What the living fuck is wrong with this town!?" Kilo watches the cannibalism going down and the pustules and starts to feel sick with fear and disgust. "Guys... we need to either GTFO or help these people because something really, -really- fucked up is happening here!" She is slowly taking steps away from the small man with all the puss all over him. "Should I just... Should I Rictus?" Obviously Rictus will know what she means. It seems a reasonable question to her.

Out for the night and looking for a dive bar, Akio wasn't expecting to walk into a scene of carnage like the one he's walked into. He wasn't really dressed for a fight wearing a simple black t-shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers. Even though he's not dressed for it he's already ready for a fight so the tattooed man quickly reacts to the supernatural threat by shifting into dire form while calling on his spirit animal to increase his fighting prowess. With a sound that is part howl part battle cry and part excited /woooooo/ the Asian man grows taller and thicker with muscle. Golden hair sprouts from his body as his features become more ape like and his hands and feet end in thick, strong nails that burst through his shoes.

Hah! That guy got shoved into the jukebox. Good fight so far. Though the now-looping sound of Gilbert Sullivan's dulcet tones is a bit of a downer. Nicole settles in to watch, but then.. uh. "Did that guy just...?" she asks, eyes widening further as there is clear flesh-biting and blood-fountaining going on. And pustules, the disgusting popping kind. She looks faintly nauseous, ducking down into her booth as she tries to gather her wits about her.

Seeing Rictus light up like a roman candle to her ghostly sight - and that Kilo is asking whether or not the big guns need to come out, Nicole opts for some defensive measures. To the other Sin Eaters, a thin stream of plasm spills from her fingertips and coils around her, encasing her in mummy-like wrappings before flaring and fading from view, a shroud of some kind no doubt. "What's the plan, Stan?" It seems that, like Kilo, she's looking to Rictus for direction.

And then, then there's some kind of.. ape? Nicole was /so/ not ready for this. She hasn't even taken any drugs yet, goddamnit!

The melee is so hectic...and life threatening...that most of the crowd haven't even noticed the giant ape. Does he look that much different from a truck driver anyway? Everywhere there are weapons being drawn. Knives. Baseball bats - where do they hide those? Bottles. Ketchup dispensers. Guns. There is shooting at the jukebox and Gilbert O'Sullivan whines into silence. And then shooting at the 'things' next to the jukebox but it doesn't seem to stop them. Chucks of flesh are blown away but they continue to chow down on others.

There is a rush towards the Geist table. Half a dozen frenzied lunatics blood and flesh dripping from their rotting jaws are running towards them with hunger in their colourless eyes.

What the fuck, indeed. Ric /should/ be surprised. He really should. And yet he's not. A man can't even take a lady out without being attacked by zombies. Fallcoast!

At Kilo's question, though, he's growling, "Yes, fucking do it!" He's already got that ghostly glow about him, but he's already gathering more plasm within him, preparing to lash out, to defend himself and his friends. Nicole gets the same encouragement, "Take 'em down!" Because now it becomes clear that the hostiles aren't quite... normal. Nor is monkey man, but Ric's not even going to think of that one just yet.

Right now, he focuses on the puss-bursting, flesh-eating welcome party they're facing.

Plasm swarms around him, then jumps, wrenching one of the unfortunate zombies in a halo of burning flame. He looks towards Kilo and Nicole, to see how they're faring.

Kilo summons the power of her wrath, judging these flesh eating monsters and finding them wanting. "Be gone you little freaks!" She hisses. "Back! Get back!" She wards off a circle around them, trying to keep her friends safe then blasts the guy with the puss all over him that is gnashing his teeth at her. Just... blasts him. Her plasm scrambling his insides so there is no evidence that she has done anything from the outside, but justice reigns true as he takes a dive down to the ground, gripping his guts.

The large dire beast looks like what an ancient macaques monkey may have looked long ago when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, or one out of a nightmare. Strong, powerful and highly dexterous yet with the cunning of a man. Watching as the Sin-Eaters attack the flood of flesh eating people, he attacks from the rear. Sprinting from his place by the door he launches himself into the crowd to throw a flurry of punches and kicks at the nearest zombie like man. Slowing it down with his attack he switches styles to utilize his thick, long nails cutting into flesh and breaking bone before tearing a head from the body with a vicious yell.

With Rictus throwing fire and Kilo throwing shade and the ape apparently on the side of not-eating-people, Nicole takes the opportunity to duck /behind/ the other two Sin Eaters, using them as a shield so that she can concentrate on the task of getting all these muggles the fuck out of here. Assuming there are no cannibals between her and the door - they do mostly seem to be over /there/ out of the way - she kicks the exit open, propping it with a chair and begins to shout at the people closest.

"ALRIGHT FOLKS! Bar is closed, get the fuck outside! Run, don't walk!" Fortunately, almost a decade of training and ordering troops whilst deployed have given Nicole a forceful tone and exceptional projection when needed, her voice pitched to cut through the screaming and fighting. Her role -now- is to keep any of the cannibals from getting to those who are trying to escape, by putting herself between the squishy mortals and the hungry psychopaths who've made it past her friends.

The 'zombies'...'cannibals'...'infected'...'zannifects'...charge forward without a care in the world. Some of them burn to a crisp. Some of them are split into a thousand bits by claw and tooth. Some of them simply disintegrate. but still they come. Tearing into those whose flesh is not the 'before' picture in an acne commercial. Nicole may have the right idea but there is one flaw to her plan. They are already outside! As she plays traffic warden, one of them rushes in from outside and leaps onto her back, teeth covered with green tinted saliva digging into her shoulder.

The giant monkey gets as many bats swung at is as the zannifects - it is rather terrifying and everyone is terrified. Though it is more likely the bat breaks on the hairy skin rather than does him any harm. Large splinters fly through the air. One of them piercing the eye of a woman dressed as Homecoming Queen, who immediately starts firing her pistol in every direction.

Rictus gives a grunt of approval as Kilo goes to work on the creepers coming at them. He offers her a quick wink of encouragement, then he's focused back at the task of setting the things on fire. It's what he knows best, after all. A second one gets wreathed in flame, letting out whatever sound the things make - likely not pleasant. Where did they all /come/ from? He moves closer to Kilo, so they can do a back to back thing as Nicole tries to get any survivors out. When Ric sees her attacked, he lets out a shout, "Man down!" He rushes in that direction, targeting the cannibal for his next attack. So focused is he on Nicole, he doesn't notice the homecoming queen with a gun until bullets start firing.

He lets out a yelp as one grazes him, but he's lunging towards that creep on Nicole.

Kilo can't resist as Rictus winks at her in encouragement. She blasts one more down in front of her, keeping her back against Ric's back so that nothing can get between them and harm them. "Now? Should we bail now? Or just keep wiping them out, or..." But she's way late on this one. Nicole has been attacked! "Oh shit!" She screams as Rictus rushes to her Bestie's aid. That means he's vulnerable too now. Instead of bailing she has to get really fucking serious about this now. She starts annihilating them as fast as they come at her. In fact, instead of the Furies she changes to Pyre Flame Rage, igniting them in spectacular flames and reducing their entire bodies to small piles of ash in a matter of moments. It's much more cinematic that way.

As the locals turn on him along with the zannifects, Akio roars out in rage. Those strange amber eyes are a tell though for anyone that saw the man prior to his shift. They are the same eyes as the tattooed Asian man that entered. The delusion that rolls from him in waves that aren't as powerful as a feral in warform should still help to cloud the memories of the regular folks. With that in mind he mostly ignores their attacks as his superior healing factor mixed with his ability to dodge and soak up the damage in his hairy, muscular form keeps him from serious harm.

It’s chaotic and Akio is a flurry of punches, claws and kicks as he moves and dodges while roaring in rage. He uses his environment to his advantage, pushing the regular people out of harm’s way and behind tables while focusing on taking apart the zombie like attackers. As Kilo starts ashing the zombies he calls out, "I'm good ... not bad! Nicole knows me!" His voice is not his own in this form but much deeper and filled with a growl that paints every word. Hoping his words have the correct meaning he gets back to work on fighting off zombie like attackers while protecting the innocent.

"Fuck, they're outside too. Head's up!" Nicole calls to the other Sin Eaters and maybe also the ape. Outside is still definitely the right plan however - the diner is a deathtrap, at least outside has places to run, space to move. As some of them come towards the new source of food she puts herself between them and their squishy prey, turning to punch one in the face and so exposing herself to the one who leaps, getting his disgusting teeth into her shoulder.

She reaches back to grab the zannifect's clothing, twisting and snapping her weight forward to flip the creature over her body and in Rictus' direction so he can deal with it, though by doing so she's lost a chunk of shoulder to his clamped jaws. "Asshole! I liked this fucking shirt!" she yells after it, channelling the pain into anger. Still, she seems far from 'down', and as she takes a second to scope out the rest of the threats she calls inside, "I'm good, guys. Keep that fire going. Get everyone out."

Brief pause as the ape uses her name. No time to question it now, because she's got more assholes on the way, but it gets tucked away for future examination nonetheless.

When Nicole flips that zombie-cannibal over her shoulder, Ric reaches out, grabbing it. It ignites at his touch, writhing as it burns, and burns. Ric tosses it aside, then he's back at Kilo's side, growling, "Keep fucking blasting! Let as many innocents get out. Then let's set this fucking place up." Not like there isn't fire all around them.

Towards the monkey, he shouts, "Get as many of the outside ones inside. Let's fucking toast 'em." Wait, is he talking to a giant monkey? Ok, he'll have to worry about that later. It looks to be on his side, at least. then he catches sight of one of the things moving up behind Kilo. He sends out another blast, lighting it on fire. Now it's just a little bait and switch - get the innocents out, get the cannibals in - and then whoosh! Simple, right?

The zannifect flies through the air towards Rictus- a little confused as to how it got there. The punk concentrating on the danger in the air, burning it to a crisp which means he misses the zannifect at his feet. The waitress, an old lady in her sixties, bites into his leg. She shakes her head a little and then pulls away, expecting a mouthful of Rictus drumstick. Instead, she has left her false teeth embedded in his footwear and now the gummy zannifect struggles to bite anything. Rictus may not have even noticed.

Dust fills the air as others explode into ash or burn to a crisp. Plenty of people coughing at the corpses filling their lungs. The uninfected are charging for the door again. Some of them swinging chairs at the windows, smashing them to clamber out.

Outside, one of the zannifects is ablaze...and running for the propane tanks at the side of the building.

Ash, fire, chaos and combat... better times than Akio could have asked for. Hearing the plan to keep the zombies that are inside on the interior while forcing the ones on the outside in, he moves to help. Breaking from the combat with ash staining his golden fur the dire monkey dives out the nearest window to throw, kick and force any zombie in reach back into the building in any way possible.

"Damn it! They're EVERYWHERE RICTUS!" Kilo is starting to come a little unglued. It's like a video game that is starting to speed up as she is getting better, except she doesn't feel as if she is getting better. And now something is chomping on Rictus and she doesn't know where Nicole is, and that nice young ape man seems to be missing too. "Fuck me!" She cries and fries another one that takes a flying leap at her.

Spying the running man - er, zannifect - on fire and heading for a big boom, Nicole sprints off after the bastard. Pushing herself to the limits, even as ghostly white plasm begins to fill in the chunk of shoulder that got ripped away, she dive-tackles the cannibal, ignoring the fire in favour of making sure he doesn't get close enough to the tanks to set them off. Besides, dropping and rolling is the best way of dealing with this, right? But -man- is this going to hurt.

She struggles with the zombie-like creature, trying to get on top so she can punch his face in, but the fire and his unexpected strength makes it really fucking hard to do.

Nicole knocks the zannifect to the ground and starts pummeling into the flaming body. Her fist cracking and breaking the creature's bones even as its flesh starts to peel from the heat.

A stream of people rush out of the diner and into the world to escape the horrors inside. They look to be mostly uninfected but who can tell? Some of them tumble into cars or trucks, or leap onto motorbikes, before heading off into the night.

Inside, Kilo is building up a lovely wall of ash around her thanks to her reign of destruction. Akio's claws drips with pulsating green blood...that can't be good. About half a dozen of the creatures remain inside and they're heading for the kitchens!

Things are certainly getting heated up. Quite literally. He looks over at Kilo, and manages a grin, despite the heaps of burning bodies piling up, "What do you think? Romantic?" More seriously, the strain starting to take its told on him as well, he growls, "Just a little more. Let's move towards the door. Once we're there, blast the fucking place and get out. Shit, it's already burning pretty good."

And he starts maneuvering with Kilo towards the door, between blasts of plasm-fueled fire.

Running the perimeter of the exterior, Akio hunts down any of the straggler zombies with his already bloody claw like nails. Making his circuit around the building he makes his way back to where Nicole finishes off the monster under her. Coming to a stop he keeps his amber eyes peeled for more of the things while offering his help should Nicole need it. "You got that? You want me to crush its head?" Laughing, the monkey shakes its head and then points back to the building, "Your friends have that covered right?"

Punch. Punch. Punch. Nicole has a pretty mean right hook, and she's not at all shy about introducing this zannifect to it. By the time she's done he's hopefully in too much of a mess to be able to bite, and so she yanks herself off before her clothing and skin has had time to do much more than smolder. Painful, but she'll live.

She turns to see the stream of (hopefully) humanity get itself the hell out of dodge, and then moves to try and herd the remaining external assholes into the diner as she hears the plan from inside, luring them close with her tasty, tasty flesh and then bodily shoving, kicking or even throwing them in if needs be. "Try to get these guys inside, King Kong," she calls to the ape, leading by example.

"Romantic as FUCK Ric!" Kilo snickers inappropriately as she backs further and further out of the building that is about to go up in massive flames. Or so they hope. "Hey -- there were two containers of gasoline in the mustang we drove up here -- I don't think the fuel gage works right and they were helping us with fuel." She grins. She has no idea if that's why, but she saw two cans in there and runs for them, hands one to rictus and starts dousing the building. And then she starts just... setting it on fire. Everywhere. With her mind. Firestarter... As she's sure Rictus is about to do himself.... That thing is going to take off like a match in dry tinder...

Fires start burning all over the diner as Kilo Goes Wild (Volume 6 - Tired Tits Tornado). People start screaming as the last of them exit the diner via any way possible. Those zannifects that fled to the kitchen? Unknown...but the kitchen is starting to explode now. All those gas tanks and filthy oil everywhere. The gasoline being spread around is certainly happening. As is the highly flammable materials the diner is made of. This place is about to blow!!! And we're not talking the quality of the food and service this time.

Rictus beams at Kilo as she compliments his evening entertainment (never mind that he didn't really /plan/ it). Well, that and all the people who died. Still, there's fire! He nods as Kilo runs for the gas cans and he turns, spotting the Propane tank. He pauses, scooping up a metal ash tray outside the bar, the kind with a weighted bottom. He shouts out, "Clear the fucking building!!!"

He waits for the last stragglers to get out of dodge, and for both Kilo and Nicole to get back from the building proper. Then he swings the ash tray, clipping off the fill gauge, causing propane to start pouring out towards the building. He lets out a whoop, and then he's running fast as he can back towards Kilo and Nicole, who are hopefully far enough away. And then towards the Mustang. Cops /might/ be called at this point. It was a lot to have to explain. The ape gets a wave, too. He was on their side, right?

Oh, she's about to blow? That is Nicole's cue to get the fuck out of the way. She has her motorcycle outside, and would rather her baby not get blown up either, so she mounts the bike and kicks it off the stand, keys in the ignition and revving hard. Pulling away, she makes a detour near the ape so he can hop on if he needs to - he did seem to be friendly, and she's still super-curious about why he said /she/ knew him. And then, regardless of whether she has a passenger or not, she's off into the night! ZOOM!

"Yes! The nice ape person knows Nicole! Grab him! Grab him!" Kilo cries out, terrified he won't realise what is happening until it's too late. And then she sees Nicole grab him and ride off with him on her bike. "That's it - we're clear Ric! DRIVE!" And she jumps in the car, ready for Rictus to drive them as far the hell away from this place as they can possibly get on the gas they have left!

Coming to stand with the group of Sin-Eaters, Akio shifts back into his human form with a soft grunt as bone, fur, muscle and sinew shift, crack and change. Standing once more as a tall, lean muscled tattooed Asian man with amber eyes that match those of the ape (1 pt Tell Flaw). His clothing is a bit stretched out from the larger form he had, and his shoes and socks are ruined, not to mention all the blood and goop covering his hands to elbow, splattering his face and clothes. A bloody wave is offered to the trio and he smiles to Nicole as she pulls up beside him. "Hey hey... I hope I'm not that easy to forget..." Trailing off he gives a laugh before getting on the bike with a nod of thanks to escape the fire and explosions soon to come.

BOOM!!!!!! The diner explodes. Balls of flame rolling up into the sky to illuminate the world around them. BOOM!!!!! The air is sucked into the flames as they rise higher and higher. Some sparks settling on the trees nearby though it is too cold for them to catch alight. The sound of falling debris begins. Metal and wood clattering onto the road and ground. Anyone who could get away is long gone. The neon sign flies high into the air - yep, the place has gone 'tits up'.

Rictus doesn't have to be told twice. When Kilo's shouting at him to drive, he's putting the pedal to the metal, tires screeching as he pulls away from the diner, engine rumbling as it picks up speed, zooming after the motorcycle. Boom boom! Ric can't help it - despite the danger, and the unfortunates who didn't make it, he lets out a whoop.

"Ain't no fucking cannibal zombies gonna keep /us/ down! Let's go break open that whiskey!" And hopefully get out of dodge before the cops bound to be speeding the other direction recognize one of them.

With her hand on the throttle, Nicole - and by extension Akio who is riding bitch behind her - zoom off into the night, in the opposite direction to the mustang. She's gonna take a wide circle on this one.