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Camp Blood

Dramatis Personae

Carla, Leigh, Mira ST:Darwin

30 July, 2016

Camp Sunshine has reopened for business and the first bus of kids arrive. Very unusual kids.


Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is reopening for the summer of 2016 - yay! Though not everyone is enthusiastic. There have been complaints in the newspapers from people who remember the horrors that occurred not too long ago - 2008 to be exact. The massacre of kids and staff by person or persons unknown. The new camp isn't /exactly/ on the same site but you can see it across the small lake from where Camp Sunshine now stands.

The eight cabins have been built and cleaned up, ready for the coming influx. There is also a large mess hall and a small admin building where the staff stay. At the moment, the chief camp counselor - Brigham Fitzroy - is strolling the recently mown lawns and carefully inspecting to make sure that the grass is no more than one inch tall. A group of volunteers await his judgement and stirring speech. They include Carla...camp nurse...and Leigh...camp security...Mira...camp librarian...and another six college age persons - three male, three female. All are clad in yellow t-shirts (with Camp Sunshine written on them) and shorts of various sizes.

Completing his inspection of the lawn with a indignant sniff he makes his way over to the volunteers and peers at them from under his pith hat. "Good morning" he bellows. "And welcome to Camp Sunshine. Today we have our first new arrivals. A specialty group who have booked the camp for a week. A small group but an important group. We need to show them a good...though ordered...time so that more and more will want to come here and learn skills that will put them in good stead for their lives to come." A huge grin follows. "Is everyone ready?"

Carla gives a friendly wave to everybody. "Hello! Welcome to Camp Sunshine! I'm Carla. The camp medic. You can call me Nurse Carla if you want. I mean I may be a doctor and all now but I'm no stick in the mud about it." Carla says with a sunny smile. She seems to adore the spirit of this place. Yes some bad things happened but from here on out positivity! Carla has donned a red summer dress with a little white jacket over it. Her hair is tied back. She wears a nametag with her name on it. Her makeup is carefully done. She's put some blonde highlights in her hair. She's an attractive Latina woman with sweet perfume and an almost surgically neat appearance. She's got a bag of medical supplies with her. She looks at the others expectantly.

Mira joined in as part of a program with the Library that's named something like 'Summer Reading Initiative: Let's Read!'. Not really the best title in the world. In any case, here she is, to hand out books to the kids and extol the virtues of the written word to any kids nerdy enough to not want to be out playing in the summer sun. She recognizes Carla, having met her before, and gives her a shy little smile while she waits with the rest of the group. She's wearing the typical camp uniform of shirt and shorts, having tried to find some baggy enough to hide her curves, and her hair is done up in a messy bun, but she smiles. "Ready, sir!", she calls, then smiles brighter at Carla when the 'nurse' makes her greetings.

Leigh will probably be the one voted "Least Likely to Be Camp Sunshine Material!" Sure she's put on her sunny yellow Camp Sunshine shirt and cargo shorts, but she's standing around a bit surly, half glaring at everyone that smiles much too big this early in the day. She has a cup of Starbucks and is trying to caffeinate herself into something human. Just needed a summer job for the extra money. She grumbles a bit when asked if ready but nods her head in the affirmative. "Those kids better not get me sick. Kids are just little germ factories really." She mutters quietly under her breath.

"Excellent!" grins Brigham as he claps his big hands loudly and then peers at Carla. "That's not Camp Sunshine uniform, young lady" he frowns, "Make sure you change before the children arrive. We don't want them to forget who is in charge!" A quirk of a brow at Leigh's surliness. "A bit more of a smile, Leigh. You may be security but we don't want to frighten the children. Now..." He takes out a pocket watch. "The bus will be here in about ten minutes and I expect you all to be back there then to greet them. In the meantime...one last check to make sure everything's in order." He turns to one of the male volunteers. "Billy...have you made sure the paddle boats are tied firm?" The others disperse and the trio are soon alone.

Carla frowns. "Well that's a shame I'm afraid I didn't get that memo. But they won't forget who's in charge here. And don't call me young lady." She remarks with that last part sharply. She grudgingly goes away to change into that Camp Sunshine uniform but she keeps her nametag and puts a little 'Nurse' in front of her name.

Mira relaxes a little once Brigham is gone, and she bites her lower lip, looking around. "He's.. pretty intense, huh?", she murmurs to no one in particular, watching as Carla heads off to change, then glances over to Leigh. She offers her a wan little smile. "You, ah, look like you're having a blast already?"

"Yes Mr. Fitzroy." Leigh might be surly, but she -does- need the job. So she steps in line and gives him a winning smile, which is not hard for Leigh to do when she puts her mind to it. Then she turns and gives the other girls a wave and grins at Mira. "Yeah, this is totally a blast." she smirks and rolls her eyes. "I'm Leigh by the way. Nice to meet you. And you!" She includes Carla too. "This is my first time doing anything like this... have you all been here before?"

Carla comes back. She shakes her head at Leigh's question. "Oh...I wish I volunteered for things like this more. I did go to Summer Camp a lot as a kid but I'm not really from here. I'm from Boston originally." She looks down at her uniform and frowns. "Wish I could have a say in the design of this...I'm not used to uniforms."

"Mira. It's nice to meet you, Leigh.", Mira replies, looking up as Carla returns. "Oh, I went to camp once or twice when I was a kid. They were, uhm.. Bible camps, though. So, not exactly like this.", she says, with a bit of a nose wrinkle. She blinks at Carla, then looks down at the uniforms. "What's wrong with them?", she asks, innocently- well, the little librarian is not known for her fashion sense, with her usual frumpy clothes.

Leigh just shrugs. "Seems like I'm always in a uniform somewhere. I didn't go to camp but I've seen plenty of movies about it. Good and bad ones. And then of course I heard about what happened up here a couple years ago..." She bites her lip. "But, you know... that's all, in the past. I'm just gonna search back packs for weed and contraband candy, and this should go smooth as silk." She beams.

Carla sighs and turns to Mira. "Oh....nothing Mira. If you like it, I'm sure it's fine for me." She flashes her a little smile. "Huh bible camp? I suppose that makes sense. Mine were just regular traditional Summer camps." Carla adjusts her nametag. "Hm I'm used to wearing things with a bit more...flash to them I suppose. But I guess this is a part of the whole experience. So whatever works. I'm sure it'll be fun."

Mira smiles back up at Carla. "Well, I mean, you'd make a burlap sack look amazing, let's face it.", she says, then can't hold back a small giggle at Leigh's words. "... let me know if you find any weed?", she says, half-jokingly, then shrugs. "Well, hopefully the camp will go without a hitch. I brought plenty of books for any kids that prefer to read. And *none* of them are bibles."

Leigh grins at Mira, happy to have made her smile. These kids are too small to have weed, right? They better be! "The books will be cool. I'm sure there will be those that want to kick back and read too. And yeah. It will go off without a hitch. I'm sure." She smiles again. Famous last words.

There is the honk of a horn and a white bus can be seen trundling up the dirt path that passes as a road to the camp. "Here they come!" calls out Bingham as she rushes over to the parking area where the trio are already standing. "Everyone stand straight. Smile. Look happy to see them...because you are." The bus looks to seat about thirty but it is less than half full. It grinds to halt in front of them before the door opens with a wheeze and a woman steps out. She is late thirties, blonde, and dressed in Versace. The woman lowers her sunglasses to peer over them before placing them back over her eyes. "Mister Fitzroy" she half asks, half confirms, before turning back to the bus and clapping her hands. "Come along children."

Carla flashes a big friendly smile in the direction of the bus. "Of course we are." Carla says without much of a hint of irony. She didn't mind children so much as long as they behaved themselves. She keeps an eye on the woman who just came out of the bus. Her eyes follow her around a bit as she steps out and seems to be more or less ready to bring out the children.

Mira jumps a little as the bus arrives, quickly smoothing out her uniform and making sure she looks presentable before she turns to offer a warm smile at the vehicle, and its contents. She's... ok with kids. For the most part.

Leigh does stand up straight and smiles when the kids arrive. But as promised, the girl does indeed search bags and backpacks. Leigh doesn't care about candy and weed though, to be honest. She's looking for weapons. Does this little Asian girl really think these pre-teens are going to be bringing weapons up to a summer camp? Who the hell knows! But they sure aren't on her watch. So she carefully goes through everyone's stuff, no matter how much they whine and removes anything that could be used to harm other people.

And here come the little angels. Mostly clad in black they wear sweatshirts proclaiming 'Dalton Brook Orphanage' and each has a backpack that they keep shifting into comfortable positions. They all look to be about ten years old and with a coldness in their sunken eyes. Not a smile among them.

"Welcome!" beams Bingham. "You'll all be in Cabin one and two so why don't you go with..." He glances around and selects Clara, Mira and Leigh, "...these three counselors and they can help you settle in while I chat with Ms Barker." A situation that Ms Barker does not seem very excited about. The children fall into two lines of four and await instruction...which means that Leigh starts going through their bags. They all stare at her as she does so but there is nothing in those packs other than notebooks and pens.

Carla keeps the happy face on despite the children looking sad. She looks over them, blinking just a little. "Ah well let me know if there's anything I can help with Ms. Barker." Carla says in a singsong voice. "Don't try to scare those children too much." Carla says to the security guard. "After all you should mostly be here for THEIR safety." She smirks.

Mira looks surprised as she's picked along with Carla and Leigh, squeaking a little, then turns to the kids, offering them a friendly smile. "Ahh.. hey, kids! Hi! Welcome to Camp Sunshine! Are we all ready to go see our cabins? Yes?", she asks, awkwardly waiting for an answer.

"OK! Cute kids!" Leigh grins back at Mira and Carla. Perhaps she was a bit overzealous for her first day at work. Ooooops! Hey - better safe than sorry, right? Because you know, right about the time one of those little darlings goes all Chucky and shivs someone, oh sure, then everyone will be all, How come LEIGH didn't search the backpacks! Grumbling a little to herself she helps lead the kids over to Cabins One and Two with the other girls.

The girls, three of them, go into Cabin One and the five boys go to Cabin Two. The cabins are built to take a dozen so they still look empty even with the sad looking kids sitting on the edges of the beds. They don't say a word throughout - Leigh must be frightening!

Once they are settled in, the boys get take off to do some archery with a couple of the male counselors while the girls are left in the hands of Mira...who could probably use some help. The bus has driven away with Ms Barker.

The girls sit in a semi-circle around Mira as they await their activity with sullen faces and beady eyes.

Carla purses her lips looking concerned for the children for a moment but she turns back to smiling. She keeps an eye on one of the children. Something was seeming amiss so she stays close to Mira with her medical kit in hand. He bites her lip. She eyes the children as if she may think there could be something wrong with some of them. She writes some notes on a notepad.

Mira bites her lip as well, though more out of nervousness as she's got three sullen little girls looking at her. "Sooo. Hiii. My name's Mira, and I'm the camp librarian! Who here likes to read? Raise your hand?", she offers, lamely. Poor Mira.

It could be that Leigh is a little scary. She has never really related well to kids. So she hangs back a bit and tries not to scare them further, smiling when she can and genuinely doing her best.

No hands rise. Just the staring eyes that wander from woman to woman without any glimmer of emotion. "So how are these lovely girls!" yells Bingham as he wanders in. "Don't they look lovely? Everyone happy? Good to see. Dinner will be in thirty minutes so maybe a short story, Mira. Toodles!" A wave and he is out of there. The children continue to stare...and stare...before rising as one. "Eat" they say in unison.

"Mira I'm not exactly sure about this but I think they are being controlled by...something...somehow." Carla whispers. "But what? What could it be? Calmness, dead expression." Carla bites her lips as she looks over the notes she jotted down. "Where did Bingham go?" Carla looks around. Her hand is resting on her medicine bag.

Mira looks a little.. unnerved by the girls rising at once, acting that way.. and Carla's whisper gets her a quiet nod. "I... think you're right.", she murmurs, and looks to Leigh if she's nearby. "Can you.. check on the boys? Are they like this too?", she murmurs, then glances back to Carla before looking over at the girls. "Riiight. Dinnertime! Come... come along, girls, alright?", she says, stepping backwards to lead them out of the cabin... and not turning her back on them.

Leigh narrows her eyes at the girls. There is something just... not quite right about all this, Mira and Carla are absolutely right. Suspiciously, she shakes her head slowly as she watches the girls file out and head over to the mess tent, or whatever it is you call the eating place in these camp situations. "They don't seem -right- at all." She agrees with other girls as quietly as she can. "I'll go and see if I can see what the boys are up to." Leigh quickly heads out to see if she can catch the boys, maybe on their way to the mess hall thingy and observes them as well, carefully taking note to see if they share any of the characteristics the girls are displaying.

The girls slowly walk over to the mess hall in perfect step. They slip inside and sit down at a table for eight. There is a volunteer cook who is stirring a large pot of what is supposed to be soup, just remembering to remove the cigarette from his lips before ash falls into it. They sit, straight backed, and wait in silence.

Leigh makes her way over to the archery range as the sun starts to set. The golden beams of light silhouetting the targets. There is no sign of the boys but the targets are riddled with arrows; and something else is on those targets. The two counselors...bound and gagged and looking like pin cushions. Their clothes bloodied. Their bodies limp and definitely dead.

Carla frowns as she looks in the mess hall. She leans towards the cook. "Where did you learn to cook? Ah it doesn't matter." There's bigger things to be concerned about after all. She eyes the girls who are just sitting there in the mess hall. "So, what do we know about this place and this orphanage really?" She asks quietly to Mira.

Mira shrugs lightly at Carla, never taking her eyes off of the girls, worried. "I... nothing much at all, actually.", she admits. "I'm sure there must be some paperwork in the main office, though."

Leigh RUNS back from the archery range and then isn't sure where to go first or actually, who the hell to trust with this information. So she goes to the girls first. "Carla! Mira!" She tilts her head a couple times trying to get their attention without being too obvious and pulls them outside, away from the boys and girls eating inside -- where they might -hear- her talking. "We have a 'big' problem. Those kids are deranged! There are two dead counselors - bound and gagged and full of arrows on the archery range and those kids tied them up and shot them. I think. I'm pretty sure. Right? I don't know... I think!" Now she's not sure. She didn't see them do it, so... can she really honestly pin it on them. "Whatever or whoever did it? We've got a major problem."

The boys haven't arrived at the mess hall yet but here they come. Walking from a different direction than the archery range. They have the same flat expressions as the girls and they march quietly into the mess hall without even glancing at the women talking outside. No blood on their faces or clothes. And here comes Bingham. "Ladies" he nods to the trio, "What are you doing out here? It's almost sing-along time. Don't want to miss that, do we?"

Carla eyes Bingham suspiciously but gives him a big smile anyway. She looks back at Leigh. "Are you...sure?" She looks back at Mira and then over at Bingham and looks over at him, blinking a couple of times. "We were just watching over the girls for dinner...I was concerned. Some of them seem just a little bit unwell..."

"... holy shitballs.", Mira squeaks out, as Leigh relays the info. "Okay- I think we need to get into the main office and see what's there- maybe we can find out mor..", she begins to say, but then Bingham comes back with the boys, and she hushes up. "Ooh. Sing-along.", she says, trying to muster up enthusiasm she definitely doesn't feel. And then she's nodding her quick agreement with Carla.

Leigh saw what she saw. It was hideous. "I don't want to be here anymore." She says quite honestly when Bingham moves on. "If they did that to two of the boy counselors, can you imagine what they might do to us? No. We need to get help. Call the cops or something. Those little kids are -monsters-!" She does not want to go in and sing with them either. HOly cow!

"We need to figure out what is controlling this whole thing. Something is. Something is pulling the strings. I wonder...perhaps a medical examination is in order? No that might now work." Carla looks over to Mira. "You wanted to check in the office? Maybe if we're quick we can access the documents before anything else happens."

"Unwell? That won't do. That won't do at all" Bingham frowns. "Can't have that. Is it the food? It's always the food." A sigh as she storms into the mess hall after the boys, leaving the three of them out there for now. The sun has almost set now and a couple of lights have been strung over trees to light up the paths and cabins...though they don't light them very well. A chill wind blows in from the lake.

Inside the mess hall, seen through the large windows, the children all sit at one table and mechanically eat their soup as Bingham sings alone. Then, one by one, the children turn their heads to stare at the three women outside.

Mira bites her lip at Leigh's words. "You're right- but what if they hurt anyone else? Look, we need to find out what's going on here. They're... just kids. Surely something's being done to them, they need us! Right?", she says, and turns to look at Carla. "Yeah, if I can get into the office I'm sure I.. can.. find... oh my god.", she says, trailing off at the end as she spots the children- all of them -staring at them. "... uhm. Guys? I think this is the part where we run."

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Carla runs to the office as fast as she can. Thankfully she can move very fast indeed. Faster than one would expect from her anyway. "Come on let's get over to the office and maybe you can figure something out. Christ I just hope we can prevent something much worse from happening."

"Ohhhh." Leigh looks up and is staring back at all those beady little eyes. Yup. She's in. The Asian girl runs fast too! She follows behind the others and slams the door shut, locking it behind them. She's seen the horror flicks. This isn't going to keep those damn kids out. But at least it will buy them a little time, right? "What should we do? Call the cops? Should we tell Bringham? Does he have a radio or something?"

Mira... is not a fast runner. She's a plump short little librarian girl that's built for eating chocolate, reading books while curled up on the couch, and cuddling. She falls behind, huffing and panting until she reaches the office. "I... shoulda taken... everyone up... on their offers... to go to the gym... fuuuuck.", she says. Little librarian has a bit of a potty mouth on her sometimes, it seems. "I... there's... there's gotta be.. paperwork. Always.. always some paperwork..", she mumbles, staggering off to try and find something, anything, that might be a clue to what's going on.

No one can hide things from a librarian. They know every trick in the...book. And that the papers were sitting on the desk certainly helps too. No details on the orphanage itself other than an address and phone number. The children's names are listed too.

Mira finds the papers quickly, but then frowns. "Dammit. Why is it never like in the movies where the bad guy leaves a copy of their evil master plan with all the details just laying around? There's.. almost nothing. Just this. The kids' names and the orphanage's address and number.", she says, and frowns. "I can try to find out more if I can get online- uhm- do we have time? Are they out there?", she asks, looking back at the other two worriedly.

Carla shakes her head. "I can't guarantee that. But if anything this serves to maybe show that the orphanage perhaps has something to do with this whole thing. If that counts for anything. Just worry about your part and work as fast as you can."

Leigh shakes her head. "OK OK. Wait. They're -just- little kids. Right? Let's isolate one or two of them, because, safer, and talk to them. Ask them what is going on and why they are acting like that? I mean, it can't hurt, right? Maybe it will help us figure out who we need to go after to pull this thing down on its face?"

Mira shakes her head at Carla. "I can't, this place is stone-age. No computers, the phone's rotary. *Rotary*! Like cavemen used!", she says, a little panicky, then tries to calm herself down, nodding at Leigh. "Ok. Ok, that's... that's an idea. We can.. Can we do that?"

Carla sighs. "Oh well I guess it's better than nothing. Sure we can get one of the kids. Maybe try to pull them apart. See what's going on. See if you can't get one of the girls from the mess hall or something. And maybe we can also see if Bringham is either dead or in on it something."

Mira bites her lip nervously, nodding at Carla's suggestion. "Ok.. uhm.. how.. are we doing that, then? I'm a librarian. I'm not really built for, you know, sneaking and kidnapping. If I had my books- my real books, or even a good internet connection, I could try and research this and see if it fits any of the things I know, but- I'm at a loss, here.", she admits.

"Well alright I'm not the best at this either but given the situation and the loss I find us at how about we just nab one of the girls and if it's that guy who seems to be running the show, well I guess I'll have to do things the hard way. I suppose it just depends on who we run into first since we can't find jack about the library." Carla pats her medicine back. "Alright since we're done with this place, just leave it to me I suppose." Carla heads out in search of Bingham or one of the girls.

Leigh decides to slip out of the office to stand watch; who knows what those kids are getting up to in the mess hall.

And then there is the ringing of a bell. The assembly bell. It rings through the dark night as the duo head back towards the mess hall where all the children, and Bingham, were last seen. The assembly area is on the way and there is the bell, hanging from the frame. And hanging from the bell, the rope tied tight around her throat, is one of the female counselors swinging slowly from side to side.

"Oh shit!" Carla exclaims. She runs over to one of the female counselors. "Help me hoist her up!" Carla starts trying to sever the rope with one of the scalpels as she makes sure the poor counselor lady isn't dead.

Mira nods quickly at Carla, giving her an apologetic smile. "Thanks. I'll follow your lead, just tell me what you need me to do!", she says, and then rushes after her, nervous, but determined. And then... that bell, and the woman hanged, and she gasps. "Oh, god." She scoots in to try and take some of the hanged woman's weight while Carla cuts her down.

The young woman is barely clinging to life but she still breathes as she falls into their arms. The courtyard is empty but somewhere in the darkness that surrounds it can be heard the sound of children laughing.

"She's alive! Quickly we must get her somewhere safe. Maybe she can shed light on his whole mess." Carla says as she tries to bring the woman back around with her medical kit. She performs some quick CPR and gets out the smelling salts. Whatever works right? Can hardly second guess yourself in the field after all. "Are...you...okay?" Carla asks. "What do you know of the Orphanage?"

Mira shudders at the sound of the children laughing somewhere off in the dark. ".. I... am never having kids.", she mutters, then helps Carla as best she can. She stays quiet, though, just supporting the nearly-strangled woman in her arms, letting the doctor take care of the rest.

The woman sputters as the smell hits her senses and she blearily opens her eyes. The rope has left a thick red mark around the throat. It may have even cracked her windpipe as she answers in a raspy, harsh voice that is not her usual one. "Orphanage?" A shake of her head. "The only thing I know is..." And that's when an arrow slams through the side of her skull and into her brain. Her eyes roll back into her head and she goes limp in their arms.

"Crap! Must be the boys who shot that other counselor. Guess we need to get out of here. Let's try and go through the window. Move fast. Try and stay behind me if you can." Carla takes in a deep breath as a layer of ectoplasm comes over her face and the wind speed around her seems to pick up. She heads to the nearest open window.

Mira lets out a little shriek as the arrow goes through the woman's head. That was inches from her! "Fuck!!", she cries, but manages to not go into useless shock, either. She's seen monsters, after all. She can handle this. Maybe. She nods nervously at Carla, and takes a position behind her, doing her best to keep up and stay out of any line of fire.

The pair run for one of the cabins, the door wide open...the windows are not the opening kind. Behind them arrows thud into the ground. Almost as if they are intentionally missing. Once inside they can slam the door behind them and then hear an arrow hit the wood. The cabin is empty...save for the male counselor that is tied to one of the beds and disemboweled.

"Well shit now what. He appears to be dead." Carla says gently touching the disemboweled man. "Do you remember what happened last time to this place? I'd say it appears an entity has taken their minds but I don't know what to do about it." Carla says with a frown. "Of course they seemed to be controlled right off the bus."

"... oh, fuck.. I.. I don't know. By now I'm kinda partial to just burning the place down and salting the earth afterwards.", Mira admits, gulping. "I mean.. it's the kids doing this, right? Has to be- you didn't see who was shooting at us-", she says, then blinks. "They kept... missing. Did you notice that? I mean.. they hit that poor woman in the head *perfectly*, just as she was about to tell us something. But then every shot missed *us*. It's like.. they were herding us in here?"

There is the sound of children laughing again. Soft. Musical. And all around the cabin. The glass in the windows dark and dusty. They'll have to get right up against it to see outside.

"Ugh you know I think that might be an idea now. I'm getting a squad out here. Then I'm cleaning up and burning this place down and salting it because I have had it with this place." Carla draws her (rather large) purse gun and starts leaning up against the glass to see what's going on. She tosses Mira the cell phone. "How about calling the police and just telling them there's a shooter at Camp Sunshine if we're all out of ideas then. That might get things started."

Mira grabs the phone as it's tossed, and nods. "Hopefully we hold out until they get here.", she agrees, and checks to see that the phone has signal before trying a 911 call.

Outside is darkness. An inky blackness that gets darker and darker as the hanging lights are smashed one by one by thrown rocks. There is barely any moon but they can see dark shapes running quickly out there. More giggling. There is barely a signal to be had but maybe...maybe...Mira can get through.

Carla starts to try and bust down the window with her purse gun. "Can't wait to burn this awful place down and salt the earth. Maybe see those responsible drowned in formaldehyde too while I'm at it but first things first." Carla says as she quietly tries to get through the window. "If we can just make it to my car we can get out of here."

Mira dials the emergency number, hoping against hope the call goes through. "Hello? Hello? We have an emergency out at the campgrounds!", she whispers into the phone, giving the address. "Several people are badly hurt and dead- at least three dead that I know. There's children! Please, please send help! I'll stay on the line as long as I can! There's... they're armed with bows and arrows!"

The line is quiet as Mira speaks so desperately into the phone. And then a calming voice. Slow and measured. "We shall send help" it says...such a young voice. "Go to the mess hall. We will meet you there." And is that a little giggle in the background?

Carla manages to smash open the glass and slip out the window; shards tearing at her uniform. No arrows greet them. Just silence and a chill wind that blows up from the lake.

Mira blinks at the phone. "... oooo... k... Merit badge in creepy.", she says, and hangs up, then looks to Carla. "No luck. They.. I don't even know how they did that. They intercepted the call. They.. uhm.. they said to meet them in the mess hall. So. We should probably go anywhere but the mess hall.", she says, as she crawls out awkwardly after Carla.

"Bows and arrows?! Don't tell them that! Say it's an assault rifle or something!" Carla snaps. "Saying that makes this sound like a prank. Just tell them people are dead. Oh whatever, I'm getting out of this place there's nothing to be done here anymore. Leave it to the authorities or something." Carla sighs deeply as she helps Mira through the window. She blinks her eyes to see any hint of an aura then grabs Mira by the arm and makes a break for her car.

Mira lets Carla drag her along easily enough, trying to make herself small and less of a target as they try and make a break for the other woman's car. "Sorry! Sorry, I don't usually.. the kids intercepted the call anyway, how did they *do* that?!", she mutters, and gulps, but follows.

The two break out into a sprint...which is being generous. They huff and puff as they run for Carla's car. They don't hear anyone else at least. And then there's the car! It looks to be intact. All the tires are fine. They could do this!

"Alright get in. Let's just get the hell out of here. I got a safe house, from there we can contact authorities and barring that, a clean-up crew." Carla opens the door of her black sporty car and hops in." She places the medicine bag near her and keeps a hand on her purse gun just in case!

Mira does as asked, climbing into the passenger seat and sinking down to stay mostly out of sight, glancing nervously out the windows.

The car starts up. The lights flick on. And there is a row of children in front of the car, staring blankly. One of them has a severed head in their hands...Bingham's. Then suddenly they disperse into the night in all directions.

Carla spares no time in slamming on the accelerator and getting out of there. She starts to head to her safehouse. "Yeah that was fucked up but at least now we know that guy wasn't behind it." Carla huffs and brushes the hair from her face. "Kind of wanted to believe it was but that might have been because he seemed snooty."

Mira gives a very girly little scream at the sight of the kids with the severed head. Because she is a very girly sort of girl. And then they're speeding off, and she twists to look behind them. "... y-yeah.. I... maybe.. maybe that lady that brought them? We... We have to look into that orphanage.."