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Calm Before The Storm: Stealth Mission

"Too easy."

Dramatis Personae

Jenny, Kaleo, Nate, Raymond and ST


A group of Changing Breeds get to go on a stealth mission. Information is acquired. Calm Before The Storm plot.


Deep Woods of Hanging Hills

It's a cool forty nine degrees this evening. It would be colder if they were down by the Marina or the open ocean, but thankfully they aren't. Archie had given the group of Changing Breeds the area of which one of the smaller facilities is located deep out in Hanging Hills. One that's not listed to the public.

The mission, if they chose to go, was to gather evidence of the facility and maybe a few ideas of entrances and exits. It was information that they were going to need for their strike team. A few of the strike team could make holes in walls, so doors are an option really.

Jeans, boots and a tshirt, along with a shoulder pack filled with things Jenny might need later (especially if she has to try to talk people out of things and make it seem official and possibly risk her job doing so) over one shoulder, she's taken a spot near where everyone's congregating. Brown eyes start to skim the area, the nose twitches and, thankfully, she's not sneezing any mor. Although, she does sniffle again - once in awhile.

Nate listens to what is said and frowns a bit. "So.. we have a place to check, one not on the books. Makes sense if it is off the books, we wouldn't have permits to review." He is in darker clothing as one might expect of a outdoors type, and of course boots. "Should we risk even anything official, Jenny?"

Raymond shows up, looking much as he normally does. He has only jsut met most of the other Feral's, including Archie, so he is staying quiet at the moment, just listening.

Kaleo has his dreads tied back in a bushy ponytail at the nape of his neck, and is dressed in a sweatsuit and sneakers. The Octopus is rather out of his element here, unless there happens to be a stream leading past, but camouflage is one of his specialities. He however, towers over many of the gathered, so holds up a hand and says "I don't think me getting close is the best option, but I can mindlink with someone who is and act as 'break in case of emergency' distraction. Being able to blanche myself bright white and sprint rather fast should draw attention away from whomever needs."

As the group travels through the woods they'd realize that this paths that Archie is sending them down have had little to no foot traffic in months. Maybe there was a back way for people to come? Either way, the group travels for a good twenty minutes before they come close to anything that resembles a perimeter. There's one metal post that shows a number: #4 is painted on it.

Jenny's feet get placed quietly as she moves along. And, she's always looking up into the trees and into the bushes. Suspicious critter, ain't she? At the moment when they arrive a metal post she stands, head tilted to one side, pondering. A look to the others, and a quizzical raise of her eyebrow.

Raymond isn't really doing much other than trying to follow the others, quietly, normally he would do this as an eagle, but under the circumstances, it's likely better to do it this way. At the post he frowns a little "Humm"

Moving as quietly as he is able to, Nate walks with the others. His eyes also sweeping, seeking what they may tell him. He pauses when seeing the pole giving a questioning look also. He then looks to what direction the 4 can be seen from and looks towards that direction, seeking to see if something perhaps strikes him as unusual from that direction.

As the group traverses the path, Kaleo's skin slowly shifts to match the appearance of the trees and foliage he passes. His long strides let him keep pace easily, even with needing to duck and weave to avoid the partly overgrown foliage.

The group doesn't see any cameras, nothing that keeps track of things. There's no overwhelming smells to pick up. Pretty much a clean area. As they move forward there isn't anything that gives them away, no one steps on a branch, no one coughs.

About another two hundred yards is when the can see a light. One from a building.

Jenny's feet slow to a halt when her eyes catch the flicker of something in the distance. A miniscule moving forward until it's more clearly revealed. Voice, close to being quieter than a whisper,"Well,' taking another look up, around and about, "Look what we have here. No apparent signs of security....maybe" She hunkers down to the ground, peering at the building while glancing at the others.

"Almost too easy." Nate says quietly. "Do we take forms to get closer.. or" He leaves that hanging a bit. "then again.. they could be depending on being hidden as the primary security for here.."

Raymond crouches down next to a tree, looking past the others, his brow furrowed a little, trying to stretch his senses out to detect anything.

Kaleo crouches down as they spot the light, motioning to the others to draw them nearer for careful words, "I can creep forward a bit further, but I think it may be the time for smaller forms to take the fore. I can link with one of you, but it's only good for a hundred feet. Beyond that, the voices are too faint to make out. Raymond, can you get a peek at the place from above? Treetop is probably fine for now, though the moon is weak enough it shouldn't illuminate you against the sky too badly."

Jenny glances over to Kaleo, nose wrinkling, setting her pack down near her feet. A half grin towards Nate and Raymond, "I think he means me. I can be a bit sneaky when I've a mind to be." Especially on the quest for hidden snackage but that's for another time and place. "I like his plan," nodding to Kaleo, "But I'm willing to hear other ideas." her voice is still soft and low.

Raymond considers his request "I can do that.. but it's a little unusual for an eagle to be out in the dusk.. But I should be able to see things well, from treetop level."

Nate nods, "May be wiser with you going forward Jenny, as Kaleo can touch your thoughts. This is a recon." He considers, "We should hold off on you, Raymond, they seek us out.. they have to have some Zoologists that understand what is normal for animal behavior."

Kaleo turns and gazes into Jenny's eyes for a moment, lightly knocking on her mind to establish the link. A quick speed of thought explanation follows if she permits, and he nods to Nate and Raymond. "Climbing the tree for a better view may be sufficient, but yes, they likely would notice an eagle as being out of place. A high flyby might be safe enough, but tip our hand. Good point, Nate."

Jenny nods her assent at Kaleo's actions, eyes widening a tad at hearing someone else speaking to her in an area where she's usually always been alone with her thoughts. "Least there's no lightning tonight. I won't go poofy." And, since going off into the bushes would be a BAD THING, she looks to the others and sort of sighs to herself. Great. A bunch of guys. She doesn't have that nifty clothes blend with you talent. But, she is small enough in her other form that in an emergency she could change and the clothes would be fairly ok. "Let me know when we're ready and I'll do secret squirrel."

Raymond nods and smiles a little "I CAN just climb the tree.." and he moves to just do that, climb it as any man would.

Nate reassures, "I have done it with another.. it is helpful and doesn't go that deep. I'll carry your bag if you'd like." He speaks quietly as he inquires.

Kaleo smiles at Jenny and thinks ~It is a bit strange at first. Whatever you do, don't think of bears in tutus.~ because he's a bit of a brat. As Raymond begins to ascend, Kal begins to shift, his clothing melding into his form as his skin smooths and his dreads seem to become tendrils on his skull. After a moment of careful transformation, he appears to be an asexual camouflaged ken doll, with muscles writhing strangely under his skin.

And, of course, since he said not to think of that, she does. Her brother, Stephen (aka Tank) in a tutu. Meanwhile, after handing off her pack to nate, and turning her back again, clothes quickly shucked, she changes, shrinking down to a form that if it stands on it's hind legs might reach most of these over tall men mid thigh, mayhaps a bit taller. And there, is the raccoon going down on four paws and looking about at everyone.

Nate gets the gear and thumbs up for Jenny, "Got your back."

There doesn't seem to be a patrol. Out this far it's not needed. There are a few cameras on the building and as Jenny gets closer they can be made out. One at each corner. She's a raccoon though so this is nothing strange for the people inside that might be watching monitors or other things. For the moment they are able to get the entrances to the front covered and to point out cameras. Then it's going to be to the back for Jenny. Kaleo might not get that far though.

Kaleo's strange I shaped pupils turn to focus on the cameras as Jenny thinks the intel to him. ~Building's too big for me to reach you on the other side, unless I take the long way to circle around. Be careful. There might be snares.~ he warns, his smooth alien body pressed against the ground and continually adjusting ever so slowly to better match his surroundings.

With a glance at the others before going forward, using bushes and trees and whatever is available for cover: she sniffs, she peers, assuming for now that Kal can see what she sees. The tiny little furball can't help the stray thought of food once in awhile, random thoughts even while concentrating on this most serious of things. At one point, when she's (from what she can judge) out of the sight of cameras, she glances back towards 'there' then turns back to start the trip to the rear of the building. "Got the front, heading to the back" she thinks in her head. "Seems to quiet, too easy." Kal may get a quick flashback in his head of Jenny and the desert and another man in uniform, Jenny foraging in raccoon form that's quickly shuttered and put back into an area that if it had a door would have a sign that said: Stay OUT! A surreptitious nod of her head even if no one can see it, "Ok," and begins to even more intently gauge the area as she matches thoughts to actions.

Raymond takes up an overwatch up in the tree, looking around slowly and quietly. Letting the smaller, quieter do their work.

Nate remains where he is at and watches the building for exterior activity. Just remaining quiet and observant of things

~Easy happens when they're not actively hunting us with tranqs that took out a Mako shifter.~ Kal thinks before Jenny slips out of range. Idly, he wishes it were damper, as his skin begins to dry where he's laying on the ground.

So far so good. No weapons are firing, no Imperial Stormtroopers are looking to be invading from the dark forest. Jenny is able to get a good look out of the front and the the Trashpanda can start moving for the back of the building. When she's there she'll notice that behind the building is a goodly amount of cleared area and something that looks like a helicopter pad. There's two entrances at the back. One that leads into a cellar and the other set of double doors that lead into the building.

Well, she lifts up on her mind legs for a moment: a glance towards the possible helipad, the two entrances and the directions in which they go. she fixes them in her mind as best she can so that she can immediately think them back to Kal if they get back in contact, or accurately describe them when back in human form. AL though, they're going to look so much different and bigger in mental form. Area's too clear to do an effective search any further. What self respecting raccoon would go jamming across a open area when there's no fodder about. She starts to head back even though she does glance a couple more times at the cellar area and the double doors.

Kaleo stays low to the ground, but begins slinking back toward the weretiger once Jenny resumes mental contact. ~Helipad explains the lack of foot traffic out here. I wonder if they flew in all the building materials, and how long it's been here.~ he ponders toward the semi-captive audience as they make their way to the others.

While not as stealthy perhaps as some, tonight, the grey and white mottled coloring of her fur, that bushy tail and the natural bandit's mask seem to have done their work. No alarms seem to be going off, As she heads back towards the others, she starts thinking what she saw even more intently - just in case. ~True, but they have those large double doors. If they're not driving something in, what are they flying in they'd need extra space for? A overflight during the day." A mental pause, "Hey. We have a guy who's bat and some others that might be able to get even closer!" Because tiny as she is, there are others...tinier. And she continues, arriving back at the others. Stupid building. If it were perhaps made of something different and some of the area weren't so clear and she weren't so paranoid, she'd try to Peter Parker it and climb up the side of the wall. But, there will be other times.

Raymond waits till everyone is back and he is sure no one is following , before he shimmy's back down the tree to join them. He is quiet, but attentive on the return trip.