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Calm Before The Storm: Regards From Pendragon


Dramatis Personae

Randy, Gale, Kaleo, Sheridan, Nate, Masika and Archie


The Changing Breeds get an unexpected letter from Alexander Pendragon. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


G01 The Butoka

It's been some time since there's been a meeting headed up by Archie at the Butoka, but one had been called tonight. The big Storm Bear is pacing about for the moment. He's not in a good mood, but that's kept under wraps for the moment. There's refreshments out as per the usual. Because the bear is still a bit of a dad, even if he is mad as hell.

Having been near by for a bit, Nate finally comes into the area around the annoyed bear as the time for this call out comes. Nope, not saying much for now, "Evening." A single word, yet packed with a dash of respect within the tone. Nate then finds a log to sit on and for once not raiding the refreshment table like a broke and hungry college student.

Sheridan makes her way in from the living quarters, the brown haired biker girl smiling as she looks around, aiming that expression at Archie. Dressed in a black leather racing jacket and some way too tight blue jeans with the cuffs tucked into some knee high motorcycle boots. "Howdy!" she greets as others start coming in. Grabbing a drink she finds herself somewhere to sit and settles in for the time being.

Gale is curious. She will turn up, though she is cautious. There are predators about. The turbogoth, thankfully, does not fart bats and she is definitely not accompanied by the ound of organs as she arrives. She does have a book on local fungi, though. Someone was looking to have a good time (with a fungi! Get it? Okay, that was kinda bad...). She seems curious, polite. And there's a refreshment table. She's a goat, a browser. "Salutations," She lowers her head respectfully to Archie.

It never hurts to be polite to bears, especially when you are made of meat. Delicious meat. She will meander over to it, and carefully choose a drink.

Kaleo stands near the entrance, frowning as he watches the pacing papa bear. It was never a good sign for the den warder to be worked up, and the amount of restless energy exhibited by his circuit spoke volumes about just how high his dander was. So, Kal helped usher the others in, directing them toward refreshments so that milling about might diminish quickly, and get everyone settled sooner.

Randy is snoring somewhere nearby in a little make shift roost. As people start poring in, he hoots frantically and hops to the ground flapping his wings before realizing something must be going on, so he pops around the corner to quickly change into something more respectable. He walks into the room in the end wearing a black shirt and a wool cap.

Sheridan hmms and tries to keep her smile cheery and warm when it's aimed at everyone. Especially what might be an upset bear. The coke in her hands opened and sipped at slowly while she reclines in the seat she claimed for herself. More of the other arrivals also getting that expression. The can in her hands held with both hands as she occasionally flexes her fingers on each hand, those nails really look like she needs a manicure from how sharp they look.

"So, we've got a letter from Alexander Pendragon. Yes, the very fuckface that keeps trying to steal our cousins and relatives and even out children for research." Archie tells them as they gather. There's no pleasantries tonight. He just nods to those he knows. "We've got to see about getting a few things done. Like catching this guy with his pants down so we can shut him down for a few months." he states.

Meanwhile, while Papa Bear is talking, Masika quietly comes in and stands next to her husband, touching his arm gently to let him know that she's there.

Ah.. time to pay attention to what the Big Bear is sharing. Nate is attentive for the moment. "That doesn't sound good.. if he's sending us letters. Sounds like he knows more than we even suspected." One can sense a bit of disappointment there in his tone. "How are things with those kids we found? I hadn't heard anything.. figured any progress would be slow as they did seem to be traumatized. And did we find anyone that could make better heads and tails of those scientific papers I found?"

There's an owl! Gale smiles at Randy. She sees him shift now. Interesting. She does wave, though she settles quietly as Archie speaks. She is one of the new comers, but Gale certainly frowns deeply at what Archie has to say. Since this is new to her, she is going to listen more than speak for the moment. Something about opening one's mouth and removing all doubt that they are a fool.

Kaleo drapes his arm across Masika's shoulders, his frown softening at her arrival, though his brows knit as Archie makes his announcement. "Archie has been a pillar of our community since before some of us were born. He's who our parents and cousins tell us to seek out when we arrive here, because they know and trust him. Being that well known means that even our enemies can hear of you though." He glances around, trying to pick out those who were around for that first encounter with a Pendragon slaving boat. "Has anyone gotten close enough to him to get a sense of him? Could be he's one of us, just lost to Man and hunting those of us in harmony with our natures."

Sheridan keeps on working her soda. "So then we owe it to you." she says to Archie as Kaleo explains just how important Archie is. "To see what needs doing. I'm always up for the right kinds of mischief." she states softly with a nod of her head. "Just let me know what you want." she further states, offering her assistance.

"Nate, the kids are doing fine. Dinah was in tending to them for a time but she's not been in lately. As for the papers, no, we still need to get moving with that." Archie states as he looks to the others. "I'm going to see if we can try to find out where to hit Pendragon, something that will give us a few months without them trying to catch us and use us like lab rats." he growls. "For now, we need a few teams to start scouting the main building. Seeing where we can get in." he tells them.

Nate nods with that as he listens. "Breaking and entering is not in my skill set. Being able to use force to prevent capture.. closer. One of the problems I have seen, is we are too adhoc.. in our approach. I can check records again to see if I can spot something that doesn't belong or may be provide a clue for where to scout.. They keep things on the government side pretty clean though."

Gale looks thoughtful. "I can step across and peek over, perhaps those beyond will be able to keep tabs if I ask nicely," The weregoat muses as she sips her soda. She takes a deep breath. But she is uncertain.

Randy yawns and rocks back in his chair. For the owl it's about 7 in the morning or something to that affect. He was huddled up, snoozing away before the rest of them started walking in. But he respects the bear to a degree so he gives him a nod. But that doesn't mean he isn't sleepy. "Breaking and...." Randy yawns. "Oh I'm sure someone can try it and if not them I..." He yawns again. "Will."

Sheridan nods her head eagerly. "Break ins. That I can do. Anyone got blueprints of the building, or can get them?" she asks to the rest of the room, Nate getting a nod and a grin as he offers his advise. "I can always do a walk through, case the place. Once I can get a pantsuit. Or just go in at night." she says in a ponderous tone as she tries planning stuff. "I mean it's not just knowing where things are, it's people, the security stength and their responses. That kind of thing.

Archie gives a smile finally to everyone, "I just wanted people aware that Pendragon is back up and bothering people. We'll have to get a few scout teams going. Please, eat and drink, I'm going to go tuck the kids in and then need to do some work. You guys be safe on the way home and thank you for coming out." he tells them all with a wave.

"Archie, take care of yourself too. See you about." Nate rises from his seat to go over to the food to get some snackage. He then asks the others, "So.. anyone have other thoughts? Oh and as I said before, my place is in my eyes, neutral. So if you come over, its a safe place to come to talk."

Perhaps Gale and her shadowy contacts can assist. It's something she thinks over, at least. "Thank you," She nods to Archie, and waves back. Gale does her best to be polite. She smiles at Randy. Aw, huddled owl. For her part, she glances around. There are new faces, that perhaps she will have to run into sometime.

"Well since I'm still staying in the Butoka, that's easy enough!" Sheridan states with a smile. "If any of you need catlike grace or a fast ride. Shout on out. I'm happy to help!" the brunette Biker states with more cheery words as she picks herself up. "Till then, take care!" she beams and heads on out herself.

Randy gives the man a thumbs up then tips back in his chair. He lowers his head. "Ugh, I don't wanna get up..." He grumbles to himself. Randy checks his watch. "I think I'm willing to do what needs to be done. Whichever it is...I can do a bit of everything but..." He nods off again.

Nate says, "Me.. thinking perhaps seeing if Gale is cool with helping me with a certain riddle. Got to get past that glass to prowl the other side." Nate grins a bit, "As they say.. it's in my nature.""