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Broken Hearts 2

All these days that I know I’ll never get back... All the words that I always wish you would’ve said... All these dreams that we had now fade to black... Try to wash it away

Dramatis Personae

Moriarti and Melody

June 17, 2016

Ash meets with a friend of Abraham's, someone better are dealing with "emotional stuff" than the detective can.


Leigh's Pool Hall (E01)

Abraham was nice enough to refer Ash to someone "with a better hand for situations" like the one he is going through, so Ash may as well be nice enough to follow through when this someone contacts him the next day. His only request was that it was somewhere public, naturally being a little skittish about private encounters right now. He was a bit surprised when it turned out to be a pool hall, but public is public, so he walks in through the front door.

Melody sits in a chair at the bar. Its as public as this place gets, fully out and on display. She has a flower in front of her on the counter in a glass, which was what she told Abe she would have to let him know its her. A cidar in front of her is half empty, a bin of peanuts mostly untouched sits about a foot off.

Peering at the crowd with his one good eye, Ash adjusts the hood he wears up for the moment, making sure it's more to the left than the right. No doubt trying to hide the black eye and serious bruises all up and down the left side of his face, having grown tired of the looks. As he notes the flower-in-a-glass that he was advised to look out for, he approaches Melody's table. He does so slowly and from the direction she is faving, giving her plenty of time to note his approach, "...Miss Oakenbach?" he ventures once he is close enough to speak with her.

Melody looks up, fingers light on the side of the glass as she tilts her head. "Mr. Moriarti? Please have a seat. Abe spoke of you and said I could offer some help?" Taking a drink, she leans on her palm. "Join me, unless you wish to talk someplace else?"

Ash slides into the chair opposite of Melody as he shakes his head under the hood, "No, here is fine..." he replies as she offers to talk someplace else. Up close, the bruising doesn't look quite _as_ bad. It looks more like really serious bruising that has had a couple of days to start to heal. "And yeah, Abe said that you'd be better suited to it..." he agrees, giving a bit of a chuckle. "...but I figured he was just trying to get me out of his office so he didn't have to deal with me. You know how Abe is..." he says, presuming that she does indeed know the stoic Butters twin.

Melody laughs,"I know alot how he is. I've known him for years. But no matter the reasoning he had, what can I help you with...Ash is it? May I call you Ash? You can call me Mel if you wish."

"Ash works..." Ash replies as he settles into the seat. His interlaces his fingers, making a single fist and resting it on the table infront of him. "...so you're like what, a shrink or something, Mel?" he ass as that single unpuffy eye regards her from across the table. Well, not swollen, bruised and beaten, anyway. But the right eye is a bit red and puffy. As if he's been having a cry and trying not to show it.

Melody wrinkles her nose as she thinks a moment. "Kinda? I know alot and council alot of people. I listen very well and....eh hard to explain? Alot of people who suffer from nightmares, I help them. I...have a special touch at it all, if you would. Lets leave it at that."

Ash eyes Melody as she tries to explain what she does without actually explaining what it is she does, a look of 'riiiight' across the unblemished parts of his features. "Uh-huh." is the deadpanned response once she finishes. It's clear that Ash suspects Abe of just getting his blubbery weepy ass out of the detective's office. "...well, then I guess where do we start?"

Melody shrugs lightly. "Why don't you start at the beginning? How did it all start? The thing that brought this concern to you?" She rubs her arm softly, watching him with wide eyes.

"'This concern'?" Ash asks, blinking that one eye at Melody. "Umm, let's back up a step... what did Abe tell you, exactly, about what's going on?" he ashs, apparently very confused.

Melody raises a brow. "He said he had someone that needed to talk to someone about ....well it sounded like a relationship going badly. Perhaps I understood that incorrectly? I was trying to say....how did this all start?"

Ash nods slightly as she explains, "Yeah, it went bad." he says glumly, staring at his hands for a moment. "Well, might as well go from square one..." he says as he looks back up to Melody. "...I moved to Fallcoast from Michigan last Fall, I got accepted into the University's spring semster.." he begins, "...and ended up meeting this girl..."

Melody nods as she listens. Fingers brush through her hair, parting it to the side. "Ok...." She shoes away the waiter, staying focused on the story at hand.

Ash continues, "...an older girl, and we started dating since we had a lot of common..." but he pauses here, as if looking for the correct word, "...interests. And it got serious. Not exactly "I'm going to get you a ring" serious, but she gave me every impression that my feelings were returned and that we were serious and exclusive."

Melody winces a little, her hand sliding over her right hand, covering her own engagement ring. "I know how that can be. Alot of emotions mix up and are layed out. So what happened next?"

"Obviously being that I am here discussing this with you, I was wrong." Ash continues, trying to keep some levity going. "...turns out that while she was continuing to date me, profess her love for me, and so on since Christmas, she's been _engaged_ to someone else since February..." he says, his voice rising there for a moment before he catches himself, "Sorry, sorry.." he takes a moment to collect himself. "...not a single sign of it until Monday morning. I'm crashed at her place, she's left for work, and there's this pounding on the door at like ass in the morning. It's this big lumberjack-lookin' guy, looking for his fiancee. Naturally I thought he was crazy and told him so... he disagree with me...." and then he lifts the side of his hood out of the way, giving her a clear look at the mess healing on the left side of his face, "...and we discussed our differences." he states as an euphamism.

Melody winces at the damage on the face. "Oh geez...that looks aweful. So have you talked to her since or just this altercation with her other fiance'?" She starts to reach out and touch but instead sits back. "I have some balm that may help with those bruises. So what happened next?"

"We had it out in the street. Probably would have kept at it, too, if her dog hadn't gotten out. By the way it was acting, it was clear that Newton knew the guy too." Ash says, moving past her comment on his bruising. "...so we split and then actually discussed it. He showed me all the text messages and pics she sent him as proof, I showed him what she had sent me... pretty damning evidence right there..."

Melody sits back in thought, picking up the daisy in the glass and starting to nibble peddles off idly, one at a time. "Wow...that is bad, I agree. You have more than reason to be upset and confront her. So, this fella that beat you up, did you both iron out between you or are you still against each other over this? I mean it sounds like you both are victims."

"Hey, I gave as good as I got. He's just not here talking to you." Ash says in his own defense. It's not like he was just 'beat up' on the street. And he's a touch defensive right now, after all. "..but yes, we more or less figured out that she was playing us both for suckers. He stormed off, dunno what he's going to do. I dumped my key to her place through the mail slot, left her a bunch of voicemails saying we were done, and walked." he says. And now he stops to take a drink of water from the glass that was left there. "....I told Abe, since it was his younger sister that turned out to be a two-timing bitch, and here we are."

Melody sighs, "Well, I will say some people have mental issues that lead to this sort of thing but....you are acting totally within reason and within your right mind." Reaching out, she tries to touch his arm. "I am sorry you went through such an awefulthing. Basicaly, you were played and now you have to pick up the pieces. Giving yourself over to another takes alot of trust and you were betrayed."

Ash doesn't lean away from the touch of another, but he doesn't lean into it, either. Instead her regards the ice melting slowly in the glass of water he cradles between each hand. "Pretty much that, yeah. Sucks just as hard the second time, losing like this..." he says, eyes downcast.

Melody sighs as she gives a squeeze then leans back. "Second time? Don't give up. There are some...fairly normal people out there that would love to be in your company. I mean, you are atractive and a nice voice..and apparently can hold your own in a fight."

"The first one was murdered, the second one turned into a lying cheating bitch after I specifically told her how wrecked I was over the first one." Ash counters as he looks up to meet Melody's eyes. "...sorry, but I don't think I want to stick around to see what the third one is going to be. With my luck, it's likely to be an axe-murdering sociopath."

Melody shakes her head. "Listen, you still have friends. Butters may not be the best to pal around with. I mean, he is one of my best freinds, but ..nothing romantic. I say, you should just get out and hand with some friends. Have a drink, decompress. Do you have trouble with dreams? I can offer a little help there at least."

Ash's shoulders rise and fall in a shrug, "Used to, before I met her... was happy and content enough that they went away..." he begrudgingly admits. "...course, now I'm sure that once I actually sleep, it won't be fun."

Melody pulls out a card from her jacket and slides it over slowly. "Call me. If you need to talk, have coffee or a beer or go over your dreams. I dont judge. I think you were given a raw deal though. I bet you would get along with Lilian great, but I wont matchmaker."

Ash eyeballs the card, but then picks it up and slips it into his pocket, "Yeah, sure. We'll see. Like I said, gotta sleep first..." he mutters.

Melody tilts her head. "So, what is it you do, Ash? Like for a living, tell me some about yourself. Me, I'm one of Abe's investigators. I just happen to have side projects like....helping others like this. And books...lots of books."

"I'm a ma-...major in liberal arts at the University..." Ash says, his voice hitching there as he changes his mind on his answer part of the way through. That whole 'not sleeping' thing trying to catch up to him. "...which amounts to the 'beer drinkers major' I know, but I couldn't stay in Michigan and my uncle suggested Fallcoast..." he offers a shrug. "...was looking at going to the Fire Academy, but now I duno."

Melody nods, "Sounds like a good path so far. I am sure they would take you here. And the university is a very good one. I mean you could focus your major after. I never attended there." She sits back rubbing her throat. "I'm sorta playing catch up still."

"Now I dunno. Kinda gotta rethink a lot of things, after all this." Ash says with a shrug. "Whether or not I want to keep going on a useless degree, whether or not I want to actually go to fire academy." He takes another sip of the water, "...this kind of upended a lot of plans." he notes dejectedly before looking back up towards Melody. "Not everyone needs to go to college. If Abe keeps you around, you're good at bein' an investigator. If yer good at that, don't really need a lambskin for it."

Melody tilts her head confused. "Lambskin? Well, I dont see something from a university that important for me. I contribute fine and am good at my job. I even help the homeless and whatnot. I think, if you want to do the fire accademy, you should go after that. I mean, even eventually like an inspector and chief. If that is your passion, roll with it!"

"Lambskin? Y'know, a degree?" Ash asks in response to Melody's confusion, then shakes his head, "Might be a midwest thing, I dunno. Anyway, I was trying to basically the same thing to you. You don't need university if you're doing good without it." he says, and then nudges his own chest with his thumb, "Me, on the other hand, I dunno what I'm doing. Hence, university."

Melody smirks. "You have gifts, I am sure. Just no need to rush. Lean on your friends a little. Thats what they are here for. And, if they don't understand or giving you hell, kick them to the curb and get new ones. I'll be your friend if you want, not out of pity but...you seem a decent sort and I hate when this crap happens to others."

Ash shrugs, "...sure, I have gifts, but none that are exactly going to pay the bills." he replies, taking another drink. "...since I still can't crack that whole 'lead into gold' conundrum." he quips. "..and I'm sure I'll figure something out. For now, I'm just trying not to lose it." he offers another shrug, then regards the woman, "I can live with that. I figured Abe was sending me the number for his shrink or something, and I'd be sitting on a couch telling someone about my mother."

Melody nods, "Yeah, Im nothing official, completely street cred. But I get by. I can help people more than you know if you have some deeper issues. I could help that patch on your face if you want." A slight shrug. "Are you ok on job and money currently?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ash answers, "...I have a place of my own, it wasn't like I was living with her or anything." he says, his face twisting briefly as he likely realizes while they never combined their living arrangements. Awefully hard to have a side-dick when the other side-dick is living with you full time. "And no, I'm fine with this." he says, gesturing towards the bruising. "...teaches me to not trust anyone like that again."

Melody thinks a moment. "Ok, as long as you are sure. Anything else I can do? I really didnt do alot, other than listen."

Another shrug from the young man, "Sometimes that's what people need. Thank you, Melody."

Melody stands and picks up a guitar case that was leaning against her chair. Strapping it over her back, she leans in, offering a kiss to his good cheek. "Be strong...there are much better people out there."

As before when she tried to make contact, Ash doesn't back away like a skittish animal, but there's a definite pause, a holding of breath and motion. "Sure... catch you around..." he says after the backs away.