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Bro, Do You Even Parkour?

Or 'The One Where Gabriel Strikes Out'

Dramatis Personae

23 January 2016

Gabriel, Kyrie, Ashley, and Isabella


Movement Gym (C02)

It could be that Movement isn't doing that well, it could just be that winter evening isn't when folks think about working out, but either way the gym is nearly empty. There's a board looking girl, trim and athletic, working the counter -- looking like she'd rather be on the climbing wall. Other than her the only living thing is currently leaping from scaffold to scaffold above, fast and confident -- but without the effortless grace of a true freerunner.

Gabriel leaps from one scaffold, across a pit, and grabs one handed at a climbing wall a good 10 feet away. He hits the wall hard enough to knock some wind out of him, makes the catch, and then looks down and around just as Issy is coming in the door. "Holy fuck, Issy-bro?" As he says the words he loses focus, loses his grip, and tumbles a good 10 feet to the ground.

Dressed in a simple parka covering her Lululemon yoga pants and sports bra underneath, her eyes widen at the familiar sight. "BROFESSOR X!" she squeals, letting out a hearty laugh before she oomphs, watching him fall. "I see that you still haven't fixed your ADHD when working out." she teases, her duffel bag full of clothes to change in, slung over her shoulder.

A brief smile is given to the lady at the counter. "Watch out for him. He'll try to sleep with you." she offers before meandering towards Gabriel. As she does so, she pulls out her iPhone, nose scrunching as she purses. "Hrmm, where is he?" she mutters to herself while glancing about.

Whoever that 'he' is, he's late, this much is clear. But perhaps not everyone is as adept at Google Maps as Isabella is, and there's always that "finding a new place" confusion. Well, maybe not that late, but he is a couple of minutes behind Isabella, at least.

Gabriel comes back to his feet, unphased by the fall, and laughs at Isabella's words to the girl? "Try?" He winks at the girl before coming to Issy and giving her a high five. "Holy shit, when did you get to town? I never thought you'd leave Boston." Notably, for all the he leches on the girl, he does not take so much as a moment to check out the fine sight of Issy in yoga pants. All bro-zone, apparently.

"Around nine months ago now, came around March." she offers before squinting and facepalming at the lech. "Oh, so I'm going to hear your woes over a beer later then. You're such a manslut." Isabella quips, flashing her pearly whites as it's clear that there's no malice in her statement. It's just fact.

"But at least you should be right at home here, cause there's plenty of skanky hoes around, like the Cavanaughs or ya know, one of the many strippers of the way too many strip joints... or..." A beat. "The brothel." Another beat. "Don't do that. I don't wanna see a friend with gross social diseases."

Then the front door opens, letting in a blast of cold air and a muscular man in a hoodie and a pair of baggy, mostly-loose-fitting pants that bunch at the ankle. Less MC Hammer, more Bruce Lee. Ashley flips his hood back and runs a hand through his short, presently-spikey hair as he stomps the snow off his thin workout shoes.

Shrugging out of the hoodie as he enters deeper into the new-to-him Gym, Ashley's scanning the setup and the sparse crowd of people, before he zeroes in on Isabella and Gabriel. A grin of its own crosses his features as the young man steps over towards the two blondes, although his attention is more on the blonde in the skintight yoga pants. "Hey Izzy, sorry I'm late. That blizzard's nasty.." he says as he steps up next to Isabella.

Gabriel laughs as he's face palmed, "Yea, I've picked up on that already. All the girls like to dance. All the boys too. And all the girl-boys as well. For a... what did you used to call it? "fucking hick town hell" was it?... it's got a remarkably liberal attitude towards who sticks what in where and why." He looks back up at the wall he just fell from. "And whoever set up this place was a fucking pyschopath. Nothing in Boston is half as hardcore as this. Are you sure you're ready for this, Stem-girl?"

He turns his face towards Moriarti as the man comes up, gives him the scan up, the scan down, the big grin. "Hey, how're you doin?" As he says it the eyes flicker side-eye to Issy, as if asking permission to hit on her friend.

"It's more like there's nothing to do in this town but Netflix and chill." she quips with a silly little smile on her features. "And I didn't say that!!!!" Her eyes widen as she puts a finger over her lips, cause she totally said that back in the more metropolitan Boston. It's one of the reasons she left afterall.

"And of course, I can handle it. There's another gym where I made it halfway on a two story wall, though.." and she jerks her thumb at Moriarti. "Screwed up and I almost died." An overexagerration, clearly. It's then that she notices the side-eye.

A wicked grin curls onto her lips and she nods. She's truly a terrible person at time. Turning to Moriarti, she beams, "Hey you! This is one of my fabulous brofriends, Gabriel. Gabriel, this is Ashley."

There's a snort from Ashley as he slips an arm around Isabella's shoulders, "You did not almost die, you dropped like three feet..." the young man grouses, rolling his eyes at the exageration of the woman. The other arm flicks at the wrist to twist the hoodie around and let it lay over the broad shoulder that isn't bumping against Isabella.

As Gabriel is introduced and introduces himself, Ashley leaves the hoodie laying across his shoulder, freeing that hand to reach out towards the other man. "Doin' alright, nice to meet you." he replies. He's either being strictly formal, or he doesn't pick up on the fact that he's being hit on. "So what is this place, aside from 'a gym'?" he asks of the two, gesturing towards the various structures once his hand has been shook.

Gabriel takes the hand, gives it a firm bro-ly shake. His eyes move over Ashley one more time, but not seeing the signal picked up he does the honor-bro thing and lets it drop. "It's a parkour training facility. You get fit here, learn to climb, and mostly learn to flow." He grins, wide and unabashed about his recent fall, "Or you fall down. A lot. So far I've mostly been falling down a lot. You want me to show you two the ropes?"

"Hey, my life flashed before my eyes." Isabella quips in reply, bumping her hips against Ash's before she hrmms for a few moments and peers at the wall. "At least this one isn't too high. I could do the horizontal wall thing going across. That one looks pretty fun." she beams before she suddenly remembers something. "Oh, you wanna come over for Brady-Manning Bowl tomorrow?"

Ashley gives another snort at Isabella's theatrics, but it's more a snort of bemusement than anything else. His attention is still on the structures and scaffolding, tracing a path through it, "Yeah, I can see that now..." he admits before his attention returns to the other two. Isabella made the offer, and he doesn't know Gabriel from Adam, so he has nothing to add to that.

Gabriel glances from Issy to Ashely, then back again, watching the exchange of looks and the way they bump each other. He laughs suddenly, "Bro, are you dating this dude? Why the fuck didn't you say so?" He shakes his head at Issy, gives her a face, sliding his eyes from one side to the other. "And yes, I'd love to come over, if dude here doesn't mind me crashing in."

"Because it would've been interesting from a whole yaoi fanfiction perspective." A silly grin remains plastered on her features before she reaches over to wrap an arm around Moriarti, giving his waist a squeeze. "You don't mind, do you?" she asks curiously.

"Why would I mind?" Ashley asks in turn as he is squeezed. Isabella knows the guy, so it's obvious he checks out on all of the levels that he would be concerned about. And Ashley doesn't seem threatened at all by the prospect. "If he wants to come watch the game, I've got no problem with that."

Gabriel grins and gives Ashley a friendly thump on the shoulder with one big hand. "Thanks bro." So said, so done. Having offered the ritual of beer and sportsball, Ashley too is now a bro. "I haven't watched a game with Issy since..." his face goes a bit blank as he tries to remember. "Shit, was it since we watched the 9ers beat the Seahawks and that dude from Seattle threw beer on us both?"

"Seahawks fans are the worst." she grumbles, shaking her head at that. It seems Ash is getting to see her sportsball side, cause well, she does like the muscley jock-type afterall. "I'll make sure that there's plenty of food then. I could and probably should invite a few of my cousins." She then pauses. "Oh yeah, I have a crapton of cousins here, so um, try not to sleep with too many of them."

Ashley's shoulder is thick and muscular as Gabriel gives it a thud, and he barely shifts as the other man brofists his shoulder. Ashley remains quiet, except for a light chuckle at Isabella's mention of her proliferation of cousins, as the pair catch up briefly. Well, mostly silent. "So you went to MIT too?" he asks of Gabriel, taking a guess at how the pair know each other. And likely failing, but hey, he's trying!

Gabriel says, "Like, four? Is it okay if I sleep with four? Or is this one of those times where "too many" means "any at all?" Because... well, I don't want this to be like the frat party all over again." He grins at Ashley,"Me? Hell no. I'm no genius like Izzi. I used to train some of the guys, and girls, on the lacross team is all. We met... I think at a game? Maybe." A pause, a look at Isabella, and a notable change of topic. "Anyway, did you want me to show you the wall. I can show you a route that should give you a challenge but not actually risk hurting you."

"Personal trainer, cause I was way too soft.." What does she mean by that? Could there have been a silghtly baby fat Isabella as a freshman? Entirely. "A guy I was dating at Harvard was one of his clients, and we hung out, and I was like, hey, I can actually get in shape." Cause she needed to get in shape for all those industrial sabotage missions she undertook for the Free Council. Her eyes widen at the wall as she beams. "Yes! Ash and I can race."

Gabriel eyeballs Ash, then looks at Isabella, "Are you sure he's up for that?"

Ashley takes the explanation at face value, and looks up at the mass of pipes and walls and the like stretching through the space. "You sure you want to do that, Izzy?" Ashley teases the woman at his side with a grin. Confident, but not cocky about it. "I mean, I'm all for helping you stretch your limits..." he says, and gestures towards the structure with his free hand.

"He'll probably win, but it'll be a challenge for me at least." she offers, grinning toothily. She then leans in and offers a conspiratorial whisper. "Mainly, it's pretty hot to watch his muscles twitch and flex."

Ashley just gives a snort and pinches Isabella's side before he slips from her, glancing about the gym for a place to drop his hoodie. "If you wanna try, babe, I won't stop you."

Gabriel laughs, "I bet it is. Not bad to watch your ass in those pants either, bro. I'll get shit set up." So saying he goes and hops up onto the course, resetting a couple of the obstacles and making sure all the grip points are secure. At one point he drops down a good 15 feet without blinking, tugs one of the mats into place in case someone falls on one of the jumps, then goes straight back up the wall -- not the climbing wall, just the wall -- and goes back to fixing the course.

What he sets up is probably more advanced than most folks would have set up for a STEM girl and her boytoy. It's not dangerous... well, not too dangerous... but there are a couple of really wide gaps, and some places where the only way to make the exchange is to flow. Momentum and confidence, certainty of will or of thew, can carry a person through. But hesitate? Hesitate and you are lost. He waits at the far end of it, grins, "Do the two of you need me to test it once through, or do you have eyeballs enough to see the path?"

How much eyecandy does she want at this moment. Hrmming for a few moments, Isabella mulls over the question. "Well, if you don't mind." she quips, flashing her pearly whites.

Returning from wherever it was he found to stow his hoodie, Ashley gives a shrug of 'sure, why not' agreement with Isabella. He folds thick, powerful arms across his muscular chest, now well-defined by the tanktop he's wearing on his upper half, and eyeballs the course.

====> Gabriel to Here <=======================================================
    Rolled 2 Successes 
    < 1 1 2 2 4 4 6 6 9 10 >
=============================>  Strength + Athletics.Climbing [No Flags] <====

Gabriel trots back over, grins at Isabella like he knows *exactly* what she's thinking, and then without a word turns and runs the course. He doesn't murder himself to show off, but it's pretty clear he knows he's being watched. Everything is fast, confident, certain in motion. It isn't that he doesn't think he could fall, it's that he knows that the fall won't hurt him. So he trusts the body, trusts the arms to reach, the fingers to grip, the core to twist and balance. It's all lean and long, muscle and sinew and motion as he runs from ledge to ledge, leaps and grabs and twists, pulls so the long muscles along the backs of his arms stand out. He's not the best looking guy, in truth, but when you see him move its possible to forget that. At the end he drops the final drop, 10 feet, a slide down a metal chute, and lands on his feet without a sign of breathing hard. "Okay you two, you're up."

====> Isabella to Here <======================================================
    Rolled 1 Success 
    < 4 6 7 10 >
======================================>  Strength + Athletics [No Flags] <====
====> Moriarti to Here <======================================================
    Rolled 2 Successes 
    < 1 5 5 6 7 9 9 >
======================================>  Strength + Athletics [No Flags] <====

Gabriel has just finished running a course, and now has Isabella and Moriarti getting ready to race each other.

Ashley(Moriarti) watches as Gabriel runs through the freestyle course that is set up through the gym. The young man is dressed in a tight tanktop and loose-fitting pants that show off half of his muscular physique very nicely. He glances towards Isabella at his side, a wide, rogueish grin full of teeth, "Ready?" he asks her. Like a gentleman, he waits until she nods assent, and then the lean young man takes the course at a run. He's not quite as smooth as Gabriel through the course, having no experience in freerunning or finding the flow of his motion. But Ashley definitely has experience with obstacle courses, this much is clear, and he manages every duck, slide, and jump without losing too much momentum, working his way clear to the other side.

Kyrie comes out of the breakroom where /surely/ she's been the entire time. She's dressed to sweat with a pair of black workout pants, a black tanktop, her hair, braids and all, pulled up, and running shoes on her feet. She's also got a pack slung over one shoulder and is looking over a clipboard, heading for the front desk rather than the gym itself. She speaks to the person there, hands over the clipboard, apparently with a few instructions, before she leaves her bag there and heads into the gym.

Sometimes it's no fair. Even though she's dressed to work out in her Lululemon yoga pants and sports bra, she just doesn't have the training that Moriarti has. still, she gives it her all, letting out oomphs and grunts as she tries to find her flow. She's isn't as fast as the more experienced Arrow, but at least, the nerd girl mage is doing what she can, completely focused on the course, zoning out distraction so she doesn't die.

Gabriel notices Kyrie the second she comes out, but as it coincides with Issy starting to course, he breaks his attention off her and keeps it on the runners. He did, after all, set this up for them and he takes their safety fucking seriously. Well... he takes Issy's safety fucking seriously. He watches out for Ashley too, but after a few minutes, as it becomes obvious the guy knows what he's doing, most of his attention fixes on Issy. He doesn't give instructions, doesn't call out or encourage, but his eyes are on point the whole time, and here and there, at the big jump gaps, he moves subtly so that he'd be there if she slipped. Then, as soon as she's past the gap, he's gone again, waiting at the end of the course for Ashley. He high fives his fellow bro as he comes down the chute, "Well done." And then again a few moments later when Issy comes across, "Well done, bro."

Kyrie cocks her head when she notices the duo, wandering over toward Gabriel as she watches the pair. It seems she only caught the tail end though, so doesn't provide critique, instead nodding to the trio as a whole. "Hullo," she offers as well, with a small but friendly smile. It goes well with the English accent. Honest.

Gabriel slaps Issy on the back again, then turns to Kyrie. He tilts his head to the left as she speaks, like he's trying to place the accent. "Heya." He gestures to himself, one finger pointing at the center of his chest, "Gabriel. These are my buds, Isabella and Ashley." His eyes go back down Kyrie, then back up, and he grins, "And you are?"

Ashley returns the hi-five as he comes out of the chute, muscular frame moving easily with the sheen of sweat that comes from scrambling over a parkour course with little knowledge of parkour. "Probably would have done better if I knew a thing about parkour..." the brown-haired young man admits as he stretches his arms and steps out of the way to give Isabella the space to get out of the chute and catch her feet. As Gabriel makes the introduction, the other man gives a nod of his head to the woman in the all-black workout gear.

Isabella found her flow, but it was a slow but sure process. As she finishes, there's a bright smile on her features as she returns the hi-five, huffing and puffing as beads of sweat drip down from her brow. "That. Was. Tough." Huff puff. She catches her breath before she offers a friendly wave to the newcomer. "Hi!"

"Kyrie," is the answer from the braided Brit. "It's a pleasure to meet the three of you." Ashley gets a grin. "Relax. The point of it, or part of, at least, is to get in the groove. But I can't say that I'm fantastic at parkour myself," she admits. "I mostly like the climbing and just running. There are others who are /much/ better than I am at this sort of thing," she says, before smiling at Isabella.

Gabriel says, "Honestly, I'm still learning myself. Run, climb, jump, that's all easy enough. It's flow... that's hard." He watches Isabella with one eye, keeping track of her breathing just long enough to be sure it's just exertion and not anything more. "It's good stuff though." To Kyrie, "You come here often?" It couldn't be more blatant of a pickup line if he wrapped it up with a bow."

Leaving Gabriel to his work, as it were, Ashley turns his attention to Isabella, grinning at the blonde woman. "Hey, you didn't fall this time, so there's that." he teases her good-naturedly as she catches her breath.

Kyrie nods to Gabriel. "It is. It seems like if you don't get that flow you're more likely to trip or run face first into something," she agrees. "And yes, I come here every day," she says, though it's hard to tell if she actually got that it was a pickup line.

Gabriel titls his head the opposite direction at Kyrie's response, laughs and says "Wow, every day? You're committed." Just his luck, everyone he hits on today misses it. Or is his bro's boyfriend. Or both. This never used to happen in Boston.

"Well, I think it was cause it wasn't as high and I wasn't as tired originally." Isabella admits ruefully, beaming brightly up towards him. She wipes her brow as she looks towards Gabriel and the newcomer as she shakes her head and facepalm. "Are you getting rusty, Gabe?" she asks teasingly.

Gabriel reaches back, scratches his side, and then flips Isabella off half behind his back, where Kyrie couldn't see the gesture.

Kyrie gives Gabriel an amused look. "You can say that. I own the place, so it's just good business to come in every day. But yes, I am committed to keeping in shape." That much is easy enough to tell by her build. "New in town?" she asks all of them, but it does seem more directed toward Gabriel."

The teasing 'mmmmhmmmm' from Ashley towards Isabella is just as good-natured, with that same rogueish grin across his features as he runs his palm across his own brow, swiping beads of sweat from it, and then rakes his figures through his short-cropped hair. The young man does snicker slightly, either at Gabriel's response to Isabella's teasing, or Kyrie's revelation that she's the owner. As Kyrie asks of the group their newnesss to town, the young man gives a bit of a half shrug, "Been in town for a couple of months." he offers.

Isabella pffts and sticks her tongue out towards Gabriel, even if he can't see her. She has to tease the broheim afterall. Turning her attention to the owner, she ooohs and nods. "I've been here since March-ish." she explains, running her fingers through her hair. She then turns towards Ashley and hrmms, whispering something under her breath. "Should we let them be?"

Gabriel says to Kyrie, "You own the place? Very nice. I should talk to you at some point about setting something up here. I do personal training, and I've got more than a few folks who could benefit from this place. It's great for confidence." He points at Isabella, "Just look how confident she is after getting off the course, even though she practically had to drag herself down the final jump."

"I haven't been here much longer than you," Kyrie tells Ashley. "And not as long as you. I've only been here since July," she adds to Isabella. Gabriel gets a nod and another smile, "I can always use more trainers here. I imagine that if we were someplace warmer, that this place would be busier. But few people want to go running in the snow," she says, her grin moving to all of them.

Ashley's response to Isabella's whispered question is a shrug and an equally whispered, "Dunno, could be amusing to watch." to the blonde. He straightens up from the 'lean to whisper' as Gabriel points back towards the two of them, the picture of innocence. Of course, at Gabriel's last comment, his dark gaze cuts towards Isabella to check her reaction.

If she had less self control or if she didn't like the guy, there could have been a potential radiation blasting. But fortunately, she does have some level of self control and she does like her broheim, so that doesn't happen. Instead, she shakes her head as she raises her brows towards Ashley. "Then I feel like I should bring this up on Snapchat stories." she quips, grabbing her phone from her duffel bag as she types the caption 'Gabe tryin soooo hard :D' and begins recording.

Gabriel doesn't really understand the internet, much less Snapchat. Despite the literally months Isabella spent trying to inform him. So, sans a clue, he just goes on grinning at Kyrie, "True enough. Of course, its just a matter of getting them here. Once they're here the snow doesn't matter. Anyway, we can talk more about this another time, my bros probably want to take another course." He turns and grins at Isabella, "Right? You want to do another?"

Kyrie looks momentarily baffled as snapchat is mentioned and watches Ashley and Isabella for a moment, curiously. "Hmm? Oh, yes, we can certainly discuss it another time. As I said, I'm here every day. So there'll be time. For now I'll leave you three to your training," she says, smiling.

Ashley does have a clue, it seems, as he turns from Isabella, Gabriel and Kyrie as a grin breaks out over his features. Leaving Isabella to record, so his chuckles don't show up on the audio, he goes in search of a water fountain for a bit of hydration. Doesn't seem like he was really prepared for this excursion.

And there's some of it being recorded, before her brows quirk at the sudden question. "You don't need to leave! I'm sure Gabe needs someone to talk to while we're getting our workouts on." Isabella chirps rather cheerily, putting the phone back in her duffel.

Gabriel nods to Kyrie, "It's true. I generally finish so far ahead of Isabella that I need time to read, or talk, or write a play."

Gabriel says, as though he's literate.

"Oh, I wasn't going to leave. I was just going to go do my own workout," Kyrie assures them, inclining her head toward one of the rock climbing walls. She seems to be used to people hunting for water, so jerks her thumb toward the break room. "Water in there. From a fountain and from a machine, if you'd like a bottle," she offers.

"Thanks!" Ashley calls in return to Kyrie's directions towards the sweet, sweet liquid, and the young man disappears into the break room in search.