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Boxing? Yes please
Dramatis Personae

Amalia & Jacob

December 6th 2015

a nerd walks into a gym...


Flow Dynamics Gym

There's a healthy population found at the gym during this early afternoon, working off their Thanksgiving feast in order the pardon unpleasant gains for the upcoming holiday. Even though the weather had proved to be a bit chilly outside, within the three story gym the air would taste thick with heat and body sweat. Both quite normal for this establishment. Runners were beating their feet on the treadmills while the large television screens scattered along the walls displayed various news channels, all with closed caption scrolling across the screen.

Amalia had just entered not too long ago, standing in line where they served drinks, extra gym necessities such as gloves, extra towels, gym logo t-shirts and other merchandise. With a gym bag over her shoulder, the woman was thumbing through her playlist as the line shifted.

Jacob is a few people back in the lineup - he's just sporting regular clothes, but he does have a gym bag slung over his shoulder as well. He's presently occupying himself with a paperback novel.

"Let's just go back to the office," says one of the three guys ahead of him. "This is taking forever." The other two make noises of agreement, and they all walk off. Jacob looks up from his book and takes one long, exaggerated step forward to stand behind Amalia. "Yoink," he announces.

Jacob stands an inch shy of six feet tall when flat-footed. Dark-haired, blue-eyed, he has a long face, angular jaw, and a nose that borders on having 'character'. Broad-shouldered, he favours tailored shirts but sometimes deigns to wear a t-shirt. Tailored shirts go better with his customary slacks and occasional sporting of suspenders. That's a work thing. So is his tie, usually, and he doesn't make it too far into his day before loosening it. Between the tie and the vaguely wild hair, he'd look rumpled if the rest of his clothing and bearing weren't businesslike.

Jacob wears a blocky watch on his right wrist and almost always looks smug. That's not his fault. That's just how his face is.

A snort of amusement escaped her lips as the man advances in line. She thumbed the off button on the side of her phone. "Add another thirty degrees outside and this place wouldn't be so popular." The cold had brought them in. Amalia looked over her shoulder, giving the man behind her a quick look over. Then at the book in Jacob's hand. "What's that?" She asked. Not recognizing the author or the name.

The label on the spine and the barcode on the back point to it being a library look. Jacob smiles at her theory about the temperature and gym attendance, then turns the book around so he can look at the cover and back. It's just one of those automatic things people do even if they know what they're reading.

"Uh, Beacon twenty-three," he says. Looks like the dark cover is actually space. "Hugh Howey. New arrival at the library. It's about a lighthouse keeper... in space." He raises his eyebrows for that last part. "I like it so far." He's really only just begun.

"A light house..." Amalia repeated questioningly, "in space?" The line never moved but she had shifted in her stance to partially face the man behind her. "To do what? Guide space ships?" She asked but there was a small smile in the corner of her mouth. "Like aliens and such?"

"I'm not sure if there's aliens or not," Jacob admits. "Basically, the beacons let ships travel across the Milky Way at way faster than light speeds. The beacons are like lighthouses - lonely job, mostly unnoticed yaddah yaddah until they break or a ship's in distress or they fail." Jacob has been waving one hand as he's speaking. Just mild gesturing. He's not flailing or anything. "Makes sense to me. Space is a big, open area and some landmarks that aren't stars would be handy. You like sci-fi at all?"

Listening as he gave a brief overview of the book in hand Amalia's head nodded. Maybe she was following it. Her dark arched brows raised when a question was aired. "Uh yeah. Men in Black was pretty funny. And Spaceballs." Those were sci-fi to an extent, right? "I guess that movie is out with the laser sword things um..." She was fishing the for the name. "Star Trecky. I really never watched any of that. " The line had moved and she was one person closer to the counter.

Jacob nods his head in the direction of the counter, as if to prompt her to move ahead a little if she hasn't already. "...You mean Star Wars? With the light sabers - the laser swords?" He thinks on that for a moment, making a half-surprised, half-amazed face. "The new Star Wars movie's all over the news. How'd you manage to avoid it?" Jacob pulls a stiff piece of paper from the middle of the book and re-inserts it at the page he was reading when they started talking. It looks like an old catalog card, from the Dark Ages before catalogs were computer databases.

She gave a shoulder shrug beneath the weight of her gym bag, almost sheepishly to have missed something so important to others. "I guess I just never really looked into it." If there's a more reasonable answer she doesn't allude to it. Keeping on hand on her gym bag, she stuffs the cellphone in hand into aside pocket before extending it towards him for an introduction. "By the way, I'm Amalia. Space dunce." Her lips curled into a smirk. "Worst trivia partner in world."

Jacob takes her hand firmly and shakes. He's got a nasty papercut along one finger. "Nice to meet you, Amalia. Jacob. Good trivia partner for a lot of things, but everyone has their weak spots. Mine are sports and history. I'm not good with dates. Anyway, that's why you need a mix of ages and backgrounds for a good trivia team." His smile grows a little smirky, but that's kind of just his face, too. "Which I'm sure you're just dying to join, right?"

"Uh huh..." Amalia nodded, her face beaming with sarcasm. "Sure." A small laugh escaped as she shook her head. "I wouldn't say no I mean. I guess. It's all in good fun. Besides, I think I would be pretty good in sports trivia." She boasts a little. "Actually I know they have a few sport leagues that meet up here." Amalia gestured to the grand wall of club advertisements. "I was just about sign up for their boxing classes."

"See? Trivia nerds really value people who know sport trivia. It is our soft, fleshy underbelly." Jacob glances at the posters, nodding. His dark eyebrows go up again. "They have boxing? I like boxing. I might join that one - I'm still shopping around for a gym, though." He turns his attention back to her. "I'm new in town. Do you like this place?"

Amalia softly laughed again, amused. "I guess for some yeah." She states while adjusting the weight of her gym bag on the left shoulder. "Well they should, I saw a flyer about it about a week or two ago. Anyway, new huh? I wouldn't have guessed but sure, I mean it's home. Lived here nearly all my life. It has it's ups and downs like any other place you would know about. Where did you move from Jacob?"

"Chicago. So a lot bigger, but this place has its charm. More... quaint? Also I can probably walk around late at night in most sections of the city. More than Chicago, anyway," Jacob tells Amalia, adjusting his grip on the bag over his shoulder. "You're native, tell me some interesting places to go. Other than to hell. I mean restaurants and coffee places and things like that. I'm going to hell eventually, I figure."

"Chicago." She weighed her thoughts and knowledge of the city. "That's what I hear. It has the history for certain." As their conversation progressed her warmed features dimmed, just a touch. Amalia shook her head, "I'd never say that. And it's not really somewhere a person should settle on ending up." The topic was heading into a dangerous territory. "I rarely eat out. I guess it depends on your type of crowd. Do you like upscale, dives, hipster joints? They have a pool hall Leigh's. And an Italian spot called Ghiotto's."

Jacob winces very slightly at the reception to his hell joke before moving right past it. "Pool hall might be interesting. Any arcades? Board game places?" He pulls a smartphone out of his jacket pocket and thumbs in the code to unlock the screen. He opens up what looks to be a notepad app and starts a fresh note.

"Games? Like video games?" She asked while trying to remember the name of those gaming establishments. "Not for while. I haven't seen one lately but then I have really looked for them. Sorry." Amalia watched as he pulled out his phone. "I know there used to be an arcade on campus. I think they got rid of that. And a few bars have a few of the old games." From a quarter to a dollar fifty in some bars. And now she was next in line. "Excuse me." She tells Jacob before turning around to face the service rep at the front desk. A bubbly little thing with bright, Chiclet teeth and a muscular physique. Amalia pulls the clipboard forward to inquire about the boxing lessons. They have them, once a week. Whiling signing up Amalia hands over her membership card that contains all her information. "I'm aware of the added fee." The service girl hands over the flyer with information about the class and returns Amalia's membership card. "Thanks." She tells the worker before turning around to Jacob again. "Guess they have those classes after all. Still interested?"

"Might be," Jacob tells Amalia with a grin. "I'll grab one of those." He just leans over and swipes a flyer from the stand at the desk. "First, though..." He turns toward Miss Bubbly behind the counter. "I'd like get a tour of this place," he tells the employee. "See what it's like. It comes with a good recommendation, though." He gestures to Amalia. "She did a bit of your work for you.

Amalia's warmer side was returning, even after his distasteful attempt at humor. Hell is apparently a serious matter. "I guess I did." She turned to the lively thing opposite of the counter. "Twenty percent off next month's bill would be sufficient." She states, perhaps joking. A new customer benefited them over herself anyway. "Well..." turning partially to Jacob she plucks a pen and some random business card off the desk then begins scribbling on the back of it. The pen was soon enough returned to it's holder and the card to Jacob, containing her phone number. "If you join and you sign up for the boxing class let me know."

"Let me see," says the bubbly employee. She pulls up a screen on her computer and starts searching a program. Jacob's grin grows wider. He takes the card and swaps apps on his phone, keying it into his contacts. "A-M-A-L-I-A, not A-M-E-L-I-A, right?"

Teeth flashed in her smile, "Yup." Confirming the correct spelling of her name, Amalia glanced behind them. There was always a line, strange with three computers and only one customer service rep behind them. "Or for whatever." As if she had suddenly lost confidence in herself. "Food or something."

Jacob nods, hits the message icon on his phone next to her number and types a brief message. Her phone beeps - or vibrates, or rings the Super Mario theme, or whatever it does - and Jacob nods again. "There, that's me. Yeah, I'll take you up on that." He glances back at the employee, who smiles and says he can have a tour now if he likes. Jacob says that would be great. Turning to Amalia again, he nods. "That's me, then. See you around. Maybe soon, if you're staying to work out. Thanks, that made my wait in line better."