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Border Wars After Party BBQ
Dramatis Personae

Ashley, Brant, Deborah, Gigi, Harper, Harrison, Jackson, Jermaine, Katharina, Katherine, Kharn, Levi, Nadya, Roman, Seraphine

18 June, 2016

The Protectorate of Fallcoast is invited over to a barbecue by a member of The Murder, Jackson Wilkes, to have an after-party following the destruction of the Bale Hounds. Deborah receives a Brand for her Glory Renown, and Roman makes some killer steaks. Ashley offers a housewarming gift of a statue of a Doctor Who Weeping Angel, and everyone gets to know one another a little better. Information is traded, stories are traded, and the Protectorate becomes a little closer.


F01, Jackson & Nadya's House

Nadya and Jackson's house has been set up with festive decorations. However, since it's close to the fourth of July, the all appear to be relatively patriotic. Despite that, the decorations are tasteful and some of them even look hand-made. The scent of cooking food can be smelled from the driveway, and Nadya is there to invite everyone inside and out to the backyard, where Jackson stands near a grill, flipping a collection of hamburgers with a metal spatula. There's a plate of sliced cheddar near him, wrapped up in plastic. When they're ready, he coats half of the burgers with cheese and leaves the other bare because some folks dislike cheese for whatever reason.

There's a set of speakers sitting on the corner part of the porch that's playing out some old school punk music right now, it sounds like the Descendants. The festive 'No One Died! Yay!' sign is hanging up on the door leading out into the backyard, allowing folks to see that this is definitely a good thing. As people walk through the kitchen to get to the back yard, they can see what appears to be some kind of ritual material set up, since after any large fight there's usually some claims for Glory. And with Jackson being an Ithaeur, it seems only right that he'd be applying some Brands.

The garage door on the tool shed is open, showing the old hulk of steel that is what appears to be a 1976 Mustang that's being rebuilt, on a set of cinderblocks. Meat sizzles on the grill, and already there's a collection of sides and various food items set up on long tables in the back yard.

A dark sedan pulls up in front of the house and parks. A moment later, Harrison gets out of the driver seat and then out steps Jermaine from the opposite side, sitting shot gun. And from the back, Ashley is helped out by Jer as she is holding a plastic cake container with a neat little blue handle. It takes her a moment to get out of the back seat in her pink sundress and cute little wedge sandals. She's dressed more casual for the bbq and celebration, and her white blonde hair is braided loosely to one side. "This is the address. Oh look how nice they've decorated. Jermaine, we'll have to do some introductions since Desmond isn't with us." Her grey eyes move to Harrison next and smiles. "I also brought chocolate covered strawberries. Will you help me with those on the back seat here?"

Bryce follows behind Ashley carrying a big creepy statue. "Well I hope they like or at you know, tolerate it." Bryce growls as he carries the bulk of the thing. He sniffs the air. "Alright, smells good. No one died? Well that's....a relief I suppose. I thought there were a coupla deaths quite recently but eh....whatever, just point me to the whiskey and we'll all be fine."

Harper doesn't arrive /too/ fashionably late - and true to her words earlier to Ashley - she added a black scarf around her neck, to go with the rest of her black ensemble. As she didn't change, this gave her time to catch a bus, to a street, in which Harper walked the rest of the way to the house. For sure getting her exercise in. No changing clothes for her. Her messenger bag is removed from around her form and just drops it at the feet of a chair in a way to claim it for herself. A hand is lifted to Jackson in greeting wile he tends to the meat before she just oh so casually lowers herself down into the chair she claimed. Let the milling commence.

There's also a puppy in the house -- a baby Rottweiller that seems super enthusiastic about everyone coming in. She's let out into the backyard, and Jackson lifts a foot to allow the little dog to pass him and go chase some leaves near the greenhouse. He turns as people start entering and waves his spatula. "Hey everyone! And hello, Miss Harper! Nadya has, uh, she needs to take care of some things, so she'll be away for a minute, but if you'd like," he gestures over toward a table where there's enough empty space for people to set things up. "There's a good spot for whatever you've brought! Thank you for bringing food! We'll have enough here to feed an army, or at least five or six Uratha," he grins. Reaching for his phone in his pocket, he types out a text message, then shuts it off, setting it aside. "The rest of my pack should be here. No clue where Jon is. That'd be my little brother. Fresh Fallcoastian transplant."

No one has seen or heard from Rina since the night before, the wolfblood prefering to 'celebrate' after a fight by spending the next day in quiet contemplation. But here she is, a big bowl of store-made fruit salad in hand as well as a six-pack of some local craft beer she got to liking while here. Once she sees people the normally bold one hangs back. The sometimes-surly one is a people person, usually, but so many new faces in one place at one time is a little unnerving for her.

Ashley traipses into the backyard party as it starts right behind Bryce with the statue. She starts to laugh and laugh, soon followed by an eruption of giggles. Unable to contain herself, she shifts the cake container over to a table rather quickly and unveils a strawberry shortcake topped with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Jer and Harrison are also looked after, but then she waves to Harper. "Glad you made it, Harper." Then to Jackson she offers a meet and greet. "We met briefly at the other bbq and from my house to yours we bring you a gift. Either keep it or use it for target shooting practice... but it's SO yours." She thumb gestures over to the eight foot weeping angel statue in stone white. It IS a replica from Dr. Who, with outstretched hands to claw and grab and fanged teeth. It's a horrible statue. Really truly awful. Unless one loves Monster mania.

Harrison reaches back into the car for the chocolate covered strawberries. Harrison is very possibly the odd man out. In that... he is not Wolfblooded and not a Wolf. And yet he seems to walk easily with Ashley and Jermaine, as if he belonged with them. His fallcoast detective badge /is/ on his belt. It's always on his belt, face out. But his belt holster is empty - apparently his sidearm having been left... somewhere. Yes. Best not to bring a gun to a picnic. Even if it's at a fellow officer's house! He grins at Jackson, saying, "Hello Wilkes." He offers the fellow officer his hand. "Thanks for letting me tag along with Ashley and Jermaine."

Harper gives a nodding of her head to Jackson's words as she bends down to open her messenger bag and pull out - not food, but a bottle of good whiskey. This she carries over to the table before thunking it down, "Javier, and Preston whom you don't know yet, Jackson, send their regards." Then Ashley speaks to her and Harper gives a small shrug, "Preston could not come. He got mud of his pantlegs. Had to go take a bath." Back over to her chair she wanders now before taking a seat and stretching out her legs as the young woman gets comfortable.

Jermaine watches the two as they get out and with him helping Ashley out of the SUV, he grins and hugs her carefully. He watches as Ashley leads the charge and making sure Harrison was alright with the desert. He follows behind the two, watching. Some of the people here he's not met, but it is good for them to be here, now finally packed, the packs need to know one another. Stretching and moving over to Bryce, he helps, "Hey, nice seeing ya again." he says as he looks to the other. He blinks, "This thing is quite damn heavy." he says as he looks to Bryce, "Where too?"

Jackson gives Harrison an odd look and opens his mouth to say something. He closes it, then pushes his hand back through his hair. "Uh, hey, detective Cavanaugh. Um." He glances over at Jermaine, Bryce, and Ashley, then back to Harrison. "Yeah, no problem. I'm surprised to see you here." Still, he smiles at the detective, though it seems a touch strained. "Anyway, uh. Yeah. Hey, welcome." He rubs at the back of his head. "And thank you, Ashley. I remember meeting you, and hey! I'll try not to blink, I suppose! That will terrify Nadya. And probably Batman. Which is our dog. Roman bred her!" He gestures off toward the puppy that's frolicking in the leaves. He flips the burgers onto plates and sets them aside, moving to help with the statue to set it down on the porch, just beyond the doors. "There we go."

Harrison pauses a moment, and then looks at Jackson. "Hey, Wilkes, can we step aside for a moment?" He apparently caught his fellow officer's manner and surprise...

Finally braving the people, Rina scoots over to where Jackson is, the beer and disposable bowl of chunked up fruit held out although she does keep a couple bottles to herself. Of course this happens just as the other guy asks to speak with him which prompts her to keep quiet. Rina's timing is, as always, awesome. Not.

Perhaps it's the presence of not one, but two if not more police officers that has Harper sipping on a punch - rather than a whiskey. Or at least it /looks/ like punch. Her green eyes drift over toward Jackson and Harrison, watching the interaction with lazy indifference even as she pulls her cellphone out of her pocket.

Jermaine helps Bryce and once a spot is picked out, he looks to Bryce "Give me a moment." he says as he takes a moment to look at everyone. Seeing Jackson, he walks over to him where Harrison is standing. He grins at Ash, than scanning the area, "Hello again Harper." he says to her. Once he sees a break in the moment, "Jackson?" he asks looking to the other Uratha. "I'm Jermaine, thank you for allowing me and mine into your territory, I will uphold whatever rules you have in place." he bows his head to the other and offers a hand out to him. He looks to Harrison, than back to Jackson, "Harrison here is with us, brother." He says as he looks back to Harrison offering a nod of his head and smile.

To Harper, Jackson says, "Yeah! No problem. Apparently Levi and Katherine will also be late. I'm told that Katherine is 'hopping through the shower,' which according to Urban Dictionary means that she's cleaning her asshole of feces." He nods thoughtfully. "And give Javier my regards as well." He notes Rina heading in his direction, and gives her a loose hug, "Hey Sybil!" He calls out to Deborah as she arrives. "Whiskey's over there," he points toward a table filled with booze and punch, then nods to Jermaine. "I appreciate your candor, Jermaine. It's nice to meet you. And the rules are just the Oath, really." After that, he moves to clap a hand on the new wolf's shoulder, and then turns to Harrison, waving him over toward the tool shed.

"Sure, set it down." Bryce says indifferently as he goes over to help himself to a nice big glass of whiskey and some sausages. "Alright. Good to have this little get together." He stoops down to see the little pup with Deborah and grins but then walks over to wherever the rest of them are eating. "Hey everybody. Hope yer enjoying yer Saturday. I know I am...."

In the tool shed, Harrison, once in the tool shed, says softly, "Wilkes... you seem surprised to see me. I'm Ashley's mate... and Jermaine's sworn brother. I was told of the Wolves by Marc, who was second to Kharn when Ashley was in Kharn's pack. I was welcomed by Marc and Kharn as a friend to that pack. And I've been welcomed into Ashley's father's tribe, as she's bearing my twins. Elon can vouch for me as well." He pauses. "But I'm not one of you. I know. I don't have your blood, although my children will. So if it's uncomfortable for me to be here, I will of course leave. It is up to you. If I'm going to cause you to break your Oath or to cause issue with others, I should leave."

In the tool shed, As they enter the tool shed, Jackson moves to lean up against his gun cabinet. It looks like outside of his service weapon, he's got a good collection of others. He gestures toward the engine block of the Mustang he's rebuilding. "Have a seat. What's up, Cavanaugh?" And then Harrison lays it on him. He presses his lips together and considers that for a long moment. "It doesn't break my Oath, no. Marc's, potentially Jermaine's, but not mine. Your reputation says you won't tell of anything that's happening here, or what we discuss. But I'd like your word on that to make sure that nothing's spread outside of these walls. If anyone else feels uncomfortable by having you here, I'd probably have to ask you to leave, but I trust that you'll make sure to follow - well. You know. The rules and all. You're the Herd, after all. Unfortunately, that makes it a slippery slope. If my brother was here, he'd probably have more to say on the topic, but you're also a friend of mine. Or I'd like to think so, anyway. But," he trails off. "Just, you know, make sure if anyone asks you that you tell them that same story and hopefully it'll allay their concerns." <from Jackson>

The hug is returned, equally loose as she wasn't expecting that from Jackson, it instead something she'd expect from Nadya. Clearing her throat, she turns to face those here and waves. "Hello. I am Rina." Her accent is undoubtedly noticeable as eff, as the saying goes. Heavily Icelandic. At least she speaks English and does so well, otherwise talking with her might be unbearable.

Levi is already walking in with that crooked grin of his, jeans and boots with worn shirt under a Carhartt canvas coat. Sensitive ears pick up Jacksons' words even before he ducks into the shed and the bastard can probably hear the Irraka growl out, "Stop using Urban Dictionary to figure out phrases, and trust me, you jackass!" A cigarette appears from his coat and he flicks it to light with that brass zippo of his before green eyes search for who's here yet, who's going to be here. The drag off the smoke is exhaled to the sky as he finds the whiskey by smell and takes out a bottle, sniffing at it a few more times he exhales a small sigh and puts it back, taking a bottle of water instead.

Katherine is late. The usually prompt woman is late and it's probably /someone's/ fault. The sheer amount of people makes Katt give pause, hand shoving her cell phone into the back pocket of her jeans. Her stroll slows and she lingers on the outskirts, tugging a cigarette case from another pocket, deciding to watch the people and have a smoke before wading in deeper. For those of you that notice, she is wearing her badge and gun. Wait, badge? It's tucked under her shirt, on the left of her belt buckle.

In the tool shed, Harrison is quiet for a moment, watching Jackson for a long moment. He nods once, saying, "I think it best I should go then. I don't want anyone to be uncomfortable." He moves to stand and offers the fellow officer his hand. "Thank you for offering for me to stay, but I don't even want to /risk/ causing discomfort. My own Oath to protect the Wolves - the Oath that I made to Kharn and Marc stands, though. If you need anything, let me know, alright?"

In the tool shed, Jackson takes a step toward Harrison and says, "Hey, Cavanaugh. I don't want you to think that this has any bearing on how I think of you as a person. I like you, man. You helped me out and made sure that the Herd wasn't alerted when I was talking to that spirit. I can understand that, though. Obviously I can't tell you what to do, and I don't want to cause friction between the Murder and Jermaine's and Ashley's pack. Lord knows we've had enough trouble to last a lifetime lately." He tilts his head as he hears the voice of Levi call out, then looks back to Harrison. "Just, you know. Make sure they know that it's your decision. I'd like to keep up relations within the Protectorate as best I can."

Ashley is still standing by the food table and re-shifting all the chocolate covered strawberries she brought inside the container. The little paper cups they are in are put out and then another small container with party spears to pick them up easily. She glances up to Jer and then smiles over at the puppy, half nudging him to catch sight of the dog. "It's soo adorbs." For those she doesn't know, she does nod to each and greet them. "Hi everyone. I'm Ashley." She's not been out too much in the family scene, but here she is.

Jackson and Harrison are in the shed, apparently discussing something that's gravely important, judging by the look on Jackson's face. He tilts his head at Levi's voice and waves to the young Irraka, then holds up his index finger to indicate that he'll be out in a minute.

Harper has, at some point during people arriving and introducing, found herself a bowl of fruit - which is poked around with a fork as she plays with it more than eats it. Still sitting in a chair, her eyes do flit back and forth from conversation to conversation. While she may not be actively engaging in conversation, it's clear she's listening to everything around her. The bowl is sat down on the ground next to her as she just stretches out and does her thing. Which is nothing.

With introductions made as a guest, Jermaine walks back over to Ashley who he takes her hand and holds it, bringing her hand up to kiss. When nudged he looks over to the puppy, he smiles and looks back to her, "So I take it you want a puppy now?" he ask as he looks to her than back to the puppy. The food smells really good and he is starting to get hungry, but you don't want to be that guy who is the first one to eat right. He watches as the others come, some he recognizes now, "Rina." he calls to her waving. He looks to Ash as she introduces herself, he moves behind her and hugs her.

In the tool shed, Harrison clasps Jackson's hand, and says, "It's my decision. Thank you, my friend. I'll see you at work." He heads on out and joins the rest of the party, heading for Ashley.

In the tool shed, Jackson returns the handshake firmly. "Of course, Harrison. And if you ever need anything, you know that I've got a bunch of people that would be willing to back you up on something." After that, he heads out of the tool shed as well, to rejoin the party.

Harrison is talking with Jackson quietly in the tool shed. He clasps Jackson's hand warmly, and nods with a smile, before heading to Jermaine and Ashley. He smiles to the two, saying, "You two should stay. I should get going. Jackson very politely offered for me to stay - but the truth is, despite the oath I pledged to Kharn and Marc to always protect the Wolves, I'm still technically 'herd', and as such... I'm going to make people uncomfortable. And I decided that isn't right. Not at a celebration." He leans in to kiss Ashley's cheek, before gently tossing his keys to Jermaine. "I'll catch an Uber to work. I have some projects to work on anyway." He doesn't seem to be upset.

Gigi, in all of her slinky glory, arrives -- wearing a black tanktop and a pair of little denim shorts with black and gray Jordans. It's comfortable, her hair is wild, and she seems a little sly about something - but when isn't she? Her bright, mint-green eyes are narrowed with intrigue -- looking from face to face, recognizing some -- zeroing in on others. Her nostrils flare and she draws in little sniffs, her fingers curled around the neck of a bottle of Cherry Vanilla Coke, sweating with condensation. She seems to be a little bit grumpy - perhaps a touch awkward, waiting for some measure of an in.

All the police wuffs, policing people and spirits! Deborah is just... focused on the puppy. Because there are no kiddies about to focus on. Which means all the smoking is fine. See? Win/Win/Win! After a time, she's bounced from the puppy, for others deserve it's love, and gets over to the grill. "Double burger, with... however much cheese we can shove on it. Rare." Obvs.

Seraphine arrives, wearing a pair of high waisted black shorts and a top in deep purple that flutters about her form, hair pulled back into a lazy bun. Wedge sandals, a score of bangles around a wrist, and big sunglasses round it all off, topped with a bright and flashing grin. Fingers waggle in greeting to, well. Just about everyone.

Kharn arrives with an armful of jerky, which he sits down wherever the food is being served. He nods to Harrison as he's leaving and looks around at the gathering. He approaches Levi and clasps the man by the forearm and nods approvingly at him. Finding Harper in the crowd, he mouths 'Sorry I'm late' and raises a glass of something tasty to his lips.

After exiting the tool shed with Harrison and watching him head off toward Ashley and the others, Jackson pauses in his movement back to join the festivities. He moves to push his fingers back through his hair and seems to concentrate on something heavily, his face growing a little stormy while focusing on whatever it is the Ithaeur is thinking. He makes his way over to Ashley and Jermaine after Harrison heads out, then says in a quiet voice, "Harrison and I talked and I wanted you to know that he decided to leave. I don't want this to impact relations between your pack and the Murder," he says. He still also tries to be a decent host, and waves at everyone that's entering the party. "I, uh, man, I wish Nadya was here to greet people," he mutters. He looks back to Jermaine and Ashley. "Okay? Does that make sense?"

Frankly Katt appears more to be working security, than to be there for the party. But she watches, enjoying the way the people interact. Watching body language and reactions, actions, responses. It's all very interesting to her the same way taking apart a computer program into it's seperate parts might be. A slow drag on a hand-rolled cigarette, one hand rests on her holster out of habit as she taps her ash to the ground.

Katharina gives Jermaine a smile when he greets her but then, with a blink, she smiles as a certain someone arrives, that being Kharn. Instead of approaching she simply lifts a hand, raising it in a wave of sorts. Seems like she might be feeling a bit more at ease, if only a little. "How is everyone today?" Passing by the red-haired man, Kharn gets a poke on his arm from her before she finally goes to get herself something to eat.

Ashley smiles at Harrison as he gets ready to go and she looks a bit confused but of course nods to the Detective. She leans in and kisses him goodbye. "Okay? Sure, We'll call you later." Nodding of course also back to Jackson. "Whatever you think is best, we'll defer that decision back to you as this is your home."

Bryce leans on the wall. "Ay this is the life. Good friends. Good drink, a dog, and nobody's dead yet. That's a pretty good Saturday if I do say so myself." Bryce raises the glass of whiskey to the others and then tosses it back. He goes to refill the glass once again. He jerks his head in direction of jackson. He narrows his eyes. "Hrm, sounds like a serious matter but that's one way to handle it." He shrugs.

Levi lingers close to Katt and when she realizes that it's him in her space, he helps her ease her hand from her gun to her hip, murmuring into her ear for a moment before he slips away. There are greetings to be made. Kharn is given a grunt and a slap to his shoulder in return. Blood Talons, what're you gonna do. Sera arrives which means the Witch is intercepted by the Gypsy and given a scooping hug and a nuzzle to her neck. Slipping past her Ashley is given a quick one armed squeeze before he cuts Jackson's vector off to give him a brotherly headbutt. "Good fucking party, sir. And your place looks fucking awesome." There's a jerk and he goes, "Oh yeah," hand reaching into his back pocket he pulls a small bag and presses it into his Beta's palm. "This is for both of you. But she'll know what it means." A wink is given and he continues to go back to mingling, smoking on his stolen expensive cigarette and leaving a trail of vanilla and spice clouds behind him.

"I really appreciate it, Ashley. Thank you." Jackson gives a slight nod to her, and then moves to rest a hand on her shoulder. "You and Jermaine and Bryce are welcome, of course. And since it looks like everyone's here," he trails off and heads over to one of the tables and climbs up on top of it. He's a skinny guy, but still the thing creaks under his weight. He picks up a bottle of tequila from the table and holds it up. "Hey everyone!" He calls out.

"So, we're gathered here to celebrate the fact that we beat our enemies and no one died except Huginn, which -- well, that's kind of a mixed bag and shit, but anyhow." He clears his throat. Ithaeur aren't great at parties. "My lovely fiancee Nadya is off doing whatever it is she's doing, and she'll be here shortly, but I'd like to say congratulations to everyone. And if you would like to call upon the Lunes while you're here, I've got the equipment set up in the kitchen to perform the Spirit Brand!" After that, he shifts his weight and eyes the creaking table. "I should get off this thing before it falls. Anyway, everyone have fun tonight! Everyone Wang Chun tonight! Preferably not the latter, since that's - you know - a kind of martial art." And he climbs down from the table.

Jermaine sees Harrison as he walks back to him. Quirking his head to the side, Jermaine is a bit puzzled for a moment, than it dawns on him as to why he is leaving. "Sorry." he says to Harrison. He reaches out and grips his forearm and shake it. As Harrison leaves, he hugs Ashley close rot him and as Jackson comes over to explain, he nods his head, "I understand." he says to him. Jermaine looks around at the others as they are now all coming in. He sees Kharn than glances back to Ashley and Jackson, "I would like to know a bit more of whats going on later if you don't mind giving me a heads up Jackson?" he asks.

Gigi edges in -- creeping, more toward the free booze. It's one of the most predictable things about Gigi, perhaps, that she's mixing herself a cherry vanilla Coke and vodka drink -- icy -- heavy on the vodka. Really heavy on the vodka; like a splash of rum. She narrows her eyes, her movements more sharp and liquid than they ever have been. She sniffs her drink, downs the whole thing -- then she pours herself another one. Gigi apparently drinks and knows things, as Ravens are wont to do. She has her second drink, feeling a lack of buzz from the first that is completely infuriating, frowning as she heads over toward the table with the umbrella and sort of looms beside it; watching a crow at the bird feeder from the corner of her curious, curious eyes.

Intercepted, the Swamp Witch returns the hug and nuzzle from the Gypsy, squeezing tight before she's wandering over to other familiar faces. Like Katt. Seraphine sidles up to the other woman, giving her a friendly bump of shoulder and then a slight lean. "Hey, darlin'," she purrs out, that thick accent dripping from her tongue as she curves a smile. Watching those gathered, and letting out a slow breath of her own. There's a thoughtful look, turned towards Jackson. Hm.

Levi eases Katt's hand off her gun and for a moment she looks as if she's going to give the man a dirty look. When he speaks in her ear, she resists the urge to put her hand back on her holster with a noticeable effort and awkwardly fiddles with her shirt hem instead. Responding to his mutter with a nod, she watches him as he moves off. Taking another long drag of the smoke, Katt nods to Sera, raising two fingers in the usual peace symbol to her. The hand again almost goes to the holster, instead she tucks it behind her and leans on it. Joined by Sera, she grins and returns the nudge. "Well well, it's my favorite." She says with a knowing grin. Without much thought, she moves to pass Sera her smoke. "What are they doing in the shed?" She asks quietly. "Surely not what my great grandmother used to do. Unless Jackson is kinkier than I ever expected."

After climbing down from the table, Jackson passes by Jermaine again and gives him a nod. "Since it's a Uratha party, the Herd really shouldn't be here. I mentioned that to Harrison, in case it makes people uncomfortable, and -- I'll explain more later." The party is in full swing with alcohol being imbibed, and burgers and hotdogs and bacon-filled potato salad and the like set up on various tables, along with french fries that look like they were cut from big ass potatoes and put into a deep fryer. He opens his hand, the one that took whatever Levi gave him, and gives it a quizzical look. Wagon wheels in gold, pendants. He slips them into his pocket, and then Kharn's headed in the direction he currently is. He claps the big Rahu on the shoulder, "Good to see you, man." He passes by him to head over toward Gigi. "Hey, stray! My favorite wolfblooded fatalistic nihilist." He grins. As he nears Gigi, though, the grin seems to fade slightly. "Uh, huh. Okay. Well, apparently you picked up a Fetish or something! Anyhow, eat and drink and whatnot. Also, have you seen Roman? I expected him to come and show me up on his cooking skills."

"Well whoever made this does have some great gooking skills." Bryce says as he munches down his ribs and sausages. "Be a helluva a meal for me to put down the drink this long. I'll tell all of you that right now." Bryce grins and turns to Kharn to wave. "Hey Kharn. I thought ya were dead or something. I haven't seen you in a good while. And least as far as I can remember."

Gigi is taking interactions with sharp, bright eyes. She seems to miss absolutely nothing -- her ear tilted to the sounds, the conversations. When she spots the Itheaur approaching, she looks from the crow at the bird feeder to the likes of Jackson. Her grin falters a little bit when he calls her Wolfblooded, glancing briefly over toward Kharn -- she lifts one hand in a wave, always sly herself. She inclines her head when Jackson mentions her getting a fetish, but she doesn't tip her hand. "Good to see you, Jackson. Roman is on his way right now, I came from some other business. Your back yard is amazing. The crows love it." She raises one tawny brow to him, draining her drink There's this little tint of awkwardness, but she ushers that away and keeps it cool.

Being called favorite makes Seraphine's grin quirk, enough so that the corners of her eyes crinkle a bit. "Not sure," she muses to Katt, with a lift of shoulders. "But I don't recognize the man he was talking to." The smoke is taken, there's a pause, and then she hands it back with a shake of her head. "I'm cutting back on vices," she explains. Still giving Jackson that thoughtful look. The swamp witch is pondering. That's never good.

Rina looks around before finding a place to sit. It is time to eat and to relax and try not to skitter off, the impulse to excuse herself growing harder to ignore. One of the beers she snagged for herself is popped open with her teeth and then is drank.

Poor Jackson. He's been left all this time to meet and greet, take care of the food, usher people around and make sure that everything was running smoothly. Nadya finally returns, hair and shirt wet, looking more than a little annoyed at whatever has kept her away. She pauses in the back door to the house, letting dark eyes sweep across the yard, taking note of the crowd that's gathered. At least they won't be left with a ton of food that's not going to be eaten, right? After letting out a breath, she finally heads into the yard, offering up a smile of greeting to people that she passes.

Katt has to repress something that would probably be close to a guffaw of laughter at Sera's comment. Pressing her fingers to her lips, it does nothing to repress that rather cocky grin. "You're....what?" She scoffs playfully, wrinkling her nose and taking a deep drag of the returned smoke. "Alright pretty girl." She muses, seeming to accept it, without reason that Sera is taking the... higher road. Then, she turns a little to Sera and Katt frowns, "Wait, what do you mean you're cutting back? Are you sick or something?" Concern etches Katt's face.

Harper just happened to catch Katherina open the beer with her teeth - that action alone causing her flesh to prickle as if just imagining the sensation of doing that herself. Her tongue noticeably runs over her top teeth before Harper's beverage is lifted and sipped as her cellphone is turned upside down. Covering the display. Seeming content not to be an active part of the crowd.

"Well, good to know," Jackson says to Gigi with tilt of his head. He turns to look up toward the trees which are, indeed, filled with crows. "Yeah, I think that might be all that talking I've been doing to crow spirits lately. Trying to find the right one for the pack, you know. A Totem is a sacred thing, and I'd like it if I could make sure that it's affiliated with both Luna and the Tribal Totems of everyone in the pack," he rambles. Getting him started on talking about spirits isn't a great idea, since that's a ten hour conversation waiting to happen. He stops himself from going on more about it. "Anyhow, because of that, it appears I've attracted some of their more mortal kin." He notes Seraphine's continued stare at him, then Nadya's entrance into the party. He gives a slight sigh of relief, and then gives Gigi a big hug and kisses her on the side of her head if she lets him. "Roman's my brother, which makes you my sister," he says to her. "So I'm glad to have you." He glances over toward Katherina and Harper both, then moves to quickly make his way to Nadya.

Jermaine nods his head and he looks to Kharn, "Nice to see you again." he says to Kharn, though Jermaine is standing behind Ashley with his arms around her waist, still when Jackson comes back over to them, "I see." he says for a moment, thinking but he nods. "Sorry, it will not happen again." he states. Wanting to keep the peace, and knowing that Ashley may something, he just lets it go for now. "Alright, it would be nice to get caught up." he says. He looks around as more and more people are starting to come by, seeing Rina speaking with Seraphina, another he knew. "Looks like things are kicking off." he says to Ashley.

Kharn raises his eyebrow at Bryce and laughs, "No, no I'm still here. Went on a trip up to Canada for a bit, but I'm back." Nadya arrives and is given a happy smile and wave. His attention wanders to Harper. He stays long enough for Ashley and Jermaine's response before heading over to the aloof girl who doesn't want to be part of the group and says something quietly to her.

Brant shows up, a couple foil covered dishes carried before him. He glances around, then makes his way toward the table of food to lay down his burden. "Afternoon all. Thanks for the invite, Jackson. Lorna sends her respects, and some condolence yams, but had a session scheduled that prevents her attendance."

"Crows are good luck." Which... they're not to a lot of people, but apparently to Gigi they /are/. She attends to Jackson's wisdom about spirits - and about their mortal kin, her interest piqued -- allowing him to hug her and kiss her head. Gigi is, perhaps, a bit unused to physical affection so there's the barest moment where she tenses -- but it happens for a moment only, and she relaxes with a sigh -- it's not a bad one, perhaps one of relief. Gigi isn't really in the business of feeling accepted. "Thank you, Jackson. That means a lot, especially now. You're pretty sweet for a nihilist." The playful ribbing is meant to be just that, and she nudges his bicep lightly. She glances over at Brant, expression curious.

Levi pipes up about Kharn, "Yeah. Canada...ginger bastard," grumble grumble. With greetings for the most part taken care of he spots the Stray with a big grin. Slinking up to Gigi he gives her a quick hug as well, setting her back down before he proceeds to the table with the meat. Chewing through a burger patty just held in his fingers he eyeballs Jackson for a moment. "Yeah, you gonna let me in on any of that shit, or just going to be the Superman to my Batman and only tag me in when you fuck up or someone takes over your body?" Okay that was a dig deep nerd reference, but whatever. He has a cigarette and food which means he needs a place to eat it. And why not over by Sera and Katherine?

Bryce wipes his forehead. "Wew, that's a relief. Not dead, just in Canada. Alright well you take care." Bryce pats Kharn all the shoulder. "Take care the lot of you. Remember ye can visit me at the Ironworks.If ya have any official busines over here or whatever, I don't really care." Bryce walks out, sipping whiskey and grumbling to himself.

Nadya makes her way to Jackson, although as she passes by Levi, she pokes him in the side with a finger. She's trying to look all happy, but the annoyed expression is still lingering. "I'm sorry I'm late. A pipe burst at the studio in the spa, so I had to get it turned off, then had to clean it all up. Hence," she waves at her wet hair and clothing, "All of this." The words are offered up to Jackson before she leans in to place a kiss against his cheek, "How's it going so far?"

Harper turns her gaze to Kharn when he wanders over to her, his murmured words having the effect of her canting her head before her green gaze lifts to his own. Whatever he said illicits a long stretch of silence from Harper before she just says, "I already said hello, when I arrived here..." the last few words murmured out to Kharn under her breath before she lifts her cup to her lips, another sip and swallow taken.

Ashley must have gotten lost in the crowd here as she stands to the side with Jer. She pops a chocolate strawberry into her mouth just as Kharn, The FIREBEARD pops over to greet them. "Ifsssbin whaaay mmmm den minmuts," yeah way to go Ash. That's her reply to the Ralurnim. And then she grins widely up at him and his bright ginger hair, nodding of course. And then she gives him a playful punch to the shoulder arm, cause she's a tough Uragarum. The banter between old packmates playful still no less! And then she tries to keep the strawberry and the chocolate in her mouth with a pretty little napkin stolen from the dessert side of the table. And as he wanders over to Harper, she waves again her way. Her gaze shoots back to Levi next, then Gigi, and Sera with a smile.

Moose finally arrives. He arrives with giant boxes wafting of the smell of spices. He walks up to the table and the grill area and he puts the one box down beside the grill and nods his head. He grumbles quietly as he pulls out a cooler that has dry rubbed cajun spiced steaks and marinated steaks. Another case with sckewers of marinated chicken and veges, another plate with lentil and mushroom burgers for the less meat inclined. Then two pies, one apple and one apple and strawberry. He also pulls out some stuffed veges. Stuffed red peppers and stuffed tomatoes. Roman grunts quietly and slowly looks over to Jackson. "Hey um...can I ... grill?"

Okay. This crowd thing is not working out for Rina at all. She stands and takes her beers with her, leaving the spent bottle cap on the table where it fell, and goes to say goodbye to their hosts, Jackson and Nadya given a hug. "I am sorry but I'll come by later." No explanation, no good bye, just an apology and a promise. On her way out of the backyard she loops around to speak with Kharn, whispering into his ear before calling out to all, "Take care, everyone. I hope to be able to see you all again." The yard is exited at that.

"Well, there was a human that showed up, and he and I talked a bit and I explained the whole thing about the Oath and possibly making people uncomfortable, since -- well, you know how it goes." Jackson explains to Nadya. He moves to wrap an arm around her waist and then reaches into his pocket to take out the pendants. "Levi gave us these. Seraphine's been staring at me for like five minutes, and Gigi," he trails off there. "Anyway, things are going well." And there's Moose with the wonder of his food. "Fuck yes you can grill." He looks off after Levi, "Also, I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean there, Stormy, but -- oh, hey, bye Rina!" He looks to Nadya, "As you can also see, people are leaving. Likely due to something I did, I'm sure." He looks at the hideous statue in the corner of the porch that looks like a Dr. Who weeping angel. "Oh, Ashley gave us that."

Gigi flicks bright eyes over toward Moose as he arrives, perking up a little -- sniffing the air as she hears him grumble, this measure of amusement creeping over her face. Gigi edges over to the big Rahu and leans her shoulder into him with a light thump, "Need help? I can hand you things." Because that's helping. The small woman tilts her head with a birdish little tick, her eyes catching on the pendants -- staring at them for a moment. She narrows her eyes, and appreciates them before peering at the spread that Roman has toted in.

Kharn chuckles at Harper's response and says "Fair enough." He watches Roman arrives with food and makes a face. He misses making grand feasts. His phone goes off and he doesn't realize it's his right away. After a moment he looks down at it and purses his lips. Rina says something to him and he nods, trying to work this new fangled gizmo into sending a response. He says something to Harper and then announces, "Sorry folks, got a text that I was waiting for and have to go pick something up. Thanks for having me."

Ashley suddenly pipes up over to Nadya and Jackson. "THAT is target practice." She smiles wonderfully. "Some artist left those at the house we're restoring in town. I have eight more just like it. And what's not to love about the gift that shares? Shoot it." She grins back at Jermaine as she goes in search of something to drink.

Brant removes the foil from a pan of baked yams and another that reveals a pan of baked beans. Nothing like Uratha appetites for demolishing a carryin. Always best to bring reinforcements. But then, someone said Oath and human in the same sentance, and Elodoth senses activate. He looks about the gathering, but doesn't notice any unfamiliar faces, so instead sidles over near Jackson, by way of the plated end of the table, and then along the side, filling up a plate of his own for a prolonged lurking if necessary.

There's a sly little grin from Seraphine, towards Katt. "Nah, sugar. Not sick. Just important to keep the system clean every now and again. Reset back to zero, or something." Gods, she's a bad liar. A horrible one. And when Jackson mentions the fact that she's been staring at him for the past five minutes, she gives him a waggle of fingers. Gigi is given the same, but when the woman moves towards Roman, there's a dip of her head before she's looking towards the incoming Levi. "Met a gent by the name of Keith, the other day. One of the Shadows," she offers, still thoughtful. "Read my future. Most interesting tarot deck I've ever seen."

Harper watches Katharina approach, whisper to Kharn, then away before her gaze drifts back to him. But when Kharn says he has to leave - her lips actually part briefly - but it's for a mere second before they close once more as he speaks softly to her. "I shan't count on it." Her simple response to whatever Kharn speaks to her before Harper just reclines in her seat once more, another lifting of her cup to her lips, another swallow of her beverage. "Have a good night, Kharn." A quriking of her lips to the man next to her, then away.

Jackson laughs at Ashley's comment, then shakes his head. "Ah! Kharn, but you should come by again soon!" The Ithaeur calls to the big guy. "And we're going to go off looking for your Wolverine soon, for sure." He turns then and looks off toward Deborah. "Hey, Sybil, come over here," he says in a louder voice to allow it to carry. "I'll be right back," he says to Nadya, then moves to clasp Brant on the shoulder as the Iron Master approaches. He runs into the kitchen and comes back out with what looks like a Freddy Krueger glove. "Okay, Sybil. C'mere." He flexes his fingers in the glove.

Nadya eyes the statue a moment before Ashley explains what it's for. "Ah. Well, thank you, I guess. We'll have to move it elsewhere before using it for target practice." With Jackson going off to speak to other people, she heads for a table to grab herself something to drink, bringing herself near to where Gigi and Roman are standing. "Hey, you two. I'm glad that you could make it, Gigi. And thank you for bringing food and taking over the grill, Roman. I'm fairly sure Jackson is happy about that, since it gives him one less thing to do."

Deborah looks up from her food. Not quite finished. "Two seconds," she says, stuffing the last two bits worth of food into her mouth and nomnomnomz it quickly. Food done, she wipes her hand off on her pants before moving over to the Ithaeur. Beer drained by the time she gets over there.

Katt is looking at Sera. She's looking at Sera like she's just sprouted angel wings and asked to bless the gathering of werewolves. Eyes blink, flutter, and she scoffs softly. "I think you're full of shit." Katt remarks, probably before that filter between her brain and her mouth has time to kick in. But, soon enough Levi is there, as well as conversation of other wolves. Looking away from the pair with a lingering, suspsicious gaze, she at last takes teh last drag of her cigarette. Licking her fingertips she pinches it out and the butt disappears. Mention of a tarot deck comes and she looks at the pair, "You don't really believe in th...." She doesn't even finish. Closing her mouth with an almost regretful "mmmm" sound. A sort of disbelieving grunt.

Ashley sips some punch and grins to Nadya. "When you break that up with however you want to do it? Please feel free to ask for another. I tried to sell some of those at a yard sale today. No go. Harper however came by," she smiles to Harper sitting across the way. "And her brother Preston stopped in to help pitch some other really horrible junk away. Heh. But Jer and I know we need to start getting out more and pitching in. Inviting people over and such and quit being hermit like. Well, hermit not so much. But definitely, want to invite people over to share the new swimming pool we just put in. When work is done for the day, of course."

Harper seems to finish her drink, looking into the now empty cup for longer than needed really before Harper just rises from her seat. Bending down her messenger bag is picked up, slung over her chest all the while walking to the trashcan. There is a glance around to everyone present before her gaze lands on Nadya. It's she, the hostess, who gets a lifting of Harper's hand in a farewell greeting - and Ashley as he's nearby before Harper just starts to wander back toward the house, apparently taking her leave.

The Ithaeur takes a moment to concentrate, his eyes closing and then opening once more. After Jackson opens his eyes, one is black and formless, like void, with the occasional pin-point of white in it like starlight. The other is a little hazed over as he enters his trance, but still pale green -- similar to Gigi's eyes, actually! He takes a moment to glance over at the sides of the ten foot tall privacy fences surrounding the property and, safe as it is, he moves slowly to push himself up into a larger form, taking the Dalu shape. He says in a distant voice, "Sybil, the Lunes have seen fit to notice the Glory of your actions in the Battle of Blackridge Forest against the Bale Hounds, enemies of Luna. Will you submit to the Brand to show the world this glorious action that you've taken?" Probably a weird place to do this, in the backyard, but apparently that's happening.

Bernadette arrives late. Late, and actually visibly flustered about the lateness, despite her usual stoic disposition. She comes in from where she parked her truck, hauling a cooler along in both hands. Before doing anything else, that cooler is carried off to where the rest of the food is, and two large bowls are removed and placed with the rest. In one is a generous amount of potato salad with a liberal amount of bacon mixed in, while the other contains a somewhat spicy three-bean salad. Only when that's done does she actually turn to look at those gathered.

Levi is giving Sera a funny look as he approaches but she should expect that when she announces things like cutting back on vices and it isn't Lent. But he doesn't question, he'll simply support as always. When he draws closer to the pair he pinches off the ash of his smoke and steps on it before pocketing the butt. Mention of the Tarot has his eyebrow quirking slightly, it goes higher when Katt busts out her disbelieving face. Giving the hacker a look he chuffs, "You're in the presence of men and women who turn into wolves, is divination so far off the track?" There's a branding occuring and he turns his head to glance as Jackson brings the spirits down into the party to brand Deborah with her Glory. Something about it makes his hand reach up to scratch at his own chest some, at new brands that still burn a little. Bernie arrives and she's given a rather personable wave before his attentions shift back to Swamp Witch and Katherine.

Roman feels Gigi get closer and he leans down to kiss her forehead. "Hey." He nuzzles her cheek and grins. "Help would be most welcome." He chuckles warmly. He puts some steaks on the grill and glances around. "People need to tell me how they like their meat." He speaks up. Moose starts grilling the meat and then puts on the stuffed vege's.

Jermaine has been eating, yup he couldn't resits the temptation no damn more, food is MMM, MMM, Good. Yeah he is really thinking that in his head, so as he eats, he hears his name a few times and he looks over to where Ashley is. He walks over with two plates, one with meats and sandwiches and something light for her. "Huh?" he asks he looks to the group Ashley is talking with. "Hi." yeah he looks all hungry and such.

The sunlight behind Seraphine does make for a lovely halo, but no actual angel wings appear, nor does she start speaking in a heavenly, worrisome tongue. Just laughter, even if it's a good laugh. "Maybe, darlin'," she agrees with a wink. One hand reaches out as the Gypsy draws near, and she touches his arm briefly before letting her hand fall away. "Mmm, my point exactly. Not to mention ghosts and spirits and all the other shit. It's not too imposible a thought." Bernie gets a bright smile, and then the swamp witch leans against Katt again for a moment. Every now and then, she glances about, like she's looking for someone.

Nadya smiles at Ashley, "I think we're good with the one statue, but thanks. And it's nice to get out and involved with everyone else. I think it's something that everyone needs to do, actually. After all this crap with the Bale Hounds..." She shakes her head before lifting a hand to push her hair back from her face. "Anyway, folks! Let Roman know how you like your steak done so that he can start grilling. And eat the food, please. I don't have room for this many leftovers." Bernadette gets a smile as she arrives with the salads. She moves over to the other woman, turning to face her, although her back is to the rest of the group.

The touch from the swamp witch is obviously savored and his hand turns to catch at hers before it drops away entirely. There's a bittersweet sadness in his gaze for a moment before his phone rings and he mutters a dark curse. Taking the blasted thing from his pocket, Levi stalks off somewhere quiet to grumble into the phone at whoever is on the other end.

Bernadette glances around, her gaze first finding the faces of her newfound pack, offering a nod to each, then it moves on to the rest that she knows. Sera gets a smile, Kat a nod, but when Nadya - being part of the former group - approaches, there is a hesitant lifting of her hand, and then after a moment, the hand settles on the other blooded girl's shoulder, just for a moment, as Nadya stops before her. There is a blink, then, followed by a grin and the shoulder gets a nod.

Katt gives Levi a level gaze, "I stopped, didn't I?" She says quietly, somewhat pained in her hushed whisper. A hand reaches up, tugging at her ear lobe as she sighs and turns her gaze towards Jackson. Perhaps it's that odd gaze, she makes a sidestep towards Sera without even realizing it herself. Giving a thoughtful gaze at the food, she mutters. "What is he doing?" Referencing that whacked out eye that Jackson is sporting. Levi moves off and she gives him a darting look before turning to look at Sera once more. This time, she watches the other wolfblood, knowing who she looks for. Lowering her voice, she leans to whisper in the other woman's ear.

Gigi doesn't even flinch when Jackson shifts into Dalu. She just quietly and respectfully watches the interaction, quietly handing Roman meat. "Rare for me. Like.. sear it for a second, and then give me it and I'll eat it with my hands." She seems amused by that, her eyes bright as she speaks in hushed tones -- peeking over at Levi, brow furrowing -- frowning, before she looks at Roman earnestly.

Deborah nods to Jackson, saing aloud, "If the lunes see fit, then I will accept their girfts." She pulls off her tanktop, keeping the sports bra on, so that the brand gan get added somewhere on her back.

Ashley offers a kind smile to Jer for bringing her a lighter plate. "Thank you." And a smile goes to Katt, and any other Uragarum she may have missed. There's just a whole lot going on and so many new faces. She doesn't want to miss anything either. She does laugh to Nadya's comment on 'no more', but she totally gets it. "Congrats to all the new people branded. It really is good to see all of you." She nibbles on a celery stick.

As Jackson and Deborah prepare for the ritual, Brant moves to the front of the yard, plate and beer in hand, to set up a watch point for anyone a little too interested in what's going on further in. People watching is fine, but nosy neighbors are another thing entirely.

Seraphine gives a brief little frown as Levi makes to leave for his phonecall, and then turns towards Katt a bit more. "Being an Ithaeur," she remarks with a soft chuckle. "And from the looks of it, branding those that deserve it, after the fight, to recognize their actions." She starts to smile at that, before whatever is whispered in her ear gets a more serious expression, lips pursed. "Possibly," she replies. Reaching up to run a hand through her hair, before remembering that it was tied back.

Nadya smiles at Bernadette before she starts making the rounds with the rest of the guests. First off, it's Sera and Katherine, "Okay, so I'm taking orders, so that poor Roman doesn't have to wait. Steaks. Would either of you like them and, if so, how would you like them cooked?" That Jackson is doing weird spirity stuff doesn't seem to bother the Gypsy woman, since it seems to be a regular occurance around the house most days.

Bernadette turns next, and waves her hand to Roman, trying to attract his gaze to the vicinity of her hands, whereupon she gestures at him for a moment. A pause, a curious look towards Gigi, and then another brief spate of little gestures. The first, if anyone present would understand is, ~Medium rare, please?~ The second is, ~And is this your lady? Can you introduce me?~

Noting that his hand enlarges and tears through the glove that he brought out, along with his elongated fingernails clawing through the ends of it. It just falls apart and collapses to the ground. This, of course, becomes an instant play-thing for the puppy. Jackson just gives it a look and sighs. At least his clothing is Dedicated. He looks up to Deborah. "All right. So, I can see your brands now. Where do you want this one?" He flexes his fingers and the tips of his nails. There's another quick look around the area to make sure no one's trying to peek over fences on a ladder. And she pulls off her shirt and moves to trace his claws over her back, making a swipe. He circles around her and begins to chant in a sing-song voice in English.

"The Sybil of Retribution, child of Luna and Father Wolf," he's actually got a pretty decent singing voice for being in Dalu form. "Destroyer of Luna's enemies; she swept in like the wind and called forth her claws to strike out at the Bale Hound!" With that he makes another claw swipe over her back, circling around. It's not too hard, just enough to draw blood. "And her enemy fell before her, bleeding out and unable to harm Luna's Chosen any longer. Defender of the land, defender of the People. Recognize the Sybil of Retribution," he gives another claw slash, and the marking shows a bit more clearly now, angry and red marks in a glyph in First Tongue.

He smiles to Ashley as she eats, "Sorry about my rudeness Nadya. Hello I'm Jermaine, mate to Ashley." eh says to her. He smiles, and nods in agreement with Ashley about the new people, "There are so many, I guess Ashley is right, we've been hermits." he laughs.

Ashley waits for a proper opening to speak again since there are rituals going on. A glance to Jermaine she grins, "A huge part of it has been the old house we took on but also my career. I've been out of town and traveling for the new album release. It wasn't until I came back recently, and when Levi explained the old Hall was gone and the bale hounds were a nuisance that we knew we had to get back into things. Kudos to Levi for outreaching to us in the city."

Roman quickly seers Gigi's and hands it to her. He gives her one of the Cajun ones. He grins at her. Moose's eyes lift up and he nods his head as he puts on the grill the medium rare for Bern, the marinated style. Moose turns the vege's a little. He's keeping an eye on how they are steaming. He puts on a few more steaks and he flips them quickly before putting them on a plate.

"And though the pack surrounded her, she felt no fear, resolute and stalwart in her abilities," Jackson intones in that same sing-song chant. "She found her way through to bring us to a place where we were able to ward off the darkness that caused this land so much pain. Luna, bless your daughter, Black Wolf, look upon the Sybil of Retribution with great favor, for she will sing the songs of Glory of your kind and all Urdaga." And it takes a few moments, but soon the angry red marks gleam silver, just for a moment. It's a glorious symbol of her new recognition by the Lunes. They flash in the low sunlight that's streaming over the fence and through the trees as the day turns to dusk.

"And may her Glory be recognized by all of your children." He presses his palm to Deborah's back and concentrates. The Ritemaster removes his hand. The silver gleam is gone, save for in the Hisil. With the Uratha's healing, the scratches will quickly be gone. Following that, Jackson steps back and wipes some sweat from his forehead and his throat. He blinks twice and looks around the party and gives a triumphant cry for Deborah's new Brand, in her honor. With that, he slips back into his human form. "There you are," he notes with a slight smile, then turns to the rest of the party. "Rare, Roman." His steak, apparently. "Also, anyone else?" Nadya was right, of course. Weird spirit stuff is pretty much the norm around the house.

Katt slides her hand under Sera's arm, if she doesn't draw back, tugging the other woman closer. Katt's usually stoic expression flashes with a kind of pure happiness that isn't often seen. Saying verbally nothing more, she slides her arms around Sera and embraces her in a hug. It even lingers for a moment, but Katt being who she is, she turns to hide her expression against Sera's shoulder and away from the general populous of the party. After a proper moment of silence, she leans to whisper into the woman's ear again.

"Top shoulder, here," Deborah says, reaching her arm behind weirdly to pull the strap down and away, to give that part of her back plenty of space to be worked on. She grits her teeth, but remains silent through all the scritching. She wills the wounds to stay open until the work is done. So Jackson can see all of the things. Until she feels the rite complete. Then she just lets them close. "Thank you, Crow," she says, putting her tanktop back on... and then gives him a pat on the shoulder. "And thank you for your letter, too." Awkward Cahalith is awkward. She lets her hand drop, and moves back over to the grill.

Bernadette accepts the steak from the werewolf at the grill, but looks vaguely disappointed that no introduction is forthcoming. She turns, and instead watches the rest of the branding, letting the steak sit for a few moments. Only when it's done does she sidle over to add some of each salad she brought onto her plate, smiling faintly, and not, evidently, that surprised at odd spirit-doings here.

Nadya smiles at Jermaine, "It's nice to meet you. I'm glad that people made the time to come out tonight. Celebrating the win over the Bale Hounds is important, I think. They've been causing problems for the area since before I arrived, so getting rid of them is a huge step." Eventually she wanders back toward the table that's laden with food, taking a moment to pile a few things onto a paper plate before finding herself somewhere to sit on the ground. Once she does, Batman comes running over, likely hoping that she'll get food from the Gypsy. When that doesn't happen, the Rotti puppy heads for Roman and sits prettily at his feet, head tipped back to look up at him.

That hug is not pulled away from, and Seraphine does similar to Katt. Tucking her head in against the other woman's shoulder, so that expression is hidden as are the movements of her lips as she whispers in return. Slowly untwining from it, the swamp witch looks up to see Nadya coming near, and flashes her a grin. "I'm all set on steak, thanks," she responds to the female gypsy. "Thank you, for having us. It's a lovely place that you and Jackson have."

"Absolutely, Sybil. Any time. It's literally what I'm here for, to do the Rites for the People," Jackson notes with a smile. The shoulder Deborah pats is a little sweaty. He pushes his hand back through his hair to slick it back and keep it out of his eyes. Ritual work always causes him to sweat up a storm during the whole thing. It takes a great deal of concentration and thought. "Anyway, you get on with yourself," and with that he heads over to Nadya to drop down next to her, moving to wrap an arm around her shoulders as he looks down at her steak.

"I second that. Thanks for inviting me." Chimes in Katt, to Nadya. "It's quite a shindig. Five stars for being able to feed all these hungry folks." No joke, werewolves can eat up some food and drink some massive amounts of alochol. Licking her lips, she keeps an arm around Sera and seems just a little bit happier for this evening.

Bernadette looks around, and then wanders over and plops down on the grass next to Nadya, albeit on the other side from where Jackson has done much the same thing. Only without the business of looping an arm around anyone. The beta gets a slight smile from Bern, a dip of the head and then she's balancing the plate upon a knee, cutting into the steak, and taking a bite. Whereupon, her expression changes to one of wonder. She stares down at the meat, then over at Roman. If eating steak could ever be a religious experience.. it is in that moment. Because it is a damned good steak.

Nadya leans in against Jackson when he settles onto the ground next to her, although she looks up to smile toward Sera and Katherine. "I'm just glad that people showed up. I was half worried that no one would, actually. Besides, this," She waves a hand, indicating the yard, "is nice. It's good to get together with everyone when it's not something serious going on. I don't want to see everyone only when there's a fight, or something terrible has happened. Like Ashley and her offer to let people use the pool, I hope you guys will stop by here and visit us at times, too. We'd like that."

Ashley manages to eat strawberries and holds Jermaine's hand at the same time. She is listening to the conversations going back and forth, but she's decided to step back and be a wallflower for now. In the grass. Her own little sundress is neatly folded down to get the wrinkles out and then she smiles to Deb, Bern, and grins at Nadya. "Mhmm. Oh we worry about the same. I mean, we've been out of the loop so long we weren't even sure people would remember us. And sure we'd love to come and visit more! But we're serious about the pool," she laughs. "And Jer has done so much work on the garden and he has such hidden talent and a big heart. And there's a bit of beach property there too, so we could do some bonfires when it warms up more. Right now the water in the ocean is FREEZING. I tried to get in. Fail. Oh so full of fail." She continues laughing.

"Nadya also probably needs some help picking out wedding dresses," Jackson opines to the group of women. "I'm pretty awful about it. Oh, and speaking of bonfires, you all are coming out to the blessing of the change of seasons, right?" He shifts his weight and takes his Glock 17 out from his back waistband, setting it to the side on one of the tables and making sure the safety's on. "Jermaine seems like a good catch," he notes to Ashley, glancing up at the other werewolf. "But, honestly, if we had things like this more often, it'd bring us together as a Protectorate, like we should be -- instead of just, you know, a collection of packs in the same area. We're all interested in the same thing, after all. Making sure that Fallcoast is safe." He gives a thoughtful nod at that, then leans in against Nadya. "We were also thinking of putting in a pool."

Bernadette, now seated on the ground near Nadya and Jackson, turns and blinks at his words, then gives Nadya a curious look. She holds one hand in the air, thumbs-up, but then shakes her head so very firmly. She huffs a sigh, reluctantly sets down her plate, and pulls out a pad of paper. Writing quickly, she holds it up. Large letters spell out 'Not me. I don't know dresses.I've never owned one.'

Jermaine was eating, but he's done now, looking to the group of women and now Jackson who is looking to him. "Oh thanks." he says. "Oh sorry, I kinda spaced out there for a minute." he chuckles a bit. He takes his plate and gets up to go throw it away, "Excuse me." he says. He looks at Ashley's plate, "You done or want more?" He quirks a brow up at the mention of a wedding dress, "You two getting married?" he asks as he looks to Jackson and Nadya, yeah this his their house ok, the right two. "Congrats." he smiles.

Moose glances down and he smiles happily when Puck sits on his foot. He chuckles. He takes off the vege's and puts on the vege burger. He puts on the rare cajun dry rub steak and and quickly seers it. He bites his bottom lip and then puts it on a plate. "Rare steak up!" He hollers out.

"It's good, for the People to gather," muses the Swamp Witch. Her arm wraps around Katt, and there's a tight squeeze before she muses, "I should be off. At least for a while. Make sure he's not dropped by. Jackson, Nadya, Thank you." And, after a kiss to Katt's forhead, she makes her way out.

"Thank you for coming by, Sera." The words are called out to the departing woman before Nadya slants a look toward Jackson. "I can look for a dress online, you know. It's not that hard to do these days. I've never even /looked/ at wedding dresses before, so I have no idea what I want."

Ashley blinks back at the girls when Jackson makes his announcement. "Dresses! Well that is something I know about." She eyes Bernadette. "I could help you too if you want," she smiles. "But I know they aren't for everyone." She hmms in thought, and grins at Jackson's compliment. "Congratulations to you guys as well. I love good news. But I don't know if I will be at the next gathering. I have a trip to London soon for more filming. But if I can manage it I will try?" She turns to see Sera getting ready to go. And nods goodbye to her with a gentle smile too.

Roman calls for his steak, and Jackson leans in to kiss Nadya on the side of her throat, pushing himself up to his feet. "Thanks for coming, Sera. You have a good night. Don't be a stranger!" He heads over to Moose-at-the-Grill, which is now Roman's new deed name. He takes the steak from him and gives him a nudge with his elbow, followed by a grin. "Thanks, bro." He reaches up to rub at Roman's hair and then gives Gigi another thoughtful glance. He heads back to Nadya and drops down next to her once more, moving to eat the steak with his fingers.

Lowering that notepad, Bernadette gives Ashley a look that borders on the horrified. Ravening bale hounds? Great. She can handle those. The prospect of wearing a dress, and the response is horror. Go figure. She shakes her head quickly, and grabs up her plate again, to take another bite of the glorious, glorious steak.

Brant approaches the grill, examining the delightful scent getting past even his abused sense of smell. He eyes the process curiously, waiting for an opening before speaking up. "Medium when you get a spare spot of flame, and thank you ahead of time, Roman."

Another burger and beer devoured, and Deborah slinks over to the side-gate-thing in the fence. So many Uratha about, and she gets antsy. So many people here, means less out there. Protecting. She gets Jackson's attention somehow, and gives him a nod. "Keep it real, Crow. I'll see you folks later."

Bernadette lifts one hand towards the departing Deb, a silent wave of farewell offered, then returns to steak-munching. It's like protein-rich crack, that steak.

"Absolutely, Deborah," Jackson calls to the departing Cahalith. He then also glances off toward the departing Katherine. It seems the party's dying down a bit and he leans in against Nadya, moving to wrap an arm around her shoulders and leaning his head over to rest against her shoulder. Taking a deep breath, he sighs out through his nose and continues to eat that steak with his hands.

Taking Ashley's plate, he walks over and gets her another pieces of cake with chocolate strawberries on it. He smiles and as he walks back he can't help but feel good that so many of the people being here. Though with so many here there do need others out patrolling, which he needs to get with Desmond about a few things, he crouches easily next to Ashley, "Sorry for spacing, seems like I'm apologizing a lot." he says. "You two do have a beautiful place." he tells Jackson and Nadya. He hands Ashley her cake, though she has a really big chocolate strawberry, now where the hell was that in the bowl she made. He gives her a cheesy wolf grin.

Roman lifts his eyes to Brant and nods his head. He puts one of the cajun spiced steak. He grills up the streak to medium as Brant asks him too and then he puts it on a plate for the man and hands it over to him. He grins kindly and bows his head. "Enjoy! That's the last cajun spiced one." He chuckles. He kisses Gigi's forehead again and then cuts into one of the peppers as he eats a little bit. He removes the vege burgers from the grill.

With the crowd thinning, Bern seems to lose some tension that is only really visible when it's gone, and the comparison can be made. Crowds, evidently, aren't quite her thing. She finishes the food on her plate, however, and gets up to her feet again, this time heading over to get some dessert.

Ashley returns the look to Jermaine as he seems to know what she likes without her even asking for it. He's in tune with her, and it's an easy going affair that is meant to be. "You are the best!" She tells him as she takes up the spoon. "And I know you hid this one strawberry at the bottom of the bowl! Sooo sneaky. But I love it." Preferring to go vegetarian at the party, despite how good the steak looks, she eats her cake happily. A wave goes to Roman as the party settles down and she thumbs up for his efforts. A glance between Brant and the others here, she mentions to Nadya and Jackson, "Since we missed the last fight, we are sorry to have not participated." This is said for all to hear. "I did attend the first head on bashing party when we went against the Pure. Took one out myself, believe it or not. Sort of." She is proud of that ONE time. "But perhaps if we knew how we could serve best to assist a larger group this time around? We could be more prepared to jump in."

"Thank you," Nadya doesn't say it to anyone in particular, since several people have voiced something about the house. "Jackson actually found it and put in an offer before even telling me." She holds up a hand, the one with her engagement ring on it, "Same night that he proposed." She smiles at the man sitting next to her on the ground. "So, a night filled with good memories. I like it here, though. I had an apartment over the dance studio, but I missed having a yard." Ashley's words have her looking over toward the other woman, "I think all the packs need to work together and stay in closer contact; share information. If we do that, everyone will know what's happening and no one will feel like they're left in the dark. And when some type of issue rises up that is causing problems for the wolves, it might be a good idea to let the Pure know, as well. If was their information that lead us to the Bale Hounds, after all, and they did their part in killing off a good number of them. They were just unfortunate to suffer loses during those fights."

Finishing off the amazing steak crafted by Roman, Jackson licks at his fingers and whistles for the little puppy. She runs over in a hurry and he holds his hands down, allowing her to lick the steak juice and seasoning off his fingers. The shuffle on Jackson's iPod has flipped over to playing something by an old punk band called Braid. He glances over to Nadya as she mentions the house, then looks back to Ashley, "It was too good an offer to pass up, honestly," he mentions. "And, yeah. I mean." He pauses for a moment. "I'm going to be performing a funeral for the Pure that died. I think if we keep up relations with them, that'd be best."

Brant bows his head to Roman, and takes the steak of perfection over beneath a tree, sitting down and cutting into it. He takes a bite, chews, swallows, then begins cutting the steak into smaller chunks. He gets up, and starts wandering around the gathering, finding people who haven't yet eaten steak and offering them a bite. If they ask, he simply responds, "It is too good not to share."

Gigi is never one to turn down food, so she has a piece. "I handed that steak to him, so I basically helped," Gigi says, amused enough before she takes another drink of her drink and makes ANOTHER. She should be blasted by now, but she's perfectly sober -- as sober as a judge. Poor Gigi.

Bernadette returns to sitting in a place where she is relatively close to the currently present members of her pack. Not actually quite invading anyone's space, but remaining. Close. Closer than she would have in the past. Another note is written, and held up, angled towards Jackson - and by dint of her closeness, Nadya too - which reads, "What was it you had me use last night? How can I get it? Is it expensive?' Given her wardrobe, the beaten up state of her truck, she hasn't shown any signs of having much money before. But she does pull the pad back and adds, 'I'm due for a raise.' Gigi's comment, once heard, gets the tiny little woman a flash of a grin.

Ashley admits to Jackson, "I have a hard time accepting to work with the Pure." She opens up a bit here. "They killed Kaheya and ever since part of my own spirit died with him. After his funeral, it's when I packed up all my stuff and left to live in the city. And honestly, I wasn't even going to stick around after that." She sets her plate down on her lap, "If it wasn't for Jermaine patching up whatever pieces were left of me? I wouldn't still be here. So... public relations with them?" She shakes her head. "It's very very hard to hear."

"Brant, you want me to take you into the kitchen and do the Branding Rite on you? You did some good work with those Bale Hounds as well. I figured I'd also do it on my brothers," Jackson gestures toward Roman for emphasis. He pushes his hand through his hair again and then nods to Ashley. "I can understand that, Ashley. The Pure killed my whole pack. In Portland, we had a Protectorate. The Pure decided that they weren't going to put up with the Forsaken anymore, so they mounted a very large offensive. My pack, the Wardens of Helios, were in the front line because we had a Rahu for an Alpha and followed a war Totem. A sun spirit, basically. Anyhow, I was away, trying to summon up a Gaffling to help us out, and the Pure killed every one of them. Found me, disemboweled me," he lifts his shirt up to show the scar along his belly where claws spilled out his guts. It seems he kept the scar, despite healing the rest. "I had to trick them and use a Fetish to get the rest of the Protectorate to find me. They threw me into a trunk and brought me somewhere in the industrial district of North Portland."

He pushes his shirt back down and says, "But, in any case, not all Pure are the same. Just like not all Urdaga are the same." He pauses. His voice becomes a little softer, conciliatory. "And - ah. Kaheya was killed by Bale Hounds, Ashley. Not the Pure."

Levi comes back eventually and he's just in time for comments from Ashley as well as peering over Bernie's shoulder to see the note about the raise. "I'll talk to Jori about that, darling," he says to the stout blooded before giving her a gentle nudge from his shoulder. Glancing up to Ashley he chuffs softly, "It wasn't the Pure. That's why we were willing to work with them. They gave us irrefutible evidence that the Bale Hounds were who killed Kaheya..and Jerry." A twitch of his lip comes there, a snarl of sorts before he glances around what's left of the circle. "Thank you for all coming out. It's not my shindig, but I still feel gratitude when the People gather out of their caves."

Gigi, remembering all of her manners -- or maybe.. no, she doesn't have manners but she DOES have nosiness and she likes to know things. Startling greens lock onto Bernie like a shiny penny, and she slinks over toward the Blooded -- eyes narrowing, curiously. She reaches over and /grabs/ Bern's hand -- if she does not pull away, and shakes it awkwardly. "I'm Gigi. I sort of hang around and make a nuisance of myself."

Jermaine puts his arm around Ashley's waist and she speaks. He knew all to well how things were, and to him it's hard to believe that the People were tolerating the Pure at this time. Still it's something that may need done. Silent for the time being, he just listens and winces when Jackson shows the scar of what happened to him, "I'm sorry to hear what happened to your pack." he says offering his own condolences. Hugging Ashley close to him, he just continues to listen.

Ashley looks at Jackson rather vividly when he shows off his scar and then pours new information at her that makes her eyes widen. She might not believe him, but then Levi enforces that new reality into her brain. "Wha..." her left fist starts to curl inwards with her fingers pulled taut. Anger restrained, but it's there under the surface. Ashley might be a softy most of the time for her own people, but she's a spitfire when it does rarely come out. "Well hells bells!" The snarl gets her attention. The Jerry too, just makes it worse. Her friends. A sad look crosses her face as she turns to peer at Jermaine.

Bernadette leans her back against the side of Levi's legs for a moment, seated on the ground as she is. It's brief, but she does it, where, again, she normally wouldn't. Not until recently. The Gypsy gets a faint smile and a nod, and she's straightening and pulling away again. Just in time to be swept down upon by a ravening Gigi. Her hand stolen, Bernadette just stares owlishly for a moment. A slow blink, then she writes 'Bernadette' in what has to be her untidiest scrawl ever.. Gig's got her writing hand, you see. But. The stoic, stocky woman is actually smiling, almost despite herself. She points at Roman, looks back at Gig, a question in her eyes.

Brant extends a piece of steak toward Jermaine or Ashley, given their proximity, and nods down at the pair. "The Bale Hounds were trying to drive the Forsaken to war with the Pure here, so they could sweep in and kill or convert whomever survived. None of the Pure packs claim the territory where your friends were found, and the Bale Hounds no longer claim that territory either."

Nadya is quiet as there's talk about what really happened. Levi's return earns a smile before she crooks a finger at him, beckoning him over to where she's sitting on the ground next to Jackson. There's an empty plate next to her, food obviously having been consumed sometime earlier.

"Well, things happen," the Ithaeur says to Ashley. "You can either hold a grudge or you can realize that not everything will be the same situation. Besides, the world's gonna end soon. We're too short on time to really hold grudges against potential allies." He smiles at that. Finally, Jackson looks up to Bernadette and then watches her for a moment. "Bernie, did I miss something?" He asks suddenly. "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to ignore you. There's just a lot of information being thrown around here." He glances over toward Levi and gives a slight nod to him as he enters the party once again, before turning to look toward Bernadette again.

Gigi is brash, her eyes flickering toward the writing -- eyes narrowing. "Bernie. Can I call you Bernie?" She wonders, eyebrow furrowed curiously. She glances over at Roman, eyebrows raised before keen, green eyes tilt back to the Urugarum. "Oh, yeah. We're together. Is that what you're asking?" She wonders, still holding Bernadette's hand -- eyebrows raised, perhaps distracted by reading and introducing and asking questions. She remembers herself and releases it.

Ashley looks up at Brant and studies him for a moment longer than she really should. Getting a good, long look at him as the steak is offered. She debates taking a taste but then slowly shakes her head with a polite smile. "I would but I shouldn't. Feel free to try some of the strawberry shortcake I brought. It's heavenly. AND less calories." Resorting to casual talk to avoid current sad topics. But Jackson does get an affirmative nod to his suggestion. As well as the others who chime in regarding the Bale Hounds. "Then we should start rebuilding our common ground. We have many packs now and there needs to be one strong meeting place like we used to have. Is.. that happening?" She looks up. A glance to Gigi and Bernie, Nadya. Not one person is left out. A long sigh escapes her.

Bernadette is left bemused, and a nod is given to Gigi's first question. Evidently, she can call her Bernie. Then, there's more, and Bernie nods again. She pats a little awkwardly at the girl's hand before released, and writes her a quick note that reads, 'We are pack. I hoped to meet you.'

Glancing to Jackson, she flips through the pad to the note she'd written him, and shows it again. "What was it you had me use last night? How can I get it? Is it expensive?'

Roman keeps cooking delicious food for everyone and makes sure everyone has food ready. He steps back from the grill and grabs himself some food before moving over to a place to sit. He sits down and relaxes. The Rahu starts eating his stuffed pepper and his steak.

Jackson is quiet for a moment as Ashley speaks, and he nods. "We do need to do that. I plan on learning the Rite to turn this place into a Protectorate for real. It's the apex of our People's magic, but I think if I keep trying at learning things, I'll be able to pick it up. Inventing new Rites certainly helps widen my perspective on it. Especially that marriage Rite. I was surprised that I could get the Lunes to accept that." He turns back to Bernadette and reaches into his pocket for his phone. Tapping through it, he goes to the Google Play part of the app, then looks it over. "It's," he trails off. "One ninety-nine." He grins at Bernadette, then hands her the phone, turning the text-to-speech program on. "I use it for work sometimes if we work with the deaf. Go wild," he says to the Wolfblood.

This new information is a bit of a shock, he looks at Ashely as she looks to him. Still the Irraka just listens, his breathing is slow, but he takes in the group gathered around them all. "Well it seems there is still so much going on." he says a bit annoyed with himself about the lack of knowledge of whats going on around them. Still this is good for him, rubbing Ashley's side, he looks to her than to each person in turn, "Well if yu learn that rite, with the packs around, we should be able to move around pretty easily and keep members of each pack around to help guard the Protectorate if your able to learn the right, as well as have others patrol to keep each of our areas protected."

"Oh, yes -- yes, we are then, sweet. Nice to meet you, Bernie." She seems pleased by meeting the woman, pretty pleased by her whole being a Raven and not being run off yet thing. She settles down beside Roman then, quietly, not moving -- just there, comfortable -- and Gigi doesn't even bother to drink again. Pointless.

Bernadette eyes the device again, smile faint and crooked at the price, but does start to tap on Jackson's phone. She is no fast typist, nor particularly good with such modern technology, but she's not -hopeless-, either. "I think this would not work on my phone but maybe I can get a new one." This time, everyone gets to hear what Bern has to say. It's just in a digitalized voice is all, not a human one. More slow typing. "Gigi, it was nice to meet you, too. Very nice. Everyone. It was the Pure who stole my voice from me. I am not easy with them, but for the sake of us all, I will try to put it behind me. And I will attend the funeral. The fallen one once showed me a kindness. I have not forgotten."

Ashley comments softly, "New rites is like breathing a new life's breath into the new blood we badly needed for so long." She does lighten up at this and smiles to the group. "Well done indeed. I think I feel hope for the first time... in like.." she sucks in some air, "Since the hall went away." There's no other way to say it. "I think that's great." She smiles over at Bernadette. Something clicks as she hears about the transgression turned into compassion. She nods to her.

"I'm glad to hear that, Bernie. And Ashley, you'd definitely be welcome. But remember that it's a funeral for the Pure, so we need to be respectful about their beliefs. After all, this whole thing," Jackson waves the hand that's not around Nadya, "this whole big drama is basically just a religious war. They believe that we did wrong in killing Father Wolf. We believe we didn't, and we follow the Mother, whereas they don't. It's like Christians and Jews and Muslims in the Middle East. That's really all it is." He takes a slight breath and sighs it out through his nose. Then he reaches into his hoodie pocket to take out his cigarettes, looking up toward Gigi and Roman. "You guys good, by the way?" He also leans in to kiss Nadya on the side of her mouth.

Bernadette is writing something down on her notepad, but this time, she doesn't show it, but instead rips it out and puts it away in a pocket. Probably the name of the open app on Jackson's phone. Then, it is more typing, and eventually, more digital speaking. "Thank you for having me Jackson and Nadya. Roman, you make the best steak I have ever tasted ever and may have ruined all lesser steaks for me until the end of time. It was nice to see you all. Or meet you." Man, she's more verbose when something can speak for her. "But I need to get home." She then hands Jackson back his phone and gives his shoulder an awkward little squeeze of thanks Then, she's turning to trudge back to her truck.

Nadya lifts a hand to wave at Bernadette, "Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad that you got to meet more people." She turns her head, smiling at Jackson before giving him a light nudge with her shoulder.

Jermaine looks to Jackson, "I will attend as well." he says as he slowly starts to rise, "I'm sorry to do this, but someone needs to get home and get her rest." eh says as he looks to Ashley, "But I would like to talk more with everyone, it's time to get involved, and I think our little hermit time is close to an end." he smiles down at Ashley, "Maybe next time we can have people over and go swimming or the beach. I know Ashley offered earlier."

Moose watches Gigi walk over with a small grin playing over his lips. He leans against her when she sits down and rests his head against her. His eyes close and he sighs quietly. His eyes lift up slowly and his brow lifts up. "I'm good." He brushes Gigi's hand lightly as he watches her. "Are you alright?" His eyes turn to Bernadette and he bows his head to her. He signs 'You're welcome.' Something he practised. He nods his head and waves to her.

"That's fine, you guys. Good night, Bernadette. We'll see each other again soon. You still owe me some ASL lessons." Jackson smiles fondly after the wolfblood, then turns to look at Ashley and Jermaine. "You two shouldn't be strangers. Also, we should work up some kind of accord for our mutual packs to help one another. The Murder is always open to assisting anyone that's willing to work at restoring Fallcoast and Hanging Hills and its Hisil to its grandeur." He sighs contented, and leans back against the block cement wall. He glances over to Roman and Gigi once more and pulls Nadya a little closer against the chill of night falling, looking toward Gigi to see what her response to Roman's question is.

"I'm good -- even if I just wasted like half a bottle of vodka. Whatever." Gigi gives a snort, annoyed -- letting him brush her hand. Shoulder to shoulder, the little Raven had devoured her steak and had a red pepper. Gigi's method if eating is quick as hell before anyone has the chance to steal it from her. It's quite detention center, if someone was watching. "...can you teach me how to hand talk?"

Ashley gets up with Jermaine and nods to his hint. "Alright then," she smiles back to the group. "Right, I have work in the morning again and I am a terrible morning person." She waves goodnight. "Thank you again for your hospitality and for inviting us over. We're only sorry Desmond didn't make it. But I'm not quite in any pack quite yet. I haven't thought to rejoin anyone, needing a break since the last. But I'm still happy to assist."

Nadya smiles at Ashley and Jermaine, "Thank you for coming. It was nice seeing you again, Ashley. And it was nice meeting you, Jermaine. I'm sure we'll all run into each other again soon."

"The Vigil would like to be on good relations with the Murder. We will not be strangers, and we should try to schedule a meeting of the packs to setup something. With how things are going, there is no reason why we shouldn't be helping one another and making good relationships with one another." he says as he looks to Jackson, "I can't speak for Desmond, but I will relay the info to him and see if we can get a day for us to sit and talk." he smiles. He looks to Ashley, and smiles, "Thank you. It was nice seeing you all some I remember some I've not met, but it's been nice being around family." he says as he looks to everyone. Bowing his head, "Thank you." he then begins to escort Ashley out.

As the party peters down with everyone heading out, Jackson moves to stand up to his feet after getting nudged by Nadya. He stretches his arms up over his head and gives a soft, contented sigh. "Well, that's about everyone headed out. I suppose we should close this party up," he heads over to the stereo and turns off the iPod, suddenly creating a void of noise. The crows are heard cawing from the trees. He glances up toward them and then looks back at the remaining people on the patio. "I'd call that a success, I think."

Levi has been in and out for most of the evening and he looks a bit regretful. And still, he is Irraka, ever on the edges even from his own pack. But he orbits back in when it's needed. Just in time to swoop in and give Nadya and Jackson a hug at the same time. "You two. You two are some of my favorites," he looks over his shoulder at the Raven and Roman, "You two as well." Directing his attention back to Nadya and his Beta again he chuffs, "Alright, did you show her the pendants or not? And if you did," he angles a look at Nadya, "Why aren't you misting up, like, I try to do something nice for you crazy kids, and this is the thanks I get," he can pretend to sulk a bit.

Nadya makes a face at Levi, "You were busy, so I didn't get a chance to thank you for them." She reaches out, arms wrapping around Levi's neck so that she can hug him. "Thank you for the pendants, Levi. They're beautiful and they mean a lot to me." Drawing back, she smiles before poking him in the stomach with a finger. "And you know me, I don't mist up that easily. And, please, explain the black crow wings to Jackson? I can't do it justice."

"I did! But I'm not entirely sure what they mean," Jackson admits, he moves to pull the pendants out of his pocket again and then rolls them between his fingers. Likely they catch the raven's eye, considering they're gold and glinty. He takes a few steps over toward a light switch and flicks it on, turning on the exterior lights. "Seems like it's just the pack now. Sans Jon and Bernadette, of course. And that was good of Jermaine to say that the Vigil'd be willing to work with us, even despite me kicking his human friend out of the party," he notes, moving to sit down on the cinderblock wall, near the statue of the weeping angel that Ashley brought as a housewarming gift. He hands one of the pendants over to Nadya. He also makes sure to check on Gigi and Roman with a glance. "Oh, Gigi, by the way, Roman said you couldn't join the pack for some reason. That you have a different, uh, what was it? Flight path?"

Levi heaves a sigh of exasperation before finally pulling another cigarette and lighting up with a spark from the brass zippo. A growl comes and he drops into a crouch. "Firstly they are the symbol of our Gypsy people, given to couples blessed by the elders to be married. You two are fucking righteous together and I wanted to make sure you got the Gypsy blessing. Secondly the wings are .. they're our calling card kind of. When the kids in our caravan are old enough," he pauses and exhales a slow breath before taking another hit. The smoke rolls out of his lips as he speaks again, "By old enough I mean ten. We get given a path, there's the Doves and the Crows. Black wings meant black deeds. We were the pickpockets, the street thugs, the scouts. If someone needed a throat slit so the caravan could move on unmolested, that was our job. The Doves got it worse, their job was to be pretty. To be sold off or rented out to wolves and humans alike. Part of why I'm getting my sister out. Part of." He goes quiet again and sucks on that cancer stick in that perch of his. He seems quieter these days.

Nadya glances up to Roman and Gigi, smiling at the pair as Levi starts to explain things. As he gets near to the end of it, she reaches out a hand to touch his shoulder. "You'll get her out of there and she'll be the better for it, I think. Just.. check on my mom whenever you go back, Levi. I tried calling her, but the number has been disconnected. Probably after the last call I made." A quiet sigh passes her lips as she reaches out to take one of the pendants from Jackson, turning it over in her fingers so that she can look at it. "Both Levi and I have Crow wings," the Gypsy woman tells Roman and Gigi. She turns, the backless shirt revealing the black wing tattoo that falls from shoulder blades to her hips. "I've pretty much given up pickpocketing, though, because of this one." A nod is made toward Jackson.

"...aaaah, yeah." Gigi blinks a few times, and then looks nervous. There's a clear measure of terror that creeps over her, perhaps some fear of not being accepted -- of being run out for not being within the circle of The People -- but right outside. One hand shakes, raising up to the back of her neck -- rubbing it. She half-listens to Levi, but the cold nerves that have settled in the pit of her stomach like a block of ice distract her, and she feels her mouth go dry. "....I ah, I changed? I'm not one of The People. I'm Corvian. One of The Ravens," she finally manages. "I can leave, if you want -- I should have said something before I came, but I was nervous. I guess I have raven wings."

"Well, that's kind of an awesome story," Jackson notes, looking between Nadya and Levi. He looks back down at the golden pendant in his hand, then back up to Levi. "Thank you," he says in a quiet voice that's filled with gratitude. He looks back to Nadya and gives a slow nod at what she says. "We tried to call her, like Nadya said, and -- it wasn't good, really. Her father's really," he shakes his head. "Anyway, you should get your sister out if she's a dove, post-haste. And if you need any help with that, you know you can call on us," he gestures to indicate everyone on the porch, not just him.

And then Gigi drops her bombshell and he turns to look at her. He considers that for a long moment, then moves to stand up to his feet, walking over to the woman slowly, so as not to startle her. Then, he leans down and hugs her. Leaning back up to his full height, he says, "Well, it doesn't matter what you are, Gigi. You're a member of the Murder, so that's what's important. And the Corvians, if I recall properly, are on fairly good terms with the wolves, if a little aloof. I respect that you were honest about it. I smelled something different about you earlier, but thank you for telling us." He pauses. "So, that explains why you can't join the pack." He glances to Roman. "Either way, you make Roman happy, and Roman seems to make you happy, so that makes me happy."

Roman keeps quiet as again it's Gigi's story. He watches her quietly before he takes her hand and keeps her company while he supports her during this whole part. When he sees Jackson's support, he grins happily before he stands up. "I am tired. So if there are no objections, I think I am going to shift and pass out..." He glances around to people.

Levi chuckles, "If you say so, but yes that is the intent and thank you, Jackson." his eyes shift to Gigi and he chuffs softly, "You're part of this pack, if as nothing else then we need a mascot right?" he teases her with a little wink before pulling on his cigarette again slowly. Roman speaks up and he shakes his head, "Get some rest, your steaks were fucking bomb. Rest well earned, brother." A gruff sound comes and the Talon stands up again, giving each in his pack a slow pointed look. Making sure they are happy healthy and whole before he growls out a, "Goodnight all, be good. I'm around," as always because the shadowy Alpha is always lingering around those who are his to look after.

RELIEF. So much relief. Gigi sort of topples over into the grass, and sighs -- staring at the stars above, "Thanks," she manages, this rush of exhaustion apparent through her body as every muscle untenses at once. "Mascot it is."

"I think sleep will be good for everyone," Jackson says with a grin. "And we can always use a mascot, of course. And who knows, maybe our Totem will be kinder to us that we're working with Raven's children." He reaches over to muss Roman's hair, then moves back to his spot next to Nadya. "Good night, Levi, and Roman. We're going to have to meet again soon. I'm still hunting for crow spirits that'll have us, but I think I'm zeroing in on one." He moves to lean against Nadya and looks back down at the pendant in his hand, brushing a thumb over it gingerly.

Roman goes to his knees and leans over Gigi. He looks down at her. "You are not a mascot." He kisses her lips softly and nuzzles her softly. "You are my partner in crime, my lover, my friend." He brushes his hand through her hair. He lies down beside her and pulls her against him. "Let's rest."

Nadya had been listening quietly, her gaze moving from person to person. Gigi's explanation of what she is now has the Gypsy woman looking curious, but she saves her questions for another time. There's clear acceptanace in her features, though, even as Jackson and Levi both say that she's welcome in the pack. "I'm afraid you're stuck with us, Gigi, whether you're blood, or not." She waves a hand, indicating the group, "We're all family now, it would seem." Levi gets a smile when he announces that he's leaving, her dark eyes following him for a moment. "Stay out of trouble and give me a call later, please. I need to chat with you and Jackson about something." Once Wolf Roman is settled onto the lawn, she gives him an affectionate smile before turning her attention back to Jackson. "I'll help you clean up."