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Border Wars: The White Wolf

Morbid curiosity killed the wolfblooded.

Dramatis Personae

Astrid_Halldis and Kaheya


Kaheya makes a good decision when he's out having dinner. Astrid does as well. But what about the white wolf? Part of the Border Wars plot.


Woods of Hanging Hills

Astrid has always known about the Pure and their hold on the woods of Hanging Hills. Did this deter the tiny wolfblooded? Not in the slightest. She'd actually talked to a few of them. But they'd never stuck around to find out who or what she was. Sometimes it's just easier to play dumb, really. Tonight she'd been out to visit her middle brother and procure her addiction, homemade deer jerky was what she got. She's got the bag tucked into her backpack and she's heading back through the forest for the moment with her bow over her shoulder. The raven haired woman is dressed in jeans, boots and a warm jacket to be out in the night. No one else accompanies her though. Which if people knew Astrid, this was normal.

Even knowing the woods here are claimed by the Anshega, Predator Kings or the like, a Meninna can't help but be drawn out from the pavement of the city. Or at least /this/ Meninna for he has never been a man for the city. Also without money, it is difficult for him to come by meals while Kaheya tries to drum up work. And so he dares this night to risk the woods, to skirt and slink as a black wolf very warily. He tries to evade territorial markers that might set off wards to alert other uratha of his presence. He must not set his sights upon a deer that might travel far and lead him a merry chase recklessly. No, instead he must settle for somewhat smaller game.

And so it is that the black wolf has taken a young feral pig by suprise and brought it down. It lays upon the leaf mold of the earth beneath a tall pine, one black leg and hoof cocked askew almost gracefully. The wolf has his head lowered, jaws working to rip out the liver and ingest it. Hunger has driven him to come here and it is a belated moment before the wolf lifts his head to listen.

Someone comes. The young pig is too large to pick up and carry off quietly - he would have to drag it. Hackles rising, the black wolf slinks into the brush, loath to leave his supper.

Astrid and Kharn hunted feral pigs, so that wasn't a thing that surprises her. She loves them! The silver eyed wolfblooded is singing quietly to herself as she goes. A song in a different language. It sounds a bit mournful. Which is the woman's mood these days. One thing becomes apparent, she's got quick eyes. "Caleb?" she calls quietly as she starts to turn towards the black wolf that's slinking into the brush. Caleb was usually the one skulking. She stops though when she realizes that it's probably not Caleb. "Umm...hello." she offers a wave. Weird girl. Yes, she knew it was a Werewolf. The spidey senses were tingling. She just didn't know if it was Forsaken or Pure.

This wolf, as many of his kind do, has golden amber eyes in his dark face with which he peers at the young woman when she arrives. The language, if it is Icelandic, he does not know. In the brush where he hoped not to be seen, he lowers his head and tries to take in her scent. There is blood ujpon his muzzle, some of his in his coat that thickens against winter's oncoming cold. She's looking right at him and even waved, quite unafraid. The wolf's body language as he takes a single step and raises, then lowers his head once more is perplexed. Wary, he takes another step and peers through evergreen branches at the woman.

His kill lays plain to see in the pine needles. It's fresh enough that the body hasn't completely cooled, yet. With the belly ripped open, it is cooling rapidly now. Still, the wolf remains cautious.

"Definitely not Caleb." Astrid muses as she looks straight at the wolf, never away. This wasn't a raptor situation so she didn't check her sides. The predator was clearly in front of her. She doesn't move forward, nor does she take a step back. Unafraid? Yes. She doesn't want to test that theory though. "Oh. I interrupted supper...I'm sorry about that." she frowns. There's a bit of a debate and then she takes a knee to look at him and then kill, "We've got a few bigger pigs up closer to my brothers place. Some good hunting, but dangerous." she admits. Yes, talking to wolves, totally normal.

Aye, either she's one of those tree hugging nutcases, or she's blooded. Not that he can tell. The wolf moves very slowly from his thin cover as there's no point in hiding from her when she clearly knows he's there. An ear swivals around to keep tabs on other sounds in the night around them, his amber eyes upon the woman. With care he moves back towards his kill, hackles still raised in silent warning that he doesn't care for her to get too close. He even bares his teeth briefly in a silent snarl without more than a breath of sound. Eying her, hunger gnawing at his belly, he cautiously lowers his head to get his teeth into the meat. Much worse than some girl might come sniffing up his trail if the black wolf loiters too long, here.

Astrid was Blooded. She just was hoping that she didn't look insane. She runs a hand through the too long black hair and gives a smile, "I'm not going to bother your food, big guy." she tells him. "I'd rather stick my hand in a woodchipper really." she adds with a chuckle. "Eat." she nods to him as she settles down fully on the ground. She wasn't going to just move on. She was going to sit there. A new Forsaken probably didn't know these woods. Or maybe she was talking to a Predator King and he'd eat her. She rubs at the back of her neck, the bite from the shartha was almost fully healed. So that's a plus.

She hardly needs to give him permission. The black wolf rips meat from the pig and gulps it down, teeth flashing briefly before his jaws are working on it again. But he's still watching her closely, distracted by the woman and not keeping as sharp a focus on the woods around him as the Meninna would like. As she takes a seat, easy as you please and happy to watch and wait, he growls low and thick deep down in his throat and chest. Aye, wanting her to go away. But he doesn't rush her or bother her at all, working his way around the carcas and blooding up his muzzle, eating. Every little bit he raises his head to stand very still and listen to the night's woods, to scent the air and wait for several seconds to focus on what's out there. Then he licks his chops and resumes feeding.

After a little while the black wolf lays down along side the feral pig and settles to chewing, breaking rib bones to swallow them whole, or to lick out the fat marrow of thicker ones. Gorged on meat and offal, he's slowing down and having 'desert'.

Astrid watches the process. The sight of it all. The way the blood looks on his muzzle as he eats. Morbid curiosity is what would kill Astrid. The growl makes her scoot back a few feet. She was unwelcome. Which was fair. There's a bit of a look around and then she smiles, "You enjoy your food, Mister Wolf." she tells him as she pushes up from the ground, collecting her bow. "I'll leave you to dinner. I'm Astrid. Easy to find me if you are new to town. We can show you around. Just..watch out for the Anshega up here." she tells him as she readjusts her backpack and prepares to set off.

That edge has abated, that awful, gnawing hunger that has been riding him. Finally sated. He lifts his head as she shifts her position to stand, readying to depart. The wolf licks his chops several times, trying to clean himself. Paw licking ensues as he listens until his interest refocuses on this strange woman. Her words prick his ears to catch every word and nuance. Astrid looks to be turning to depart and the wolf gets up. Hmm, no doubt he would sleep and feed again until there was little left, if he dared to stay. Instead when she starts to walk off, he comes over to where she had been sitting and sniffs around.

It might be fun to follow her.

It might be fun to follow her. It might. She's halfway down the trail as it is. That's when Kaheya notices the other smell. The smell that she'd distracted him from. Or the one that had just arrived. It's another wolf. One that was standing on the path from the way Astrid arrived.

The pelt is white in the light from the waning half moon. But there's the smell of blood. There's wounds in the side and down the spine of it. Recently mauled? Absolutely. It seems to be looking down the trail after the Wolfblooded. Then it notices Kaheya and starts to back off into the shadows.

Astrid doesn't even sense the other Werewolf. She just heads down the trail, singing to herself as she goes. She doesn't look back. Not even to see if Kaheya is follwoing her.

Kaheya hardly gets a step or two when that other scent catches his attention. Hackles rise slightly and he turns to see the other wolf. At once, cautiously, he moves towards it and starts to growl low, head lowering slightly. Only a few steps and he stops, watching it closely. Is it alone? He's no Elodoth to see the spirit brands to tell him if it's another Forsaken or Pure. For the moment Astrid is forgotten - he can pick up her scent soon enough to see where she's going, though for all he knows she might hop a bus somewhere. The instinctive growl fades to silence as he waits to see what the other will do.

The white wolf has already slipped out of sight. Like a ghost. But ghosts didn't bleed, right? The wolfblooded can still be made out down the trail, but she's getting farther away from them. And nothing seems to be going after her.

Across the gauntlet? There's a few little motes of death spirits feasting on the remnants of the piglets death. Otherwise for the moment there's nothing that stands out too much.

The wolf interests him more than the girl for the moment. Kaheya goes to where it had been standing so that he may pick up it's scent all the better. A male, female? If there is any spot of fresh blood, he will lick it to better know the other. Then he trails after it, but only a very short distance to see if it has really gone. No desire to have it lure him back to the Anshega, if it was one. No. The black wolf stops and listens.

After a long moment he turns and trots after Astrid. But not without pausing to glance back at least once. With meat in his belly and curiousity itching, he settles for following the woman for now. It's dangerous without a pack to be following another wolf, though that one was clearly injured. He will know it's scent if he comes across it again, later.

The wolf is gone for the moment. God only knows why it was standing there and staring off after the blooded. There's a little patch of blood. Not much else. By the time that Kaheya is turning back to follow Astrid she's halfway to the edge of the forest. Maybe she ran some? Or maybe time had passed the man by.

Time can be slippery like that if you get distracted. That blood is definitely tasted, smelled. A white wolf is upon his mind. There is no particular haste to chase after Astrid. Kaheya can trail her though if he wishes to do so as a man as well, he shouldn't get too far behind. A little bit of a lope can eat up the distance to close it, but he dare not get too close. The black prefers to stay back enough not to draw her attention back to him. She sings to herself and has surely forgotten him. She may leave the wood but he'll linger a few more moments in the dark, the half moon's light cast over the open ground. A final, careful look and listening to be sure no one might be watching himself ere he will slip from wolf to man.

Kaheya stands from a crouch wearing a dark T-shirt and worn blue jeans with cowboy boots. His brown leather bomber jacket is old and well used, likely a hand me down. His long dark hair is loose over his shoulders when he causally starts to walk free of the trees, hands slipping into his jacket pockets.

Astrid is either very used to the woods or she's very stubborn and doesn't care about the danger of them. Or she knows people. Either way, she has no problem with her way out. The bow is shifted back onto her shoulder and the arrow slipped back into the quiver. She doesn't notice Kaheya coming out of the woods behind her. The woman just keeps heading back towards The Square, where there's shops, a bar and another building by the name of Halldis Costume Company.

He simply follows her, though the Native American man stops at one point to look back and study the woods himself, almost expecting to see that white wolf in the moonlight again. A man's eyes though are not as good as a wolf's in the darkness. A pause and then he's following Astrid's progress once more to see where she might go. The name on the sign of one of the shops catches his attention. Kaheya stops, "Halldis." His attention at once goes back to Astrid who might easily have heard him. "You are Tor's cousin." The voice is a lower range tenor with almost a Candian lilt.

That tingling feeling returns and Astrid fumbles her keys as she reaches the door. She bends to pick them up and then she turns to look at the man behind her. He wasn't familiar at all. There's a quirk of her eyebrow, "You know my cousin Tor?" she asks him. "Yeah. Back home in Iceland. You're looking for him in the wrong place if that's why you are here." she muses.

The dropped keys are noted. He comes no closer to her, keeping his place so not to crowd her. "No," Kaheya's voice is low, "I met him yesterday at the Crosscut. He's here, looking for you and another cousin named ... Kharn, I think it was?" There could be some dried blood on his face or hands so it's just as well that it's dark. He needs to wash up. "I owe him a steak sometime. Or at least a few beers."

Astrid gives a bit of a blink, "Umm...why would my cousin..." then it clicks. "Shit." she sighs. Apparently the Halldis' have a few Werewolves in the family. "I'll try to get ahold of Kharn and Freyr if I can. They are my brothers. They can help him out as well." she tells him. "You wouldn't happen to be the wolf I was just jabbering at up in the woods, would you?" she asks with a soft laugh.

"He's young." A pause to consider her words, "And therefor I assume, new... to this life." His dark eyes flick up to the sign of her shop, "I'll tell him where to find your shop, if I see him again soon." Astrid's question makes Kaheya smile and give a faint nod, "I should go and wash up. My face and hands are not clean." Before he turns to go, he glances back to the trees and then back to her, "There was a white wolf following you. Badly hurt, but when it saw me, it took off. It wasn't interested in me though, it was watching you."

"Yeah, he's recently changed I'm guessing, explains why he's here in town then." Astrid tells him. "This is my shop or I live next to the Tur. Used to work there but teaching got a bit hectic." she admits. "I've got a bathroom you can use if you want to?" she points over her shoulder. Then the woman goes a bit more pale than normal, "Badly hurt?" she blurts out. "Shit umm...I gotta go." she tells him as she starts to head right back down the road they just returned from. But she's in a hurry.

Bathrooms can wait. Kaheya turns as she starts to hurry back the way they had been coming, "If it's someone you know... I can track them. I almost followed but .. I am leary of those who hold territory here." No need to name the Anshega aloud while walking across the square. She may or may not want the company but Kaheya starts to follow her again towards the woods, now falling silent.

Astrid stops when she realizes he's following her. "I'm fine. I don't need anyone to go with me." she tells him. Independant little thing. "No, never follow the white wolf. But if he's hurt..." she rubs her hands up and down her face for a moment. "I know them. I can't take you back there. It's probably too dangerous. Especially if he's hurt. Soooo...yeah. I'll see if he comes to me. Or somewhere else." she sighs.

"Them?" He does stop. Kaheya frowns and lowers his voice, "If they are who I think you mean, they are very dangerous to /you/ as well." He draws a slow breath, "I do not know you, or others here. You do what you think best." The Cahalith has planted his feet and will let her go.

"Him. He used to be one of them. If it is who I think it is. He didn't want to be with them." Astrid sighs. "He was my friend a long time ago. Hell, could be a different wolf." she shrugs. Conflicted. She lets her shoulders slump and she starts to turn back towards the shop, "Sorry." she mutters to him. "And no one else knows of him. I haven't seen him in years. Figured he'd left." she states as she goes to unlock the door to the shop. Surprises abounded.

Kaheya turns his head to watch Astrid change her mind yet again and head back towards the shop, "If you think he's a friend of yours, you should go to him. I told you, I can track him. He's bleeding." That makes it easy. But it's her choice. While he watches her, Kaheya adds low, "I'm Kaheya, by the way." Belatedly he remembers his manners as he waits to see what she decides to do.

Once back down the road and the door is unlocked, there's a chime on Astrid's cellphone and she looks to it after it's dug out of her pocket. There's a bit of relief. "He says he's fine. Watched us walking back." she tells him. Then she looks to Kaheya and smiles, "Hello Kaheya, it's nice to meet you. If you want to come in and use the bathroom to wash up you can. I don't believe you're going to try to eat me." she chuckles.

"No, I uphold my oathes." He eases his otherwise serious mouth into a slight smile, "I won't trouble you further, Astrid. There are other places I can wash up. I'm glad your friend thinks he'll be all right." Kaheya lifts a hand to lightly touch his brow in a farwell gesture to her. The Meninna turns and starts walking further into town.