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Border Wars: The Party Crashers


Dramatis Personae

Gunnar, Ashley, Ginger, Kharn, Evelyn, Roman, Kaheya, Waneek and ST


Something doesn't go as planned and the Forsaken get to have their first major clash with the Pure. Border Wars plot and a Fimbulvetr pack action.


Woods of Hanging Hills

Friday night had come finally. The scouts had came back with valuable information that was no doubt going to vital for the wolves that had decided to come past the boundary of where Forsaken territory ends and Pure territory begins. There's a plan, or at least one would hope there is a plan as they set out.

The new moon doesn't hold any light for the group as they go, but most of them don't have to worry about things like that. It's not too long before they are trudging up to the boundary that's been marked by large rocks and now there's even a few traces of blood that they can smell.

Evelyn is here, along with the rest of her pack. The little Goth is, however, not dressed quite so gothly, save that what she wears -is- black. The bulletproof clothing she wears covers her from neck to wrists to ankles, the bottoms tucked into a pair of combat boots that come halfway up her calves. Her dark hair is gathered up in a knot at the nape of her neck to keep it from her eyes, and she's armed. A shotgun is slung on her back with a strap, and a rapier, of all unlikely things, is worn at her left hip. Finally, the silver chain of her amulet shows at her neck, though the relic pendant itself is tucked under the shirt so that it touches skin. Thusly kitted out, the wolfblood moves with the pack, staying close to Kharn's side for now.

As they come up towards the boundary and there is a hint of blood near the rocks, Kaheya sets himself to sniffing around to try and assertain what it is exactly he smells and whether or not it is the blood of any of those he and Ginger were trying to smell around the fire on their scouting. The Meninna moves quietly and keeps tabs on his pack as they approach, listening for directions or orders as to what Gunnar and Waneek have in mind to try and do tonight. The black wolf stays out from all others a little ways, liking to have room to maneuver. His black pelt blends well in the night unless he crosses a patch of snow, or if his golden eyes catch and reflect light.

Ashley can't see jack in the dark. As Evelyn is dark and outfitted, so is the other Wolfblood. She's wearing nifty black cat burglar like thief clothing and a pair of black combat boots. These all look well worn as if they've had use before. She's not all pink, all the time, but you can guess she'd rather wear rainbows than darkness. As they get to the rocks, she's also staying somewhere near Eve. That dark no moon, makes her pull on a pair of goggles that look like a ski mask. The frames are grey lensed and those in the know may realize she is setting up tech for night vision. ESS Eyewear proficient. To her, the terrain ends up with a soft glow so she can now see her packmates. At her side is a strapped pistol holster and for protection she has hidden beneath her coat a bit of kevlar strapped to her chest.

Under her moon (or lack there of) Ginger has fallen into her arguably more comfortable, wolf skin. While some are anxious or restless at their time of the month, the Irraka is calm and focused. Next to her brother's and sisters she's tiny but that is it's own advantage in the almost perfect silence of her nimble movements and the way she seems to slip the eye easily in the wake of the larger, more imposing beasts. Like Kaheya she drifts around the fringes of the group, sniffing, listening, watching.

Waneek's in Dalu and is eerily silent, only speaking when spoken to. No one has ever seen her this intense, the Ithaeur so focused that very little else will reach her. Glancing at Gunnar, she nods slightly as she watches him give the instructions, her body trembling slightly. Nervous. << Let me know when.>>

Kuthgurim arrives with Evelyn, wearking a dark grey pair of firehose pants and a black T-shirt, that is in stark contrast to his pale skin and beard. There's less fire, of course, because the moon is dark this evening. As Gunnar speaks to Gunnar, he nods and says to the group as a whole, "Ginger, come scout for me. The bloods have shotguns, good for defense and they are not as adept in the dark. Roman, with me as well." He doesn't have his Klaive drawn, but the big Dalu speaks to his Alpha with a bit more authority than he has, "Take care of them."

At the front of the group is the massive dire timber wolf of grey-silver fur, thick for winter climes. Hopefully Ashley looks the other way. As they cross the boarder into Pure territory, the Alpha stops and turns to face the pack and gives them a quick reminder of their jobs tonight. He rumbles, voice and body language passing on his thoughts, << Kharn, you will pick two and patrol the outskirts of the area where the Anshega are doing their contests. Find one or two stragglers who you can take easily and maim them. Then place them somewhere they will be found. When all hell breaks loose make them get found, with a distraction if you must.>> He turns to Waneek and growls low, << We will defend Waneek while she summons spirits of Anger and discord, binding them to her will and send them to sow dissent amoung the Pure. We want them to fight and fracture. >>

Ginger's head lifts, her ear twitching towards Kharn. She peels off quickens her steps to prowl ahead of the group, her frame quickly swollowed by the shadows.

The massive dark grey wolf that is the Aussie Roman, nods his head to his Alpha and then stares at Kharn before he moves to where he should be. Each paw digging in. His tail flipped up and over his back. His eyes narrow and his breathing careful. He's prepared.

Evelyn reaches out to touch Kharn's hand once, then slips away from his side, and closer to that of Ashley. As that border is crossed, she reaches to pull her shotgun from where it rests on her back, checking it briefly. She's definitely squinting, and giving Ashley's night vision gear a somewhat envious look.

The Meninna looks a little anxious when Kharn doesn't choose him to go and rough up stranglers. Damn. But Nu'tuk Romrr takes it in stride. The black wolf continues to scout out a perimeter around where Gunnar, Waneek, Ashely, and Evelyn are while Kharn, Roman, and Ginger will split off. Kaheya is alert and silent as he moves carefully around the area of the rocks, watchful.

Idle message from Lunargent: I've stepped away from the computer. Please leave a message.

Ashley gives Evelyn the thumbs up. It's silent, but she does point two fingers in front of her to point out Roman if they have to veer his way as Kharn most likely will be in the thick of things shortly enough. They'll have to stay near one of the packmates when the directions come in. And of course, she grins wildly, at the sight of Eve's shotgun. Oh hell yeah! She pats the firearm at her side too, but it's a wee bit smaller. Perhaps she's envious now of the bigger gun. Toys, gotta luv'm. Her gaze moves back to watch carefully soon enough. All serious now.

When they don't find the Locus the group had thought they had knowledge of. the dire wolf turns and growls out the new orders, << Kharn forget tthat....we stand and defend Waneek while she summons a spirit of Discord. We fight what comes to check it out. >>

The Ithaeur comes closer to where Gunnar is and nods slowly, her awareness being pulled inward. Golden eyes closing, she lifts her chin and howls, her cry lifted towards the Hisil. The call is for a spirit of discord, asking for its presence, its help. This lasts for as long as it needs to.

Ginger stills a short distance from the pack, not a hair on her body moving, barely even seeming to breath. She takes look out and waits.

Kuthgurim nods and goes to stand by Evelyn. He relays the First Tongue to the Wolf bloods, "Change in plan. When Waneek summons the spirit, the Pure will hear it and try to stop the ritual. We stand and fight when they do." The big Dalu reaches over his shoulder and draws Shar'suthar from his skin sheath. The mind-tingling humm of her lust for blood fills the area. Nothing that will cause too much discomfort, just an itch to fight.

Turning towards her mate, Evelyn listens when Kharn translates the new plan and nods. Violet eyes flick over to his klaive as it is drawn, and she shivers a bit, her eyes growing slightly more intense as she tightens her grip on her gun. "If it gets too frenzied, I'll pull out my claws. Until then, I'll do my best to shoot."

Ashley unholsters her gun as silently as possible when the plans change. The smooth dark metal feels right in the palm of her hand. And now to protect Waneek, she takes the new directive seriously.

Waneek kneels down after drawing out a circle, taking time to make sure it is properly done. Once in place on the dirt, the Ithaeur smokes a little weed to get her mind good and altered, putting it in the right place to (hopefully) make this work. After the weed is consumed a small out of tuned flute is placed upon the ground before her, her offering to the Discord spirit. Once done, she howls, her head angled up to the Hisil.

Kaheya smells the blood but it's not like anything he's smelled before, so he knows not what to communicate to the others. He remains silent. Instead the Meninna moves to conceal himself as best he may and waits for the Anshega to come - in hope that he may leap out at them in surprise from out of sight. His golden eyes watch the darkness around them as his sister labours to do what she tries, sparing a glance to place Ashley and what she's doing.

Ginger keeps her post, all senses on alert as the ritual goes on.

Roman walks into the shadows and crouches behind a tree.

Evelyn remains alert, taking up a station between Ashley and Kharn, facing out into the darkness with her shotgun held at the ready. It's dark and she can't see that far, but she's doing her best despite that to watch out for her packmate as she begins her work.

While Waneek prepares for the rite, the huge dire-timberwolf stalks around the area, keeping ears alert and nose sniffing the air. When Waneek begins her rite, he gives a low rumble, "Tell the blooded to find places to hide. Ginger and Kaheya be ready for ambush.

Ashley will gently touch the shoulder of Evelyn to quietly get her attention once the pack correctly conveys the new order. It seems they need to take cover and quickly. She two finger points to some brush near a large copse of trees and motions for them to go within. The image is clear and bright with a yellow tinge, in her goggled night vision. From there, they can surprise those who might come running in. If lucky, they can get some shots off.

Evelyn nods once to Ashley, and then the little Goth turns on her heel, ghosting off through the darkness after her friend to take her place in the bushes. She settles on one knee, shotgun up and braced against her shoulder, peering out and waiting for something to possibly shoot at.

Kuthgurim, Runesword drawn and gripped in both hands, begins to illuminate the area. His spirit brands begin to glow, one set in particular more than other, burn brightly. The Ralurnim is not one to hide, so he instead stands out in the open with his Alpha.

Yes, the huge dire wolf is making himself seen. As he draws on his spirit the Hudta's spirit brands begin to glow with silvery moonlight. Tides of Blood stands tall on all four paws, listening for any possible incoming trouble, muzzle lifted to scent the air. He glances aside at Kharn briefly and chuffs at him then keeps his attention on the area around them. He wants to be seen if they come.

Ginger is perfectly still at her post, watching, listening smelling. The smallest of the wolves waits away from the rest, frozen in her crouch.

Well that's a weird thing to hear really. Howling in the wrong direction of where people should be this evening. It's not too long after that first howl that is given by Waneek is answered by the sound of something drawing closer. A group of somethings that are coming their way.

As he hears the howls, Tides of Blood tenses slightly. He gives a warning growl for all of the others to hear. << Be ready. Focus on the same target as much as possible. Each one we put out of commission is one less we fight. >> The huge dire wolf begins to pace slowly, ready for the fight to come.

Roman turns his eyes towards noises and he crouches down into the darkness further and he keeps himself low and hidden as much as possible.

Kaheya lays low, not moving a hair where he lays, watchful and listening. His senses are trained on those who approach, ready to leap out and defend his sister as Waneek performs the rite she and Gunner planned. This isn't exactly what the /Meninna/ had in mind for them to do tonight but ... the black wolf stays as concealed as he may, hidden and using Feet of Mist to help mask himself. Let the Anshega be lured in by Waneek and the glowing pair of Rahu. He is ready to buy what time the ritual requires.

Ginger sinks further into her crouch, closer to the ground, planning to let them pass her if possible, then ambush from behind like a good Irraka.

Hearing the sound of the approach, Evelyn turns her gaze - and the barrel of that shotgun - in that direction. Her eyes narrow, though at this point, she can see a -lot- better. She might soon wish she couldn't, depending on what comes charging out at them.

Ashley makes sure the Wolfbloods are in position not to hit anyone in the pack, if they fire off rounds. The angle is to protect Waneek from within the hiding position, the brush and winter branches holding some kind of hidden protection. It's not perfect, but it will have to do. Her own gaze is off the glowing Wolves, to not obscure her own night vision.

Ashley lifts her firearm to aim.

There's a moment where all goes silent and then bodies start busting through the trees and the underbrush. Three are in Urshul and all are colored like the night, but what little light is in the forest makes the eyes glow. The other four that appear are in Urhan and Dalu. But they came prepared for whatever is doing the howling out here. There's a chorus of snarls and snaps that fill the air as they draw closer now, within range of the guns. Almost in range of hand to hand.

Kuthgurim sees the first of the Urshul burst through the trees. He's already moving, his feet throwing up the soil as he charges with Shar'suthar at the ready. He brings the Klaive hard sideways into the Urshul, cleaving flesh from body and leaving it reeling and unable to act.

As soon as they break the treeline, Tides of Blood sprints for the group of four. He unleashes a resonating low growl as he runs headlong into the biggest of them, jaws snapping down and grabbing hold to grapple the Pure with rage in his eyes. What happens once a wolf has hold? They are about to find out.

There's a howl that rings out from one of the wolves that came in. Probably calling for more troops. There was a huge meeting scheduled tonight. But that was interrupted. Two break off and go after Kharn once he's done cleaving into their brother. One gets a hold of him, but doesn't leave much of a mark.

Something is going after Evelyn's mate? Oh, hell, no. Two somethings, in point of fact. Ashley might be aware of a very soft growl from the dark-haired girl at her side, but it's followed by a shotgun blast that makes Eve grunt, but does at least tag the target. "Paws off him," she mutters. "Mine."

Roman is a big wolf so sneaky sneaky isn't entirely his specialty but he was told to go fall behind. The ghost wolf moves through the bushes and tries to be quiet but ... it's bushes and he's got a tail and a head and he's big.

There's werewolves going everywhere! It's a big mess from the looks of it. One goes after Kharn again, but doesn't find purchase. Slits The Throat sees Roman moving and the wolf moves to engage him, but doesn't get a bite in.

Then something turns it's eyes to Gunnar. The massive silvery white wolf heading straight for the Alpha and jaws open wide as it snaps down into his flesh and fur, almost cracking bones. It hurts alright. Badly. Thankfully the big wolf is able to keep his composure and not give into Kuruth.

From the concealment he had so carefully taken, Nu'tuk Romrr leaps forth and zips silent as a shadow to attack one of the wolves that was passing closest to his position. Kaheya gets a successful ambush on one of the black Anshega and sinks his teeth into the thick wintry pelt of his foe, ripping flesh as he tries to go for the soft flank he can reach. Snarling then once he bites, he can taste the Anshega's blood, trying to make it turn so it can't reach his sister performing her rite.

One of the better hits of the evening is landed when Kaheya bites into someone that wasn't even expecting it! The wolf rounds on Kaheya and snaps it jaws one before going in for a similarly painful bite on the Cahalith's flank. Eye for an eye. Rump for a rump.

Ginger is a bit of shadow that breaks away from the underbrush and grows in size at it lunges. Teeth flash white against the darkness and the copper dire wolf rushes past the beast that just attacked her alpha. A splash of red on the ground and the smell of blood reach everyone's senses before the Pure releases a good chunk of his calf is now missing.

Ashley, the catlike burglar in the dark of the bushes has to veer her firearm slightly out of chorus with Eve's. It's too damn bright by Fireball Kharn. She has her protective instincts up to cover Waneek. Her eyes squint aiming as the bullet fires into the chaos around them. *BAM!*

As the fighting has settled into a bloodthirsty fray for the moment the Forsaken that are gathered probably can't help but hear another chorus of howls that ring out angrily into the night. It's a very loud sound that's accompanied by the sound of small trees snapping and falling over. It sounds like a small herd of angry elephants.

Or pissed of Predator Kings.

Kaheya get's the feeling along with the others that this might mean death for more than one of his pack tonight if they don't retreat. There will be other days to fight.

The sound is something that really gets Kaheya's attention. The Meninna breaks off trying to attack the wolf he's on even though it turned and bit him back just as badly. The black Cahalith has an ear for such sounds it seems for his attention was drawn sharply. Then Nu'tuk Romrr leaps as clear as he may from the wolf he's entangled in to raise a howl of his own and lift up his voice in the First Tongue, <We MUST fall back! Too many come! Gaurou!> It must be that to up root trees and make such noise as that, a storm wave coming through the forest in their direction!

Kuthgurim, fighting off a couple of the Pure, sees the big wolf going for his Alpha. With singular devotion, he shed them and steps in for a powerful chop, arterial blood and gore covers the ground. He yells, knowing that the Wolfbloods can't understand the Firtt Tongue, "RUN!"

With the Pure in his mouth, the Dire wolf starts jerking his head back and forth, ripping and tearing to make his point berore releasing and giving a low rumbled growl, << Fall back! Get to safety! >> THen he turns to block the retreat of his pack with a menacing growl at the other Pure.

There's a howl that breaks loose as one of the huge Werewolves breaks the treeline, hitting one of the smaller trees with enough force to snap it to the side. The man shifts down from Gauru when he sees the scene in front of him. "ENOUGH!!!" he bellows. And it's like the Pure just kinda tense up. The ones that were fighting withdraw from the Forsaken and start to slink back. The man is covered in scars and dirt, but he has a raw presence that clearly states he's an elder.

"Take your wounded and be gone. If anyone else attacks I'll let them have you here and now. I'm giving you a gift at this moment." he tells the Forsaken.

Evelyn doesn't have a clue what's being said just now. She doesn't speak the First Tongue, or understand it. But she hears that crashing, and seems to know that it heralds the approach of something she is not equipped to handle. "Run!" she shouts to ashley, almost in unison with Kuthgurim, grabbing the girl's arm and giving a brief tug before turning and making a dash for safety. She -does- try to get into the midst of the pack as she runs, too. Let the furry fighting machines take flanking positions. Or at least, she gets in the midst of anyone else who looks to be running away. With the emergance of the Elder onto the scene and his shout... well. She keeps on running, or at least moving at the same pace as the others, even if the danger is now lessened.

Ginger backs up slowly, the taste of blood in her mouth, but rather than fury her amber eyes are as empty as the moon above. Her body is deliberately positioned between the pure and the bloods, not moving forwards or back until she's sure Ashe and Eve (and her wounded pack mates) and moving towards safety. Her nostils flare, soaking up the scents of the pure while she lingers, ready to move and intercept any attacks from either side if necessary.

It's her own Beta that Ashley hears first with his yell. The words, Run, still ringing in her ears next echoed by Evelyn at her side. She bolts! That loud noise crashing in seems to be coming down in and around them, and it makes her want to pick up her feet all that much faster to retreat. That cold air hits her lungs and if Evelyn wavers at all running through the dark, she'll move ahead slightly so she can lead at a slight advantage with the NVG.

Gunnar backs him up, and Kharn as well and that's good enough for Kaheya. He moves to try and get clear of the Anshega and turns sharply when the THING comes crashing into their space. He's positioned his body between it and Waneek in an attempt to shield her, his side bloody slick where his black pelt has been ripped. When it's evident that the huge elder isn't barreling on top of them, Kaheya goes to urge his sister to fall back, golden eyes seeking for Ashley and Evelyn to make sure they are retreating. Are any of their pack too sorely wounded to do so?

Tides of Blood doesn't attack again....his muzzle is already dripping blood as he stands at the front when the big MOFO comes out and bellows. You can be sure that even the dire wolf is taking care as he waits for his pack to move away to safety. His golden eyes watch the Pure, especially the apparent elder and it isn't until his pack have all turned to go and put a little distance that he bows his head slightly and begins to back away...getting out of there.

Roman has a Pure on either side of him that he's been dodging but he doesn't move at all. The wolf refuses to move as well. His alpha isn't gone and he will wait until Gunnar is heading out before he backs up and moves after him. He's getting out of there quickly too. He wants nothing to do with this fight.

The battle lust is not so much that Kuthgurim can't stay his blade. As the Elder comes through the treeline, he steps back into a defensive posture next to his Alpha. His blade isn't put away, but it's not as if he plans to attack. When Gunnar bows, Kharn would follow him and run after the Wolfbloods that have likely made some progress into the woods.

Waneek has been howling this entire time - thanks, guys, now she looks fucking laaaaaaaaaame! - so when Kaheya rouses his sister the sound cuts off in a startles yelp. Blinking, she sees all of the carnage and, with a shudder, she rises and goes to follow. Her sense of balance is all off thanks to being stoned. "Er... hee. Can someone help?"

Ginger does not shift down, she waits firmly playing wall until she's sure the violence is haulted. Once the pack and bloods start to fall back she starts to back up. It's slow and deliberate movement on her part, her gaze locked on the one that declared that they may leave, the alpha they likely made tonight.

Kaheya sees his sister is disoriented so he quickly shifts from urshul to Dalu. He reaches his hands out and instead of helping her to fall back, he simply picks her up and starts moving. The Cahalith spares a look back to make certain the Anshega aren't coming at his back and without fear, but with due caution, he carries Waneek to fall back with their pack.

The silver haired man that had called an end to thing doesn't move and none of the Pure seem to be wanting to dare to call his bluff on things. They start to stalk back into the darkness of the woods. The only thing that can be seen is the flash of their eyes before the turn and bound back towards their camp. Blood had been shed this night, but no one died.