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Border Wars: Revenge Delivered


Dramatis Personae

Althea, Brant, Deborah, Levi, Nadya, Noah, Seraphine and ST


A study group for evidence goes wrong. So very wrong. Part of the Border Wars plot.



Ishmael had once again turned the back room into a meeting area for the night. Tonight was more researching and less talk though for the Forsaken. No Pure coming in to talk and no one grumping around. The information from Blackheart and his pack is spread out on the table for people to go through if they wish to.

Levi is in the back of the room with a tea cup in hand, a cigarette between his lips. His bright green eyes focus on the table, on the evidence. Silent for now, the Gypsy will add to the fray if needed. The locket he found as well as the wallet Ginger found are on the table.

Althea's definitely there to do some research! The energetic blonde Blood Talon was there early, to go through the photos and start collecting what information she could. She brought a notebook! And pens, that look like she probably "borrowed" them from various bank lines, to provide to others. She's currently flipping through photos and furrowing her brow, for perhaps the hundredth time. For both things.

Researching is much more up Seraphine's alley than scouting, or even grumbling at the Pure. And so the swamp witch has come, with a leatherbound book under her arm, a pencil tucked behind her ear. She's looming, /right there/ as Althea flips through the photos. Lips pursed together tightly, thoughtfully.

Nadya is there, sitting along one side of the table, a milkshake from someplace that's obvious not the bar in one hand which she drinks from fairly often. She's absently looking at one of the photos of a glyph, her face somewhat unreadable. After a moment or two, the photo is tossed back onto the table with the rest of them.

Deborah arrives a little after the party starts. A new face, but not one unexpected, if the spirit rumor-mill is up and running properly. She gives a nod in greeting here and there, glancing over everything here-abouts.

A stranger enters, dressed in jeans and a button down shirt. Short silver hair and a weathered face pegs him as older than many here, though given their nature, looks are often deceiving. A mug of coffee steams in his hand, and he glances about the room at the srsbsns People hanging out. "Evening all. I'm Brant. Let me know if you need new eyes pointed at anything.

The academic side of things doesn't give much to the group, Lorna, who has been sitting in the back on the floor wasn't easily seen over the table but she finds something odd in the pile of pictures and she delivers it to Seraphine to take a look at. The older wolfblooded isn't afraid to admit that the occult is not really her area of expertise.

Seraphine manages to grasp a lot of what is going on in the picture. But to a degree, it doesn't make sense. Warding things with the blood of the dead usually isn't the greatest, but the stones are clearly markings for warding. Is it to keep people out or to keep things in is the next question. There's also a strange glyph that's not been seen before could possibly be the mark of the group they are after. Possibly.

The wallet contains a drivers license and the cash is still in it. It's an older leather wallet that was probably a present from a wife or girlfriend. There's a picture of a man with a woman and a child in the wallet as well.

Nadya has seen most of the pictures, so isn't paying them too much attention, except to glance at them as they're passed around. The locket, however, is picked up and rubbed between her fingers as she looks down at it, gaze curious as she flips it over to check both sides.

Deborah flips through the wallet, pulling out the little flip-folder of pictures and tossing them over to the pile. She looks through everything else, though. "Any idea what we're supposed to be looking for?" she asks of noone in particular.

"Seraphine," the Creole woman offers, for those that haven't yet had the chance to hear her name before. She pictures are arranged, shuffled, until she makes sense of them, and the information is relayed. "Usually fresh spilt blood is the way to go for just about anything," she muses, before setting the picture with the sigil that she can't place in the center of the table. A bright purple sticky not with a question mark is put next to it.

"Not really." Althea brushes a bit of blonde hair out of her face as she keeps peering at the pictures. "Just kind of an opportunity to share our thoughts with each other and get a direction to work towards."

When Nadya picks up the locket there's no cold that seeps in like the stone did. There's actually a warmth to the memory that comes to the Wolfblooded.

There's laughter that hangs in the air and there's the smell of some sort of wood burning. There's a slight movement to the right and then a man comes into view as the eyes are opened, it matches the picture from the guys wallet. There's a baby in the man's arms and he's just smiling so proud at whoever is wearing the locket, "You did a great job. Doctor says that he's doing just fine and we don't have anything to worry about for the moment." he states. Then the memory is fading slowly.

Brant frowns at the glyphs and sigils, "If we could find someone that can read that, then I can translate, but the gift only works on spoken language, not written. Though, that gives me a thought.." He leans low over the table, breathing in deeply over the personal effects gathered there.

Levi is still staring from the corner. "Name, club card, something?"

Nadya sits there quietly, breathing slow, still rubbing the locket between her fingers. Anyone looking at her might notice that her eyes go unfocused, but it doesn't last for long. "They have a baby," the words are murmured quietly before she sets the locket gently on the table. "Or had." She nudges the locket over toward the wallet, then reaches out to pick up her milkshake.

Noah remains standing, looking over the table. he can see over basically everyone. He's not the academic sort, his purpose here might be for another reason. He scans everything on the table for some sort of familiarity, maybe. He's had a lot of dealing with Bale Hounds in his past, a lot. Mostly just listening.

Everyone is doing their part for the research. Some are there to play guards. Not like the Tur is going to become a war zone.


Everyone can hear something coming up the stairs from the basement at a quick pace. Or well, Lorna doesn't. Maybe she's actually a blonde. She's just humming and going through the photos still.

Then there's something that slams into the door of the basement and the wood simply shatters as it bursts outward. In the debris there's a huge white wolf with it's fur sticky with patches of old blood. It dodges straight for Levi with a lightning speed...

And with one leap and a land, it's taking a chunk out of the Wolfblood's leg. It's not a pretty sight and to the other Werewolves in the room there's the sudden coppery tang of blood in the air.

Levi tenses at the wind, the rush doesn't take him bu surprise. What does catch him off guard is the sudden presence of that white wolf. "Shit...shit!" And the blooded doesnt have time to react before he is pinned under the weight of the beast growling and punching ineffectually until jaws clamp into his thigh tearing a solid chunk of flesh with a wet rip and a blood curdling scream.

It's not often that the Ithaeur is surprised, and so, she doesn't like it at all when the door bursts open. A growl starts low in her throat, increasing in volume as the white wolf takes a chunk out of Levi. She snarls and starts to stalk forward, fingers clenching and unclenching as she starts to change forms, shifting down towards Urshul. She's not a subtle creature, and so her reaction lacks subtlety.

The sound of something coming up the stairs is heard, but that's not unusual if someone is staying down there. What is, is the door suddenly shattering the huge white wolf that's flying into the room and heading straight for Levi. "What the fuck!" Nadya stands quickly, the chair she'd been sitting on hitting the floor, her drink dropped onto the table so that it tips over. "Levi!" The name is yelled a moment after his scream. "That's one of them!" Explaining what 'one of them' is likely isn't needed, considering the material they'd all been studying.

Unexpected Urshul is kinda like an IED, right? While not expecting it, Brant springs into action once it appears. He moves to interpose himself between the attacking wolf and Lorna, dropping to a crouch in front of her, and giving the redhead a good look at the extremely /odd/ thing that happens next. The Elodoth reaches up over his right shoulder and slides his hand inside his collar, but when he draws it back, there's a rifle in his grasp, sliding impossibly from beneath his clothing and into a ready hold, pointed toward the invader.

Deborah frowns at the wallet. "Not much of anything that I can see," she says. Kind of focused on that for the moment, but not /so/ focused that she can't hear a noise. Then again, she's not as familiar as the locals with this particular tur, so the noise isn't that meaningful. "You guys expecting-" her query is cut off by the thunderous noise of the hyooj wolf bursting through the door. Reflexes kick in, she LEAPS. More specifically, she leaps backwards. In a flip. Dodging some ginormous flying wooden shrapnel, some the size of her forearm. She doesn't spring up to her feet. Instead, she remains on all fours, ready to attack the interloper.

Noah's eyes go to toward the door, already on guard, and he tenses, prepares. A growl, from the Hunter, from the Rahu as the thing appears and attacks. "I warned you." To who he directs that is unknown, but there is little hesitation in his actions at the attack. He's already changing, forming into his Urshul form, probably due to the size of the room. Gauru would be a problem, and leaping at the white wolf without thought. While others go back, he rushes forward. Death in those eyes.

With one mouthful of wolfblooded flesh, the white wolf chews and then swallows the meat that was ripped from Levi's leg. It's a stunning scene really. The blood makes the white starker in contrast. With one howl that starts as the wolf turns and heads back to the basement stairs and it fades as the thing just descends into the blackness and then disappears.

Fucking creepy things.

That...that was not something that Seraphine expected to happen on a nice, quiet night of research. There's a cry out from the Creole woman as Levi is attacked. Is it for the Gypsy, or the fact that a piece of wooden shrapnel is now jutting out of her shoulder? Maybe a bit of both. "MotherFUCK," she starts out, before the creole starts burbling up from her lips.

"Fucking sonova - Aaaagh fuck!" Levi isn't screaming anymore but he is using his outsidee in a hurricane voice. Clutching to the meaty remains and torn jean as he watches the thing consume his leg bits, denim and all. "Fucking what the Fuck! Towels...please?" He's groaning and rolling over as he tries to keep the bleeding to a minimum.

Towels are good. To help with stopping blood flow, right? Nadya dashes out of the room, throwing the door open to head into the main bar to grab some. It's probably good that there's a lot of noise happening out front, since no one will likely have heard what was going on. Well, maybe the screaming.

Lorna stares at Brant's back for a moment and when he pulls the rifle out there's a bit of a double take, "I'm not even asking where that was stuffed." she whispers as she starts to skitter over towards Levi. She takes off her scarf and starts to tie a tourniquet, "Going to need you to stop moving and stay calm. We'll get you to a hospital, this is beyond me." she frowns as she tries to calm most of the bleeding for now.

Althea stops mid-shift, looking around in disbelief. "What the fuck just happened?"

Althea arrives from the Main Bar.

"No hospital." Blood loss? She's a funny bitch. He's loopy as he makes eye contact with Sera. "Jori. Med kit..." And then the blooded finds darkness for the moment and passes out. Levi is not here right now, please leave a message.

Deborah is focused on chasing the wolf to the basement, but doesn't make it down the steps before it has vanished. Even after leaping halfway down. So back up she goes. On the way, she grabs... perhaps, not the cleanest towel, but it's there... she hurries on up, offering the meager first aid supply.

Dark eyes meet green, and Seraphine nods at the words from Levi. There's still a piece of wood sticking out of her shoulder, but it's not the big deal here. The big deal is Levi, missing a chunk out of his leg. "He's right," she says as she pulls out her phone. "Marjorie will be better than a hospital, she's extremely good at patch up." Like she has experience in it. Stepping to the side to make a rather teeth-gritting phonecall.

Nadya returns with the towels, which are tossed over to Lorna as she tends to the now passed out Levi, "I don't think this is really something you can explain at the ER. They tend to look at your strangely." She moves over to Sera, stepping behind her to look at her shoulder, "That's going to need to come out, but I'm not doing it. You're going to need stitches."

Brant moves to the basement door and scans down into the darkness, looking down the length of his rifle. "I don't hear anything down there outside of us, so it's bolted already, or very good at holding its breath." He glances aside to Deborah, then asks, "Did you see any egress for it? Window in the basement or other obvious way out?"

"No. Seriously. What the fuck just happened?" Althea is still stunned, looking between the others.

Noah leaps after it, has no idea how he's so slow and can't catch it, or even try. He growls down into the darkness where it disppears, even follows it down there, disppearing, maybe to watch for mroe attacks. Ever vigilant.