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Border Wars: Finale Part Two

"I hate Bale Hounds..."

Dramatis Personae

Brant, Deborah, Bernadette, Katharina, Roman, Javier, Nadya, Kharn, Levi, Jackson and ST


The Forsaken and the Pure are taking care of the threat For good. Part of the Border Wars plot.


Greater County Area

Tonight is the final night for the Bale Hounds, or so people are hoping. It's been a rough few weeks. While the Forsaken haven't lost anyone recently, the Pure have though. Tonight the Pure are on the other side of the forest, dealing with the last group of their own bale hounds. On this side, the Forsaken have tracked down the last group of Bale Hounds. Hopefully it's the last of them. The location is about a mile and a half away from where they were for the last fight.

Jackson is in his Dalu form, dressed like how most Mennina dress, in dark and unassuming clothing with a pair of sturdy hiking boots on his feet. He runs alongside Levi, a few yards from him and about a yard back, showing a flanking position for him. One of Jackson's eyes is clouded over in inky black with pinpoints of what appears to be starlight; the other is his standard pale green. He's got his duty belt clipped around his waist again, with his baton and large-caliber pistol hanging from it as he runs along. Instead of the police shotgun he had the last time they fought, he's got a high-caliber hunting rifle. It's really more of a sniper rifle than a hunting rifle. It's also been marked with clawed glyphs on the stock, indicating that it's probably Dedicated to him. He's speaking in the First Tongue to something to his left as he trots along, rolling his head forward to indicate a direction. There's very clearly a spirit coming along with the group, and it seems to be following the Ithaeur.

Like the last time, Katharina's all dressed in black with the black scarf holding her hair bound. Her rapier has been left back at the hotel, however, the 'blooded choosing to rely solely upon the shiv she holds so near and dear to her. She moves as everyone does, keeping up with very little in the way of difficulty, her years as an athlete paying off this evening.

Bernadette is here, this time, her stoic, silent presence not particularly noteworthy from a purely visual point of view, aside from the large shotgun she's carrying. There's also a large pistol on her hip. She moves along, eyes having no difficulty whatsoever with the darkness. She isn't in denim and flannel, though. Rather, she's got something akin to riding leathers on, what passes for protective gear for her. Brown hair is pulled up tight and.. and for some reason, a pair of noseplugs are worn, cutting off her sense of smell. Which leaves the others considerably sharpened. She, too, is sticking fairly close to Levi, possibly a holdover from her job. And if she gives the new wolf an occasional odd look.. well, it's Levi. He probably did something to deserve it.

Brant skirts from shadow to shadow beneath the treecover, doing his best to blend in and avoid Mother's nearly full face. Concealment was the sniper's friend, and the less attention paid him the better. His rifle had it's bayonet fixed, and his dalu form moved with agility that belied his increased bulk.

A hulking Firebeard walks toward where the others have gathered, seemingly unarmed in his near-man form. His already gravelly voice made more so by his mouth, he greets everyone with a nod. The bracers about his wrists are alive with power, sapping whatever social tact he may usually have. Arms folded, he waits for everyone to filter in.

Levi runs in Dalu form, his marked and glyphed armor still clinging to his frame. He carries no weapons on him, but the clothes beneath the armor are utilitarian and worn. This is combat gear and he's ready to fight. He is apparently at the head of a small pack in its own right. Jackson to his left flank - Nadya somewhere behind him, Bernie to his right. He's not seeing her odd looks - yet - so he forges on. If there's something to be tracked, he's going to be at the forefront of that effort.

Javier isn't out in front of the group to meet whatever comes head on. He's in a flanking position, either arrogantly or stupidly in his Hishu form, in pants and boots that he almost certainly doesn't care about destroying.

Nadya is dressed much the same as before, wearing a leather jacket that's home to various items that she's bound to use. A quiver is slung crosswise over her body and her bow is in hand. She's with Jackson and Levi, tracking slightly behind them and just out of the way.

The large Urshul wolf who is beside Jackson is ready for another fight. He's up for another nibblin! His tail is flipped right over his back and his ears are pressed back. His claws are dug into the earth as he moves with his family. He growls as he moves. The ever grumbly Roman moves rather quickly for his size.

Kharn is out front. He is leader of none, but knows he should be on point. Do or die.

Deborah is here! In Urshul! Under a Glorious Gibbous moon! Tbe pale-furred she-wolf huffs and puffs and pants and lolls her tongue out in excitement of the battle to come. She moves quiet as a Menienna, despite her dire-wold size. For there is prey to be had.

Desmond's in his customary war-form. At the moment, that means he's wearing the over-sized and threatening look of an Urshul wolf. White fur, pristinely white in fact. It's not much for helping stealth, but Skolis-Ur's chosen rarely are the slinking at the back type.

Make that less pack-like and more like an actual Pack. Alpha, Beta and Omega makes a Murder.

The Bale Hounds know they're going to be fighting and the group is in everything ranging from Dalu to Urshul. There's not unshifted body in the group. There's a snarl as one of the front ones sees Kharn running and it would appear that it's time for the clash of the Forsaken and the Bale Hounds.

Kharn does what he does. He picks up speed as he charged at the nearest Bale Hound. He roars as he reaches back and rips the two-handed sword from the skin at his back, bringing it down hard and slicing deep through his foe's chest.

The giant Urshul rushes forward towards one of the Bale hounds and he leaps forward with a rawr! Well... he starts soft. He did last time too. Nomnomnom. He chews gently as he wiggles his brows. Perhaps they will just get upset and forget about fighting. That's the plan anyways.

The close engagement doesn't favor the sniper greatly, but Brant was a soldier before he was an Elodoth, so has target prioritization in mind. He draws bead on one of the Urshul Bales, targeting it's foreleg to hopefully hinder its charge into the Forsaken ranks. Winslow barks once, spitting the .30-06 shell deep into the wolf's leg and causing it to stumble.

Pale-furred she-wolf darts forward, as she sees another Urshul join the fray. HE leaps onto the Bale Hound's back, to gnaw away. SHE darts in close, nipping at his legs, near to where the meaty bits connect to good ol'#5's throat. That ought to get his attention. She darts back, drawing his ire, so that the next of their number to attack will have a fully distracted critter on their hands.

Mister Bale Hound that Kharn hit is stunned and he's not doing much of anything for the moment. Then there's the howl from one of the Dalu and Urshul hounds, one rushes Kharn, but doesn't get any purchase. The other manages to claw Roman open, spilling his blood.

There's a very odd change in the air and seeming to step out of the darkness is a cloaked figure, for the moment, they stand towards the back and observe. Not coming forward into the fray.

As the other manages to claw Roman open, the Ithalunim surges forward in the Hisil at Laughing Crow's command. The Lune reaches through Gauntlet and eases the slashes on Roman's body back into place, flesh coming back together as a feeling of warmth spreads through his body. The resonance of shadow increases as the Ithalunim works its Numen.

While some might have qualms about shedding blood but Katharina is not one of those people. Darting in, the blooded makes a bold dash to the one Kharn stunned and stabs him, the tip of that silver blade sinking in deeply into the side of his neck. It is allowed to stay in for several seconds before it is yanked out, maybe doing more damage than it did going in, and she darts out of range, if possible.

As other combatants surge forward, Bernadette stops, letting those she had been running with get ahead. Instead, that shotgun is brought up to her shoulder, her stance confident and competant, trained. There is some obvious calculation written upon her face as she chooses the target.. and then the shotgun roars, and blood sprays out of one of the Bale Hounds, appearing to leave it disoriented for a moment. Already, she's looking for another strategic target.

The Balehound that Bernadette shoots howls out in pain as he tries to push the pain away and move with it's other limbs, but it's having a hard time. It's brother in arms, rushes Bernadette and with a lightning quick flash, the wolfblooded is ripped open along the side blood dripping from the claws as it pulls away from her.

Nadya's lagged back enough that she has a decent vantage point of what's going on. She sees Bernadette take a shot at one of the Hounds and then watches as its friend lunges foward to attack her side, blood spewing out over the ground. The arrow was already nocked and at ready and it takes a moment for her to aim before letting it fly. The silver tip sinks in, catching its target.

Levi ducks left and jaunts right before he closes the distance between himself and the big Urshul wolf. The claws on his hands flash and he strikes out quickly, leaving scores of nasty cuts in the wolf's pelt. Dancing back, the armored wolf snarls his challenge.

The bale hound that was towards the back tries to slink off, but when it tries to rush past the dark figure in the back it finds itself with it's head separated from its shoulders, a bloody axe whirls and then the figure goes back to being absolutely still. Observing the fight.

On the other hand, Jackson has been a cop for a long while and, like Brant, is able to draw a quick bead on one of the Bale Hounds. The stock against his shoulder, he fires, sending a .308 round into the body of the Urshul wolf that Bernadette shot. He shouts something in the First Tongue to his spirit companion, drawing it back away from Roman. With a quick movement, he pulls the bolt back on his rifle and knocks another round into place, dropping the shell casing to the ground.

Javier, unsurprisingly, is the big, dark Gauru that launches himself into the fray once chaos has already set in and started thinning out. The most tempting target to his war-lusting eyes is the unhurt Dalu, which he goes after with heavy claws, slashing from shoulder to abdomen.

Blood spatter across his body, Kharn steps over the Bale Hound with the cut throat and charges at close range at the already bloodied Urshul. His shouler hits hard, driving the creature from it's feet. Kharn stands over it and looks toward the shadows where the bloodied axe had been glimpsed. He doesn't bare his teeth, he makes no threatening gestures. After a moment he just turns away, shaking his head with disdain as he looks down at the prone Urshul.

The balehouds around Deborah-wolf drop like flies. With rapidity, even. But one is trown to the ground oh-so-close to her... She snarls, barely able to keep herself from just... BITING it. The smell reminds her of why this would not be the wisest course of action. So instead, she POUNCES! Leading with her claws. Slashing it's exposed throat. Nose wrinkling in disgust at the stench.

The cloaked figure doesn't come forward anymore. He was just killing the cowards that were trying to flee the fight. The Warden watches the rest of the Werewolves dispatch the others and there's a look down to the axe before there's a look back to them, "Well, I was wondering when they were going to get handled. I don't like getting mixed up with the Werewolves personal business, but, you know." the tall man states. "I'm Savitar, Warden of the Greater County Area. My patron was getting antsy about these guys. So I thank you." he admits.

Brant watches as the Bale hounds go down, and the one cut down as it tries to flee. Still, a shadowy figure in the distance isn't a higher threat than those close, so his sights return to the Urshul hound he shot earlier. Careful to avoid the equally large form of Roman, he lines up a shot that passes through the ribcage of the Bale Hound and drops it bleeding to the ground.

As the Bale Hounds fall, Jackson turns his eyes - one pale green, the other inky black - to look over at Bernadette. He gestures toward her and speaks in the First Tongue, "To her, bring her back to life." And in the Hisil, the spirit companion that Jackson brought along rushes over to Bernadette to reach through the Gauntlet to fill her with a warmth that heals her wounds and closes them. The Ithaeur then turns toward the cloaked figure and holds his weapon down at a ready position, but not aiming it at the dark-clad Savi. "Your Patron? Who are you?" He asks.

Bernadette didn't scream, of course, when she was more or less gutted by the Bale Hound.. but that might be because she couldn't. She staggers, though, clutching at her belly, eyes wide in pain. Staggers, but doesn't go down. Not yet. Brown eyes flit left and right as she pants raggedly, looking. Looking. And then.. healing. From some unseen force, from her perspective. She's wounded, still; she'll have some impressive battle scars, but. She's not going to expire. Lowering the butt of the shotgun to the ground, she leans on it, hearing the Warden speak, but if she's a bit distracted, well. She can perhaps be forgiven. She winds up staring down at her bloodied torso, her usually stoic face transformed in that moment to a look of sheer wonder.

Levi waits until the last of them has fallen, his snarls still coming with every inhale as his chest heaves and his claws itch for more flesh. It was over so fast. The warrior glances up at the cloaked figure who speaks and when Jackson advances and questions, he stalks side by side with the other wolf. When the mention of dealing with the Hounds is brought up he spits, "Shit is wrong, we're fixing it. Next step Host," he pauses for a minute and leans over to whisper to Jackson, briefly. Bernie is back up and gasping which means he is shifting down to human and dropping to a knee to help her up, "C'mon. Yer gonna have some damn sexy scars," he winks and helps the Scout to her feet again.

There's silence from Rina who is standing where she stopped her egress from the first Bale Hound she stabbed, her eyes wild and her face and hand splattere by blood. For how nasty she looks right now, she should have just gone for the guy with fang and claws like the Uratha do.

Kharn uses his pant leg to wipe the gore from his blade and returns it to it's hiding place within the skin on his back. He remains in his Dalu form, but chooses not to speak as he can't really count on any kind of socially normal behavior when Grimhildr has a hold of him. His skin burns with anxiety to keep fighting, but luckily is able to control himself. He's not the face of this group so he hangs back.

The Hounds dropped fairly quickly as the wolves and blooded went through them. Nadya looks over the group carefully, dark eyes trailing across people before she tucks the arrow she was holding back into the quiver at her back. Moving over to Bernadette, she tips her head as she looks at her. "I can help with that, if you want. I can't make it go away right this moment, but you'll heal a hell of a lot quicker." Her words are spoken quietly before she looks toward Savi, giving him a curious look.

Savitar wonders if they were speaking another language, "I'm the Warden of this area. Have you never heard of the Wardens that are bound to areas for eternity to help protect them?" he asks. "No matter. My patron is the spirit that watches over this area. I was helping out your cousins last week during their fray. This one turned out better." he admits. Then he looks to Bernadette, "Will she be alright?" he asks.

The dark Gauru looks severely unsatisfied with not having more bale hound blood matting the fur of his coat. But with the hounds taken care of, the Rahu is the Javier everyone knows and loves again, who looks much more expressively agitated with his human face as he stares at the tall guy with the axe.

"No, I've heard of your kind. Spirit-bound types." Jackson takes a step forward. "I'm a shaman of my people. I'm glad that you were helping out our cousins. Mother's Soft Touch is currently helping her with healing," the Ithaeur turns to gesture toward the spirit that's administering healing Numen to the wolfblood. He turns back to Savitar. "My name is Jackson. Laughing Crow, they call me. Perhaps you can help us. Are there any more of these," he kicks one of the Bale Hounds with his boot, "hanging around any more? Also, have you noticed any Wounds in the Hisil?"

The Deborah-wolf becomes a Deborah-Woman, dressed in her version of battle rattle. Weighted gloves for pounding, armored jacket for tanking, BDU pants for all those pockets, swat boots for SWAG, and escrima sticks on her hips. There is the spirit buddy healing the 'blooded, so she scoots over there. "Take some of my strength," she offers, raking her palm with nail-claws to press a bloody handprint onto Bernie's shoulder. Gifting some of her Essence to the spirit in turn.

Bernadette gives Levi a look that is distracted, but still somehow almost comically baffled. In fact, it's a look akin to earlier ones. Still, she does lean on her boss, panting, and turns her eyes upon Nadya. And she smiles. She's, evidently, more showy in her emotions when hurt. One hand - one bloody hand - pats at the other blooded's shoulder, but she shakes her head, and points to herself. Whatever that meant. Then, she just lets the hand drop, lets her head drop, and more or less just pants quietly. Others can deal with the Warden, evidently. Bern's done for now.

Roman notices his Bale Hound just die and he grumbles quietly. He stares at it and he sighs quietly. He blinks a few times. The giant wolf turns and moves after Jackson as Jackson turns to talk to the Warden. He's there to protect the man and he makes sure to stand beside his brother just incase someone makes an issue of them being there again. He's there protecting Jackson.

Uratha essence is typically not as tasty as other kinds, but Mother's Soft Touch is certainly not one to pass up the offer of Essence. It takes it from Deborah and, in the Hisil if anyone can see past the Gauntlet, the spirit gives a slight bow. There's a bit of a rattle in the trees and the shadows seem to deepen around them for a moment, allowing the light of the moon to shine a bit brighter down upon the group. The Forsaken feel a sense of emotional well-being, a kind of thank you from the spirit as it flexes its influence given to it by Luna. It continues to look over Bernadette, checking to make sure that she's safe and healed through the haze of the Gauntlet.

"Nice to meet you all." Savitar nods to them. The man wasn't going to be threatening anyone. "I've killed four of them on my own, Rowan has killed one that crossed into Hanging Hills. None have been seen in Fallcoast proper. This was the last six of them except for the two Blackheart and his pack are taking care of." he tells them. "As for Wounds. There's one closer to the mountain that I know of. You'll want to talk to Wendigo." he states grimly.

"Well, probably a good idea, yeah." Jackson glances mountain-ward for a moment, then looks back to the group. "Is everyone okay? Did anyone take any severe damage that requires me to use my Rites?" He looks back to Savitar. "Thank you for the assistance, Savitar. It's good to know that we've allies among your kind. I need to tend to my kind, and we'll work on closing those wounds created. I'd also like to apologize to your Patron through you regarding the Bale Hounds. We should have killed these things faster. But time's a flat circle and a series of nows, so it looks like this was meant to be." He shakes his head. "Anyway, thank you again." And he turns back to head toward the other Uratha and Uragarum.