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Border Wars: Finale Part One

"Oh shit!"

Dramatis Personae

Brant, Bryce, Desmond, Jackson, Javier, Keith, Katharina, Kharn, Levi, Nadya, Roman and ST


The Forsaken and the Pure are taking care of the threat. Part of the Border Wars plot.


Blackridge Forest

One of the Pure Twins had contacted Ishmael and from there, the Tur caretaker had contacted others. The people that are here are the ones that could get to the Greater County Area on such short notice. Ishmael had stated that others should be brought in, so phone trees are a thing.

It's a warm and overcast night and the moon keeps peeking out every once and awhile. As the group draws closer to their destination, they can hear the howls of other Werewolves in the distance and these are ones that have been heard before. They are those of Blackheart, Huginn and Muninn.

Keith's a stranger but seemingly willing to lend a hand in the affair of the Pure, the Bone Shadow's in utterly mundane clothes and looks rather out of place going on such a task. "Don't forget people, keep your eyes on the price eh. Don't have time for fucking up here, I only when when I am gonna die, eh. Not all of you." and with these words of wisdom he heads off towards the howls of violence and blood.

Levi knows howls now, what they mean, who they're from. The distress call went out and the Gypsy got back in town just in time to answer it. The former blooded already carries himself with more presence than he did only a few days ago. His frame is slightly thicker and his eyes glint with that Primal Urge now rolling through him. He can still fit into his Dragon Skin and so is suited up for battle,

Katharina is not exactly sure this is her fight but when she heard the message she couldn't not help. Dressed in all black and with a black 'do-rag' covering those blonde braids of hers, she looks like she is about to go ninja on whomever needs to be ninja'd. In one hand is her rapier and sheathed on her left hip is the silver shiv that has been passed down in her family for several generations.

Jackson is currently in his Dalu form, a shotgun which has a grip that's significantly larger than it otherwise should be - to fit his hand, most likely due to the Rite of Dedication - leaning against his shoulder. The Ithaeur moves alongside Nadya. In Dalu, Laughing Crow's hair is a bit more coarse, darker, with strands of black among the brown from his Hishu. The usual stubble is turned into a set of muttonchops and connected beard in black near-fur that hugs against his jaw. He taps the gun with his elongated fingernails and sniffs at the air occasionally, eyes narrowed as he follows the group of assembled Uratha and Uragarum. It's notable that he follows Brant's example with relying on weapons instead of his own fangs and talons; maybe not too strange, considering he's a werewolf preacher. Shotgun preacher, apparently. He gives a nod toward Levi and keeps up with the group nearer to him, glancing back to make sure Nadya's all right. He growls out, "Thanks," to Keith.

Kharn hasn't been seen by many since his return, what better time than now. Kharn moves toward the group. He's quiet for the most part, not proud of having left in the first place. In his near man form, he is seemingly unarmed.

Desmond had been hanging back, a rear guard of the advancing expedition. But the howls give call for something else from the Rahu. In a heartbeat, the Hishu-form is shed in favor of the larger wolf. Snow colored fur bristles where skin had been, large paws digging into the earth as he moves forward towards the source of the further off howls.

Javier might be new to the area, but he'll show up to the prospect of a fight without a second thought. The Hishu Rahu is in a threadbare wife-beater and similarly worn jeans, the perfect outfit for not giving a shit if something happens to it.

Nadya had arrived with Jackson, wearing her usual outfit of boots, jeans and tank top, covered by her leather jacket. A quiver is slung around her body and a compound bow in hand. Whatever else she's carrying is tucked away, altough the glint of metal looking cans can be seen from inside her jacket whenever she moves. For the moment, she stays back behind the ground, dark eyes scanning the area carefully.

Bryce creeps up in urshul form, his oversized tongue hanging out of his mouth lazily and coming up behind those in dalu. His eyes are big and green and maybe a little bit bloodshot. He keeps close to the ground and walks very slowly but something about his rhythmic steps keeps him from stealthing too well. Not that he'd want to. Everyone else seemed geared to hunt. The black urshul lies on it's belly and waits.

Levi blinks slowly at the appearance of Firebeard. His attention isn't long lived however, as Jackson and Nadya join the group making the trek out. Giving the wolf that once took him in a gruff sound of greeting. Flexing his fingers a few times he gets used to the claws that are there.

A Dalu sized Brant shape is present in the shadows, blending into the darkness with preternatural skill. A thin suit of kevlar protects his torso, and an M1 Garand rifle is held at ease across his arms, bayonet and telescopic sight both affixed and ready. He looks about at the gathered Urdaga and Uragarum, concentrating on them for a moment before moving on. Best to know what your allies look like before the battle makes it important.

The giant dark grey wolf is moving after Jackson. Roman is massive and he moves slower than he can move. His giant paws dig into the earth and push forward toward the howls. The amber eyes are focused. He has a mission and he's working with friends so he's ready to kill. He's not Oathed so he's here for murder.

Levi growls in greeting to the Omega. With Jackson and Roman in tow the fresh wolf doesn't present as a cub. A grunt comes, "We should pick up the pace, or they'll be dead when we get there." Taking his own advice Dalu Gypsy begins to take bigger strides.

The growls and howls from the Pure pack don't stop. And there are unknown ones that answer there. It would appear that there's a group now headed this way and with the speed that they are going it's going to be a pretty quick engagement. Apparently they weren't going to be getting time to prepare more than they already did this evening.

The wolfblood glances around, seeing more people she doesn't know, or recognize as is the case with the changed Levi, those she does know outnumbered by the strangers. If Kharn looks her way she ives him an upnod but Rina remains quiet otherwise, only nodding hello to anyone who might greet her. Someone has her game face on and she's very serious. The sounds are listened to intently by her.

Keith breaks into a jog as the howls come closer, and throwing back his head, hat flying off on a stray wind he begins to howl. Starting as a mere scream of a man it grows more bestial as he changes form, cloth tears and is discarded as in its place is a mighty roar, the wolfman bounds forward to meet the charging threat.

Likewise, Jackson takes longer strides, glancing back to check for Roman. He spreads out to move to Levi's flank with Roman behind him. The shotgun is swung off his shoulder and he's holding the big police issue shotgun in both hands. He keeps his head on a swivel as he watches for any potential threats, growling low in his throat as he continues to rush forward with the swarm of Uratha and Uragarum.

Kharn has some pent up aggression from the deaths of his friends. He charges Eats The Flesh and starts the assault with a powerful slash, sending gibbets of flesh and blood spraying.

Brant does not advance with the main force of Uratha, instead drawing his rifle up and sighting ahead toward the oncoming howls. "Semper Fi, Winslow. Time for work." he offers softly, speaking to someone. Exhale, trigger pull, BANG. A hit, but one not likely to hamper his target for long.

Roman charges around Jackson and the group and bounces on top of Steals the Soul. He nips at her and growls angrily. His eyes show death but his nibbles aren't quite there yet.

The wolfman in some situations known as Keith charges forward on all fours in a unnatural display, charging into Bones with savage jaws snapping, to surprisingly little effect. There's the snapping of bones never the less to everyone's surprise.

The black wolf charges the other wolf with its jaws open to snap at the throat of the presumed bale hound. He clamps down hard but falls short of the throat of the creature. The canines of the Urshul just manage to leave a mark on the other wolf.

There's only a moment of consideration before Javier is suddenly much larger and much hairier than he usually is. The dark Gauru launches himself at the stunned EatsTheFlesh, massive teeth bared, hungry for the taste of blood on his tongue and the crunch of bones in his jaws. Really hungry, evidently! Did somebody order a side of death rage?

The big Dalu-form version of Jackson stops short and takes aim with his shotgun. He fires it in Steals the Soul's direction, considering that the Omega is currently engaged in a clash of teeth and talons. The police shotgun registers with a loud, explosive boom, resounding out over the hillside. He also mutters a prayer to Luna as he fires the weapon. The shell slams into the wolf and the Mennina plants his feet down, pulling the shotgun up into the air and jerking his arm to cause it to knock the casing out and load up another round. Boom, motherfucker.

Steals The Souls isn't too happy and he's also dripping blood everywhere. The wolfman charges straight for Kharn and gets a good swipe in on the man, but other than that he does no damage to him.

And while there's all this fighting going down, there's a tingle that goes up the Wolfblooded's spines. There's a spirit about and that spirit is currently smacking Reads The Bones with the Heal stick. Wounds starting to close up to give the female Bale Hound a second wind.

Flesh knitting itself back together is normal for a werewolf, but the speed with which Reads the Bones goes through the regeneration has Desmond bounding for her. It's not the cleanest swipe of his jaws but, that's a start.

"There's a spirit!" But while Reads The Bones has been given her go-go juice she instead goes for the one who looks like they're defenseless, her shiv pulled out from its sheath as she runs towards him. Snarling in a rather wolf-like manner for one who is simply a wolfblood, she stabs the Uratha, putting him down for the count. Hopefully the silver it is made out of will hinder his healing some, ir not entirely.

Upon hearing the shots ring out from the others and hearing the rest clothing in, the Urshul makes a little huff upon seeing them close in with their guns and whatnot. The Urshul then runs off down the mountain as if the sounds of gunfire and the final closing in on the balehounds served as a trigger for something.

Once Kathrina shiv's the Bale Hound, effectively knocking the thing out, Nadya seems to see the opportunity to do something. She upends a small can on butane onto the Hound before stepping back a bit, dark eyes focusing on the creature. It takes a moment, but his fur suddenly bursts into a campfire size ball of fire, the flames shooting upwards in a crackle of noise before settling to slowly burn, eating at any flesh and fur covered in the butane.

The fight so far has been bloody and brutal, and not from the Bale Hounds side either. The Forsaken are relentless with their actions and their Wolfblooded are helping them to win this fight with the head of this group down. Now they just have a fairly injured wolf, a fully healed wolf and a pesky spirit to deal with...

Reads The Bones has help from the spirits hm? Kharn has a little help on his side too. Shar'suthar has tasted blood tonight and is hungry for more. Eats the Bones is already down and Kharn readies his blade again. He swings high to low, and scores a withering strike on Reads the Bones' leg. Muscles, bones, and ligaments are exposed to the open air, disabling th leg completely.

Brant drifts his aim across the combat, counting friendlies to avoid, and sights back in on Reads the Bones. Only one Rahu to avoid there, and with another BANG The Judge's Patient Sentance sends another .30-06 round deep into the Balehound's flank.

The giant Urshul opens his maw and chomps again! This time it's a little harder. Probably more bloody than the last as he bites deeply into her shoulder. Roman noms on her without actually swallowing. He is going to make sure she doesn't get up by the end of this.

A death raging Rahu berserker is great to have on your side while there are good targets for him to focus on. For now Javier launches himself at StealsTheSoul with a roar of rage until his mouth is full of Bale Hound and he's ripping through flesh. That tends to muffle the outgoing sounds.

Death's Knell wasn't really here to be a heal monkey and when the spirit sees that it's allies are going down fast, it's time to split! The spirit stops warming it's tendrils over the burning Bale Hounds corpse and skitters back into the darkness, cackling all the way.

Having loaded another shell into his shotgun, Jackson takes a couple steps forward to try to clear out of the way of Kharn's vicious assault against the Bale Hound. He props the butt of the shotgun against his shoulder and sends another vicious blast into the melee, smashing into Reads the Bones' side and knocking her to the ground with the concussive force of the 12 gauge round.

After seeing his cohorts get taken down, Steals the Souls rallies what little strength he has left and lashes out at the big Gauru that's in front of him, his claws digging into the hide of the werewolf and drawing blood that runs down the fur. It's an attempt at least.

Levi is heated and when he sees an opening he lunges in with a snarl and a sucker punch for Steals. A dull crack resounds with the hit as he connects with the wolf's ribs.

Another go, another swipe of claws from Desmond. A bit more blood on white fur, but with it, the wolf threatening a deathraging Javier is back in human form, breathing out their last.

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As Steals the Souls falls over and breathes his last, there's an eerie feeling that seems to weigh over everyone for the moment. Then just as fast as it came on, it lifts and it feels like there is going to be an end to this madness. But not tonight. A few moments after the Forsaken finish their battle, they can hear the howls from the Pure, both joyous and mournful. It would appear that they were not so lucky in their fight tonight and lost a wolf.

Swinging the shotgun over his shoulder on its strap, Jackson reaches behind him and pulls out his police baton. With a flick of his wrist, it extends out to its full length. He looks toward Javier, then the rest of the wolves and wolfblooded. "Someone restrain him," he mentions. "And can one of you uragarum take care of business with the two on the ground?" Harmony and the Oath of the Moon must be kept, but the uragarum don't subscribe to such a thing.

Nadya stands near to the Bale Hound that's burning, a look of almost sadistic glee to her gaze. "That's what you get for attacking someone in Tur, asshole." For good measure, she draws back a foot and kicks him in the side, dislodging some of the fire so that sparks fly up into the air. "Rina? They need to be killed." The words are called out to the other blooded.

Brant frowns down the barrel of his rifle, looking at the kuruth'd rahu with trepidation. None of his gifts can help, so he rouses Winslow's spirit to aid potential melee. He keeps the bayonet pointed toward the Gauru, since that will let him strike first if he gets charged.