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Bonding Over Bunnies

"So what are you up to?"

Dramatis Personae

Astrid Halldis and Kharn


Astrid goes to visit Kharn and helps him clean up some rabbits that he's caught.


Deep Woods

It's not a Full Moon? Perfect time to go search for one of her older brothers. Kharn was easier to find than Freyr so Kharn is the lucky one for the evening. She knows where he stays and she doesn't try to sneak up towards his place or anything. She's dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with one of her St. John's University hoodies on that zips up. She is however cautious. Brother is a Rahu after all.

The coppery smell of blood hangs in the foggy air for a long way off. Bears aren't likely to come traipsing along any time soon though. The rhythmic 'snick' sound can be heard as Aurora approaches. Around back, on the solid wood table, Kharn is gutting and skinning a dozen rabbits and a buck. The Rahu is an expert with the crude, homemade knife, and it also seems to be a lot sharper than it looks. He is up to his elbows in blood and doesn't seem to mind. A fire is raging in a pit behind him, lighting him from the back and casting flickering shadows onto his shack.

Growing up with Werewolves means that one is used to the smell of blood. Whether it's human or animal. The littlest Halldis comes walking around the back and peeks her head around to see what her brother is doing. Oh good, gutting things. "Need some help?" Aurora calls out as she approaches him. She at least wasn't afraid of the knife wielding Rahu.

Ivory teeth gleam from the part in his beard as the girl appears. A knife seems to materialize from nowhere and he responds, "Always up for a visit at least. You don't need to get bloody though, if you'd like." He sticks the knife in the table near the last 4 rabbit carcasses, "I'm guessing you didn't come out here to dice up Thumper though, hmm? Something on your mind."

"I don't mind getting bloody, stóri bróðir." Aurora states as she drops her backpack to the ground and then rolls the sleeves of her hoodie up as she comes closer to the table. The knife is picked up and she takes one of the rabbits that are left, "I can dress a rabbit and talk. Just getting ready for College classes to start again. Wanted to check and see how you were." she states as she looks over to him.

Kharn grunts in affirmation, "It's about that time again, isn't it." He barely misses a beat of slicing the gut and pulling the skin off the rabbit's body as he looks up at her, "I'm doing ok. Found a nice place a ways off East of here and stayed for a while. Sorry I didn't text you." The fire reveals a glint of mischief in his eye. With his little pile done, he grabs a wrought iron bar and pokes the fire, "How's your plan coming along?"

"Yeah it is. Already went in and cleaned out the prop department and stuff so we can move in costumes and things." Aurora tells him as she runs the knife up the belly of the rabbit and starts pulling guts out. "You have a cellphone?" she teases him. "It's alright. I wanted to come out and see you. Mom sent food as usual." she chuckles. "Plans are coming along well. I also picked up a part time job bartending at the Tur." she admits.

The fire-tending is paused as he turns toward her, eyebrows raised, "The Tur, hm?" He chuckles and turns over a flaming log, dropping the iron rod and leaning against the table as she finishes with the last rabbit. With an almost meditative calmness he begins to whet his knife on a whetstone, "What'd mom send this time? Her skuffukaka is too rich for me."

When the blade is sharp enough to draw a dotted line of blood along his thumb, he twists off the head of each rabbit and shoves the iron rod down it's neckhole.

Aurora looks up to him a bit and there's a soft nod, "Yes, the Tur. Figured Ishmael, the owner has to sleep sometime and the wolf must hunt so..it's good to help out." she admits. Two jobs, teaching and sleeping, this was classic Aurora. The last rabbit is dressed and laid down on the table for him to spear when he wants to, "Nah, mom sent Icelandic pepper cookies. Some old recipe she found so we get to play guinea pigs." she grins.

Kharn sighs, relieved, "Anything but the skuff. I try to fake it but I fear that she knows." With the rabbits on the spit, he sets it above the fire and wipes his hands on a rag. He observes her for a moment, eyes narrowing for a fleeting moment, "Spreading yourself kind of thin." She can already hear it in his voice, "Not leaving a whole lot of time to meet any boys in there, and the Tur...well it's not the /bottom/ of the barrel."

Aurora gives a soft laugh as he is relieved, "Mom's known for years. It's why I bring you other stuff." she smiles at him. "Yeah, but it's good to keep busy. I have to pay for college somehow and it's better than doing the stripper myth." she teases him. "Meet boys? Yeah, you know I have bad taste in men. I..well, it's not a priority." she shrugs.

A shrug is his response as well. Then he perks up, "Oh! I meant to tell you. I was out, lifting some rocks or something, when I had an idea. I think I may open a gym. I don't need the money, so all the profits will go into the upkeep. I could even teach a few classes on self defense or something. Think anyone would show?" He pulls off his blood-soaked shirt and tosses it in a metal barrel. The raised, darkened scars that arc across his torso look almost crimson in this light.

Aurora gives a bit of a giggle when he changes subjects so easily, "A gym? That sounds cool, focusing on more brawling or weights or what?" she asks him as she finds a spot to lean against. "I think they'd show, yeah." she nods to that. She then looks to his scars and there's a soft frown, but that was the way of the Werewolf world, "Have you met anymore Werewolves?" she asks him.

Kharn shakes his head, "I don't know if you stopped by over the summer much, but I spent the better part of it out in this little glade I found. You know I'd take you if you had the time. As for any more werewolves, no I haven't met anymore but I haven't been looking. I imagine I'll be spending a lot more time around town though, if this gym kicks off." He sounds absolutely ambivalent about the idea of being in town.

"I did but I didn't find you. Figured you or Freyr would have hung me by my toes if I went further alone." Aurora chuckles to him. "But hey..if you open a gym that does mean you'll meet more people. Wolf and mortal alike." she nods. "You should come to Tur sometime." she adds.

With an introspective stroke of his beard, the Rahu shrugs. "I suppose it couldn't hurt. I can't remember the last time I actually went. Years ago. It's been over a year since I went any closer than the general store down the road." He pulls the iron rod off the fire with a leather-clad hand and slides them all off onto the table. "When did you have in mind? I wouldn't mind getting a read on the usuals that are eyeballing my litla systir." <Werewolf> Dragash says, "z"

"It won't hurt at all. Probably less than moms rich desserts." Aurora teases him gently. She then gives him a smile, "It's a deal. When you come into town we can look at places for a gym as well, if you like?" she offers. "You can come and have a drink and meet people. Sadly there's no one for you to be all big brother on." she muses.

Kharn makes a face. "Fine." It's actually more of a grunt than an agreement, "Even at 26 you always give them the benefit of the doubt. I promise there's a half dozen boys that need a little fear put in em. But I'll behave." He seems placated, for now. He steps around the fire to a stout little brick shed with holes drilled in the walls. He returns with a veritable bushel of delicious smelling jerky. "It's the sweet kind, how you like it."

Aurora just beams at him when he grunts at her. She wouldn't push too much though! "Oh well I'm just saying there's none wasting their time on me." she chuckles. "So you can get all growly when someone does." she nods sagely. Then she watches him as he goes to grab something. Then her eyes alight on the jerky, "Ooo. I'm spoiled. Thank you." she grins.

Kharn just raises an eyebrow, "Yeah yeah. What's Elsti brodir up to these days?" The usual feuding tone is gone from his voice. After his long stints in the woods he is usually over their last spat and back to being as loving a brother as he can be. A coffee can is set on the table and he begins to eat one of the rabbits, the grease dripping into the can.

Aurora looks over to him and there's a bit of a frown, "I'm not sure. I think he's off grid for a moment. Might be following a dream or something. I'll make sure to find him." she tells him. Then there's a grin as he starts to eat and she pops open the bag of jerky and takes a piece out to munch on.

Kharn nods, content right now with that answer. "That'll do. Well systir min, you can crash on the cot if you'd like, though I didn't wash the blanket after the last time you did. I'm going to shred some more of this venison and hang it up and turn in for the night."

Aurora gives him a gentle nod, "You don't have to wash the blanket, unless you've been killing things on it." she teases. "I'll help you finish up and then I'll crash with you." she tells him. She didn't have a problem helping them out. Even if she wasn't asked.