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Bingo at the VFW

Take /that/ Catholic Ladies of Bingo!

Dramatis Personae

JennyST, Rhys, Deacon, Mark, Jane Pryce

Friday Night

Bingo on Friday



The VFW is hopping tonight. The kitchen is open for it's usual provisions, the bar is open and ID's will be checked. all the tables have been arranged in lines facing towards the front where the Bingo board is set up, each number lighting as it is called. At the table there, one of those caged bingo ball rollers, that twists by hand dropping a single numbered ball when it stops spinning. A microphone is also provided to ensure that the numbers are/can be heard by everyone in the room.

By the front door, two tables, one for cards being sold ($5 a card, donations cheerfully accepted) and a table for bingo supplies: Daubers, good luck bingo trolls, etc. Even the pool tables have been covered with boards and cloths to provide extra seating. Throughout, there are already some people ready: all those people coming in off the street, their good luck bingo trollies lined up guarding their sheets with luck along with their myriad of different colored daubers - you never know if a particular color will be lucky or unlucky!

The caller tonight is an older woman, Maggie Simmons: short, white hair so bright and curly that it seems like there are hints of blue in it, and a pair of reading glasses perched on the tip of her nose. She has a vset on with VFW patches and old patches that shows that at one time, she IS a Vietnam Era veteran, a closer inspection will reveal the branch of service and possibly her rank and occupational specialty. In any case, by the gimlet glare she directs around the floor from time to time, most people get the feeling that at one time, she was on the drill field - or should have been.

Rhys comes in with his usual attire, a long-sleeved brown T-shirt, grey cargo pants, and brown shoes that have seen better days, but are in good condition.He buys a bingo card at the table, goes to the bar, shows his ID, and says "I'm not looking for any alcoholic tonight. Do you have any soft drinks?"

Jane Pryce is an artsy young woman with red hair (where it's not covered by paint) and plenty freckles, and she looks the part. Streaks of paint still cover some of the clothes she's wearing, clothes that seem more suited to an atelier than a bingo; but apparently she doesn't care. She buys a bingo card, paying the five bucks and no extra. "Wish I could pay more, but my paintings aren't selling yet, sorry." She apologizes, and then heads deeper in, grabbing a seat.

Rhys' request is met with a nod and a grin from a grizzled older man, pot bellied, flat top haircut with hair of a steely grey and blue eyes, bright and shiny even if showing a shadow of things from the past. "Yep, we got..." naming off a myriad of choices, starting to get a solo cup filled with ice. Solo cups so there's not as much to wash or worry about breaking. "Kitchen's open too, if ya want sumthin'. You can tell me and I'll pass t'order along. Pickup window is over there," jerking his head in that direction, "They'll call you yer name when it's ready."

"Well," the old man's head dipping around a moment as he hands over Rhys' drink,"Bit a red in her coat," glancing at 'Jane' "I'm a mite fond of red heads."

Maggie, with only a modicum of help from the microphone, calls out that the next game will start shortly. "The prize this game is,..." glancing down at a sheet, "....a large pizza or calzone, unlimited toppings from any of the menus (halal, kosher and gluten-free selections) from Pay It Forward Pizza, where you can also get a $1 lunch special, also having ahas a pay it forward wall, where you can buy pizza for people who can't afford their own." her gaze then looks about the room, making sure everyone is getting settled and ready to go before she starts the caged ball spin.

"Oh and," when a gaggle of old women look up at her, "It's a single line bingo, any way...."

"Ok, A Sprite Please," says Rhys, ignoring the comment about redheads that the older man said. "A if the kitchen could make a hamburger, that would be great. Thanks."

'Jane' politely flips the old man the bird when he isn't looking, then sits down and prepares to bingo. She grabs a coke bottle filled with a clear liquid, presumably water (it doesn't smell like booze at least) and takes a sip. She doesn't seem to really care about the prize on offer.

Deacon comes in the door later than he wanted, but work decided it would be evil to him. But at least he had time to change into some normal clothing, his gun in its normal place. Luckily he can come here anytime, and knew where it was so didn't get lost. He moves over to the tables near the front extracting his wallet. Carefully he selects all that he will need and pulls out the cash needed and pays for everything. Not the most he's dropped at the VFW post, but close to it. Now with everything in his arms, he looks to go find a place to sit.

The older man, answering to Walt by means of another man at the end of the bar calling him that and asking for a refill, looks at Rhys, pencil poised over a pad, "Whatcha waiting on that and I'll need a name fer the ladies back there to call when it's done. YOu get fries or chips wit' it." And with that, Maggie stops spinning the wheel, only a small glare at any latecomers who squeaked in at the call "Last call for cards" G...G 46!

"Oh! Um...Rowan. And chips, please." As Rhys hurries with his drink in hand, being careful not to spill or bump into anyone, and finds his seat, and puts the chips on his bingo cards.

Mark slips into the place, and sits down with some of the old ladies in the back with a whisper, "I'm sorry ladies, I overslept, and it turns out Melissa couldn't make it either." Mark and Melissa are likely regulars at bingo night. "I did text you, Mrs. Robinson, did you manage to get a card for me or do I get to help you, and be your arm piece for the first part of the night." Yes, he flirts gently with the old ladies, too.

"Rats." Rhys says softly as he puts his chips on the correct bingo numbers,but none of them lining up in a line.

Walt, so named by a man down at the far end of the bar, with a card and a long neck MGD, nods, skritching down Rhys order *under the name Rowan* and tossing the slip of paper in the kitchen window. Meanwhile Maggie continues to roll the metal ball cage, numbers dropping slowing and inexorably. "Damn it Annie, I told ya we should have brought the blue dauber tonight!" %R%RA few people are murmuring that they're on it for two or one especially with that free spot in play. It could happen, don't you know! Maggie pauses once to take a sip of water, looking around the room to see if anyone's gone and called bingo but can't do it loudly enough.%R%ROOC And feel fre to 3 Meanwhile Maggie continues to roll the metal ball cage, numbers dropping slowing and inexorably. "Damn it Annie, I told ya we should have brought the blue dauber tonight!"

A few people are murmuring that they're on it for two or one especially with that free spot in play. It could happen, don't you know! Maggie pauses once to take a sip of water, looking around the room to see if anyone's gone and called bingo but can't do it loudly enough.

Deacon gathers a seat near where everyone is gathered and starts to spread out a little when the number is called. Cursing under his breath, he looks at the cards carefully and shakes his head. "Darn it. Think I would get lucky after today." He can't really mark anything, so he leans back waiting for the next card.

Some of the ladies with Mark titter a bit when he shows up, but as soon as those numbers are called out, mark their cards with speed and a seriousness that is only matched by Catholic ladies playing bingo. Mark settles for being arm candy for the night. He pulls out a box of cookies to be shared around the table. That's Mark, always supplying food.

As Rhys fills in his chips, his face goes from relaxed to one of pure tension. He's almost got it...

Jane marks down her numbers when they come up, but otherwise doesn't mention anything, except telling Dean, "If I win, you can have my pizza, sir. I'm not much of a pizza kind of girl." She smiles at him, then goes back down to marking numbers, making sure not to show them.

Maggie pauses a moment, taking a look about the floor, almost a grin on her face, as she peers over those reading glasses. "ROWAN..." comes from the kitchen and almost every head turns towards it with a glare, while that lady ducks back. Well maybe she'll just wait a few to call the name again, we don't want any bingo wars started as she covers the burger to keep it warm.

Maggie takes the next ball and reads it, keen eyes on the floor again. Will someone win this time?

“O O 69” And yes, a glare towards some of the younger players gathered who make a remark about that number.

Mark doles out cookies to the ladies, even as they chitchat about things. He seems to quite comfortable with them. Occasionally, he'll indicate a missed number for one or two of them, since their hearing or sight might be a little dodgy.

Maggie takes a moment, seemingly interminable to some people as she calls out the next number, to peruse the floor again. Suspense builds and one old lady's dauber lingers over her board, "come on, gimme my number gimme my number" while others glare at her for being so loud, they're doing much the same thing. Almost everyone looks like a vulture as the next number calls and lights up on the board behind Maggie. "The next ball is a G....G.......46!"

Deacon looks at his hard with a grin, with regards to the number, and lets out a small laugh. The man can grow up, but there is always a kid inside every man. "Thanks." An when the next number is announced he is poised to mark his card and shakes his head when it's not there yet again. Darn it, he thinks to himself. Maybe his luck is only in the air... Maybe BINGO onboard a helicopter he muses to himself.

Rhys lets out a soft,low groan as the chips keep dancing around his card, but never line up in a straight line. C'MON,C'MON, Rhys thinks to himself.

You'd think they were playing for a million dollars with all the eagle eyed, vulturish looks at various cards being played. The suspense keeps building, and a semi hush is in the room, only the sounds of chairs getting pushed around, a bit of noise from the kitchen. The kitchen ladies look out, no they can't call out Rowan again so he can get his burger, and then another ball drops with a clatter and Maggie picks it up, looks at it and slowly says, "The next number is also a G....G 52!" Who is the heck is going to win that pizza (or calzone) from Pay It Forward?,

There's a gnashing of dentures from Mark's table as the number is called out. "Oh darn it," Mark exclaims, "Sally, you almost had it!"

Rhys rises up from out of his chair and calls "BINGO!" not obnoxiously loud, but loud enough to be heard. He walks up to the counter where Maggie's at for her to verify the winning, with his bingo card and chips on his numbers.

Deacon looks at his card again when the number is called, pen poised once again. But alas, nothing. Oh well, but his head turns to the person who calls out BINGO. "Nice." He says, as he claps a little. Being nice, it seems.

You'd have thought they all LOST a million dollars now as the kid, Rhys, stands up calling bingo and takes his card to be checked over by Maggie. Maggie looks at his card, compares it to the board of numbers she has behind her and where she's placed all the balls previous called. Then, "We have a winner!" reaching for an envelope off to the side, handing it over to him. "There you go young man. One large pizza or calzone from Pay It forward, unlimited toppings or fillings from any of their menu selections. Doesn't have an expiration date so, congratulations! Maggie pushes the glasses back up on her nose, sitting back a moment, while pushing a button that clears the board behind her and starts to put all the balls back into the mental container.

Jane doesn't win, and she shrugs. There's more to win later, right. "Guess you're not getting pizza, sir." She holds out her hand, "Jane Pryce." The woman, currently a freckled red-head, has splatters of paint all over her clothes. Clothes that look more suited to an atelier than any kind of social function.

Mark apologizes to his ladies, as he explains that he's going to have to leave. Once again, he gets phone numbers tucked away in his pocket, "Sally, if you'll keep that cookie tin, I'll pick it up from you later this week?"

Rhys puts his coupon in his wallet, and puts his cards and chips back where it is he's sitting, then goes to the counter to fetch his burger. "Thank you for waiting for me." He picks it up, pays for the burger (if he hasn't already), and brings it back to the table, munching on it happily.

Mark leaves the building, heading back to town.

Deacon takes a moment and claps again as everything is announced. "Congrats", He calls out and then turns to Jane. "Deacon Hayes", he says taking the hand and shaking it softly. "A pleasure to meet you."

"Well folks," glancing at a clock on the wall, "We've got time for one more game. If you'd all like to play again," Maggie says as gets the balls ready to roll again. "It will be another simple one, straight line bingo. I'll give you all a few minutes to take breaks before we get to it. The prize for this game would be $20 dollars, split amongst any winners. And yes, we did have an extra coupon or two, if more than one winner had been on that last game."

"I've got time for one more before I head back," thinks Rhys, as he munches on his burger and buckles down for one more round.

"A pleasure to meet you too, mister Hayes. What church are you with?" Jane smiles, and then gets back to marking down numbers with tokens as they are announced, it looks like she's getting a little bit more excited about this one.

Deacon shakes his head, "None. I just got into town, and haven't found one to join." He says, being nice. "I'm a member of the VFW, so when I heard they were hosting an event, I just had to come check it out." He pauses, long enough to check his cards, as he moves a little to make sure everything is within reach.

Rhys has finished the hamburger, and is starting the chips, paying attention to his card, the chips, and the numbers being called out.

Maggie calls out the next series of numbers, looking up and over the floor after each one. No more burgers are getting called out, so the kitchen starts to clean up for the night. Walt, behind the bar, starts chucking empty Red Solo Cups into the trash and wiping it down, humming tunelessly to himself. "One more, one more...I need one more number..." says one person, eyes glued to the bingo board, while the dauber is held over one particular number, groaning as numbers are called and don't match the ones she needs OR any other numbers on her card.

One older lady, sitting behind Deacon and Jane, glances over quickly. "There's this nice place over to Pigeon Hill,Faith United, not far from here. Reverend Simon, he'll get the fear of God into ya," nodding to herself and then going back to her bingo cards. Another number gets called: O69 and repeated. And again, the glare from the front of the room towards the impudent younger folk making off color remarks. Kids, these days, you know?

Deacon looks at his card and shakes his head slight. "Thanks." He says, "I'll have to check it out sometime, if I actually get a Sunday off from work." He looks at his card and grins again at the number, "Darn it."

Jane raises her hand at that number, "Bingo!" No, she doesn't make any jokes about the number which landed her her win. She doesn't even seem to quite realize why the other youngsters seem to think it's so funny. "I'll go there next sunday, see if I like it." She tells the older lady on the way towards collecting her prize.

"Well,rats.But I had my luck.Like my mentor says: another day, another play." Rhys thinks, as he scoops his chips onto his card, brings them to the return table. Then, he clears his food and drink, wipes the table, and starts to head out.

Maggie looks out towards Jane, gesturing her forward so the card can be checked. "B5* I30* N31* 48* 69*, that looks like a good bingo across the bottom of her card." Nodding, she reaches over and grabs another envelope, "And here you are young lady," glancing up her nose as she tilts her head back slightly to look up to Jane from her seated position. "$25." she pats the young woman's arm then look about, "And that ladies and gentlemen was the last game of the evening. Congratulations to our winners tonight. Oh and please pick up your trash and put it in the receptacles provided. If you want to give a hand clearing the place up that's good; elsewise, we'll see you again sometime" flipping off the switch for the bingo board and starting to straighten her table.

Deacon claps for the woman beside him, happy inside someone won! He starts to stand up and gather his things, but before he does he reaches down and adjusts the pistol on his side. Darn thing tugged a little at his pants and well, people don't need to see his butt.