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Bifrost - Opening Night
Dramatis Personae

Asger, Kirsikka, Bjorn, Dani (with her companion, Jorgee), Sol, Mane

12 March, 2021

The opening night for Bifrost gets fun and exciting.


Bifrost, Marina

There is parking to spare, at least. The last of the construction looks to have wrapped up, save for a space near a rear door suite, likely a loading dock for the place, while the remainder is decked out in Nordic finer - ten-foot wide sailcloth flags displaying Norway and American pennants, and then the oversized model of the icon for the establishment: a snake-like dragon eating its tail, surrounding a longhouse, with the name written beneath it in foot-tall lettering.

It's well-lit inside, roomy, and already packed with the ships' crews from the marina and surrounding environs - every ship was invited to add their flag or symbol to the back wall, which is already fluttering with cloth life, blown by the overhead air conditioning unit. Next to it, the cork-board with notes pinned in place, the informal place for hiring locals for short-time work or off-books gigs.

Exitting from the kitchen is Sol Wagner, dressed for the night: leather vest over a subdued red workshirt, tying in well with canvas pants the color of a thousand boat hull repaintings; the clothing of a man who works with his hands. He's woven his hair, or more likely, had it woven, with his copper-red beard oiled, neatly styled, and boasting a few gold rings, some of them looking to be engagement or wedding bands. Curious as to what that is all about, perhaps.

He steps to the fore, hands held up high, and he speaks with a deep, authoritarian voice, the crowd looking to him. "People," he begins, "This is Bifrost. Where land meets water, people meet their futures. Those ashore, welcome those from the water. Those of the water, remember: we had feet before we had fins." He gives a small, though deep, rumbling chuckle before continuing. "Food is cheap, the spirits go with the food - and if you drink, you eat. Places for a drunk exist - and drunks can find them easily. This is where the workers and earners can find solace in a bowl of filling foodstuff or a .." Then he pauses, trembling a little, stamping his sandaled feet, the socks in rainbow hues - woe betide the dullard who'd comment poorly on them. "..a bottle of booze. Come, join us. See as we see. The horizons are ours, good people." He then raises his hands up, high as he can. "For now, drinks and food are free - tomorrow, you'll pay."

And then he steps down, letting the audience response speak for itself.

While Sol was addressing those present, Mane had stood a little off near the door, letting her grey eyes study those sitting at the tables. It would seem she's filling in as waitstaff tonight, seeing as how she's got a tray in hand, although it's down at her side at the moment. Dressed in a skirt and t-shirt that carries the name of the building on it, along with a pair of heeled boots. Red hair has been drawn back into an intricate French braid, keeping the strands out of her face for the evening.

As people enter, she's been smiling and giving greetings, then pointing them toward the tables so that they can sit down. When she's not doing that, she's quietly directing others working in Bifrost on where to go. But now that Sol is finished, she gives him a smile before heading toward him, her steps easing her around tables and chairs.

Red. Leather. That isn't what cool cats wear! No, Kir arrives in her old, orange car, wearing pink bell-bottoms! As if they weren't half a century out of style. And a polka-dotted shirt.... she will certainly stand out, unlike any of her more stylish cousins. As she hears Sol's words, she stops "Well, I agree.We couldn't exactly crawl to Finland... it isn't exactly a comfortable way to travel." she stops "Now, let's see what fish they serve."

Dani entered accompanied by Bjorn. She is wearing what many may think of as her traditional skirt made from split blue jeans with additional denim added to make it a full skirt. She has black leather boots and a black leather jacket on as well and a knife is prominently visible at her left hip. She waves in greeting to Mane and steps up to Sol to whom she says, "I've been eagerly awaiting your opening, looking forward to trying your food out," to him with a warm and inviting smile.

Bjorn follows suit and walks in at Danis side but follows to Sol. He wears a black Dimmu Borgir band t-shirt with his traditional black leather jacket over it. His hazel eyes scan the room and with a hand he tosses his long blond hair done in a Nordic braid behind him. Regular blue jeans and biker boots complete his look. "Hey man nice place ya got here, loving the name." He says with a warm friendly smile as he holds out his hand to Sol.

"Good seeing familiar faces," Sol says, his hand meeting Bjorn's, a grip like a steel trap, reinforced knuckles lightly timed to release fast. "We've landsman food, as well as the bounties of the sea." He gestures to Kirsikka, ensuring she heard the latter portion of his message. "Come, see the sights. Laborers did their jobs well, made all of this." He is speaking English, his accent thinner, words more clearly enunciated. And then he walks, giving the others the opportunity to follow, signalling a passing waitress with a platter filled with pitchers. One of them becomes his, and he grins to Mane, the gold rings in his beard shiny and bright, drinking down the amber liquid greedily.

Mane stops along the way, taking up orders from those sitting at the tables. After jotting down notes, she smiles and makes her way toward the kitchen and the bar, letting both know about the order before she loads glasses up onto her tray. It would seem that she's leaving Sol to be the social one and show people around while she helps out with the tables. Every once in a while, she'll stop to talk to somene, answering questions about the menu, or the building itself.

Kirsikka blinks, seeing her tiny cousin as she raises her hand in a wave "Dan!" she starts "You look..." she stops "Good. A bit too dark, but good!" she offers, dressed... as only she can, to be fair to herself, after all "I only noticed this place was abot to open yesterday." she pouts a bit "How are you doing." sh looks to Bjorn "And I don't think I know you." Kirsikka's accent is... very pronounced. At least she doesn't speak with the typical finnish monotony.

"The three of us should talk sometime soon, Sol," Dani says to the host and then waves to Kirsika before asking, "Do those selections mean that surf and turf is an option also?" with an eagerly anticipating grin on her face.

Bjorn returns the firm handshake, his own like a vice. "I wish you good fortune in your endeavors; may the sea bless you with bounty." He then looks down to Dani. "Another friend? Or relative of yours, Dani?" He asks teasingly before looking back at Kirsikka. "No, we haven't - I'm Bjorn Torsen, Dani's boyfriend." Bjorn smiles and, after a wave of greeting to Mane, he holds out his hand to Kirsikka.

The entirety of Bifrost is populated with now-drinking and/or -eating boat and dockworkers, from fishers to cargo handlers, and through it all, the tall Wagner, Sol, holds court with ease - these are his people, just not all of them his countryfolk. He's got a pitcher of beer in one hand and his wife's hip in the other, motioning for the group, consisting of Bjorn, Dani, Kirsikka, and AJ, to join him on a walking tour of the place.

Judging from expressions, he just finished a handshake with Bjorn, and both seem to have rather strong grips.

"There's surf-and-turf," he says, his deep voice tinged with something close to dismissal, "For those what eat it. All food, for the this night alone, is free, as is wine and beer. Do not expect much of the wine - it was purchased in bulk." He offers no further apologies on behalf of the stock in trade.

Kirsikka grins, grabbing Bjorn's hand in a... surprisingly strong grip, even for someone her size "Kirsikka Seppanen!" she offers, letting Dani do the rest of the introduction "I don't know, Dani. I am happy as long as there is grilled fish. And cocoa. Definitely something chocolaty!" she continues.

Mane is making her way between the bar and the kitchen, so that she can deliver orders to the tables. When she's not doing that, she's likely found directing someone else while standing out of the way. She's keeping a careful eye on the room to make sure all the parts are moving as smoothly as they can for just opening up, hardly even wincing when a waitress drops a tray and several glasses shatter. She simply sends someone else out to help clean it up without saying much else.

"Kirsikka is another cousin, Bjorn," Dani says as a means of reinforcing the introduction. "Wine... I've never felt much appeal," she comments to Sol, "And tonight I feel like I should go alcohol free, do you have any good bottled sodas in stock?"

Asger arrives into the place, looking about before moving to Sol and company. He then nods to Dani, Kirsikka, and Bjorn, smiling at Mane and sol. "I see your place is busy." He says as he looks to the people present. "I came for food and drink. Please, tell me we aren't drinking American beer." He says hopefully.

Bjorn scratches his head a bit. "You have a lot of cousins, hun." He says with a laugh. "But that's good - means you've got lots of people to care about you and have your back." Spotting and hearing Asger, he laughs. "Oh, Asger - once I get space to I'll be making my family's recipe for mead. Brought here straight from Norway." He says after firmly shaking Kirsikka's hand. "A pleasure ta meetcha, I'm sure."

Turning to face Asger, Sol gives a throaty laugh, switching to Norwegian. "<<We're using it to clean the lamb chops,>>" he says, gesturing to the kitchen, his derisive tone still in good humor. "<<Schous Pils, straight from Norway - nineteen flats of the stuff.>>" He then raises his glass pitcher, drinking down half of it, handing the remainder to Asger directly. "Drink, eat - both are for free tonight." He switches to English, showing some newfound fluency. "Come, join us. I am to show you all the longhouse's best: the meeting place for the Allthing." And that's notable - Nordic traditional meeting, complete with thematic space for it. Going that extra mile, apparently. And he's leading the group, once again, toward the meeting hall doorway.

Anyone that she happens to know, or at least recognize, gets a wave of greeting from Mane. She's leaving tour guide duties to Sol, letting him show the place off to the arriving family members while she mills about the room taking orders and bringing stuff out. Or cleaning it up. The shattered glass from a few moments ago was swept up rather quickly, leaving no traces behind, before another tray of drinks was brought out to the table. Everyone seems to be in good spirits, which free food and beverages will certainly help with.

Those right around Dani might hear the noise of a voice speaking in Icelandic, translating the Norwegian into that language. Those not in the know are almost assuredly going to assume she has a Bluetooth earbud and the translation is coming though it from her phone. Those in the know will know that her hedge beast companion, a hob lady-beetle named Jorgee, must be hiding in her hair and speaking into her ear, translating for her as he often does. She says, "A tour of the place sounds awesome, Sol," to her host and then she asks Bjorn, "Have you scouted out a source of honey? I imagine that you shouldn't just pick any old honey for that."

<> Asger says in Norwegian to Sol as he takes the pitcher and nods as he takes a swig. He nods as he watches Sol. He follows along. He then nods. "Reminds me of home, Sol. It brings me great joy to see the detail and effort to this, you will definitely have me as a regular." He says with a smirk.

Kirsikka blinks "You use beer to clean tools?" she asks, in regards to the Norwegian, though speaking in English, sending Dani a look as if she thought those two went crazy "Isn't it a waste of good beer?"

"All of this, it comes to me in dreams," Sol says, then proceeds through the door, leaving it propped open until the last of the invited guests are through them. "Every part of it, which was.. new to me." He does not seem like the kind of person who lives life loud and via dream interpretation, not unless it involves a sledgehammer and screaming uncontrollably.

He takes a seat at the table, his feet placed neat on the top, his hand finding a bottle of beer. With a flick of his thumb, the cap screeches off to go into a corner, rattling before vanishing, and he's chugging beer again. "A table with no head, for a place with no ranks. All faces, all names - equals beneath the skies." Then he raises his bottle in toast, glancing to Kirsikka. "If he was using actual beer, it'd be a crime. All he is doing it putting American beer where it belongs." Dude is a definitive beer snob.

"I use American beer for a degreaser. What Sol serves is a good beer." He explains to Kirsikka. He then looks about the place. "Reminds me of the longhouse where the tribes of my people gather to discuss what to do." He says with a nod to Sol. "You have a good place. I definitely seeing this place being my number one hangout." He says with a grin to the man. He then turns to Sol and nods. "My people believe that an alpha is needed to run the pack, I believe however that people lead themselves with specific peoples being experts in their respective fields. I would not tell you how to fish after all." He says calmly.

It feels like something out of myth," Dani says, "Like a representation of Valhalla here in Fallcoast. You did well, Sol."

Kirsikka nods towards that. "I mean..." she tilts her head. "I wasn't sure if I got it correctly. Norwegian... sounds funny." the finn offers, before turning to the tiny cousin "I don't know if Valhalla is such a good idea."

It's only after everyone else has entered that Mane slips into the room and closes the door behind herself. The tray she'd been carrying seems to have been left behind, replaced with a bottle of soda, which is offered to Dani, along with a bottle opener. "Bifrost turned out really well. Sol knew exactly how he wanted the place to look."

Bjorn follows behind shaking his head, having been lost in thought. "Not yet, no. But I'd think maybe something local, if there's any that's good - if not I'll figure it out. I think my father used to get it from Norway for the mead."

"I would like to try your recipe." Asger says to Kirsikka as he looks to the changing breed. He then looks to Mane and nods to her. "I dont know how good you and Sol are with fixing mechanical stuff but if you need a repair man, just send word to me. I make a living restoring and fixing things." He says before looking to Sol. "It came to you in a dream? Apparently the gods spoke to you."

Kirsikka smiles, before her phone buzzes. "Hm..." she stops. "And... it looks like my evening is over," she begins, smiling "But next time, I'll bring my sugar wine!"

He waves a hand, those oversized knuckles gripping his bottle of beer, and Sol's voice is rich in pride. "I saw a house by water," he says, "From the windows, I could see many boats, The Warlord riding high in the sea, and dozens of flags inside of it. The rest, it was long conversations with the builders." He doesn't explain further and isn't likely to, either.

At seeing Kirsikka's departure, he gives her a friendly smile, then looks to Asger and Dani, though his eyes glance to Mane and Bjorn. "This place, I want to have it used by those who need a safe space to hold council. Wagners, of course, having priority. None can touch those within without notice from.. well, nearly all eyes." Meaning the people who live in the area or within its walls. "So long as the rule is followed - no title means more than air through teeth here, nor does station count." Then he's drinking beer.

"And here I thought I could be king." Asger says sarcastically as he smirks at Sol and he offers back the pitcher. "I have said it before cousin, You have need of me, simply ask. We can work out debt and payment after the job is done." He says calmly as he looks to Dani and moves to her. "Being designated driver?" He says teasingly to the catgirl before turning to the others.

"Its awesome, Sol," Dani says to their host. "And no, just... not wanting alcohol tonight," she replies to Asger as she takes a sip of the soda and then asks Sol, "So like war councils and stuff like that could be held here?"

After passing off the drink to Dani, Mane settles into a seat next to Sol and absently toys with the end of her braid while listening to the conversation. She'll add stuff every once in awhile, but stays quiet for the most part, letting the talk flow around her.

"If you want steady work, and for the family," Sol says, then he motions around the room. "Join the house. We'll always have need of a mechanic. While I can muddle through." He then rolls those massive shoulders in a shrug, conveying: nope, not his gig. "<<My best engine work is done on a boat. No hands save mine or Mane's can touch The Warlord.>>" He grins, looking to Mane with a meaningful gleam in his eyes. "Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr, they don't like strangers too well." And when Dani speaks, he gives her a strong nod. "Indeed, yes. Peace treaties, as needed, and the means to see wars. Marriages, if they are complicated, as would be some divorces." Then he looks nervously to Mane.

"<<Don't worry about me, I won't touch anything unless I have your approval, brother,>>" Asger says in Norwegian and he nods. "There is a tribe of my people who hunt and live alongside humanity. They go after those humans who hurt others. Anyway, the head of the tribe in our village was the village mechanic and had me apprenticing under him; I can work on any mechanical engine." He says calmly in English.

The look from Sol earns a smile from Mane in response. "I think you're safe from divorce, Sol. At least for the time being." There's a faintly teasing note to her voice as she says those words. Leaning forward a bit, she takes his beer from him so that she can take a drink, then hands it back. She doesn't seem too worried about taking it, considering he likely wouldn't share with anyone else, no matter who they were.

"Well, a man buys a new boat, he worries of divorce," Sol says, his attempt at humor made in earnest, "A man opens a longhouse, he's thinking of the car the attorney will be driving." Then he rumbles a throaty laugh, raising his bottle in salute. "To all of us, we have survived a life most can't understand and few would try. We are those who fight the odds, and are the champions."

And he's up and dancing, because he's been pre-gaming enough he'll have a hangover and maybe a sprained ankle. Music begins to play loudly, and the night commences in earnest. Somber tones are robbed of them, and few hands stay empty of something to eat or drink - be it alcoholic or non, low-fat or high-carb, tonight is a time of feasting, loud arguments by the dart board, of DUIs to be paid in the morning, and countless broken mugs, plates, and the odd cheekbone.

In short, it's a longhouse kind of night. And there will be many, many more of them in the future at Bifrost.