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Artful Tea
Dramatis Personae

Thorian, Tock, Lillian, Eden

2 August 2015

Tea and art. Pretty much what it says on the tin. ^_^


Shop - Garden of Eden Cafe and Tea Boutique - Fallcoast

Housed in Fallcoast's historic district, this boutique is done in a garden style, housed in a brick building and accented with cream and teal. Large windows in the front sit on either side of a teal painted door, overhung with strings of lights, inside and out. Outside, large potted plants shade the windows beneath the awning. A sandwich board written in chalk describes the day's specials for lunch, mostly soups, salads, sandwiches and the like. The decor tends toward earthtones, dark creams and brown leather, warm wood tones. Thick, colorful carpets line the wooden floors and are lined with comfortable cushions. A number of plants and herbs line shelves, as well as a large bank of glass canisters of assorted teas, a chalk board noting the varieties currently on offer hangs above the burnished counter. Attached to the counter is a raised and lit glass case containing cookies, scones and assorted pastries. Seasonal and local fare is the name of the game, the menu changing almost daily, in addition to a selection of fresh fruits in woven baskets and bowls, some grown in the cafe's own garden.

Along the northern wall, in the corner, is a row of shelves bolted to the exposed brick, containing books, ranging from French poetry to modern romance novels, with a polite note on cardstock asking the readers to please leave a book, should they take a book. There is a counter along one wall with several stools at it, as well as a couple of broken-in, comfortable looking sofas, and five square tables set with chairs. The rear section of the shop contains a small boutique of artisan soaps, lotions, candles and herbal remedies, assorted goods in canisters similar to those in which the tea lives, in addition to paper wrapped bundles of tea to be taken home.

The Cafe is in the historic district, near enough to the Museum it is one of those spots that Thorian frequents when he has an hour to get out and about. The man is settled into one of the sofas, and on the coffee table before him rests a saucer with a cup of tea. There is also a chocolate croissant that has a few bites taken out of it, and in his hands is a soft covered book that the man is approximately half way through. It was a while ago that the text message had been sent to Tock, his normal playful air felt in those words, 'Tea time at the Cafe... if you can manage to get into your dress without too much trouble.' Directions? Included, of course. Such handy things, phones.

The answering text was likewise playful, 'I believe I can manage the task. It has been quite some time since I last had a lady's maid, after all.' That time takes for her to arrive might have something to do with the bicycle that Tock locks to a post outside the shop, the thing somewhat old-fashioned in its design in the way of bicycles that were made for women to utilise while wearing long skirts. It is well enough, considering that she is in a tea dress, a light and airy affair in lavender and dove grey. The ever-present silver locket at her throat is held today by a lavender silk ribbon, and that silver woven bracelet encircles her left wrist. A basket, unlashed from the bicycle upon her arrival, hangs from her right arm. It might be that she just carries the things as a matter of course, so often is she to be found with one. The bells over the door tinkle pleasantly as she makes her way into the room, crystal-blue eyes scanning until they find Thorian's table. A smile brightens her pale features as she approaches. “Good morning. Or so I hope it is.”

There is a brilliant smile cast towards Tock as she enters, amusement in his features as he takes a quick look down at the dress she wears. Those telltale signs of permanently worn jewelry are details filled away for later questioning. "I think, at some point, I'm making you a singular clothing purchase. Just one. An experiment, of course." There is a far to sweet innocence in Thorian's voice at that, but his head dips into a small nod of agreement at her statement. "Well.. more like afternoon, you know. But yes. Have a seat, won't you?" His hand lifts, motioning towards the sofa, and it is his left leg that is extended out in careful rest. "Still some soreness from our activities on the shore the other night, but it is to be expected."

Tock's smile turns into that toothier thing that betrays a playful amusement, small white teeth shown pressed in a neat double row. “I prefer to say 'morning' until the noon hour is past. It makes it feel like there is still more promise to the day, since '/after/ noon' is not entirely accurate as of yet, either. So I feel I have the choice in my temporal designation. I might once have said 'good noontide' but have been informed this is no longer in common usage.” She gives a little chuckle at herself, taking the proffered seat and setting her basket aside. “You must pardon my occasional leaning toward the pedantic.” Her brows lift in tandem at the mention of clothing purchases. “Hm... Should I ask or is this one of those surprises better left unrevealed for some time?”

"Ahh, but is noon an hour, or is noon a precise moment of time? I would argue the latter, myself. After all, you don't hear people going around saying I'll meet you at noon-thirty. You do, however, hear them say half past noon. To your point, it is something that might have morphed over the years. Interesting." That tidbit of knowledge is filed away, and it is the basket that garners a warm bit of laughter, his chin lifting up in silent contemplation of her question. Finally, Thorian comes to a conclusion, his book folded back shut as he shares, "A surprise. Without doubt a surprise."

“Ah, but then what of 'the noon hour'? I do suppose the term is less often utilised now, as well. Forever an anachronism am I, alas.” For all the drama of the words, Tock seems not at all put out by it. If anything, she remains entertained. She gives a small nod at his answer, allowing what mysteries he should choose to remain so. Though there is a glance granted to his tea cup. “If I might pry terribly into your personal habits, what is your chosen beverage today?”

"Ahh, but the noon hour doesn't need mean the entire hour is noon, merely that it is the hour which the moment of noon begins. Truly, it should be in current, modern context... else we need to trace it back to its roots, when noon was a very malleable point in the day." But it is Tock's words that draw a mock gasp from Thorian, the hand with his book pressing it up against his heart as his eyes go wide. "Why, such a personal question!" There is mirth in his voice, but his head dips into a final nod, as he murmurs, "If you must know, it is an Irish Breakfast tea. Late in the day, I know, but what can I say? I bend the rules."

“Precisely malleable. I stand by my designation.” Tock laughs lightly at this, though her standing remains clearly figurative with her remaining perched upon the sofa. “I do take such liberties, I know. But it is not so very late. While the sun is up, I find most black teas remain relevant.” Her eyes settle on his extended leg, since the matter of personal questions was broached. “Is it merely a bit of ache from use? I might be able to assist.” She really is becoming a wanton healer for such not being a primary pursuit of hers.

Lillian heads straight for the counter as she enters, less concerned with knowing her surrounds than getting lunch at the moment as her focus settles on the smell of food cooking. "Soup. I want the soup for lunch. Oh, and a soda." She pulls out her card, paying for the meal, before turning to glance around the shop, her gaze surveying the patrons. She's wearing a black dress, with cream-colored accents on it, but nothing else, including shoes. As her gaze finds Thorian, she waves, then crosses the shop to wear he sits, waving to him. "Hello. Strange for me, to see you out of your museum. I thought you lived there."

"No, no. Why," Thorian digs into the pocket of his vest, and the watch therein is flicked open and briefly glanced at. With a click it snaps shut, and he murmurs, "Solar Noon was at 11:50 and 29 seconds today. It is clearly afternoon." A bat of his eyes in playful innocence is cast towards Tock, but then his attention is drawn from her to the new entrant, a warm bit of laughter coming from the man. "Ahh, the artist known as Lillian. And I do live there... but I don't stay there always. Come, join us." His head swivels back to the woman next to him, a dip of his head coming to her inquiry, "Overuse, but it will be fine, truly. It is nearly back to its normal fickle self."

“Well, then. Seeing as the hour has progressed, regardless. I find myself drawn, now, into agreement as a matter of course.” Such arguments, if they should even bear that title, do find a way of being rendered moot by the passage of time. Tock swats an equally playful hand at Thorian's arm at that innocent look, the movement only given the /appearance/ of such as her fingertips but barely brush across his sleeve for contact. It is his glance upward that draws her attention to the new arrival. “They do have to let him out of his enclosure for a constitutional now and then,” she adds to the thoughts on Thorian leaving the museum, the teasing apparent in the sparkle of her crystal-blue eyes. “Lillian... A pleasure to meet you. You may call me Tock. Most everyone does these days.” She stands for the greeting out of force of habit, offering a hand.

Lillian blinks in surprise as the other woman stands up to greet her, then cocks her head curiously at the mechanical woman. "What is a...constitutional? My vocabulary is atrocious. Is there something else they used to call you, Tock?" She drops down onto the couch, settling into it, as she glances towards the kitchen, licking her lips. Her stomach growls, and she frowns slightly. "I hope they get my soup quick...so hungry." she mumbles. Then, her gaze turns towards Thorian, and she blushes slightly. "Oh, I did not bring you any of my sculptures today, Mister Thorian, I did not know I would be seeing you here."

"Time so often proves me right." A brilliant smile is cast towards Tock, something the man just can't help himself with, but that faux argument is dropped, and that gentle cuffing allowed without protest from the fellow. It also gives a pause for Thorian's attention to return to Lillian, his eyes watching the woman closely for a second before he speaks, "Quite fine, Lillian. But I would like to see them. Olivia and I are holding an auction in a few weeks. For charities revolving around Ocean Conservation. I tell you what," There is a brief glance towards Tock, a look that indicates this might catch her interest if she were willing to help, "If you want to donate something? I think I'd like to buy something for my personal collection as well. And, in addition, you'll get good exposure from many wealthy people at the auction who will get to see what you can do... and I'll arrange lessons to teach you to read and write. Eleri, Tock, and I can all help."

Tock gives a wry twist of her lips in answer to Thorian's declared victory, allowing him this without protest. When Lillian blinks at the greeting, Tock smoothly transitions her offered hand into a bit of a flourish instead, indicating the seats for her to join them. “Oh, I am certain the fault is mine. I have a tendency to use words and phrases that are not entirely in common usage. It only means a walk, typically, for one's health. Often taken in the morning or after a meal.” She listens a moment as Thorian makes proposals. “Are you finding yourselves in need of donations to that end? I might be able to assist with that, as well.” A small nod, just a few degrees of chin tilting downward, is given to the rest. “Oh, yes, I am quite open to providing training in any subject upon which I have knowledge. I have signed on with Valhalla to that effect. Are you familiar with it? They shall be making a grand opening soon. An invaluable resource, truly.” That declaration of hunger speaks to something in the Spring-associated woman. “Let me go up and see if they might have your food ready. I was meaning to order some tea, myself, so it is no trouble.” Her head bobs again to dismiss herself for a moment to said task.

Lillian taps her chin thoughtfully as Thorian mentions the charity auction, then perks up a bit at all he mentions, her rabbit ears perking up as a few more strands of her hair become lit with flame. She leans in closer, and excited grin on the small Asian woman's lips. "Yes, I could make something for that! Something big, I think...a more prominent piece of work, and something for your personal collection as well, Thorian. Thank you. I do wish to learn to read and write...then, I'll be able to borrow books and expand my knowledge." Her gaze then jumps to Tock, and she listens to the woman attentively, before nodding quickly. "Valhalla? I have never heard of it, now, but it sounds useful, if they teach knowledge in things. I have so many people offering to teach me to read though, its quite exciting. I can't wait! Ummmmm...do you really need to drink tea?" she asks Tock, but then nods as the woman gets up, not wanting to interrupt her visit to the counter.

"If you would like to Tock, of course. Olivia has been working on gathering donations. Keep in mind this is," A moments pause, and his eyes shift to glance about the cafe, before he murmurs, "mundane, if you will. And of course, I do hope you both attend." When the proposal brightens Lillian's features, the woman earns a similarly brilliant smile from the fellow, Thorian's hand reaching out to tap her lightly on the tip of her nose. "Good. Then it is a deal. Something... ocean themed for the charity, yes? For me... well. I prefer to add items that are a reflection of the artist, so I'll leave it to you to figure out." As Tock goes to see to a bit of food, he reaches out to pluck out a bit of his croissant, stuffing that food into his mouth to savour. "Not a tea fan, Lillian? You can try a sip of mine, if you wish, just to see."

Tock gives a nod at the mention of Valhalla. “I believe the primary purpose in its creation is for instruction in topics martial, but they are also offering any other areas of need. Survival skills, medicine, technology, and so forth.” Her smile brightens at the other woman's excitement for new learning. She pats at the air in Thorian's direction. “Oh, not to worry. I am capable of creating things of simpler stuff. I might have either you or her or both to look over some options?” Oh, there is that altogether toothier grin returning for Lillian's benefit at her question regarding tea. “Indeed, quite surely as I might need to breathe oxygen.” Her trip to the counter results in an order of a milk oolong and tea biscuit for herself, followed by a selection of bagged teas to be carried out later. Rather a large selection...she lives with a tea drinking /crowd/. By the time her order is complete in its placement, Lilian's is there for delivery. She gathers the tray to bring back to their spot, setting it on the table before her. “There, now. No going hungry to be had.”

Lillian scoots towards Thorian as he speaks to her of what she should make, and as her nose is tapped on, she leans up against his side, giving him a playful smirk. "Okay...I can make something marine-like, I think. I love the ocean, looking at it, but I've never been out on it. It doesn't agree with my hair...we are like star-crossed lovers. That is the term, right? My love, I can never have her...but I would like to have some of your tea!" She blinks in surprise as her soup is brought, a creamy soup with spinach and chicken, and she begins to wolf it down noisily, clearly having no manners, before setting her spoon down and glancing up at Tock. "Thank you very much, Miss Tock, for bringing my soup. It's very good! And I think it's neat that you still drink and breathe and stuff. Ummmm..." she blushes slightly, looking down into her soup. "Foolish of me, to think you didn't. Sorry."

"Either of both of us would be happy to. You forgot to show me your designs for the other items, you know." There is a coy look cast towards Tock, but then the man settles back onto the sofa just as Lillian scoots up close. His hand shifts, offering her a small squeeze to that shoulder in reassurance, and his head dips into a small nod. "Yes. You and Eleri share that same thing, you know. Of course, I don't go out in the water either, mostly due to a lack of swimming expertise." His left leg is tapped, that lame limb something that would truly be a deterrent to survival for long in the water. His mouth twitches in bemusement as Lillian starts in on her soup, a sidelong glance cast towards Tock to gauge her reaction. Thorian is kind enough to push his cup of tea over towards Lillian while she works on that soup, a silent offering for her to have at it when she is ready.

Tock's lips curl into a sweeter smile at the thanks. “Think nothing of it. It was both my pleasure and on the way for me.” She has no reaction to offer for Lillian's table manners, though she does chuckle at the mentions of drinking and breathing being neat. The sound is mostly a typical, rich laugh, though a music box tinkling is buried within it. “You would not be the first to have such questions. Honestly, I have heard far less appropriate ones, even on first meetings with people.” She lingers a moment by the table, still standing. “Should all of the items be oceanic in theme? That may limit my offerings somewhat, though not entirely.” For some reason, the reminder of not sharing her designs brushes a hint of pale shell-pink to each cheek, like paint upon a China doll's. “I suppose I did not. I simply cannot imagine what would have made it slip my mind...” Ah, but there is her tea to be gathered! She collects her basket to take to the counter for loading purchases for later, hands filled with cup and saucer and small plate of biscuits when she returns again. This time, she settles back into her seat.

Lillian smiles over at Tock as she picks up the tea that Thorian offered, taking a few quick sips of it, before setting it back down. "Oh, that's rather good! I do like tea. Someone said I should drink southern sweet tea, though...I don't think I'd like that. This is more my style." She pushes the cup back towards Thorian, then resumes her assault on the soup, slurping it down quickly, as it appears she was quite hungry indeed. She leans back, against Thorian's arm once again, her body letting off quite a lot of heat as she turns her face up to look into his. "Is she...Eleri, someone special to you, Mister Thorian? You two seemed quite close." A bright smile is afforded to Tock then, as she shakes her head. "Oh, no! There's lots you can make that's ocean-themed! I'm going to make, ummmmm...a lionfish!"

"Not necessarily, no. If either of you feel better crafting some other theme, of course feel free. We are also giving a percentage of the auction price back to the artist, so there is that reward as well." Thorian's gaze lingers for a moment on tock as that blush appears, and a warm ripple of laughter spills fourth as he muses, "I haven't a clue. It was on your mind when you were first there." His attention returns to Lillian with interest, watching as she samples that tea. By now, the man is more than used to the lack of personal space awareness Lillian has, both brows arching upwards at the question she poses. "Is she? Yes. We are quite close friends who have been through a lot. The same with Ryan and Mirabella, if you ever meet them."

“Yes, I would rather recommend this variety of tea over the other. If you have an excessive sweet tooth and a need to cool down, however, sweet tea done appropriately has its place.” There are no Yankee biases to be had here. None at all. Tock's head gives a subtle shake, a few degrees turned left then right before resuming centre. “Oh, I know there is many an oceanic topic to be had. I simply meant for the /existing/ offerings in my collection, fewer of them are oceanic than the sum total of them.” Her lips twitch in subtle betrayal of amusement at Thorian. “I shall have to make a point of sharing them with you quite soon, then. And I will bring an electronic portfolio with photographs of some possible offerings for your auction, that you might opine which should suit best. Truthfully, anything that I've yet to find new homes for simply decorates our ship or spaces at the airfield meanwhile. I do sell things online on occasion, when I think to do so.” She lifts her teacup and saucer, holding the cup close to take in the scent of the still quite-hot tea. “Thorian has a habit of keeping very good company. I have found all of his compatriots more than pleasant when blessed with their company, as well.”

Lillian sets her bowl down on the table in front of her, completely empty, and hops up off of the couch, patting her belly. "That was quite delicious! I'll have to recommend this place to others. I've got a really good idea for a sculpture now, Mister Thorian, so I wish to go work on it right now, before my inspiration flees from me." She turns her gaze to Tock, giving her a slight grin as she nods along quickly. "I sell most of my sculptures on the line, but I have to get help, because I can't read. I would like to open a physical shop...maybe if all of this goes well at auction, I will be able to afford to. It was very nice to meet you, Tock. I look forward to seeing what you prepare!" She gives a wave as she slowly moves towards the shop's entrance.

"An electronic portfolio? Why, everything you show me always has a certain spark to it, Tock. I do look forward to it." The man reaches out to tug off a few more pieces of that chocolate croissant, each one savored as he listens to the conversation at hand. It is her words at the end that earns the clockwork woman a warm and sincere smile from the fellow, "Yes. The best do attract the best, don't they?" It is when Lillian springs up that his eyes blink rapidly, trying to keep track of the energetic woman before he lets out a bit of laughter. A hand lifts up to brush against Lillian's back in reassurance once more, and then his head dips, "Of course. Come by soon, won't you? Let me see some of the small ones you've made in the past. And we can start your lessons, too."

Tock seems rather charmed with Lillian, if one is to judge the smiles the young woman continues to draw forth. “I am glad the food was to your liking. Inspiration is a thing to be taken by the horns. Good luck in capturing it. I also look forward to seeing your work.” She lifts her hand in a return wave as Lillian whirls her way back out of the cafe. “Tablet computing is /wonderful/ for artists, you know. Rather than dull, still photographs that are entirely too small, you can offer three-dimensional images that can be enhanced and expanded as needed. It is a much better way to show things off.” The clockwork girl laughs outright at Thorian's commentary upon being the best, her head giving another small shake as she sips at her tea.

One eyebrow, and then the second draws upwards as Tock begins to explain the benefits of tablet computing. It draws a twitch of a smile to the corner of his mouth. It takes just a heartbeat, and then Thorian leans over seeking to steal away a warm if light kiss directly from her lips that lasts but a couple of moments. "I know." There is a coy look that speaks volumes, both amused and fond, as he murmurs, "Not the spark I was meaning." Then the Fairest straightens back up, his eyes lowering to look at his demolished cup of tea before a warm bit of laughter comes from him. "Manners is something she doesn't get. I think she went.... missing at a young age. A veritable fount of enthusiasm, however, which is to be admired."

Tock shifts her teacup to ease Thorian's approach, eyelids drifting closed for the duration of that brief kiss. “I have rather a host of talents when it comes to things electrical. I must beg pardon if I centred on the wrong topic.” The looks she returns is also a shade coy, not at all apologetic in truth. Lips freed once more, she sets them to continued sampling from her tea cup. “I make a point of having no truly specific expectations of manners. My own are rather outdated. And in meeting people from so many different places and backgrounds, we cannot hope to have them all fitted to our own mould. She is quite charming in her way. And, yes, admirable in her enthusiasm for her art and learning. That should more than make up for knowing which fork one uses when.”

"Oh, absolutely. I find nothing wrong with her approach, but it is amusing to watch at times." Thorian's words are warm, his eyes shifting back to where the elemental had disappeared to. A hand lifts, raking through his hair, bits of stardust trailing about before they burn into nothingness. "It will be interesting to see what she makes. Bronzework, if I recall correctly." Only then does Thorian pluck up his tea and saucer, rising to stand, "I'm going to grab another. Anything you wish, Tock?"

“True enough,” Tock agrees readily. Her eyes are drawn to that bit of starfall, watching the burnout with keen interest. “I think I shall find the event entire quite fascinating. I love to see what works others come up with. Most of the items I have been making recently are steel or wire. I /might/ have some images on my tablet to show while we're here, if you wish.” She lifts her cup, still bearing a decent amount of beverage. “No, I am good for now. But thank you.”

"I suppose here, at least, you will be less likely to become... distracted." There is a half lidded look cast her way, those eyes drifting down towards her mouth for a lingering moment before Thorian begins to walk, back towards the counter. "If you have it with you? Let us take a look and see. There are also one or two other things that might be best suited for a more private discussion on things you craft." His cup is slid back to the counter, another of the same type of tea ordered in its place.

Again, that wry twist of smile answers Thorian's teasing. “Oh, yes. The items you requested we might best discuss at another time and place. But as far as simple artwork, I do have some examples on hand.” Again, Tock tugs that basket to her, finding a tablet computer within and swiping at the screen for a time, between nibbles of tea biscuit and sips of tea, as she awaits his return.

The man returns with a new cup in hand, and this is put down on the coffee table, quite close to her own. The reason becomes apparent as he drapes against the sofa, shoulder to shoulder with her, and his arm extends out to loosely wrap behind her, head tucked in to peer at the tablet in question. "Yes, artwork is fine. But I have a couple of other items of a more personal nature, though Kyrie might be best suited to deal with one or two of them. We can discuss those later, however. Please," Thorian's head dips towards her screen, and despite that close proximity, it seems the Fairest intends to behave.

Tock tucks herself neatly into that wrapping arm, both a matter of comfort and enhancing his ability to view the tablet. “Oh, there are more requests? You shall be keeping me quite busy, it seems.” Those lips have been rather busy today. They find another amused grin, ticking upward at the corner on one side. “I pulled up what might qualify as oceanic-themed first. There are only a few. Let me know if you want to see any of them in greater detail.” She slides through three images. The first is a steel sculpture, silvery water rushing up a pinnacle of darker rock to crash into the underside of a glass tabletop supported by the piece itself. The second, steel sculpture as well, is a smaller and more surreal piece that combines a shipwrecked galleon with a near-skeletal whale, the parts merging in a way that it is difficult to tell which is which. The last (also steel sculpture...she did say it was a favoured medium, after all) is depicted placed already upon a wall, a woman tangled in seaweed trapped against said wall by a net with each of the points pinned to the wall by a different sort of hand, claw, talon, or tentacle.

"I will keep you quite busy. I only hope I give you enough time to focus on the art." There is a coy smile cast her way, a lingering bit of dark mischief in his features, but Thorian is easily pulled from such thoughts and down into the pictures. Each is watched, wanting to see them all before he asks for any one in particular to be seen. "I like the second," is murmured absently, but that is personal preference, rather than what might work best at the auction. "But the last. Pull it up in greater detail?" That hand about her lifts, until fingers can find her hair, a light touch that is absent rather than seeking to distract.

“Fortunately I am offering things already completed for the auction. As for the other items, my current plans are primarily of the wearable-ornament variety that I am well-used to and should be able to create rather quickly,” Tock assures, her words not acknowledging the undercurrent of meaning in his own, though her expression is clearly knowing. “Of course.” She taps at the third item for a broader view that may be brought ever closer to observe the details on any parts of interest, holding the tablet in such a way that he might seek such on his own. The steel woman's face bears something of panic rapidly becoming despair, her body arching away from the wall spectacularly such that her head, the hands at the ends of upward-flung arms, and the toes of her pointed feet are all that touch the support surface. The effect is something like the figurehead on a ship, though far more grim. Her hair, though also a coppery-tinged metal, seems somehow softer as it swirls in damp, kinked waves from her head. The seaweed which tangles into her hair also seems to provide enough covering for the female form for a degree of modesty, while tying her further to the net, as well. The net is a thin, glittering thing of steel wire pinning the form to the wall. Where it meets with the wall, each point of the net is held by a different 'hand': a skeletal human hand, a claw like that of a massive crab, a wrapping squid's tentacle, an insect-like pincer, the talon of a bird of prey, the sharp-clawed paw of some great beast, and a delicately-manicured man's hand precisely opposite its skeletal counterpart.

"This... would be perfect. It covers many bases. A beautiful woman. An emotional dread and fear. A remembrance of a ship's figurehead, the fishing net... all things that would draw the interest of donors who are by the sea. Wall mounted, a piece that would create a conversation." His head dips into a firm nod at his conclusion, even as the fingers of Thorian's other hand sweep around to observe all of the details to be had. "If you are willing to put it up, of course. I can assure you that, apart from your cut? The rest of the proceeds will go to very worthy charities." So enraptured is he in that moment, the cause and the work that there isn't even any teasing to be had about keeping her busy. Thorian's gaze keeps focused, as he muses, "Now. Did you have concepts for the other ones to show, the small items for the other event?"

“Ah, excellent, to find one that suits so quickly. We shall not even need to delve into items that are not water-themed.” Tock's smile broadens at the praise, her shoulders nestling a bit closer into that arm around them. “Of course. The cause is good, and as I said...these things only sit about until I think to sell them. There is simply an ever-shifting circulation of them on our property. This one is on a wall of the ship, at present.” She gives just a tiny bounce in her seat to betray some excitement. “You are in luck, as I did scan the sketches.” More tapping on the screen is to be had, bringing up three new images in turn. The first is a bracelet of Viking wire weaving, tricolour in a spiral design. A very small bottle is clasped to it, where it would rest on the back of a wrist, and within is a longship in /quite/ miniature scale. “This one, you will have to tell me if it is too much for good taste. When one places fingertips at either end of the bottle to tilt it, the oars should row and there will be a sound of waves crashing. I was thinking bronze, gold, and copper wire.” The next is a similar wire weaving work, though bicolour, in a necklace format that resembles a torc. It holds a small globe with swirls of what might be smoke sketched in it. “This one is a glass orb that will fill constantly with clouds. When touched, it will give a small flash of lightning and that scent that premises a storm. Silver and copper wire for that, I believe would suit best.” The final item is simply a belt buckle of Celtic knotwork pattern resembling flames. “This would be bronze, though the light striking it will make the 'flames' appear to lick and crackle. I thought perhaps to give it a campfire smoke scent, as well. All going on that Viking theme you mentioned?”

"Oh am I now? I do like being in luck." A twinkle of mischief returns to Thorian, though those eyes remain riveted upon the tablet. At present, Tock and the man are seated on a couch, having gotten some of the tea and treats to be found in the cafe. His eyes watch the images that she shows off, and his head dips into a slow nod at all of the explanations that she offers up. "Great. I like them all, and might even be the tiniest bit jealous they won't be mine." His right hand is draped lightly around her back, and his left reaches out to pick up his cup of tea, sipping at the liquid within as he muses, "I think that particular theme will appeal to many within the group. Hopefully we can get everything settled and a date on the calendar shortly."

Stepping from the kitchen with a fresh batch of Blueberry Scones, carefully balanced on a tray. Today Eden wore a Pale blue shirt dress with several buttons down the front. The dress it self landed at her ankles belted with a tan leather belt at the waist. Her hair was in a neat but not too tight bun at the nape of her neck allowing for hair to frame her face, a pair of over sized black framed square glasses perched on her nose. An Apron and it was dusted in flour and small splashes of blue. Sitting the tray down on the counter she moved out to greet the few people who were in the shop, "Hello Welcome to Garden of Eden." She offered with a warm smile.

“I /would/ imagine that would suit you well enough,” Tock returns in just the faintest bit of tease. Her expression is clearly pleased at the acceptance of all the offerings depicted, the tablet only tucked back into her basket once Thorian has had ample opportunity to look at all the images so long as he wished. “There is ever more time for me to be making things. I will admit that when I am at home and not working on something else specifically, I will busy my hands with wire weaving even if I have nothing in mind that needs making. It is...soothing. Repetitive motion with something to show for it at the end.” The clockwork girl, dressed somewhat too formally and entirely out of date in a lavender and dove grey tea gown, looks up as Eden's welcome rings into the shop. “Good afternoon,” she replies warmly, lifting a hand in a small greeting wave. That there's something of a small sideways glance she gives Thorian at the word 'afternoon' is but a small recall of previous conversation.

As another enters in from the back, Thorian's head draws up, the twilight fields of his eyes sweeping over Eden in a curious inspection. "Good afternoon," That word is stressed for some reason just as Tock's, and a brilliant smile lights upon his mouth, pushing in dimples as he watches the new entrant. "You are the owner?" The conversation at hands has his attention drawn back, bits of stardust floating free from his hair, burning a bright gold until they fade off into nothingness. He is dressed in a pair of black slacks and vest, with a white dress shirt and a black and white checked tie. "Truly, is your artwork your means of income then, Tock? Or do you have a different sort of job out there at the airfield."

Eden nodded "Yes I am. If you need anything please let me know. Enjoy your tea and conversation." Moving back to finish stocking more of the goodies and then pulling out her pad she began to review some of the shelves that needed to be refilled.

“Really!” Tock seems a little excited and certainly appreciative upon the owner's identifying herself as such. “It is such a a lovely place you have. And the tea is excellent, as well.” She reaches for the cup that she had returned to the table during the perusal of artwork, bringing it back to her lips for a sip, as if in proof. “It supplements,” she answers Thorian's question. “As do the other crafting endeavours in which I engage. Though my primary employment is as the airfield's mechanic. I have a tendency to keep rather busy.” Oh, understatement.

The man's words echo the sentiments of Tock, "It is a lovely spot. I'm Thorian, by the way. Run the CHIME Museum that is here in the historical district as well." After the man puts his tea back down, those fingers lift to offer a wave of greeting towards Eden. One brow lofts at the mention of being a mechanic, and that draws a wry smile to the corners of his mouth as he muses, "I imagine you and Olivia must get along marvelously, then. A mechanic." There is a glimmer of interest and curiosity there, but it is short lived.

Eden says, “Thank you both for the lovely compliments. I hope that you come again soon. I just made some Blueberry Scones with a Lemon Mint glaze." She thought a moment "I have heard of the CHIME museum. I will have to come by and visit one afternoon. " She smiled "if you need anything Please let me know. Again thank you for coming to the Garden." She offered a shy smile.

“You're quite welcome. I am Tock, by the way,” the clockwork girl introduces herself a little late. Priorities in things to discuss, after all. “Those sound lovely, as well.” She eyes her already existing biscuits thoughtfully. “She has offered to let me have a look at her plane, but we simply haven't managed to meet up over it just yet.”

"You are quite welcome, and I'm sure I'll be back by often enough, given the proximity to the Museum." Eden earns one last brilliant smile from the fellow, dimples and all. Thorian's head dips into a small nod at Tock's comments, a bit of laughter spilling from him. "Quite the sight, it is. House boat with a water plane. Quite remarkable, I think." His cup is lifted once more, the last bit of tea drained from it, every last drop savored on the tip of his tongue.

“I have a feeling I may be by regularly, myself. One always needs a good source for tea.” Tock answers Thorian's laughter in kind, that music-box tinkling escaping with it. “It must be the region, that lends itself so well to things aquatic. I have met so many with such proclivities here. I look forward to that all the more... I haven't had as much experience with water planes as other varieties.”

"Then it will be a treat for you to see it, I'm sure." It takes a moment, his cup settled upon the coffee table, everything put in its place, but then Thorian rises, hands smoothing out his vest. There is even a hand held down for Tock, though it is more of a silent question than expectation, an offer of help should she be ready to depart herself. "However, as much as I'd like to spend my afternoon here, there are things to see to. Such as finding a different reason to convince you out for another visit, Tock, given I've now seen those sketches you promised."

Tock replaces her emptied cup and its saucer on the table. “It very much will be, I anticipate.” Tock reaches first for her basket, then for the offered hand to assist her to stand. “I am sure there are enough reasons to be had. The sculpture must be delivered at some point. As should the items I am making when they are complete. I should see more of your museum. And there were promises of lessons in astronomy...” It is rather the list once she gets it started.

There is far too innocent of a look cast towards Tock as his arm wraps about her own, his left hand reaching to pluck up the cane for support. "My. You've put in quite a lot of thought for excuses to come find me, haven't you?" There is playfulness in his voice, and then he turns, guiding the pair out towards the door. It is a brief pause there to offer one last smile, "Thanks again. I'm sure you'll see one or both of us about frequently." And then they are out, onto the streets of Fallcoast.

“Oh, the gears are always turning. It isn't much effort to come up with such things,” Tock teases back, again flashing that playful toothy grin. She lifts a hand in farewell to Eden, as well. “Have a good afternoon!” Yes, afternoon. Then she follows Thorian back through the door to the street.