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An Arrow correspondence (Kinda?)
Dramatis Personae

Shen, Adrian

30 May, 2017




Gonna chase this whiskey with petrol, I gotta a girl in my lap and a jagerbomb. I'm coming in hot you heard me... When one comes into the Cannery this late afternoon, its to be greeted to 'comin' in hot' by hollywood undead, blaring from a tiny, squeaky phone as the young artist/thief/mage known as Shadow to all leans back in his seat, sketching furiously as he seems to be waiting patiently.

Oh look, a Shen. It's not exactly every day that you see someone walking around wearing swords; at least, not unless you're around _here_ at any rate. Ahem. Right. So that's the first thing. He's got a pair of swords strapped on; a traditional katana and wakizashi pair, should one be able to recognize that sort of thing. However, should one be a student of history and that country's culture, one would also recognize that the _way_ he's wearing them is... wrong. Not the kind of wrong that comes from not knowing better, but the kind of wrong that indicates a purposeful difference from the norm, where the state of being incorrect says something all on its own. Traditionally, samurai wore their blades at the hip, curve and edge upwards. Shen? Shen has the shorter half of the daisho worn more or less where it should be, but the katana is almost vertical over his shoulder - the mark of a sellsword, a mercenary, or ronin. Little details, and easily missed unless one knows what to look for. Ahem, but at any rate; at least he _looks_ Japanese. So that's something. All that aside, the young man otherwise carries a somewhat... irritated cast to his expression, and posture, as he pushes his way out of the Arrow offices; brows lowered and knitted, jawline set and pace in a cutting, rapidfire sort of abruptness.

Looking up to see you enter, Adrian blinks as he has a slight guess as to which order your from. "Should of done that last week." Is his first remark in that slightly lyrical voice of his, as he reaches over and turns off his phones music, just staring at you for a moment, before saying in a voice loud enough to hear easily from his place by the wall something that... One probably wouldn't expect. "Can I look at your wakizashi and Katana?"

The first response is a flick of the dark eyes; cut sideways and along the near edge of the periphery to settle in on the other man. That brings with it a slow shifting of his posture, as well - a gradual deceleration before Shen turns to fully face him with an almost imperceptible tilt of his head. It's a curious, and curious sort, of scrutiny; somewhere between him seeming to be trying to decide if he heard right, and perhaps attempting to decipher exactly what it was that he heard. Whatever the case might be, though, there comes a quiet sniff thereafter - almost as if he were scenting the air - before he readjusts that focus entirely on the other fellow. "Mn. Well; on the one hand there's enough waifu lore going around that if these things are drawn they can't be resheathed without drawing blood - on the other hand, I'm not sure if that was a pickup line." The tone is... amused, if nothing else; though dryly so - and while there is an accent, it might not be what one might expect; his voice sounds oddly refined.

Chuckling musically, Adrian shakes his head with a smirk, replying easily "nahh man. I don't wanna fondle your sword, but that katana looks beautiful. And I'm more then familiar with having to do blood work." He still is smirking before he reaches his hand up and points at a fine piece of paper that has an artistic looking writing on it, before saying easily "Names Shadow, and I want to be an arrow... But I've always had a soft spot for swords. /Not/ the innuendo." His pallor is pretty normal, actually. Or rather, if one sees much of the Moros who walk the lands of the dead more often then the living, then you would /possibly/ recognize the dark circles around his eyes and pale cast as chronic nightmares, and the Moros and Mastigo's have more nightmares then most, even if he looks otherwise cheerful as he closes his notebook and slips it into his black cloak as he stands up and stretches momentarily, before tilting his head slightly. "Although, I'm sure if your looking for someone..." he trails off, his tone slightly teasing and... Playful?

That gets a smile; half edged, lopsided but - perhaps - genuine enough. "Naw. Crossing swords is great and all in the right kind of circumstances, but when it comes right down to it... I more prefer a sheathe." Ahem. Yes, there's some innuendo in there; more than a little, perhaps, but it seems good natured enough. As he speaks, however, Shen reaches back and draws the katana - saya and all - from it's resting place on his back; then flicks his thumb against it to clear it from the lock in place; before sliding it out, one handed, and holding it edge up along his forearm - point back. The weapon's material is ... odd, perhaps; dark grey, almost lusterless yet, when the light catches it just so, it seems to sparkle with a myriad of tiny starbursts just beneath the surface. "Look, don't touch."

Standing up smoothly and walking over towards the sword, Adrian laughs his head off even as his eyes go distant, his tone a little distant as he states "So do I. But I mighta known a man or two who would cross swords with you easily enough." Before he stops a couple feet from in front of the sword, pulling a pair of glasses out from his pocket and putting them over his eyes. But the glasses are... Weird. Not overly different, but only /slightly/ different, as he studies the metal of your blade, one of his gloved hands coming up to come close to touching it... but he doesn't, keeping his hand away from it as he stares at it.

"Mn. Wouldn't doubt it - but like I said, not my thing." There's a flick of attention towards the glasses - perhaps picking out that odd quality but, if he recognizes exactly what it is nothing about Shen's expression or posture seems to indicate this. Shaking his head a moment later, though, as if to clear it the Thyrsus' gaze flicks back to the other man - then seems to almost withdraw, as if settling on some point in neutral space as he awaits the completion of the study.

"Beautiful... What is that metal? Wait, there a curse or something on it to make sure I don't touch it?" He asks quickly even as you can see Adrian's eyes widen at the fact that he /knows/ it wouldn't be broken from any mortal means, eyes wide as he looks at that obscene piece of beauty, before he mumbles softly "Ingenious... I can't believe I didn't think of this..." He trails off, eyes roaming along the siderite blade as he seems... pretty well like he is half-way to being in love

"Siderite; perfected iron." Shen offers in response - though it might be noted that the Onikaze's gaze has stopped moving almost entirely; focused, if not fixated, on some point within the near horizon. "Guessing you're pretty new at this - but effectively you take iron and pass it through the gauntlet an ungodly number of times; stripping away all of the parts that make it ... not iron, I suppose. I don't know the ins and outs of it specifically, just that it can be done with all the Watchtower metals - and each one has a different effect when perfected."

Shaking his head, Adrian says quietly "Not... Really. Like, I guess I can figure out how to do that, but its more of I... Don't talk to many mages." He ends with a wince, before tilting his head and remarking quietly "I don't actually know much about the gauntlet or Hisii. My focus is more on the underworld, however... I could figure this out though..." he trails off, staring at the metal and working more and more on the resonance, flickering through spells before making an educated guess... "Its underneath a spell that alters the honed edge of the blade, right? Made sharper? As if it being unbreakable isn't enough... I'm imagining that the iron would of had to be /very/ pure too. Good shit... Who made this for you?" His tone curious even as he realizes his inner, metal working nerd (Almost as great as his artistic streak) is showing and he composes himself

"It does; from what I remember the iron loses about ninety percent of its mass during the process - so if you wanted to make a three pound sword like this, you'd need about thirty pounds of raw iron ore. Add to that the fact that the end result is damn near unbreakable, and you can only shape it _After_ it's been perfected - you need spells to properly make it too, these things can't be forged. Some of the other metals, probably - but not Siderite. However, Siderite probably is best for weapons." Shen offers after a moment; and yes, for the time being, he does maintain the hold on that blade along his arm. "The enhancement was put on after the weapon was built, though; that goes on last. I'm no crafter myself, but it's a fairly complex process - Matter seems to be the standard, but Prime, Spirit, and who knows what else are also useful depending on what you intend the final product to do."

"Death as well. Depends on if you can talk a spirit or ghost into granting it certain effects..." Adrian trails off as he lowers his arms, reaching up to take off the glasses as he whistles thoughtfully, thinking for a couple moments before remarking quietly "It actually... Makes sense. All that metal would burn off and fuse together to make it stronger and better then it was before on a metaphysical level. The enhancement... Probably would of been ruined if put on /before/ the magic used to send it across the gauntlet, due to the fact that the metal would be so changed, and that would effect the entire pattern on a level that would render it a wholly different object from before. And it is still breakable... But you'd need magic to break it, and magic to forge it. I could /probably/ forge it by hand right now... But its your sword. Hmm..." he trails off, his eyes far away now as he works through the variables through his head quickly, before saying slowly "So... Who did the forging of the metal?"

"Mmn. Never heard of Death, though it is possible to bind spirits into things - willing or not. Ghosts... I've never heard of that working out well, and given what I know of the stories it's probably for the best." As the other man withdraws, Shen slides the blade down his forearm one more time then snaps it back into its scabbard, before shifting it to his back again. "Something like that; or it's more of a purification process - getting rid of all of the metal that doesn't make the cut." Pause. Beat. "So to speak; selecting only the best parts of it and losing the dross in the transition. As far as the enhancement, yes; I know enough of that to know that you can't enhance something _before_ it's made - you have to work on the finished product. As far as breaking it? Well, that goes along with the question of who made it; it's been in the family. I think the set is close to six hundred years old." This, with a light drift of his hand to the shorter blade at his side - though the Thyrsus' gaze remains unfocused, almost sightless. "We're not sure who the name of the smith was - just the name of the blades; Minashibo;" That with a gesture to the wakizashi, before he follows up with a tilt of his chin back to the katana "And Mibojin - Orphan, and Widow."

Blinking for a moment, Adrian hesitates... Before saying softly "Those blades... Were probably made by a loved one, then. Someone who lost there father to war, hence why the names 'Orphan'" Gesturing towards the wakizashi, before nodding at the katana and saying quietly "And the name Widow... One for their mother, and one for themself... Six hundred years, you say?" he asks as he tilts his head, before taking a couple steps back and sitting on the table, before asking curiously "Your an Adamantine Arrow, right?"

"Possibly; or it could have been someone who became so absorbed in their work that they never noticed their family was slipping away or was unable to protect them - hence their wife and child were made widow and orphan while he was still alive." Flicking the tip of his tongue out and along the edge of his teeth, Shen seems to drift into thought for a second "Feudal Japan was nothing if not poetic; and most of the Pre-Edo history of my family was... removed. In any event, yes; I am. Not that there seems to be much of an Arrow presence around here to speak of."

Blinking for a moment, Adrian hesitates before saying quietly "Oh... Well, I want to join the Arrows. I know I'm not the... Best at fighting or anything, but I'm sure I could do something amongst them... How small is the arrow presence?" he asks as he tilts his head, before smiling slightly and adding "And as to Death magic... It works on similiar principles as spirit magic, I /think/, but..." he trails off, knowing he can't exactly tell you how it works, but...

"It does, but the resonance is different - and when you're dealing with ephemerals, resonance is key. Also, binding ghosts is almost alwas bad juju. They're not exactly ...;" Pause. "Sane." Shaking his head as if to clear it a moment later, he seems to consider something about the latter before following up with. "Hmn. Well, I've met two others - but both were about as recent arrivals as I am. I've yet to meet the heirarchy. As far as joining the Arrows? I'll tell you this; for an Arrow, violence isn't always the best option - but it's always _an_ option. We're an order that thrives on conflict - and physical conflict is part of that. You'll need to be able to at least hold your own when magic is not an option."

"Hence why I would want training... My skill set isn't exactly in, err... Physical conflict." Tilting his head as he ponders how /best/ to respond upon that, Adrian says slowly "I'm actually a thief, so... While I'm not exactly the /best/ in a scrap... I have a little skill, but I'm better at stealing crap and the like, which requires a pretty decent physique so I figure that I would be able to actually, you know... Learn how to be a decent fighter?"

"Mmn. That's always good, yes." The response comes with a fractional nod in his general direction - and after a moment Shen continues. "But more importantly than that is learning how to be adaptable. People on the outside look at the Arrow as a martial order, because martial skill is the most obvious representation of our philosophy; but the truth of it is that an Arrow does not favor one technique over another; as I said, violence is _an_ answer, but it may not necessarily be _the_ answer. Sometimes we take the easy route because it's most straightforward - often times, we take the harder option because it _is_ harder, and we thrive best in adversity, we learn most when we are outside of our own comfort zone. Like anything else, conflict - be it physical, mental, social, or within ourselves. We're not an Order who focuses on easy answers - and if an answer _is_ easy, we do our best to find a harder one."

Nodding quietly, Adrian works that through his head for a couple moments, before saying quietly "Even knowing that, my wishes aren't changed. I wish to be an Adamantine Arrow, and I've lived with hardship and adversity for years. Not to belittle your statements, but I still think the best way I can help people is through the Arrows... So how do I join?" he asks as he tilts his head, staring at you quietly and with a slightly dead look in his eyes. Oh, he knows he is going to die. he also knows it will be sooner rather then later, most likely. But he isn't afraid to die so long as there is a reason for his demise.

"It is not a simple matter of signing the paperwork; you will have to be trained, then you will have to be tested - ours are probably the most rigorous criteria of any order save, perhaps, the Guardians; and none but the Guardians really know what they require. I can say that ours are the most universal - you do not need to be good at one thing, you need to be good at everything. Past that, we will need to find a ranking member of the Order in the area to put forth your petition." One more, the Thyrsus seems to pause, and then he turns - seeming to both focus and not focus on the other man for a moment. "I do have one more question, though; what is the most important thing a warrior has? What, above all else, is absolutely necessary?"

About to state something, Adrian is... Momentarily thrown off by the question, but only for an instant, before remarking "I suppose it depends on what that warrior stands for. Adaptability could be one such thing, or versatility. Brains, courage, the strength of will to carry on. But the single most important thing a warrior has?..." he trails off, his eyes going far away... Before he says softly "The most important thing a warrior has is something to live and fight for. It can be a person, an ideal, or simply stubbornness. But he /must/ have a reason to fight when all is dark. Otherwise?... he is lost."

"Scientists have adapatbility. Tyrants have strength. Pacifists have causes - and they hold to them just as strongly as any soldier." Shen returns; but for all his denial the Onikaze does not call any of those answers _wrong_. Rather, he seems to encompass them in his own. "These things are important, but they are only components to the whole; the most important thing for a warrior to have is the trust of those they fight for." He pauses there for a moment or two before following up with. "A warrior fights for those who could not fight for themselves - be it in the battlefield or in the arena of politics. These people have to be assured that the warrior has their best interests in mind, not his own. They have to believe that even if the warrior is not one of them - and he may well be of a different nation, religion, or creed - that he still fights for their cause as strongly as he would his own. They have to be assured that the warrior can be strong, yet would not turn that strength against them. Just something to think about while we figure out who you need to talk to."

Nodding quietly, Adrian stays sitting on his table as he tilts his head, thinking for several moments as he ponders your words. He doesn't remark on them, instead he just sits there, patiently, even as he tilts his head and studies you for several long moments, frowning only slightly now.