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Afternoon Drinks and Conversation
Dramatis Personae

Bjorn, Dani, and Mira, Dani's Hedge Beast, Jorgee, is also present

March 9th, 2021

Mira crosses paths again with Dani at The Salty Seaman in Moosetown and the pair are joined by Bjorn shortly there after. The trio have a pleasant conversation over craft beers.


The Salty Seaman in Moosetown

Late-afternoon finds Dani at the Salty Sailor. She is sitting at the bar (alone maybe?), not talking to any of the other patrons and with at least one empty stool between her and them. She is looking at a bright blue flip phone from which she is reading something with a bowl of deep fried fiddleheads in front of her with a brown bottle of a locally produced craft beer next to it. She is wearing a black leather jacket with buckles rather than a zipper and a trapazoidal panel attached to only one side of the jacket currently, a black t-shirt with an ice cream cone upon which are stacked white cats like scoops of vanilla ice cream and a denim skirt made from dark blue jeans which were split up the inner seam and enhanced with large panels of paler blue jeans.

Mira comes in and peels out of what looks like a heavy military surplus jacket. It gets folded over one arm. For a moment she fixes her hair and smooths out her clothes then looks around more. The bar seems good so she walks towards ... stop ... back up ... is that a flip phone? They still exist?

Yes, says the Narrator, flip phones still exist and they are sold to the elderly, the technologically challenged and those who have an anachronistic point of view for whatever reason.

Dani, due to some combination of perceptiveness or paranoia, notices that she's attracted the attention of the newly arrived woman - likely due to the mirror behind the bar of course. She turns the stool ninety degrees and then her head the rest of the way to face Mira to whom she nods to acknowledge the look and turns back to the bar while taking one of the salted and fried fiddleheads from the bowl to her mouth.

Mira stares on at the ... uh oh. Her face turns a hint of pink when she gets caught looking rather impolitely. "I like your ear rings," she finally manages to come up with.

Dani idly waves Mira over to the stool next to the one she's occupying that has another empty one before the next patron. With a smile that Mira can see on her face in the mirror, Dani says, "Thank you, come on and join me if you'd like?"

Mira suddenly realizes she has met you. Maybe the phone distracted her. With a grin and slides into the seat you indicate. "Thanks. Fancy meeting you here. I, um, got a little lost so I stopped in." A laugh. "Despite the name."

"I can understand that, it is a literal dive after all," Dani says, amazingly not getting any glares from the other patrons, not even from the bartender. She and Mira are sitting at the bar, Dani has a bottle of a local craft beer and a bowl of fried and salted fiddleheads in front of her on the bar top.

Dani, having been holding her phone up to now, snaps it shut - with that oh so satisfying pop that well articulated flip phones make when closing - and slips it into the back right pocket of her jeans-skirt; with that motion her hand passes over the sheathed knife worn on her hip. She then asks Mira, "So, you're a friend of my cousin's I know... as well as another incidental and - I guess we'll agree to call it minor - fact about you..." She pauses for a moment (while concealed in her hair behind one of her ears her hedge beast companion Jorgee whispers to her "Mira is her name.") before saying, "It was Mira, right?"

Mira smiles back as Dani gets her name right. "Yep. That's me. Just got into town and I'm famous already," she says with a laugh. "So," she asks as she settles into the chair she just sat down in. "Do I dare to ask what is good here?"

Bjorn walks into this hole in the wall dive type place having been texted by Dani about it. He walks up behind her wrapping his arms around Dani and kissing her cheek softly. " Hey Beautiful You weren't kidding were ya?" He looks to the tender. "Hey bar keep whatever she's having ill take one please." Than he turn to Mira. "Hey hows it goin?"

Mira opens her mouth to warn Dani about the attack. Alas, to late. She grins a little as the two greet and laughs. "Hi. It's going OK. Settling in. Slowly. How're you?"

Dani pushes her bowl of fiddleheads closer to Mira. "I like the bar snacks," she says before lifting the bottle and saying, "Also this local craft beer is good." She looked to be just about to take a sip when the arms wrap around her and the motion of the bottle towards her lips is interrupted by the kiss on her cheek. She indicates that that a third bottle should be brought for Mira also.

Bjorn nods his head. "Bar snacks can be good if you like what a place serves." He smiles before looking back to Mira. "I can't complain I too am settling in to this place relatively well. I need to just finish the permits and paperwork to get my bar open soon."

"They have good fiddleheads here," Dani says and indicates an empty stool on the other side of her from Mira for Bjorn - sure it'll put him elbow to elbow with another patron but he's not got anything to worry about right? "Asger's been letting you stay at the lighthouse, right?" she asks Mira as the barkeep brings the two new bottles of beer. Before he departs she asks, "Another bowl please?" indicating the local "delicacy".

Mira leans in towards the bar snack and takes in a breath to smell them. "Hm." She seems indecisive but grins when the bottle arrives and takes a sip. "Thanks. Yeah he has. My folks old place is for sale. It's, uh, in bad enough shape I think I can probably afford it. Maybe start slowly fixing it up."

Bjorn takes the beer and sits on the stool opposite Dani. "Hmmm.." He says taking a sip and rather goofily lip smacking like someone over acting tasting something on TV. "It's not bad. Though I think I'll keep away from bar snacks at this time."

At the mention of the acquisition of a family home, Dani's expression shows a hint of jealousy that she quickly suppresses behind a smile. "That sounds lovely, Mira," she says to the other woman and then, addressing Bjorn, she says, "Not as good as mine I guess," and then takes a drink of her beer.

Mira catches the look. You think. Being a relative stranger she doesn't pry. "Your own? You make beer?"

Bjorn takes another sip and grins at Dani. "I'll have to try yours than." He teases. "My family made mead I have the recipe I just have to learn how to make it."

Dani shakes her head to Mira, laughing softly at the thought. "Oh no, I'm not a brewer, Mira, I'm a cook," Dani says. Picking up a fiddlehead she nods to the vegetable foodstuff as she explains, "I make mine like my Dinana taught me," the 'name' obviously being a combination of Di and nana rather than a slip of the tongue on the name Diana. Changing subjects back to a previous one, Dani asks Mira, "Do you have any experience as a contractor or will you be having Asger help you out with the work on the house if you can purchase it?"

Mira nods her head, getting the correction. Dani is offered a soft smile. "Oh? You make mead and you cook? Sounds like a party in the making." It is said with a soft laugh. "I, uh ... well no. I mean there's YouTube." You each get a sheepish sort of grin. "Right?"

Bjorn shrugs. "I don't know, does YouTube do tutorials for life stuff like that a lot now?" He asks a tad confused. "Maybe I've been away from it too long. Oh yes Dani here is an amazeballs cook, I'm not quite into making mead yet I need to learn how but a like 2000 year old family recipe can't hurt right?"

"You never told me you knew how to make mead, Bjorn," Dani says in a completely non-accusingly fashion before adding, "Asger will likely be interested in knowing that." And then, addressing Mira, she says, "Yeah, I've heard of YouTube, there's a lot of music on it I understand," sounding almost like she's talking about something alien to her and unsure about discussing.

Mira glances between the two of you. "Uh ... yeah. Yeah you can find all sorts of stuff on YouTube. Tutorials for just about anything. Of course just because people post there doesn't mean they really know what they're doing so you have to be careful. Maybe sometime you can show me around the kitchen? I'm ... Ok at cooking. Not great. Not as good as I'd like to be."

Bjorn shakes his head. "I'll be making mead once I figure out how." He says again with a laugh. "Really last I knew of YouTube it was all like music and video game tutorials and walk throughs and people filming themselves doing the dumb." He takes a drink and thinks to himself a bit. "ll have to check it out."

"So like most guys on the beach during the summer?" Dani asks with a chuckle quickly saying, "Music and doing the dumb that is, also there were games... volleyball and such..." and as she's about to take a drink she exclaims, "Frisbees, did they..." and she stops herself with a glance at Mira and then shakes her head and looks to Bjorn, as if begging him to cover for her.

Mira is sipping her drink then the comment catches her off guard and she laughs. It turns into a choking sort of thing but she manages to keep from spitting on you two. "Doing the dumb," she says as she dabs herself off with a napkin. "Yeah there's a lot of dumb. Even as dumb as a guy when he sees boobs," she says wi th a smirk towards Dani.

Mira is sipping her drink then the comment catches her off guard and she laughs. It turns into a choking sort of thing but she manages to keep from spitting on you two. "Doing the dumb," she says as she dabs herself off with a napkin. "Yeah there's a lot of dumb. Even as dumb as a guy when he sees boobs," she says with a smirk towards Dani.

Bjorn laughs. "Yes Dani they remembered to bring the Frisbee in when the kids on the island were done with it." He says and almost spit takes at Mira's statement about a guy doing the dumb when he sees boobs. "Hey now I have never done the dumb from seeing boobs."

Dani smiles at Bjorn and nods, giving him a thankful expression after laughing at Mira's comment about guys and the mind-numbing effect of boob sighting. She then says, "Sure, Bjorn. I'll believe it when I see it," which gives an insight into the level of intimacy in their relationship to Mira.

"Since you're not a hidden contractor, Mira, what are your hobbies and interests?" Dani asks the other woman.

Mira hides her laugh behind her bottle. Sort of. Her head nods along when Dani humors Bjorn. "Mm hmm." She tries to stifle a giggle. "Well ... I said cooking is an interest." There is a pause for laugher. "I'm just not very good at it. "I'm looking for work. As a nurse. So if you know anyone ... "

Bjorn shakes his head. "Hey now just because it's only been clothed I've been around and seen your boobs and still not done the dumb... yet." He adds after a pause with a laugh at himself.

Dani gives Mira a knowing look, calling on the support of a member of the universal sisterhood, before looking at Bjorn to say, "You know that clothing shields a man's mind from the effect... or you are playing dumb right now," with a knowing wink that is followed by a sip of beer.

Mira nods back and winks at Dani. A gesture she's not shy about letting Bjorn see. He's out numbered! "So, um, I've been trying to see if, er, family owns any medical offices in town. Doesn't seem like it."

Bjorn shakes his head laughing taking another drink. "I know no such thing. But if you say it does I'll have to test the theory eventually." He teases back and puts an arm around her. "No fair tag teaming me."

Dani laughs at Bjorn's comment but doesn't comment on it. What she does comment on is Mira's question by saying, "Sonja's a veterinarian so... sort of?"

Mira wiggles her eyebrows. "Of course it's fair. When it's us going in. When you're tag teaming one of us it's 'picking on' us." She smiles then takes another drink. "Hm. Vet is a different skill ... sort of?"

Bjorn laughs taking a long drink. "I still say its no fair to tag team me, I'll get the two of ya back for this, you mark my words." He says with a laugh to show his teasing and being playful.

"I guess it depends on what you need medical help with, stitches are stitches no matter what mammal's flesh you are sewing up right?" Dani pauses a moment and says, "I do think that it's different then what I'd do stitching fabric though," in observation, still not bothering to further comment on Bjorn's comment beyond a playful jab of her elbow into the man's ribs.

Mira smirks at the two of you. "Well yes. I guess there is some cross over. But the medicine is different. I'll keep looking. Probably just get a job at a, er, normal hospital. Then once I've got a job I can apply for a loan to get that house."

Bjorn oofs over dramatically for playfulness's sake. "Hey what'd I do? Why you beating me up Dani?" He asks laughing before turning to Mira he taps his chin for a moment in thought. "I mean I don't know tranquilizers and pain meds can be universal in a way yes?"

Dani nods to Mira and says, "Good luck with the job hunt," before saying, "Now that's right and quite supportive, Bjorn," to her boyfriend.