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A Steward and a Party Planner

"It feels like it's been forever since I got my hands on some lemonade. Funny th'things you forget. Oh! I'm Lumina, forgive my blatherin' on."

Dramatis Personae

Lumina & Violet

October 17th, 2016

Violet and Lumina meet for the first time


Lobby of Albergo Gancia

Violet had not been feeling well, and left Movie Night early before the second movie finished. She attempted sleep in her room but ended up getting up in the middle of the night, wandering the halls back and forth. She was trying to tire herself for bed again. However, in the late night she ventures, she finds the place more eerie than eccentric. Violet is still in her bathrobe and her bi toned hair is braided around her head.

Movie night finished, and the few who lingered shoo'd out. Lumina is efficient, and since others have more pressing duties, she's tidying up the snack table, wiping over surfaces, and sipping one of the drinks. The flash of her thigh from the split in her skirt, the quiet click clicking of her heels on the tiling. "Oh. Good evening." Lumina greets politely, a small smile on her lips.

Violet blushes as she had made it down to the theater doors without noticing. "Oh.. Good evening.. morning." She rubs her cheek. She wasn't sure what time it was. "I should help clean up.. but I have no energy right now." Appears to be a guest, but has some knowledge on how things are run. "I'm sorry I left a mess." She apologizes to Lumina.

"Evenin'." Lumina replies warmly, an Australian accent on her tongue, one that has her swallowing letters and syllables. "Oh it's no bother." She forgives placidly, waving a hand lightly, "I'm quite enjoyin' sneakin' a touch extra, y'know?" She lifts her glass indicatively before sipping, "It feels like it's been forever since I got my hands on some lemonade. Funny th'things you forget. Oh! I'm Lumina, forgive my blatherin' on."

Violet tilts her head at the way she talks beyond the accent. "Nice to meet you Lumina. I'm Violet. I do really enjoy lemonade.. some Lavender Lemonade is delicious." She muses. She yawns and stifles it by covering her mouth.

"Would y'like a warm milk?" Lumina offers lightly, enquiringly, "A warmed up bit of chocolate milk always dropped me right off when I couldn't sleep." She offers, setting down another item on the trolley that she's using to make the relocation of the leftovers easier. "T'help you rest?"

Violet wrinkles her nose at the idea. "If it's soy milk?" She smiles a bit and that upper row with the gapped tooth is visable. She nods. "I think I am under a lot of stress lately." Her sleep deprived brain is slow to put things together. "You work here? I don't think we've met before."

"I'm a little new." Lumina replies mildly, with a small smile, "Spendin' lots of time learnin' about how the place runs." She explains, taking the trolley to take it down to the kitchen, "I'll be back in a jiffy, with y'soy milk, and chocolate in it? Or would y'just like the milk?"

Violet shakes her head. "You don't need to go to the trouble." However, chocolate sounds great because she has a sweet tooth. She is without her makeup at this late hour so Violet's freckles on her cheeks are very apparent. "I'd hate to put you out. I have been working here for a few months now."

"Oh? Lovely t'meet you! I haven't yet managed to meet everyone." Lumina replies with a small smile, dipping her head in a light nod, and then heading down to the kitchens. Some few minutes later, she returns with a lidded ceramic cup in one gloved hand, and a saucer held beneath. "Here y'are. Mind y'self though, it's quite warm." She put actual bits of chocolate in when heating the milk, dark chocolate, so while it's sweet, it is not unduly sugary.

Violet smiles and that adorable gapped tooth is ever present. "Aw thank you. I have been burying myself in work. I don't really get to meet everyone. It's a pleasure to meet you." She takes the cup and saucer very carefully. "This was very kind thank you." Though tired her charms are still sunny. She blows on it, to afraid of it being hot to sip.

That is a prudent thing, especially since Lumina warned about the temperature. She steps behind the desk, her 'office' so to speak, tidying and tallying up the days numbers, as necessary, as the day is done is the best time for such things to be done. "Have y'met Jimena? probably not, as she's a night maid. She's awful sweet, if a little um, odd."

Violet ponders on that. "Maybe.. In passing.. she's a bit ...rough around the edges?" She is trying to recall and finds a place to sit to chat. "I find we are all a bit odd to be working here, it's part of the charm of the place."

"I'm perfectly normal." Lumina replies, sticking her tongue out at the other playfully, before laughing softly. "doesn't really matter much, so long as folks are happy." She adds, giving a small smile, "She is a little bit, but, a sweetie."

Violet sticks her tongue out right back and giggles. "That's perfectly fine." She nods at the thought. "I like when people are happy, it's what I enjoy about my job the most. Seemed like everyone had fun this evening. SO mission accomplished on that."

"Mission very much accomplished." Lumina replies with a smile, "I'm not so great with th'crowds of folks, but I like t'keep track of things, and know that they're all in their proper place, doing the things they should." She adds, giving a smile. "So organisin' things, and bein' a pretty face for folks to see when they rock up? Sounds about perfect for me. How often do you like t'hold these things?"

"You're welcome. And it is nice, t'get to know one another without the pressure of y'know, clients." She admits with a grin, "Where I don't have someone breathin' down my neck, makin' me breathe down yours, and everyone gettin' testy despite tryin' our best not to."

Violet peeks down the hallway in the lobby. She nods. "Yeah.. cilents can be quite demanding." She nods again, she is starting to look sleepy again. "So how much do you know about the history of the hotel?" She inquires.

"History? Not much at all I'm afraid, my head's full of local providers of produce, up and coming restaurants and chefs both here, and across America, at the moment." She replies lightly, tilting her head enquiringly "What's the history?"

Violet shrugs a little. "I am unsure about the history of the hotel. But I intend to find out eventually. It was a pleasure meeting you Lumina." She Nods. "thank you for the hot coco. You have a good rest of your evening." And she takes her coco with her back to her room.