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A Quartet of Wagners Having Lunch at Bifrost

Hunger is not always Tapeworms

Dramatis Personae

Asger, Dani and her hedge beast companion (Jorgee, Kirsikka, and Sonja

March 25th, 2021

Sonja, Kirsikka and Dani are having lunch together, Asger joins them as they are discussing things over the meal.


The bar at Bifrost in the Marina area between Fallcoast and Hanging Hills

So, a blonde walks into the bar, probably not a sight to bat at. At least, until she places her order "A tuna salad please! Lots of Tuna... you can even leave out the salad bit, if you want!"

"Are you sure you want the tuna?" Sonja inquires as she slips into the bar behind the Nordic lawyer. "I suppose it's not going to leap off of the plate at you." Though she is smiling as she slips an arm around the tall woman with a quick half hug to imply she's teasing. Letting go, she adds, "I'll have a lager and... the salmon sandwich."

Dani enters the bar of the Bifrost wearing what looks to be a pair of her denim skirts in greens - dark forest and pale mint - with her boots and jacket brown instead of their normal black. Her knife is worn at her left hip on a belt threaded though the loops of the skirt while a pale yellow, braided leather rope belt with dangling tassels is looped jauntily about her hips. She is smiling, as she is wont to do, even before she sees her relatives but then joyfully greets them by name, "Kirsikka! Sonja!" and asks the pair, "How are you two doing this fine Spring morning?" as she approaches them at the bar itself.

Kirsikka grins "Fairly good! Although I think Sonja won't let me forget that run-in." she grins "And I'd love to see it leap up, straight into my mouth. Would save on cutlery."

Sonja laughs, glancing back to Dani as she arrives. "I mean.. how often do you swim with the fishes?" She casts a wink at Kirsikka then reaches out to accept her beer from the bartender. "Shall we grab a table?" It's then that she gives Dani a once over, "You're looking festive? Going all in with the season?"

"I am, yes!" Dani exclaims and, very obviously joking, adds, "Thank you for noticing." She also nods to the suggestion of getting a table and, addressing the barkeep, says, "I'd like to have two lobster rolls, a platter of fries, a bowl of fiddleheads and an IBC Cream Soda please. I'll fetch it myself if it helps you and the staff," before following the other two members of the Wagner clan to a table.

Kirsikka looks over towards Dani "Are you eating that all yourself?" she teases with a grin, Kir's own outfit being rather green. But, of course, it is Kir so she might just have picked that colour at random "And.... sometimes. I swim with the otters more often."

"Otters.. of course." Sonja replies with a grin and an eyeroll as she heads for a table out of the way and puts her back to the wall. Paranoid much? "She just has a tapeworm. That's all. Unless..." As she slides into her chair, she gives Dani the once over. "there's something you're wanting to tell us?"

She doesn't seem to understand the implication at first. Dani's initial response is, "I'm just hungry is all," and then she blushes as Jorgee can be heard softly saying, "She's suggesting you might be pregnant," to the Beast and then, speaking from within Dani's hair a bit louder, enough so that Kirsikka and Sonja can hear him more clearly, "Casting her as the second coming of Mary are you, Wagner?" using the family name for Sonja as if it were a title.

Kirsikka shrugs "So, a tapeworm." she claims with a nod "And yes, otters." she agrees, completely straight-faced "They are great swimmers."

"Oh hush you. It's not like I voyeur her bedroom activities like you do." Sonja rebuts the diminutive commentarian. "She's perfectly capable of deciding such things for herself." Lifting her glass to take a sip, she adds, "Now if I turn up pregnant.. well.. it will either be a time to worry or a time not to and you'll know immediately which is which." There's a sage nod offered at that. "Who said they weren't? Maybe we should all go swimming sometime. I can buy the wetsuits if needed." They aren't that expensive after all.

"Not that there's anything to voyeur over," Dani and Jorgee say almost perfectly in sync. "I don't have a tapeworm," she adds with a humorously defensive tone before asking Sonja, "Unless you think I might have caught a spirit tape worm from the spirit tuna?" with a hint of seriousness to the question as she is decidedly not an expert on spirits and things related to them... that's the mage's area of expertise she assumes.

Kirsikka raises an eyebrow before nodding "Good. We should maybe go swimming." she agrees, smiling towards Dani "So, spirit tapeworms."

Sonja just shakes her head, "No, you don't have a spirit tapeworm. I'd know." Point of fact, she stares at Dani a moment.. then Kirsikka.. as if to 'just be sure'. Then laughs. "It's getting warm again. Once the lakes thaw I'd say we're good for it. Maybe a few more weeks. Unless you were interested in a polar plunge? Is that what they call it here?"

"The cold doesn't have to bother me so I'm up for it," Dani says as the bartender calls out to her. "I'll be right back," she says as she gets up and heads to the bar. She returns with a tray on which is her order along with a frosted mug that she pours her soda into after sitting down and opening the bottle. "Are there actually spirit tapeworms, Sonja?" she asks returning to the current topic of conversation.

Kirsikka blinks as she looks at the mountain, and then at her on plate of Tuna "I mean, it doesn't sound that bad, the polar plunge."

"I think the better way to ask that is.. are there spiritual parasites. Or spirits that are parasites." Sonja clarifies wanly as she glances to the counter where her tray is waiting. When she comes back, she picks up her healthy salmon sandwich with leafy greens. "The answer to that is yes absolutely. They don't even really have to be parasites. Spirits.. are constantly trying to reshape our world in their image. It's how they gain more power."

"Sounds like they fall into the same category as the Kindly Ones," Dani says obliquely referring to the Fae.

Kirsikka shrugs at that "No idea." she admits, tilting her head "Maybe she is jst feeding a cat instead?"

"I.. don't know who those are." Sonja offers in reply with a slight tilt of her head as she looks at Dani. "Spirits.. well.. if there's something tangible in the world that could possibly have an emotional connection to someone or something or.. simply just a concept of metaphysical weight? There's a spirit to reflect it."

A trio of Wagner women are sitting at a table together. Dani has a lot of food - two lobster rolls (not huge sandwiches though let's admit), fries and fiddleheads - along with a still frosty mug of cream soda and a not-quite-empty bottle of the same and the other two have food and/or drinks with them as well. The trio are discussing something quietly among themselves.

"The Others," Dani says, again being oblique in her reference of the True Fae. "They are decidedly not of this world so thankfully sounds like they wouldn't have spirits with them but... maybe you'd consider them spirits?" she explains and asks.

Asger was fixing something in the back rooms and he comes to the bar and see's the Wagner women. He gets a mug of beer and walks over to them and nods to Sonja. "So how is Jorgee, little sister?" He says to Dani. "I don't think He would like Sonja's ravens."

Kirsikka leans towards Asger, before raising an eyebrow towards Sonja as she is referred to as 'little sister'

"I suppose they could be but somehow I'm thinking not." Sonja muses out loud. "Maybe we could talk sometime. Frankly. About.. our prior discussion. I don't want to get you into trouble with anyone." Ahh such sweet ambiguity. She looks to Kirsikka in reply and shrugs, a palm to Asger before she sets back into her sandwich. "The ravens do as Odin demands. I've no power over them.. yet." A coy look is offered.

"Trouble, yeah." Dani laughs softly at that and eats a couple of the fried fiddleheads before saying anything else. "Hey Asger, Jorgee's fine and no, he and ravens don't always get along. I rescued him from some hob-ravens when he and I met." She nods to Kirs acknowledging that 'little sister' is her, and she smiles showing she doesn't mind the nickname. "You mean the one we had when I found out that you don't like pink so much, Sonja?" she asks.

"Careful Sonja, Muninn and Huginn are Odin's familiars, would hate to see you lose an eye and gain a beard." Asger says teasingly. He then sits down at the table and looks to Dani. "So little sister, what do you think of the shadow?" He asks curiously as he sips his beer. "It isn't for the faint of heart. I wager it is a lot like your hedge." He says with a smirk.

Kirsikka blinks "What is wrong with pink?" she asks "I have a few clothes in that colour." which... might be precisely what is wrong with it "And.. Sonja could look interesting with a beard, I admit."

"Yeah. That." Sonja does not pink. Yuck. Wait, beard? Asger gets a look. A faint narrowing of her gaze. "You can be fixed." She quips with a wag of her finger before she sets into her sandwich. In lieu of fixing people. Hrm.

"So, does Spring arriving cause anything special for you guys?" Dani asks her relatives. "I mean other than the obvious... shows and flowers and the like."

Kirsikka shakes her head "Not really."