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A Nightmarish Marriage - Cornered!

Part of A Nightmarish Marriage

Dramatis Personae

Ashley, Kharn, Viktor - ST

23 January, 2016

Ashley runs into her old acquaintance


Fallcoast, a Gun-Range

This afternoon, Ashley walks out of a local city firing gun range. It's one of the more well known establishments to get some practice in and it's also a frequent hang out for members of the local PD. It's a place, she felt safe enough to walk out of after calling a cab and seeing the driver pull up.

She flags him down with a wave of her hand as she moves outside again, pulling on her white gloves. It's still bitter cold and the streets are an icey slush. She opens the back seat of the cab and climbs in, to rattle off an address she wants to go to.

> Viktor to Ashley <==================================================

Rolled 6 Successes for an exceptional success. < 3 4 6 7 8 8 9 10 10 10 >

=================================================> 4 + 3 [No Flags] <

> Ashley to Here <====================================================

Rolled 2 Successes < 4 5 8 10 >

===============================================> Resolve [No Flags] <

The cab driver gives a brief grunt and starts to fiddle with his electronics, turning the radio down for starters, and turning the meter on. And that is when she feels it, a rush of recognition of sorts, of the Feeling that other man gave off, perhaps even his smell in the cab? Fear mingling with suspicion in her mind causes a chill to run down her back. "Self-defense or sports enthusiast then?" the cab driver asks in a hoarse but seemingly friendly voice as he waits for an opening in trafic so he can pull out.

Ashley was about to open up her purse and pull out some bills to pay him, but then that horrible sense of dread comes over her in waves. She looks up into his rearview mirror and gets a good look at his face. "You again!" And his question at first doesn't go answered, because she's quickly sliding toward the seat and the cabbie door to get the hell out fast!

The man in the front seat just looks bewildered, confused, then turns to watch as Ashley gets out of the car in such a rush. "Wha?" he asks, pausing, his mouth hanging open, then with a shrug he begins to unbuckle his belt "Crazy bitch." he mutters under his voice, starting to get out of the car.

Ashley leaves the back door of the cab open as she swings her feet out onto the slushy snow. She steps into a puddle near the curb, and her boots splash in it. In such rush to get away from this guy she nearly slips but catches her footing along the icey sidewalk when she steps up. Her purse hung loose to her side in a grip, it appears she aims to run.

The driver, while he does move to get around the car, seems to be in no rush, not even when Ashley sets off does he speed up. Then he's at the back door of the car, closes it with a thump and begins to move back to the front, not even looking at the fleeing woman, instead just shaking his head.

Ashley isn't looking back behind her but makes a dead run to rush back inside of the shooting range. The front door is pulled open and she slips back inside, as her pulse begins to nearly make her feel like she's having a heart attack. And once in, she will place a call to Kharn on her cell phone.

> Ashley to Here <====================================================

Rolled 4 Successes < 2 2 3 4 6 9 10 10 10 >

==================================> Wits + Composure - 1 [No Flags] <

Through the small window of the door she sees the cabbie get back in her car, calmly, and begin to pull out. From this distance it seems clearer that it wasn't the man, somehow. And that's when she spots Him, coming from another part of the sidewalk, just walking towards her. Staring right at her, his left hand raised in a little wave, his grin split into a wide, twisted, grin, showing off rows of slightly yellowed teeth. He's at most two yards away.

Kharn had just been visitng Evelyn's shop, dropping off some cured hide for her to use in some leatherworking when his phone rings. He's still the type to take out his phone and have to look at buttons to figure out how to answer it. "Hello?" He says in a too loud voice.

Ashley moves to the gun range door and looks around for a locking device on it. And when Kharn answers on the phone she starts to talk quickly, "He's here. I'm at the shooting range and he's staring at me outside the window. And... I think the creeper is jumping bodies." She gives him the address of the location.

Not just staring though, but moving, and locking the door, while probably possible, isn't easy to do fast enough for someone just a yard away from it. The handle gets grabbed, the door pulled open. "Why hi there." the man says, reaching up to tip his blue and white cap at Ashley, grinning widely "Who would have thought to meet you here." and with that he reaches for her.

Ashley tries to shove the door back at him as they enter into a tug of war. It's much easier to open then close, and then when he reaches for her she gets angry. "What -IS- your damage?!!! Why don't you go bugger off and go bother someone else your size. I don't want your bloody mary, and I don't want your note, or your attention. Go back where you came from." The phone is lost in her purse when she has to badger the door now. Both hands needed. And if she needs to push him? She does!

GAME: Kharn spends 1 Essence

GAME: Kharn shifts into Urhan form.

> Ashley to Here <====================================================

Rolled 1 Success < 2 4 5 8 >

======================================> Strength + Brawl [No Flags] <

Kharn doesn't hang up the phone and he growls. The moon is full, Luna's glory coursing through his veins and giving him the ability to jump and shift in one action. He begins to sprint, but realizes he will take too long to get there. So he enacts one of Father Wolf's gifts and begins to sprint even faster, dodging between people as he makes his way across town.

> Viktor to Here <====================================================

Rolled 2 Successes < 2 6 6 6 7 8 8 >

=====================================================> 7 [No Flags] <

The shoving, the tugging of the door, does slow the man down for a few moments, but not much longer than that. The door gets opened, the man moves inside, grabbing her arm, his grin wider now than before. "I don't have a bloody marry this time, so don't you worry little cutie." he says in a coarse voice.

Meanwhile Kuthgurim, on all fours, running along the sidewalk, is learning new swearwords all throughout; people curse, grunt, one man even tried kicking at him but was nowhere near fast enough. The forest of feet keeps getting in the way, slowing him down, the number of people out and about is too high for being able to just run, but the other side of the coin is the cars; no feet, more space, but the risk of causing an accident, or being hit by one as right here, right now, the trafic seems to be flowing at a decent pace.

Ashley does not like being grabbed and it shows. Her skin flushes red and she gets all ruffled, more angry than afraid right now. "Get your hands off of me. Do you realize how many police officers are downstairs right now? You want to talk to me? Fine. Then do so, but get your paws off of me." She shakes her arm back, wanting to tug free.

Kuthgurim was dodging people at first, but at some point that's slowing him down too much and he begins to shoulder people out of his way a little bit at the cost of a little speed. He slows at an intersection and growls at the pace he isn't able to keep. Instead, he turns on the speed and gets behind a taxi that's turning in the direction he's going. After slowing long enough to get the timing right, he sprints ahead of the taxi and begins to run down the centerline at a speed that is probably alarming to anyone who sees it.

GAME: Kuthgurim spends 1 Essence with reason: Clarity

GAME: Kuthgurim spends 1 Willpower with reason: Bad at athleticism

> Kuthgurim to Here <=================================================

Rolled 1 Success < 2 3 5 7 8 >

==================================> Wits + Athletics + 3 [No Flags] <

The grin grows wider, almost feral, at the hand surprisingly loosens from her arm. With a chuckle he moves forward, slowly, so the door can close behind him. "Why of course, whatever you say. I would love to tAlk." the last words sounds a little disjointed, distorted almost. "How is work?"

As for the wolf in transit he actually manages to overturn a man rather abruptly, though if he noticed is questionable. And then he's out in trafic, dodging vehicles, quite apptly in fact, and his pace is higher, much higher. Behind him, far behind him, cars honk and people shout in surprise. And that is, when out of nowhere, a truck turns towards him, from his left, out of nowhere.

Ashley looks up at the man in front of her known as Daniel Kenth. Everything is deceiving, and when she saw the cab driver out on the curb change, there's a moment there she's almost afraid she hallucinated. But then this guy lets go of her arm, and she takes a step back as he comes in and closes the door behind him. "Work." She nods to him, seeming to want to stall and of course buy up some precious time here. One thing she -is- good at is talking. And so she straightens out her winter coat, as if to unfurl it from being tugged. "That's much better. And much more civil, don't you think?" His body language abhors her, but then she forces that smile back on her face that is well practiced, and one her Grandmother would be proud of. "I've actually quit my most recent job. I no longer dance in public clubs. And you? Are you still driving your truck, or have you been thinking about doing something else entirely lately?" Like scaring girls out of their bleeding minds!

The wolf actually snarls as he overturns the man and the cars honking get nothing from him. His eyes are focused far down the road, trying to see how far he has to go. The truck turns from the oncoming traffic to try and beat the big mass of cars. In an instant, the wolf's instincts kick in and he turns with it, pushing even a little harder to try and beat the truck's turn and cut in front of him. It's almost too late and he cuts left in front of the truck. A growl emanates from his chest and he begins to ramp up his speed to a full sprint again.

"Trrucks." the man drawls, slowly, the word sounds odd and seems to be odd to him as well. "Yes. Trucks. Still." he finally says, his yellow teeth being prominently as he speaks with that wide grin still on his face. "And you don't dance." he grunts softly, only half a shade away from a growl "Too bad. You were appealing." with that comment he reaches out towards her again, towards her chest. If it wasn't for that strange expression on his face, a half mix between a too wide sadistic grin and contempt, the leisurely movement might've even seemed relaxed, calm.

The truck honks a fair deal at the sudden appearance of dog in front of it, not quite slamming on the brakes but slowing down a fair deal nontheless. The the journey carries on, a long street stretching out into the distance in front of him. Maybe a minute more? It's hard to judge, but at most a minute he thinks as he moves a little sideway to avoid a bike doing the same as him. Down the center line indeed.

Ashley looks back at him as her curiousity hedges her along with all the adrenaline. "May I ask what you are? You clearly seem to know what and who I am, but I know nothing about you. And you've come all this way, and all this far that it only seems fair that you tell me a little about yourself, wouldn't you say?" Ash tries to convey some civil manners, but it's clear in the back of her mind she knows danger is all about her here. The last note Daniel Kenth wrote her, is an alarm bell in her memories of him. "And no, I don't dance anymore. A good man I know, asked me to give it up and take an honest job." And when the man reaches for her chest, she will take a step back away from him again, and her hands will move up to cover herself to shield him away from touching her.

"What I aM?" once more the words seem a little off, a little twisted, and the mans expression falters for just a moment "TrucKs." he finaly adds, then the man half snarls in response to her pulling back "Don't be fucking tease." he says, moving forwards more, reaching for her arm this time.

> Ashley to Here <====================================================

Rolled 0 Success < 2 >

==================================> Strength + Brawl - 3 [No Flags] <

> Viktor to Here <====================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 1 7 8 8 10 >

=================================================> 7 - 2 [No Flags] <

The half-snarl turns into full out one as Ashley swings at the man, and he, with embarassing ease, blocks the blow. "Fudging cumt." the words are just barely understandable, so twisted are they, but his intention is clear. His face is dark red, his gaze a glare of furry, and he swings for Ashley's stomach with an uppercut. It connects with a fair deal of force, a loud thud. And just like that he's grinning again, lowering his arms to his sides. "Don't bE a teAse." he warns in a voice that seems to grow more normal with each syllable.

Game: Ashley takes 3 Bashing damage.

At some point, in most people's lives, they've been sucker punched in the stomach at LEAST once. And if you know what that's like, you know it knocks the very air out of your lungs, and your diaphragm chokes you up so you start gasping for air like a fish out of water. It's like you can't breathe for a good 10 seconds, that feels like forever. And when Ash gets punched, she doesn't scream, but feels that gr... come out. Now she's really, really mad. And in pain! Her left arm wraps around her middle as she's half bent over now, gasping.

> Viktor to Here <====================================================

Rolled 1 Success < 1 6 8 >

=================================================> 7 - 4 [No Flags] <

"You're no fUn." the man says, grunting, shifting his weight from leg to leg "If you doN't want to be touched, take it Off yourself." the voice seems to go into and out of that strange version now, back and forth. It seems somehow flatter though, the grin less realistic. "Kumt!" he suddenly exclaims, kicking towards her, now low enough, head, which barely connects with her shoulder as she throws herself aside. "Fucking teaSe." he hisses and takes a step back. Then, after a moments confused expression he nods "I'm soRRry, that was wrong." another step back is taken, way from her.

Game: Ashley takes 1 Bashing damage.

Hell hath no fury than a woman who refuses to submit. Ashley is Uragarum, and her voice lifts into a loud shrieking noise that any Banshee could be proud of as her arms go up to defend being kicked. If there's anyone downstairs in the lower gun range, she suddenly yells one word for two purposes. The first meaning of the word, being the lesson all women learn when worrying about being assaulted to draw public attention. The second meaning, is for the Uratha she is calling before this freak tries to kill her. "FIRE!"

> Viktor to Here <====================================================

Rolled 4 Successes < 1 3 6 6 7 8 9 10 10 >

=====================================================> 7 [No Flags] <

> Ashley to Here <====================================================

Rolled 1 Success < 2 4 8 >

===============================================> Resolve [No Flags] <

The man does not react the way one might expect him to, instead he looks confused for several moments, then he takes a deep breath and bellows back, a roar really, echoing through the hall and being painful to hear "FIIRRE!!!"

Outside the shout is heard clear across the street, even if only barely over the din of the city, and people actually stop to look around, uncertain of where it came from. Then, from nowhere, comes a panting, slightly exhausted, dog running at speeds that would be enviable to any pro-athlete, in the middle o the street.

> Kuthgurim to Here <=================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 1 3 4 6 6 8 9 10 >

==========================================> Strength + 5 [No Flags] <

Game: Kuthgurim takes 1 Bashing damage.

The wolf dog hears the man's cry and rage flares in his eyes. lowering his head like a ram, he busts through the door, sprinting toward the sounds he'd heard.

> Kuthgurim to Here <=================================================

Rolled 0 Success < 6 7 7 7 >

===========================================> Harmony - 3 [No Flags] <

> Ashley to Here <====================================================

Rolled 0 Success < 1 3 5 6 6 6 >

===================================> Resolve + Composure [No Flags] <

Ashley is hurt enough that she's almost ready to drop down to one knee. Holding on to continue to defend, she looks back at the Madman after her hands move up over her ears. He yells, and her hands move up over her own to ward off the yelling. She looks to him as if he might be somewhat mentally ill, or have something clearly not quite right with him. And she can't seem to put her finger on what he may be supernaturally. Her eyes widen in fear as the door comes crashing down at the front of the range! And then when she sees the wolf, it's as if something grips her in a sheer terrifying panic!

The grin falters and is just about to disappear, the man taking another step back, when suddenly the lower half of the door explodes inwards, sending splinters of wood all over the little hall, and a wolf appears in the middle of it. First a moment of confusion, then the man glances at Ashley again and his grin widens, the yellowed teeth shown to all the world, and begins to laugh, stepping backwards, away from both of them. "I give!" he calls out, clearly, suddenly, very happy "You win, she is yours." another little laugh and he's against the wall with his back, which doesn't seem to bother him much.

GAME: Kharn shifts into Hishu form.

Ashley turns upon seeing the large wolf and upon finding the next door leading down into the shooting range, she grabs the handle and starts to shake it. It is a locked door in need of a passkey for members only. It's not meant for random people to wander into a shooting range without being checked in first. It makes no sense and is completely illogical, but she'll start to rattle the door knob as if trying to get in and away from the Wolf and the mad man. Yes, it seems Ash, has clearly lost it.

GAME: Kuthgurim shifts into Urhan form.

> Kuthgurim to Here <=================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 5 5 5 6 6 6 9 9 10 >

=========================> Wits + Composure + Perception [No Flags] <

> Kuthgurim to Here <=================================================

Rolled 1 Success < 3 4 5 5 5 9 >

================> Strength + Brawl.Grappling + 2 - 2 - 2 [No Flags] <

GAME: Ashley spends 1 Willpower

The wolf bursts through the door and sees the situation immediately. He grabs the assailant by the calf with razor sharp teeth and growls, trying to pull him the other direction, under the camera's FOV.

The man cries out in pain, pain and delight, laughing now, seemingly, somehow finding the attack of a wolf, dog, hillarious. "BitCh, come FinD me! You KnOW now!" the voice he speaks with is strange, metallic, now. "Just one NiGHt, pleaSe?" he resists a little, but not very hard, as the dog pulls. "Preeety?" he hisses, and then, just like that he's gone, leaving Kuthgurim grabbing at thin air.

GAME: Kuthgurim shifts into Urhan form.

Ashley suddenly turns around, as if she pulls from somewhere deep inside of her to get her shit together! Her body presses to the steel door and she looks right over at the pleading of the MONSTER, who Fire is ripping apart. "Noooooo!!!! And when a girl says no, she means NO!" Her head is throbbing now, from the yelling, and from being kicked.

And then he's gone? Ashley suddenly widens her eyes as the man blinks out of the room. "What the..." Where'd he go? The adrenaline still kicked in and she sputters, after her own yelling. Her left arm covers over her stomach and she leans over to cough. There's blood on her lips.

The wolfdog's teeth snap shut when the spirit disappears and he growls furiously. Seeing the panic in Ashley's eyes, he backs up, his ears back passively and runs out the door. Once outside and around the side of the building, he finds a place to hide and shifts back into Hishu. The phone had been stashed in a pocket and shifted with him. Ashley would receive a text about 10 seconds later, 'Come outside. I'll bring you home.'

GAME: Kharn shifts into Hishu form.

Ashley hears the chimes on her cell phone inside her purse. A bit in shock so it takes the reminder chimes, to get her to step forward and eventually pick it up off the floor. The instructions on the phone are simple and she follows them, stepping over shards of the broken door and slowly making her way outside.

And an SOS will go out to the pack with a speed-dial pre-texted message. And then Harrison will get his own message, as if there were already a network in place for a horrific response team. An SOS, and a request for the clean-up.

Kharn meets Ashley as soon as she steps outside and gathers her up into his arms, holding her while she trembles in shock. He raises a hand to hail a cab and escorts her into the vehicle. He never breaks physical contact, trying to calm her down.