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A Monsters Trail
Dramatis Personae

Gunnar, Roman for Plot Stew run by PlagueRoot


Gunnar goes to visit Roman and is met with utter chaos in the oasis.


North of Crows Hollow

Gunnar to Here Rolled 0 Success < 2 4 6 6 6 7 > Wits + Composure [No Flags]

It's evening time, the sun is just setting over the horizon. It's been full radio silence from Roman's place about the BBQ. The house is completely dark yet Roman's motorcycle is still in the driveway. His leather jacket is tossed over the railing and the sounds of dogs is not present. It's oddly silent around the house. In fact, around back where one might find Roman around this time of day is also silent. The scent of blood is thick on the air. Old dry blood. The back window of his house is boarded up and the door is locked. Yet beyond that, it just seems like Roman isn't in. There is a big opening in the forest there wasn't before so maybe Roman went for a run in Urshul.

Seems maybe Gunnar got his old job back with Marjorie. He pulls up in the old AllenCo truck he was driving years ago. It really is almost exactly the same. The truck comes to a stop and the big Dane steps out of it, heading rigt up for the front door, mostly oblivious to the signs until he notices the opening in the forest. He mutters something in Danish, then begins looking arouhd, noticing the other signs. Now he is more careful, moving around the house to see if he can find anything to show Roman is here and/or okay.

Gunnar to Here Rolled 1 Success < 5 6 7 8 > Wits + Occult [No Flags]

The area around the house has been cleaned up. Glass is all over the porch but the glass has been boarded up. There is a blood trail to the backyard and into the woods. It smells like Azlu. A lot of Azlu. Now looking towards the giant felled trees that was a brood mother walking through. Especially with the tracks that someone whose met Azlu would notice. A lot of little tracks, medium tracks, large tracks and one giant track. Based on the how deep the feet go, this was well over 10 feet tall. The blood is a mix of Azlu and Roman's blood.

Almost instantly the big Dane shifts, turning into a massive dire sized timber wolf. Better to smell, hear, and fight...and he begins to sniff around. When he finds the tracks, the timber wolf tenses slightly, then the blood and he begins to worry. Go after him? Go get help? Gunnar knows his strength and taking on an entire brood of Azlu would not get Roman or himself out alive...most likely. But maybe he can scout it out a little. He isn't the sneakiest one there is, but he tries to follow the tracks to get a better look.

The tracks are old. At least a few days. Further down the path there is blood way up in a tree and it appears something big was thrown down by the creek. It rolled down the hill but something big went down later, the tracks are more fresh. Those tracks come back up weighed down and the drips of Roman's blood moves off away from the giant brood direction. The blood heads towards Dutch's house.

Good, there is at least that... following the scents, the dire timber wolf knows Roman wasn't dragged off by the Azlu and a questionable fate. Gunnar stops to sniff around and looks at the tracks, trying to get an account of exactly what happened. He follows the trail down to the creek and back up...and considers if he should go check on Roman or continue to scout. In the end the safety of his People is greater. He turns and begins running for Dutch's place, completely forgetting about the damn truck.

The blood tails all the way to Dutch's place. The thing carrying the bleeding Roman was moving fast. When in the backyard of Dutch's home, in the house, Roman is laying on the couch wrapped up. Black veins all over his body and an IV in his arm. He's sweaty and breathing slowly. There is a long silver stiletto that looks like the bottom leg of an Azlu brood mother. It is covered in dark dry blood. Outside though by Dutch's truck, the scent of Azlu are there. It's strong but strange. Non threatening.

Once he has tracked the blood to Dutch's place, the Garmir begins to sniff around. He circles the truck a few times, taking in the scents all over it. Then the dire timber wolf heads for the home, shifting back into Hishu before knocking on the door. "Dutch. It is Gunnar, is Roman alive?" the big Dane calls out, wrapping on the door until somebody answers, his voice rumbling in a low thunderous growl.

Roman's dogs start barking when Dutch knocks. It seems Dutch is out but the back door is unlocked. Roman's scent is strong within the house but it's silence. As per the truck, it seems to be holding down a rather tight grate over an oil barrel which smells heavily of Azlu but in the darkness, nothing can be seen. It's also silence. There is more smalls of Azlu in the locked garage.

Thank god the door is unlocked. Gunnar was about to rip it off the hinges. He tries the knob first, giving a sigh of relief. He opens the door and steps inside. "Dutch?!" the former Jarl roars out, trying to figure out where the owner of the house is before he barges right in. Failing that, he goes inside anyway. The Garmir moves over to where Roman is on the couch trying not to die. "Rage Cow? How bad is it?" he asks first. "What happened?"

Roman is not waking up. The dogs are barking letting Gunnar know that he's being watched before moving around to sit by Roman's feet. Roman has those black veins going from under the wrapped abdomen to his chest. The IV is keeping him hydrated and also giving him nutrients. He's not awake at all. Though a good reason why is that solid silver Azlu leg. It's thick all around but hollow inside. Inside smelling strongly of Azlu. This was attached to Azlu and based on the other smell.. it was also inside Roman's body.

Gunnar takes a moment to look Roman over and examine the wound. He winces and covers his nose when he smells the leg and it's seeming poison working into Roman's body. He swears to himself in Danish and looks at the dogs. They don't seem to be able to help, but where did Dutch go? Is HE going to get help? Gunnar doesn't want to leave Roman. He doubts the dogs can defend against Azlu. He begins to look around for clues as to where Dutch and Eve might have gone.

Roman has a few wounds. A small one on his neck which seems like it's healing slowly. His arms have chunks out of them and a few bites on his legs but his abdomen wound is the thing causing the others to slow their healing speed. Dutch has done well bandaging up Roman and getting him set up for success. He's breathing well and he has the fluids he needs. It seems like Dutch went out to get more supplies. Eve(i dunno).

The problem is, Gunnar has pretty much zero healing abilities. He wouldn't have even known how to hand an IV, so he isn't going to be any help for Roman right now. And yet, maybe there are some who can. "Hold on, Roman. I'll find an Itheaur to get you on the mend." the Garmir declares, peering down at the other Rahu with an expression of concern. "If not, I'll find a spirit who can undo this and MAKE them fix you up."

The dogs look at Gunnar before they move over to Roman. The female gets on top of Roman and sits on his legs. The male moves over and sits in front of Gunnar. They cannot talk but he can get the feeling that they would protect Roman. The black veins are not growing but they are slowing his healing. He is also covered in a nice thick blanket to keep him warm. After a while though Roman's eyes open. He looks around slowly and he's not quite seeing what's around him.

"I know..." he says to the dogs with a tip of his head at them. "I know, but I don't know you would be enough." the big Dane states as he begins to get up to his feet. But then ROman starts stirring and he stops. "Hey, what happened?" he questions, though of course it isn't hard to tell just what happened on a basic level. "Can I take this out? Will you heal faster?"

The dogs seem to disagree. They are two beautiful brindle mastiffs who absolutely believe they would be enough. He hears the voice and slowly looks towards where it is. He tries to focus before he grumbles quietly. "Take what out?" He brings his hand up to his head and rubs it softly. He takes a few moments before he tries to sit up. "I ... clean house. BBQ is soon."

They can agree to disagree. Gunnar doesn't argue with the dogs, especially when Roman starts to come around some. "Hey don't move right now. I don't know how bad this is..." he tells the other Rahu. "Roman...it appears you have been impaled by something. So don't move. Cleaning the house and the BBQ can wait. Calm down." the Garmir states, placing a hand on the younger Uratha's shoulder. "Relax a moment. I think Dutch when to get more supplies."

He slowly lays back down and takes a deep breath. "I ... don't cancel the BBQ. I can still cook. I can get help and direct. We need this." He grumps a little before he glances to Gunnar. "There is a brood of Azlu." He speaks softly. "The Mother is huge and she looks like she stepped in molten silver." The Rahu shakes his head. "They smelt the new wolf and came to my house to corrupt. She wasn't home. I killed a few and chased the rest out side. I didn't even look up... and she stepped on me to stop me from murdering her brood."

"Okay...relax, Roman. We won't cancel the feast yet." he agrees with a pat on the other Uratha's shoulder, making sure he lays back down. He listens to the explaination of what happened and Gunnar nods a little. "How did she manage that?" he questions, though likely it is more of a rhetorical question. "I smelled more brood outside. Are there some near this house?" the big Dane asks, patting Roman's shoulder to try calming him.

The Rahu looks slowly over to the older rahu. "You know.. between being impaled and then thrown through the forest and falling a few feet onto creek rocks I never got a chance to ask her how she has her giant spider legs covered in silver." He makes a little breath and doesn't know the answer. "I don't know, you'd have to ask Dutch. I .. can't help if there is."

With furrowed brows, Gunnar peers down and mutters, "You must not be dying. You can still summon up the snark." Shaking his head at Roman, he lets go of his shoulder and stands up. "I didn't figure you would be able to help us much. Not in the state you are in." He rolls his shoulders a little, "Okay, I will find Dutch. We will gather others together to go find these Azlu and put an end to the brood, by our Oath."

The rahu offers a small smile. "I don't think... I'm dying. I do think I am in pain though." He grumbles a little and lays fully down. He takes a deep breath and winces. "I've seen Brood Mothers that are big. She's huge. I believe in your skills. I think you could hold your own against a lot of her Brood but against her... we need to be smart. We need to figure out why she's here. We might be able to fix this without casualties on our side."

"Good. Don't die. You can stay alive to be apain in my ass for a long long time." Gunnar suggests with a nod to him. "I figured she was huge when I saw the tracks she was making. I'll get others to help me figure out what the hell we are dealing with, okay?"

Roman nods his head and winces a little as he lightly touches his chest. The Rahu looks up at Gunnar and nods slowly. "I don't want to sound dramatic but... I think she was the size of a t-rex." He shakes his head. "Maybe bigger. When I was impaled and she lifted me up, I swore she was gunna eat me but she just shook me off like you shake off of plastic stuck to your finger."

"We will get this figured out, Roman." he promises the wounded Uratha and gets to his feet. "I've never heard of a Azlu that big, even brood mothers. " Gunnar says to the other Rahu with a shake of his head. "OKay I'll go find others to help me find them. We will do this smart and like you say, we won't lose anybody." he agrees with a nod at him.