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A Magical Evening - Harvest Ball

"A pleasure to meet you in person, Ms. June. I hear you're the person to talk to, to throw an excellent party in Fallcoast."

Dramatis Personae


November 12th, 2016

The Grand Harvest Ball by Violet June Party Planning Inc.


Grand Ballroom - Albergo Gancia

Violet June Party Planning Inc, is known for throwing extravagant parties. This event should be the highlight of the season from the Party planning company with partnership with Albergo Gancia. There is a doorman at the front double doors. Those who are on the list are allowed in, those aren't are just double checked, signed in and still allowed to the event. The ballroom is a vision to behold, bathed in golden light. The chandelier was a converted giant white pumpkin, craved in the style of art nouveau. It is a breathtaking luminary and a nod to traditional jack o lanterns. Drapping from the white sparkling chandelier are green lush leaves and vines of a pumpkin, twirled and swirled down to the 4 corners of the ballroom. Each leave sparkles and glistens in the golden light. Here are there are warm orange blossoms of the pumpkin flower. The buffet table is also a grand display of harvest, abundance and feast.

There is even a giant orange pumpkin the size of a wine barrel with a tap coming out of it. A sign states that it is, 'Great Pumpkin Ale.' There's every delicacy anyone could think of on the expanse of 3 large tables. Also tables for those who want dinner lining the dance floor. The band was set up front with a full orchestra. They are playing all sorts of variety of songs, any pop requests as well, in classical version. The Ballroom floor was polished white marble and just made the space glow like the halls of heaven itself. If anyone has been to the previous Halloween event, the decorations and set up put tonight puts that to shame. Violet spared no expense for this evening. Such an event highlight one would expect to see a celebrity. This is a formal attire and blacktie affair.

The tune Viktor is whistling as he saunters through the doors, after a brief exchange with the doormen outside so as to get them to let him in, is a pretty merry one reminiscent of Christmas carols but... not quite matching up with any of them. His expression is split by a wide grin and he looks around the room with almost child-like enthusiasm, going it over twice, before he saunters off along the wall at a relaxed pace, nodding to people as he passes but not really stopping unless someone speaks up.

Viktor is not alone as he enters the ballroom, rather he is accompanied by a girl in her later teens that appears in form and feature like the famed Aphrodite of Cnidus, a classical masterwork. Wearing a shining silver satin gown down to the ankles, much of what made that aformentioned statue famous is visible as she comes to stand next to the wall, "You owe me one Viktor, big..." she remarks seriously, casting him a glance swiftly before turning her attentions into the hall, "To be honest, I'm surprised you even wanted to come to this, this not being your style." All her words are astonishingy spoken in a manner that matches the physicality of the speak, soft, whispy, angelic.

Milo walks in shortly after Viktor, pausing inside the door to lean on his can and taking the moment to survey the room for friendly and familiar faces. His face is puzzled for a moment, head cocked to the side, and mumbles softly to himself "No, it couldn't be..Lisette.". Sure enough, his next move is to amble in Lisette's direction and a wide grin brightens his face.

Violet is a vision this evening in a single shoulder gown. The golden yellow rich orange color of her dress just brings out the natural caramel de lait to her skin. She looks lush and healthy. The dress sparkly and brilliant is the remarkable representation of a pumpkin flower, belling out at her round hips to crushed crepe golden fabric. Her hair was down up in a braided crown around her head giving her hair an ombre look with her hair being one side blond and the other brunette. Her hair was braided with glimmery pumpkin leaves and flowers. She is giving out similar harvest crowns, wreaths and lays for those who want them at the door. People are already dipping into the food, drink and merriment this evening.

Lisette, being a Cavanaugh, is on the list, of course. She pauses in the entrance to hand off her coat, before she floats into the ballroom, one hand dropping to smooth settle on her hip. She's wearing a Dolce & Gabbana strapless evening dress in a pale pink as to be almost mistaken for white in low light. The dress is form-fitting, clinging to show off her figure, falling down to the ground where it flares out. Gaze flickers around the room, taking in the occupants, before she recognizes a familiar figure coming her way. "Milo?" she says, momentarily surprised, before she steps to meet him, leaning in to press lips to his cheek in typically enthusiastic greeting, "You've grown up, cousin!" And so has she, judging by the brilliant smile.

Viktor turns slightly and raises an eyebrow at the woman beside him, Taylor, then chuckles and shakes his head. "My apologies my dear, but you have seen me in very little but a domestic or professional setting, very little of a social one, so how would you know what is, or is not, my style?" he asks as they continue walking, turning slowly at the corner of the room and continuing along the next wall, seemingly intent on lapping the room.

Taylor follows Viktor as they continue to walk about the room, and while her movements are alluring in the extreme in light of physical attributes, she does not progress in an overtly flirtatious manner. "I suppose..." she replies to Viktor, offering a faint smile that could subjugate a primitive tribe believing her a celestial being. "DO you know what the signifigance of this get together is, by the way." Light blue eyes turn to Viktor in thoughtfull fashion, head vaguely turned up to the taller man.

Milo smiles at Lisette, and chuckles. "Yes. Military life at Westpoint suited me." His expression is shadowed for a moment with remembered pain before he continues. "And you seem to have grown up too. You'll have to catch me up on all the gossip..I just got back this week and haven't even had a chance to see my sister. How is Kelsey, by the way?"

Lisette's head tips momentarily -- like a mute acknowledgement of that briefly shadowed expression of Milo's, but she's too well bred to draw attention to it here, in public. "Oh, as to gossip, you're just as caught up as me -- I arrived a couple of weeks ago. Been busy trying to settle into school, so haven't had the chance to catch up with too many yet." She glances over her shoulder, grins, and turns back to Milo, "Should we say hello to our host? I hear she's been throwing some amazing parties."

Violet continues to greet the guests as they come in offering harvest crowns and lays. She just nods her head and smiles with her gapped tooth grin. "Welcome to The Harvest Ball at the Albergo Gancia. I hope you enjoy your evening. If you need anything I will be only a stone's throw away." She glances around to her handy work, long week but well worth it.

Black has taken his time to pull on his best velvet slashed panel pants, the colour black with gold-orange fall patterns upon it. Above that, he can be seen with a doublet in the same tones that have been belted to his waist with a sash. It looks like an expensive enough attire, which is more than likely. The Marquess takes a moment to look around, checking in at the front, before he seems to look on wistfully, with that brooding expression. He has all the airs he needs. He takes up one of the crowns as it is offered, with a small incline of his head, "The decor is extravagant," he offers.

"Well, it is based on an old tradition, the old Harvest Festival, or at least so I imagine. As for contemporary relevance? Well, you tell me." Viktor shrugs and stops walking, now in the far corner. "Personally I'd say any excuse for festivities or merriment, but others could also argue that it is about preserving traditions, or perhaps something else. So... what do you think?"

Arriving from an employees-only door, it's the concierge with the stellar hair. Dressed in the livery colors of the Albergo Gancia, his suit is his uniform is his armor is his way of life. With a smile and the preternatural grace of the Fairest, he moves from group to group, making introductions, shaking hands, smiling, always smiling. He sees Violet and migrates toward her, gliding casually. He could do that same maneuver during a house fire and make it look practiced.

Milo nods, and offers his arm in preparation for going to Violet, "Yes, let's go do that cousin. I've heard some great things about the Halloween event she organized. And she's outdone that here."

Taylor cannot help but smile faintly at the opulant hall or scrutinize the other women dotted around the establishment, her light blue eyes value and de-value with thousands of years of human instant behind them. "Well it seems to me an excuse for a fine meal and dressing up, if you ask me of course... I have little doubt whatever supersiticion that marks the origin of this festival is long forgotten by the masses." she remarks in her angelic tone to Viktor, whom stands close beside. Standing with perfect posture and positively radiating beauty and glittlering with the white gold around her neck and the earings worn. "Do you know anyone else here?"

Lisette slips her arm into Milo's, lips twitching into a smile. "I heard that too. Unfortunately I was in L.A. at the time, ah, visiting Annabeth." Her sister, who rumor has it eloped with some undesirable. She glides easily across the floor alongside her fellow Cavanaugh, headed for Violet, waiting to catch her gaze.

"Ummm... no, don't think so?" Viktor replies to Taylor, taking another long, slow, look around the room, his gaze lingering on a few somewhat familiar, yet not quite recognized, faces. "But that's just an excuse to get to know them, no? I mean, that's what this is, like you said, a good meal, dressing up, being social." with a laugh he reaches into his left inner pocket and withdrawing a rather shiny coin which he proceeds to make wander across his knuckles. "So, what do you think? Should we go looking or... stay put and see how comes to us?"

Violet smiles to Black and nods her head. "Thank you. It's nice to have my work appreciated." She hands him a crown of apple leaves. And that's when she is almost snuck up on. She senses a presence hovering and turns to see who it is. She jolts to see Enzo so close. "Oh Enzo! You came!" She gies him a quick hug. "I didn't think you'd make it. What with work and all." She digs up a crown of pear leaves and hands it to him. "If, you are feeling festive." She wasn't going to dare mess up his hair. "Thank you for coming." She greets Milo next in line. "Welcome!"

"Far from it, Ms. Watts," Enzo says to Taylor. "We have excellent senses of history." With his smile affixed, he then gives a polite bow. "I am Enzo Gancia. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Then he gives a subtle nod to Violet. "I wouldn't miss this for the world, Violet. Yet again, Management is impressed with your work. Top marks for you." Then he looks to Viktor, extending his hand to the man, careful not to cause the man to drop the dancing coin. "Welcome to Raconteur Island." He's remarkably bright-eyed, and the name does seem significant.

"Well done," Black tells Violet, while he has the crown on now of apple leaves. He then inclines once more, and steps in. Should such a respectable place have cider to drink, or any equivelant, he moves that direction, almost glides upon his soft feet, before he takes his time to adjust the collar of his doublet. Once he has a drink, it is sipped gently.

Taylor's brow flickers slightly, hands now folded before her, "Viktor... I mean it is up to you, you're the one that wanted to come out tonight." she remarks pleasantly, her light blue eyes still looking over the various people mulling about within the hall. It is at this moment that Enzo abruptly approaches and greets, the teen appropriately smiles and offers a practice bob at the bow offered, "Oh, ah, hello again..." she starts, glancing up to Viktor beside for an instant before returning her warm countenance to the new arrival.

Milo nods to Violet, and says "This is an amazing achievement, and by all accounts so are your other events. I am planning to have some events myself later this year and hope I can call on you and your staff for the planning. Milo Cavanaugh, at your service, and this is my cousin Lisette." He leans on his cane out of the way, after executing an old fashioned bow.

Lisette seems to give a thoughtful study of Black while he talks to Violet, her eyes flickering past to other patrons too before attention turns to Violet when she greets Milo. Once her cousin has introduced her, the brunette smiles brilliantly: "A pleasure to meet you in person, Ms. June. I hear you're the person to talk to, to throw an excellent party in Fallcoast." She's just as effusive in her praise, eyes bright. With a tip of head to Milo, she adds, "I, too, think there will be some work for you in future, if you're taking on additional clients."

Violet dips her head in greetings. She flushes some in her dimpled cheeks at the compliments. She almost looks smug brimming with pride. She checks to make sure her pumpkin flowers are in place on her head. "Thank you." She offers a hand. "Violet June, and you are?" She inquires of Milo. "I have my business cards on a table out front if you require my services. Pleasure to meet you Milo and Lisette." She offers a Lay of Purple Morning Glories to Lisette. She smiles more. "Wow, who is paying you to give me such compliments?" She teases with a soft laugh. "I do enjoy having new clients." She agrees.

"By all means," Enzo says, "Take good care of our Violet." He speaks with pride, motioning to the party planner. "She provides exceptional quality and on a modest budget." With a polite chuckle, he gestures around the ballroom. "Not that we can plead poverty, of course, yet she's barely managed to touch the upper range of the middle ground." He then looks to Lisette. "A pleasure. If you have inquiries, we, the people of Albergo Gancia, are here to serve." The man then takes an artful step backward, watching the proceedings with interest.

"Well, we... can see what comes our way I guess." Viktor answers to Taylor, his smile a little fainter now, thoughtful instead, as the coin continues to wander across his fingers. "Personally I was rather hoping for a colleague I haven't met before, or maybe just someone new and interesting. But... well, you tell me, who would you hope to meet here?"

Taylor smiles pleasantly and looks up to Viktor, "I was just hoping that my coming would please you, as you know I'd much sooner be lounging around at the Exquisite." she remarks pleasantly, bright eyes drifting between the man and the crowd gathering as she speaks. Absently she adjusts a shoulder strap while adding, "I'm actually surprised you did not invite Ashley, I would think you'd rather bring her than a buddy."

"Yes, well, I can relate to that I guess, the risk however is that we end up doing nothing but lounging, or in my case working." Viktor comments with a shrug and begins walking again, waiting just a little to make sure Taylor isn't lagging behind. "Like you saw me do a few months ago, right? All work, no socialization. It tends to... affect the mind in interesting, and sadly often detrimental, ways. And so" he shrugs "I brought you because you seemed to need to get out."

Milo smiles, with an admiring not at the wreath given to Lisette, and responds to Violet with "Compliments well deserved, by all accounts. I'll definitely contact you about organizing the grand opening for my art gallery in December.". To Lisette he says, "The wreath suits you. Hmm, we should do a Cavanaugh family ball, maybe in support of the Cavanaugh Foundation, since we seem to have so many family recently returned. Food for thought, yes?"

Black looks down at the cider, and nods with approval, while he carries it with him. He moves through the people which have arrived, to take in the names and sights, all while he keeps to himself for the most part.

"I'm a Cavanaugh; I hardly need to be bribed to provide good feedback when I hear it," Lisette returns to Violet with a low laugh. She accepts the lay -- and the choice of flowers -- with a pleased smile and inclination of her head. "Ah, yes! A ball for the foundation sounds like a fantastic idea, cousin! I do so love balls." Her gaze turns, with sudden interest, to Enzo, "Ah. You're one of Albergo Gancia's staff? I'd been hoping to talk to someone about residency. I'm recently back from New York, but I haven't the time or inclination to find a house. Perhaps we can talk later, Mr...?"

Taylor walks casually beside Viktor, one arm hanging at her side while the other clings to the slender strap of a tiny purse hanging from a shoulder. "Yes well, I think we both know what it is to be inclined to solitude..." she remarks pleasantly, her light blue-eyes taking in the area thoughtfully, "I know your probably right, it is just a shame I have to dress up like a clown if I want to go anywhere nice." A smile is added upon saying so, though her attention remain directed to others i the hall.

Viktor glances sideways, looking her up and down and seemingly gauging her attire for a few moments. "Well, we'll get you a tux at some point if that's what you want, or something else. There's plenty of different sorts of formal attire after all." with a little shrug and a smile he suddenly extends his hand, with coin in his palm, to her. "On that note though, this is yours, for now. Just a loaner mind you."

"Gancia," Enzo says with a smile to the Cavanaugh. "Enzo Gancia. My functions here include concierge, which places me at the front desk.. and the scene of the next guest in need." Without moving his eyes, he produces a business card, flicking it from left to right, doubling it; one of the cards from the lobby, one for Violet June's services. "With our compliments, as a token of esteem for your recent successes." A smile is awarded, then he looks to Black. "I am needed, and shall return promptly." The other guests each get a small, curt nod, a longer one for Violet, and he's off and gliding toward Black, one hand ready to extend for a shake. "Welcome to Raconteur Island," he says by way of greeting.

The orchestra is playing a instrumental version of Oingo Boingo's Gratitude. However, it would be so much better if Danny Elfman was actually singing. But Orchestra is just going to have to do. Violet dips her head in approval. "I would love that opportunity. Be sure to contact me for a consultation. I do book up fast during the Holidays." She warms at the continued praise, her dark eyes sparkle. She goes to greet guests, she has a little ear piece connecting her to the caterers and hosts as well. She waves as Enzo leaves to make his rounds.

"A tux eh, yah right..." Taylor remarks lighty as she turns her attention to Viktor walking beside her, "Even if I was inclined that would not actually be concidered formal in regards to me." A faint smile follows this comment while her eyes turn to the object offered, opening her small white hand she gazes down at a coin in her palm. Her brow flickers while her head tilts thoughtfully, "A good luck charm perhaps?" she asks, closing her fingers around the coin and looking back up to Viktor.

"Yeah, something like that. Has brought me nothing but at any rate." Viktor remarks with a chuckle as he and Taylor wanders along the walls of the hall, staying out of the way of dancers yet keeping on their feet and getting around.

Stepping into the ballroom is Andrew, escorting Hesper into the room. He is dressed in a Kiton dark blue shadow plaid suit.The jacket has 2 buttons, and is in pick stitch detailing, with a notch lapel. A chest pocket is on the front left of the suit, with flap pockets on the bottom of the jacket. Underneath is a light blue shirt with vertical red stripes, and a purple tie with white diamond-shaped patterns. A folded white handkerchief with red border is neatly placed in the front chest pocket of the jacketA bright smile is on his face, and he leans in to whisper something to Hesper as he walks with her further into the ballroom, his eyes glancing over to the orchestra, wondering if knows any of the musicians.

Taylor's brow furrows sightly as she looks down at the coin again, unclasping her fingers and drawing a deep breath. After a moment of thought she opens her purse with an and audible click and slides the object into a safe location, "Generalities?" she asks softly, reclicking her tiny purse once agian as attentions naturally drift back to Viktor standing immediately beside her, "It is a frightening thought, and this is hardly the place to be engaging in experementation. What is a matter with you, I've always thought you the sensible type."

Hesper walks in rather lightly on her feet as she is swept into the ballroom with her gloved hand on Andrew's arm. She is wearing a stunning floor length twilight blue silk gown with a small train. And there is a wondrous smile on her face as she looks over the decorations, taking in the beauty of the arrangements. A whisper is offered her by her escort, and she leans in slightly to hear. A slight blush touches her cheeks and then she laughs softly. "Oui, I think everything is very beautiful. My family is here somewhere within the room. Shall we find them?"

Milo smiles, and leans over toward Lisette to whisper "I just saw someone I recognized, shall we mingle?" He nods to Hesper, and to Black.

There's a buzz from inside his jacket all of a sudden, the sound of a cellphone on mute, and Viktor reaches towards his inside chest pocket with a sigh. Once it is out though his expression softens again, into a faint smile, and he quickly types something up before pocketing it once more. "Hm? What? A tux is hardly experimentation, it's practically accepted around here. Women can wear them just as well as the men." he smiles yet a little wider "Better in many cases if you ask me, but that's besides the point.

"Ah," a note of understanding in Lisette's voice, before she accepts the cards offered by Enzo. They're tucked securely away into her clutch. "Thank you, Mr. Gancia. Ms. June, I'm sure we'll be in touch." With a nod towards the pair, the Cavanaugh brunette tips her head to Milo, his whisper earning a brilliant smile, "Oh, yes. Please do introduce me," she says, gesturing with her free hand for Milo to lead the way.

As the musician escorts Hester further into the room, he nods into agreement at her statement of everything being beautiful. "Yes, it rather is indeed. What excellent decorations," then his eyes look to the catering table and he internally begins to salivate. Andrew may be in shape, but he exercises constantly, becuase the man loves to eat. All of the food. Then at the request of meeting her family, he nods and says, "Ahh, yes, let's. Will the good Doctor be here tonight?"

Violet June Party Planning hired a Orchestra from the capital, in Augusta, lead violinist from study in London. Violet normally hires only locals to generate the local economy however for some reason the orchestra was outsourced to the further reaches of Maine. Violet gains a squawk in her ear on her headset, there is an issue in the kitchen, she hands off the greeting the guests to another hostess. "If you'll excuse me." As Miss June gathers her crepe layers of fabric and hurries to the kitchen through an employee door.

Milo nods toward Violet, "Indeed. I will give you a call this week and see if we can get the ball rolling." He then turns to Lisette, smiles, and leads toward Hesper. On nearing he smiles and says "Hesper, it is good to see you again."

"Do you really think I'm the type of girl that would pull of a tux over well..." Taylor asks seriously, raising her eyebrow at Viktor's suggestion. Her interest however is drawn to the second topic, "I do not know how to do that Viktor, and what you are talking about is manipulation, a violation, regardless of how gentle a push may be, it is still a push." A deep breath is taken in, earrings and necklace glittering while her leans toward Viktor, "Are you alright tonight, it is not like you to make such recommendations... Just relax, we are conversing fine." Then, for the sake of VIktor, Taylor offers him her arm, and returns to glancing around the establishment, "That must be Hesper over there, you see, over there."

Black looks to Enzo, and blinks a few times, then he offers out his hand to shake the other's in a firm hold, calloused but smooth hand, as he offers a smile. "Thank you," he offers, letting it trail, as if asking for a name, "Merek von Black, Marquess," he offers, his name and title to the man himself.

Hesper gives pause as she is crossing the room and gives a little tug to Andrew's sleeve to direct him over to Milo. At some point, she does make eye contact with Taylor and nods to her as if she is attempting to move toward her and Viktor. But for the moment she smiles warmly to Milo and Lisette. "Mr. Cavanaugh, so very pleased to meet you once more." She lowers in a formal curtsey and her head dips as if she were indeed in a formal court of sorts. And then she looks up to Andrew as her blue eyes were looking to him for a cue. "May I please introduce you to my escort this evening. Dr. Andrew Bennett." A smile goes to Lisette, as if waiting for the return of names.

Viktor gives Taylor a, for a few moments, confused look before he seems to give a mental shrug and drop the issue entirely. "Yeah, that does indeed look like Hesper. She was the one that texted me a few moments ago." he comments in a cheery tone "Should we head on over and say hi perhaps?". He doesn't really wait for a reply though, he just starts walking, his movements leisurely.

Lisette's hand rests lightly in the crook of Milo's arm, nodding as she offers a smile when her cousin greets Hesper, adding: "I hear you're a friend of my cousin. So very pleased to meet you, I'm Lisette Cavanaugh. Ah, Dr. Bennett? Of the symphony?" she queries, head tipped as if recognizing the name. "I've heard fine things, though I've not had a chance to attend since I returned to town."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Marquess," Enzo says as he shakes Black's hand. "Enzo Gancia. I hope that you are enjoying the amenities and experience that is the Albergo Gancia." His smile is polite, fixed to his face with social glue, yet there's mirth behind his eyes. "Would you care to meet with a few of the other guests? I'd be glad to handle the introductions. A solitary life is best shared." He smiles, ever the social butterfly. With a bow, he gestures to the roving packs of patrons, his disposition friendly. "Also, you should meet with Ms. June, she who organized this soiree. We're quite proud to call her a member of the family here." He spies her as she scurries through an employee-only door, then redoubles his smile, aiming it at Black.

Taylor lets her arm drop as it is not taken by Viktor, she recognizes that he is being particularly awkward at the moment, thus she briskly catches up dispite the heels and the long gown, "Whoa, whoa, slow down Viktor... You know as well as I do that Hesper is old school as hell, she is clearly engaging in introductions. I doubt she would be happy with interruptions any more than she would be with me if I actually wore a tux tonight." A faint smile follows this remarks, "Relax Viktor hold up, this dress is not for brisk movement."

As Hesper pauses and tug on Andrew's sleeve, his head turns over to the approaching Milo and Lisette. As she introduces each other, Andrew holds his hand out to Milo in a friendly greeting. "Mr. Cavanaugh, wonderful to meet you sir. I hope you are enjoying your evening?" Then he turns to Lisette and does a small bow of his head, "Thank you for the compliment. Yes, the symphony is performing quite well, and I would encourage you to attend a concert when you are able to, Ms. Cavanaugh." He then pauses and smiles, "Your family, has been the generous donors of the Cavanaugh Center for the Performing Arts for the Symphony. So thank you for your family's generous donations over the years, even though I just arrived in Fallcoast. Your charity extends all the way to the 30's I believe, when the Symphony first started. And family members get season tickets. Were you not aware of that gift of thanks?" He smiles, looking between Lisette and Milo.

Black takes a moment to think it over while he offers niceties, "It is a pleasure to meet you, as well," he states. He then takes a moment to adjust the collar on his fall-colored doublet, before he dips a nod, "It would be an honour, to meet other esteemed Guests, and the Hostess, Monsieur Gancia," he offers up, while he inclines a small bit towards the man, and then makes to follow him afterwards.

The Orchestra begins to play an instrumental version of "Ring of Fire." It's an odd arrangement of music this evening, though pleasant on the ears. Some of the patrons are already dancing on the dance floor. Others have found themselves eating with company at the tables or mingling and drinking.

Viktor pauses for a moment, making sure Taylor manages to 'catch up' to him before he continues on in an even more leisurely pace, one so slow it might even be called sedate. "Nonsense, introductions are generally social things and, as far as I recall, don't actually exclude, although people... decline others joining them?" he shrugs "Not my area of expertise, but I doubt anyone will be offended if we just say hi."

"Contrary to what that spell did to me, and consequently how I look, I'm not fancy people Viktor... But even so I have a feel that if you interject it may look unfavourably on Hesper, remember she is trying to inject herself into upper society." Taylor remarks seriously beside Viktor, "Just trust me on this, wait on the outskirts with me until Hesper beckons us in, she did already see us. Just be patient." Rosy lips press together as she reaches out to pat his arm, "Hang on, it will only be a second."

Milo smiles at Hesper, after being seemingly lost for a moment, almost listening to voices only he can hear. "Indeed, it is a wonderful evening so far, with delightful company." At Hesper's comment on the Symphony support the smile widens, "Yes. Aunt Marjorie is amazing at supporting the arts, though I have not been involved since I have been away since I was 17 - Army and all, I intend to rectify that." To Andrew he smiles, and turns to Hesper, "And who is this flattering gentleman with you tonight Hesper?"

"Very pleased to meet you as well, Ms. Cavanaugh," Hesper continues to smile warmly. After listening about all the donations the Cavanaughs have made to the Symphony, she nods with appreciation. "And I am Hesper Honeywood. I have not been in Fallcoast that long but I find it extraordinary in everything it offers. And I intend to explore even more the further along I decide to stay." To answer Milo, she grins. "You will love this answer. Dr. Andrew Bennett conducts the Fallcoast Symphony. I met him recently at the University, and since it is one of the same places you and I met, you two will have something in common? Music begets music, as we are the Music Makers and WE are the Dreamers of Dreams."

Lisette looks pleased with Andrew's knowledge of her family's generosity. "I've been in New York for a couple of years, so haven't had opportunity to take advantage. However, meeting you is a timely reminder that I ought to take up that particular offer," she replies to Andrew, with a smile, before her eyes light at Hesper's words. "It's a pleasure, Ms Honeywood. Your love of our town is commendable -- it's hard to explain to those who haven't been here, I'm afraid." The latter discussion of music has her glancing between the others, apparently interested but silent.

Violet ventures back not through the employee kitchen door but through the front doors to the ballroom quietly. She looks very very calm. However, she does check her reflection in a mirror to ensure none of her braid and crown is out of place. She places on that mask of socializing and goes back to checking on the presents guests as if nothing happened. She crosses to the bar herself and asks for a small glass of cider. She sips looking around, making sure things go swimminingly. She does sort of look like an overgrown Pumpkin flower because she is so short.

There is a pleased nod and smile from Andrew as Milo says he will intend to rectify not being involved, but inquires, "Oh, the army? Well, I appreciate your service, fighting for our rights so I can do what I love to do. Soldiers never get the full recognition that they deserve. So thank you." He turns his head to Hesper as she speaks, smiling, and then speaks in French, "La musique engendre des createurs de musique, et nous sommes les reveurs de reves." Then back to Lisette his eyebrows lift slightly and he ohs a bit. "New York? When were you there and what were you doing there? I studied in New York for two years."

Taylor continues to stand next to Viktor, smiling pleasantly as she looks on Hesper offering greetings to her apparently wealthy aquaintances. She stands just as still and regal as the famed statue she resembles, appearing as an angel freshly descended from the heavens, shimmering in her silver satin, diamond earrings and necklace. Occasionally a hand will raise to touch the side of her hair or slide a loose strand behind her ear, but for the most part she lightly chats with the man beside in that most whispy and feminine of vocal tones.

Nods to Andrew, "Thank you." He looks at Hesper and grins, but says nothing, listening instead to Lisette - for he too would like to know how she found the big city. "I've always wanted to go to New York, but never got the chance. First West Point, then Fort Harmon, and then Afghanistan."

Hesper looks back to Milo with curious blue eyes when he mentions the military background. And then her gaze smiles to Lisette again as if wanting to comment on New York, but out of loyalty and love for her friend across the room that is coming her way in the slowest of steps, she lifts a gloved hand to beckon Taylor by her side. "Miss Watts, there you are!" Her voice can barely contain her excitement. "And Dr. Abernathy, please do join us so we can make proper introductions to our newest acquantainces and friends." She whispers an aside to Taylor once she makes it to her, "You look lovely and non, don't shy away this time. You truly do." And then her eyes meet Viktor's and she also gives another curtsey to greet the Doctor when he approaches her and the small gathering.

Arriving at the major group, Enzo then begins to work his mojo. "Marquess Black, this is Taylor Watts," he begins, "Her associate, that would be Viktor Abernathy, and this is Lisette Cavanaugh." The man is wired into the hotel-resort's guest registry, making introductions as much fun as they are simple. "Allow me to introduce you to Marquess Black." He then steps back, allowing the introduced parties to get to know each other all the better. Other guests fall into his sights, and off he goes, making the polite patrol.

There's a moment of surprise from Lisette at Andrew's question, though there's no hesitation in the brunette's answer, "Since 2014 -- I was at Georgetown. I've transferred to St John's, however, to finish my degree." She glances sidelong at Milo, making a noise of disappointment, "Then we ought to rectify that. I was planning to fly up spend a weekend up there soon, get some ideas for business ventures down here in Fallcoast. You should come along. I love showing off New York almost as much as I do Fallcoast," she says with a warm laugh. When Hesper calls over two new people, her gaze lights curiously on them as they approach, but she's soon distracted by Enzo's introduction. "Marquess Black. A pleasure," she says, with a welcoming smile. "My cousin, Milo Cavanaugh," she introduces her companion with a tip of the head.

Once Black has been introduced with assistance from Enzo when the time is appropriate, or well between the times, there is a sidelong look, the polite kind, which answers all his thanks in the subtlest manner. Then his gaze falls upon the three mentioned, to whom he takes a hand to his front, and dips a small respectful incline. He has on slashed velvet panel pants, decorated in fall hues of black, and autumn leaves, that seem to mesh well, the same being said of his doublet which he has on above his undershirt. There is a sash on his waist, rather than a belt.

"It is... A pleasure," Black offers, his voice charismatic and exotic, tipped with an almost French undertone. The title itself seems to lend well to the fact he very well is indeed a holder of an actual title. His words few, but in that tone, speak all, not wishing to interrupt too much. His every motion is dripping with practiced social grace.

As instructed Taylor steps away from Viktor and moves up to be beside Hesper, politely offering a respectful bob to those her friend had been talking to. ALthough this gesture is nowhere near as flourished and refined as that offered by the dark haired girl, the blonde does not embarrass herself in the least. "That is kind of you to say Hesper, er, Miss Honeywood... I'm glad you were able to make it out tonight." she greets with a smile, a smile to set the room alight. At this moment Enzo offers her name to those gathered around and the continueing smile is directed in the direction of these fine peoples. "It is a pleasure to meet you all..."

Milo grins at Lisette, "I'd like that. There's a niche library there I'd like to go see, the Lucis library. It would be an interesting side jaunt on top of whatever you have planned." He turns as the Marquess approaches. "Ah, the Marquess and I have met, just after I got back. We have similar interests. Marquess, it is good to see you again." Milo's smile is genuine and open. To Taylor and Viktor he says "Milo Cavanaugh, at your service.", with a small bow. "This is my cousin Lisette."

Andrew's blue eyes flicker over to Enzo as he approaches with Black and introduces him to the group. He gives a nod to both new men, and then his gaze turns over to the woman that Hesper is calling over to Taylor to join them. Andrew offers a polite nod to her, then looks back to Lisette. "Ahh, I was at The Juilliard School for my Masters, but I was there long before you had arrived to study." He seems to be doing lots of nodding greets tonight, at some point he will be nodding his head in rhythm to the music.

With a courteous smile and several backward steps, Enzo makes good his departure from the soiree. A few departing sentiments are shared as he disengages, some handshakes ensue, and off he goes, to do whatever it is that the mysterious concierge actually does, other than the job description. Was he wearing Heelies? No. That'd be.. weird. Maybe he just has an unusual way of walking.

Lisette's, "A pleasure," is accompanied by a nod of head to first Taylor then Viktor. Milo's response to her suggestion of a trip to New York earns a sidelong look and a low laugh. "Of all the places in New York, you want to go to a library? Okay, but I get to pick everywhere we eat. Dr. Bennett, since you're familiar with New York as well, where would you suggest I take my cousin to give him the best taste of the place?"

Hesper smiles to Taylor once she settles beside her and then nods over to Lisette and Milo. "I also have plans to visit New York before the Christmas season. I hear the windows are lit and it is like small little worlds take place within them. Perhaps there could be some planning in the future for a small party on holiday." And then her gaze lifts to Black and she once again offers that formal courtly curtsey that is well practiced and done with ease. The dip in her step allows the silk in her gown to rustle along the hem. "Cest un plaisir de vous rencontrer." She didn't forget to acknowledge Enzo, but he departs so quickly!

By now Taylor is standiing silently beside Hesper offering her full attentions to whomever might be speaking at any given time. Evidently not entirely comfortable in this particular setting but in possession of that which ensures ease of movement higher social circles, beauty. It is not a normal series of charming features, she is quite truely akin to the 'Aphrodite of Cnidus' as are her facial features and tone of the voice so completely angelic in their delievery that one aware of the supernatural could not help but be suspicious of this individual. That said, she smiles politely when needed, touches the side of her hair from time to time and even laughs charmingly should something amusing be said.

Milo grins. "Perhaps we should make make it a small party trip, if you are already planning on visiting the city and would like to join us? I would be in great shape, with two such excellent guides by my side."

Viktor listens to the introductions and bows politely to those who talk to him but otherwise seems to be a little distant and, dare one say, distracted. His gaze wandering the rooms even as his lips form into polite smiles and his head dips into nods as appropriate.

Andrew hrms a bit at Lisette's question and considers this for a moment. "Well, the things I enjoy may or may not be the things that you guys enjoy. I mean...Broadway, The Met, New York Symphony, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, any of the museums, Lincoln Center, Central Park...really anything, can't go wrong, it is New York!" He chuckles a bit at this and then turns his attention to Hesper, leaning in to whisper something to her.

Mila wanders into the ball, late. She shudders a little bit as she shakes off the wind chill. She looks about and sighs. "Damn, buggers making me friggin late, damn cops needing me to track down a convict." She grumbles annoyed. She sighs as she sees Violet and offers a wave and a tired smile. Then looks at the rest, clearly not knowing who they are.

"Oh, yes, you should join us, Ms Honeywood," Lisette enthuses in agreement with Milo. "Best to go after Thanksgiving to see the windows. We can make a real trip of it. There is really," with an agreeable nod to Andrew, "Far too much to see in one short weekend." Her gaze shifts to those that are quiet, flicking from one to the next, asking with interest, "Have you traveled to New York before, Marquess Black? Ms Watts? Mr Abernathy?"

"Je vous remercie," Black takes a moment to offer back to Hesper, then he takes a moment to smile towards Milo, an almost feral quirk of his lips into a cheshire grin, and feline look in his gaze. "Indeed we have," he admits, after a moment, while he seems to think for a moment. He then slides up his wrist cuff in a casual move, and checks the time, before he lowers it. He takes a moment to watch Taylor, but then afterwards he lets out a small, wistful sigh. "While it was a pleasure, I'm afraid I came to but sample the ball, and now I must away. To the Hostess, I offer my sincere gratitude, if you would but catch me at a better time, I'd love to speak with you."

Then, on quiet feet, he backs up, observes the farewell of his own with an incline, waits for proper farewells from others, or at the least, to see them back to business, and then moves to the door only once he knows that it is proper to do so.

Amadei, who's just arrived, watches Black pass by much interest, and even turns around to watch him walk off. Tsk! And he turns back in an elegant swirl, and surveys the party and its partygoers. Perhaps he'll stay, perhaps he won't.

"Well, I had a brief visit some time ago." Viktor answers Lisette after a few moments, tone polite but a little uncertain. "Wasn't... wasn't the best tourist experience I've had honestly, but I can't say that was any fault of the city's really. Just poor weather and bad luck conspiring against me I think."

Hesper laughs softly to Milo's suggestion. "I wouldn't be a very good guide to you Mr. Cavanaugh, as I have not visited the city of New York before. But I do intend to read several guides and to review it's history before the arrival in order to appreciate all it has to offer." And then as if half expecting a prediction of the question Andrew poses to her in that whisper, she offers an apology. "Please forgive. Dr. Andrew Bennett, may I please formally introduce to my dear friend, Miss Taylor Watts." As she knows Taylor is the breathtaking beauty goddess of the ball this evening, she may step to the side closer to Dr. Abernathy so the two can become more acquainted. "She is more like a sister to me. So please be well behaved!" A gest to Andrew, surely. Her eyes convey her own happiness as she speaks to Viktor next, "I'm glad you are here."

Violet sees Mila enter she goes to greet. "Hey Welcome Mila. Long time." She Smooches Mila on both cheeks like an italian. "I was going to stay for a dance. But I had one of the caterers faint on me. I may need to step out to check on her."

Mila nods to Black and steps out of the way of him. Looking about at the gathered people. She rolls her small shoulders slightly. Those blue eyes looking about, clearly sizing up the company. She sees Violet approach and relaxes until the smooching happens, her face reddens slightly (greens for those who see her mien). "H-hey, Violet, and if ya want a dance I can if you'd like, and if you want me to check on her with ya I got first aid trainin, sides, I already see my date isn't here... which means she didn't come or I'm in deeeeeep trouble..." She sighs. Knowing its probably the latter.

While it is a mildly strange moment as Taylor recognises that Black is giving her a hard look, but she faces such with a deep breath and turns her attentions to Lisette. "I believe I played some hockey in New York some years ago, but it was an in and out sort of affair, no time for sight-seeing." she remarks in her whispy voice, soft and smooth. "We used to play all over the place but it was not very often that we got to walk around and the tournaments usually lasted all weekend." Such is pleasantly said to Lisette, though her attentions are naturally drawn to Hesper. Being described as the 'Goddess' of the ball seems to redden her face to the colour of a tomato, "That is kind of you to say..." she replies with another strengthening deep breath before looking on Hesper's man friend, "Doctor Bennett, it is a pleasure to meet you." A curtsey is offered, as is expected by Hesper. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

When Hesper apologies, Andrew nods, but looks at her with a smile, and then there is the introduction to Taylor chuckling a bit at her comment about being well behaved. He holds out his hand to her in greeting and nods politely to her. "Hell, Ms. Watts. No, the pleasure is all mine. Hesper has spoken of you very highly, and I am glad I have had the opportunity to meet you. I met the good Doctor earlier, and Hesper lights up everytime she speaks of you both. I am glad that the two of you bring her so much joy in her life. And, I must apologize for not making the dinner last Monday. We had an emergency come up wiith the symphony, a member suddenly fell ill and I had to quickly find a replacement on short notice. I hope the four of us can have that dinner soon?"

Milo smiles at Lisette's urging to Hesper, and frowns slightly at Black's hasty retreat. He appears to have wanted to talk more with the man, but it will have to wait for another day. He looks at Taylor and gives a slight bow in greeting, raising a slight eyebrow for a moment and then turning to Hesper. "Ah, well there is definitely much to discover - even if some of us want to visit a library along the way." This last is said with a teasing look at Lisette, before he adds "Though I've been told the club Provocateur is a good spot to visit as well, and I should be able to get us in."