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A Holey Man is Made
Dramatis Personae

Dutch & Roman for Plot Stew run by PlagueRoot


Dutch finds a holey man.


Forest North of Crows Hollow

The evening is sticky hot. It's uncomfortable for those that are already rather warm. The woods around Dutch's place and all the way to Roman's place are eerily silent. No sounds of nature, no even grubs in the dirt. There is no wind so not even the trees are making noise. There is the sound of glass breaking but it could have been anywhere since the silence allows the sounds to carry but oddly there is nothing after that. Back to silence.

Dutch had been out wandering through the woods around his old family home, following the creek to find the best spot to add in a wheel-house and apiary. There is a peacefulness that he has which usually isn't seen while others are around. Nature, with few other things, tends to soothe the internal Rage that he always feels. He is a little lost in his musings, surveying the land, looking at trees, and even tossing rocks to test the depths of the water in various areas. Such that it is a few minutes before he realizes that the silence has fallen over the area, and as soon as he does he focuses more intently, searching for any sign of what may have caused it.

Dutch to Here Rolled 1 Success < 2 2 4 5 5 9 > Wits + Investigation [No Flags]

Dutch to Here Rolled 4 Successes < 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 9 9 9 10 > Wits + Composure [Rote]

Just looking around one will notice that the animals haven't left. There are no trails of them running away. They seemed to just stop and become silent. Through the trees shadows lurk and towards Roman's house there is one BIG shadow. Bigger than Roman would ever be even in Gauru form. Even at this distance little details can be made out. Legs lifting and dropping and the moon lightly reflecting on something on the legs that are rising and falling. Though near the front of the giant figure one of the legs is not holding up as well as the others. It's moving away from Dutch and away from Roman's cottage but it's big and silent. With trained observation, Dutch would see many smaller creatures following after the big one. Smaller via the size of a wolf but multiple legs, skittering away. The giant form stops and turns quickly grabbing something from a bush. The sound the creature makes, that was definitely a deer dying. The giant thing and it's little ones rush off with their prey.

As the large shadow looms Dutch immediately crouches down, eyes focusing but unable to get much through the darkness. Carefully he focuses on shifting, quietly taking the shape of Urhan to slink through the shadows himself. He doesn't move so much as to follow them, but to loop around where they have passed and see what his heightened senses can pick out from the things.

Dutch to Here Rolled 4 Successes < 1 1 2 3 3 5 6 8 8 9 9 > Stamina + Primal-Urge [No Flags]

Dutch to Here Rolled 1 Success < 2 2 2 2 3 7 8 > Dexterity + Stealth [No Flags] Roman to Here Rolled 0 Success < 4 > 1 [No Flags]

Where they have been it's easily enough to find as trees have been felled to make room for the giant form walking through. There is blood from the animals they have eaten and small pieces of glittering metal reflecting the moonlight. Following their trail leads deep into the forest near Roman's house. One of the little creatures stops and turns around. They are far enough away though that the dog sized creature makes a sound from it's throat which is unnatural before the giant one turns and another unearthly call rings out. The creature looks between the big one and the wolf and back and forth before skittering after the big one. They've made the decision not to follow the sound the little one heard. Though the closer to Roman's house the more destruction is revealed. Trees down, blood of animals, and blood of one other.

Dutch to Here Rolled 0 Success < 1 2 2 3 4 4 > Wits + Investigation [No Flags]

The wolf barely even pays attention to the metal, as if it doesn't matter at all. When the creature stops to turn back towards him he freezes, hunkering low with the pending urge of fight or flight making his body nearly thrum. As the decision is made not to chase, however, Dutch decides the trailing has gone on long enough by himself. He angles off, still quietly making his way through the woods towards roman's cabin, the greater signs of destruction making the approach begin to feel something like dread.

Dutch to Here Rolled 4 Successes < 2 2 6 6 7 8 9 10 10 > Survival + Wits [No Flags]

Getting closer to Roman's cabin, the smell of fear is in the air. His two massive mastiffs aren't to be seen but they can be smelt all around and their heart beats are evident, very quick. The fear is coming from them and they are currently hiding. The house is completely dark and there are no signs of movement. Though it appears Nina left at some point before any destruction. The property of Roman's house is mostly intact. Near the back of the house, the trees have been torn up, there are claw marks in the ground and what appears to be deep very large needle pokes into the ground. Just based off the ground and the surrounding area, a fight took place here and based off the things Dutch has seen, there was a clear winner.

Dutch senses the pups, but they are not the priority right now. He scans the yard, circling it as he finds the patches of blood from his brother. Not finding anything more substantial he does head to the porch of the cabin, shifting back to Hishu as he heads for the door, opening it to check inside to see if anyone else is there.

The door opens up to the house. It's destroyed. There was a fight inside it seems too. Though now there is a lot more of Roman's blood. It's a little dryer inside so the blood outside is fresher. There are three dead dog sized spiders in the living room and one on the stairs. The glass breaking which was hear earlier was the glass door to the backyard. The fight must have started inside and gone outside.

Dutch curses in the First Tongue, heading out the back door back into the yard and looking at the trail that is leading off into the woods. There is a moment of thought, and then he s shifting back to Urhan to head off through the woods once more and follow these things as he searches for Roman.

Dutch to Here Rolled 5 Successes for an exceptional success. < 1 1 3 5 7 8 9 10 10 10 > Survival + Wits [No Flags]

The more he searches the more little pieces of glittering metal are obvious and they are mixed with blood. Breaking off from the giant trail that the big creature has left there is a smaller trail and Roman's blood rather high up on one of the trees. The trail is odd as it is staggering but it becomes more solid as it goes down to the embankment of the small creek. The scent of blood is oddly fresh on the water.

Dutch follows the trail until it splits. He looks from one to the other and chooses the one that carries Roman's scent more strongly, following it as it staggers till he reaches the water. The russet wolf pads around, following the scent and then looks to the water itself, stepping out into the coolness of the creek and plunging his head under to look around and see if he can find anything.

The scent of Roman is in the water but not under it. Further down the bank, there is a glittering metal stiletto about four feet long and looks to be a wine bottle thick and it tapers downward, and it's in what appears to be a giant log.

The wolf shakes to get the water from his coat, and looks down towards the bank where the scent is coming from. He heads that way, moving quickly but still trying to maintain some semblence of stealth. The Rahu's pride is not so great he thinks that he could take that host of creatures alone.

Dutch to Here Rolled 4 Successes < 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 7 7 8 8 9 10 > Wits + Composure [Rote]

The log isn't a log at all but a very muddy Roman, impaled through the abdoment. He's bleeding from his neck, his arms and legs. It seems that some of those creatures took bites out of him and the big one just decided to step on him. The glittering metal is silver.

Dutch rushes over as he realizes the log is not actually a log, but his quarry. As he approaches he shifts back to Hishu, kneeling down next to the man, very naked from the multiple changes. He reaches down to check for vitals first, pulse, lifting of the lids to check his eyes, and then a quick look over Roman to see if there is any serious bleeding wound aside from the massive shard of silver impaling him, "Hey, hey... Roman... brother it's Dutch. You with me man?" he says, his voice the practiced calm that he picked up working as a medic in a warzone years ago.

Dutch to Here Rolled 0 Success < 1 1 2 2 2 5 6 7 > Composure + Medicine [No Flags]

While checking for a pulse, can't seem to find one. His eyes though are moving a little when his eye lids are open. Roman doesn't move at all. Based on how he's landed, he was thrown through the trees and rolled down here. His legs and arms are all twisted like branches. While Dutch is smart not to fight those things alone, Roman defended his home with what Dutch can only assume is his life.

Dutch looks around, for anything that might be of use, but as it is this is not the place for a hasty attempt at saving Roman's life. He knows enough to know that. Carefully he shifts the other Rahu, big arms wrapping around him to lift up to his chest and begin carrying him out. A glance is given to night sky, a quick glance off in the direction of each place, and then Dutch is headed off towards his own. It's intact, and he knows what medical supplies he has there.

A groan from the other Rahu comes when he's lifted up. He's mumbling something that can be heard with the silence of the forest. "Get off my property, you aren't welcome here." His voice is very quiet and he moves his hand a little before dropping it. The mud all over Roman is making him a little slippery to hold on to.

GAME: Dutch shifts into Hishu form.

It isn't a long distance, but any distance carrying a broken friend is too long. The way is well-known to him though, much time spent out there since he came back, and even in the dark he is able to find his way home with little trouble. It's when he gets there that the real trial begins though. The front door is kicked open, and Roman is laid out on the couch. Dutch's things are still in large duffels in the kitchen mostly, and he heads to two of them, clearly old military bags, and pulls them across the floor over to the couch. Moving like a manic he heads back to the sink, throwing on the hot water, and pulls out a large pot, and several rags, getting everything he will need to tray and save Roman's life.

Dutch to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 1 1 1 4 6 6 9 10 10 > Intelligence + Medicine + 1 [No Flags]

The impaled piece doesn't move much. The mud covering Roman's body is also hiding silver poisoning from that foreign body. The longer the silver stiletto is in his body the more damage it's doing. His healing already slowing to that of a human, perhaps even worse. His bleeding is slowing which based on the slower healing, it's not that it's healing it's that his heart is slowing down.

Biggest issue first. The wound site around the large piece of silver is wiped clean, and then Dutch grips it, grimmacing from the discomfort. A short pause and then a quick yank to dislodge the thing. A quick dash of disinfectant is poured into the wound, and then he rips a bag of hemostatic agent and pours it in as well, a clean rag pressed to it. This isn't pretty, but it has saved lives defore. WIth the large piece out, he checks the opposite side to see if it went through, addressing that part of the wound as well, and then begins methodically cleaning piece by piece of Roman's body, tending to major wounds as he finds them, and leaving any minor ones till he has done the initial search.

The pull of the stiletto causes the heart rate of the other Rahu to rise so more blood is pumping through him. Little pieces of silver are lodged in the skin around the entry and exit and probably inside the wound. The wound on his neck is not bad at all. An angry love bite. The wound on his leg is not bad either, the three or four on his arms are brutal and to the bone almost. His shoulderblade is exposed with rolled flesh and he does have cuts from the trees, bark, and rolling down a hill.

Dutch sets in for the long haul, the initial pass over done he goes back to the silver bits first. He uses tweezers to grab the pieces he can see, pulling a lamp over and using it to make it easier to catch the glittering pieces of metal. This takes the longest, making sure that all of them are out, or as much as he can find. The limbs are next. First the bones, making sure they are intact, and if not setting them, lacerations pulled closed and stitched hastily. Enough to keep them together while the body's natural healing returns, but quickly enough to not waste time on the other wounds as well. It is not easy working ona couch, and he has to lift him and re-arrange him more than once, especially when it comes to the back. THe site is cleaned, and then the skin is peels back down over the scapula, again some hasty stithches to hold it in place long enough, for now. "They fucked you up good brother..." he mutters under his breath, just one of a string of things he says as he works on Roman, just talking to him even though he has not been responsive.

The giant Rahu isn't healing very fast. Silver poisoning is a bitch. Though the more that Dutch helps with closing the wounds, the more Roman becomes a little awake. When he's move to his face so his back can be worked on, his arm on the floor starts rotating like one would when cleaning a floor. He lifts it, dips it into his imaginary bucket and then goes back to trying to scrub the floor. He's still not quite responsive but at least he's imagining things, though that thing is cleaning. His bruises are healing slowly which shows that each little piece of silver pulled out is helping.

At the end once all the worst of the wounds are tended he goes to bandaging, antiseptic and ointment put on each, white gauze and medical tape making a proverbial mummy out of the other Rahu. This is the easy part, immobilizers placed on arms or legs where needed as well, and the final touch is an IV bag. It is just saline, but it at least helps to rehydrate after the blood loss, and Dutch hangs the bag from the lamp that he leaves beside the couch. He takes a nearby chair for himself, sitting there with Roman as the healing starts. This will be a long time coming, but he is pretty sure he will at least pull through.

The giant Rahu is resting as he's all tied up. After a few moments, he grumbles quietly. "Nina home soon...need to clean." He tries his best to sit up which he thinks he does as his legs move a little like a dog walking in it's sleep. He is breathing well which is good. No lung damage which means no heart damage. Though his abdomen is another story. His eyes open a little and he tries to look around. "Gotta clean up my mess...don't want to scare Nina..."

Dutch is there as his eyes open, and he reaches out to lay a hand on his chest, helping keep him laying back even though he doesn't think it's needed. "Roman. It's fine. We'll get your place cleaned up, Nina's not there yet so don't worry." While the delirium is still set in he just acquiesces, no need to add confusion to the pain and trauma addled brain.

Roman looks up to Dutch. He watches him for a few minutes before he finally speaks. "You know how...some guys are like 'I hope she steps on me' and they think that's hot. Dude it hurts." He looks down and sees all the bandages and he's thinking through what happened before he closes his eyes and leans his head back. "Protip...avoid being stepped on."

There is a laugh from Dutch, and he nods, "I think when they say it they have girls like Eevie in mind. Not Bertha Spiders." he says, rubbing Roman's chest and then sitting back. "You want somethin? got some beer, water, whiskey..." He stands to head to the kitchen, grabbing a glass and a bottle of an amber liquid from the cupboard. He turns back to look at him, "Looks like you gave 'em hell though. I'll head over at first light and start on the repairs to the doors. Keep the elements out. Just need to sit with you and make sure nothing major happens till then. Once that's done and you feel up to it I can get you back home. Till then? Mi casa es su casa."

There is a small grumble. He nods his head and answers, "yes" to what he wants. He lays there on the couch and turns his head to look at the ground and try to find hints to really how hurt he is. He does ache. "The house has to stay safe. She cannot stay alone there." He takes a deep breath. "Please. I'll be okay here." His eyes close as he rests on the couch. "Where are my dogs?"

Dutch brings back the glass to Roman, keeping the bottle for himself. He sits back down in the chair and takes a long drink from it. It's been a hectic last hour or so. "Nina will be fine. I have her number and I'll tell her to come here till we get everything squared away. It's only a couple hours till sunrise. You'll have some sleep by then and I can make sure you don't die with your eyes closed." he says, taking another drink of the smooth bourbon. "Your dogs are safe. They knew to hide. I was by your place before I found you, tracked you back to where you were thrown and carried you here. I'll bring them back with me after I close up the hole."

The giant Rahu looks at the glass and then his arms. "I'm okay." He gives up a little. There is a little huff. "Sleep isn't going to kill me. Big spider ladies might." He frowns a little. There is a little nod of his head and he breathes a sigh of relief. "They are my family too. They have stayed with me for five years. From when I was feral to when I was normal." He takes a small breath and closes his eyes. "Dutch... there are a lot of them. Be careful out there."

Dutch is looking off over the couch, out the window to the front yard. He nods, "They'll be safe, and welcome here just like you are." he smiles at that, and looks back to Roman. "I saw them. They walked by me in the woods. Almost saw me, the heard of little ones caught notice but the big bitch screamed at them and they followed after. I'm guessing they got their fill of whatever they were after with you." He shifts in his chair some, leaning forward on his knees and looking down at the floor, "I'm not a doctor but I'm close enough to tell you to just lay there for a while. If I had been 10 minutes later you would have died."

Roman keeps his eyes closed as he listens to his brother. He grunts quietly. "They broke into my house. I think I killed two of them." He speaks softly. "Mom came when the others started screaming. I tried to get her out of my territory." He makes a small noise as he tries to move a little. "I'm glad she left." He nods slowly and listens. "Then thanks for finding me in time. Really don't need my tombstone to read 'He died how he lived. Slowly and alone."

Dutch nods, offering a grim smile, "Yeah, you won't be dying anytime soon. And not alone if I have anything to say about it." he chuckles, standing up and realizing he is still naked. He heads over to one of the bags and pulls out a pair of gym shorts to slip on. "She left a big trail. I'm gonna gather some folks and take off after her, seeing what we can learn. We need to know what the fuck is going on so we can defend ourselves. First is making sure our territories are secure and our people are safe though." He walks over to the counter where he has his phone plugged in and charging, and taps the screen to wake it and send a message to Nina. "There, she knows to come here when she is ready to go back."

Dutch to Here Rolled 0 Success < 2 > 1 [No Flags]

Roman takes a moment before finally opening his eyes. "We all die alone Dutch. It's whose beside us that helps the transition." He winces when he tries a deep breath. "Well she was pretty big." He listens to the plan and he nods his head. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes again, resting back against the couch. "It was a brood and a brood mother. Something was... not right. Other than the fact they were big spiders. Be careful. Bring only the most stealthy of us." He warns quietly. There is a wince and he takes another deep breath. He opens his mouth to speak and he seems to go unconscious.

Dutch leans forward to check on him as consciousness slips, making sure he is still breathing. He shakes his head, walking upstairs to grab a blanket and bring it down, throwing it over the Rahu while he sleeps. He takes a bottle of water out of the fridge and brings it over, setting it on the ground next to him, and then heads for the door to go and do what he said he would. Shouldn't take long to get to Roman's. Putting up a makeshift barrier over the doors is quick, gathering the doggos to bring back, and leaving a note for Nina just in case she didn't get the message. All in all he is back pretty quickly, not much more than 2 hours before he opens the doors and lets the two dogs into the house and follows them inside.

The house was definitely bloody from the fight. The spiders are not super heavy, all abdomen. The dogs are easy to find and they are curled up under a downed tree whimpering. They don't trust Dutch right away but when they smell Roman on him they are easy to heard into the truck. Once they are released at his house though, pure chaos until the door opens and then more chaos. The female rushes right up to Roman and gets up, laying across his legs. The male knocks over the water, hits the IV pole and starts licking the big man's face who is still unconscious.

Dutch isn't the best as far as quick clean jobs go, but he does what he can to get the blood off the floor and anything else it is on, large sheets of thick visqueen stapled over the broken glass and doors to keep the elements out. All the dirty shit from cleaning in a bag and thrown in the back of his truck with the spikder corpses. He follows the dogs in and over to Roman as they jump up and start licking him, "Hey, hey, hey, shhhhh... calm down guys. He needs to rest." and he walks over to try and sooth their excitement, also to check on the Rahu as he sleeps/comas. "He's gonna be just fine, don't worry."

Both dogs look up to Dutch but it's the female that calms down and lays her head on his upper thigh and relaxes. The male turns on Dutch and barks at him, annoyed at the condition of Roman. His tail is up showing he's trying to be dominate. He postures up a little before Roman quietly clicks his tongue to the roof of his mouth. The dog turns and moves over to the couch sitting and watching him intently. He must have heard the sound in his dream and done what he always does. The Rahu has two great protectors at the moment. The corpses of the spiders are mostly all cold, except one. One seems to be warming up slightly.

With the dogs calming down it gives Dutch the chance to head out and tend to the corpses. He has a shed off to the side of the house that is reserved for the old shit that was in the house and around the yard when he got back, and he opens the front door of that. There are some large trunks inside, nothing fancy but old, musty things that probably held clothing or toys or who knows what in years past. He sets them all out and opens them, beginning to move the carcasses of the dead spiders over to them for holding and to try and keep the animals and pests away. Also serves as a way to try and keep their ichor from getting everywhere and make it easier to transport if needed. One at a time he goes to moving them, until he gets to the one that is warming, and he looks down at the thing concerned.

Dutch to Here Rolled 2 Successes < 1 1 3 5 6 6 7 9 10 > Wits + Medicine [No Flags]

The one that's warming up is breathing slowly, healing from it's injuries. It's not awake and seems to be in a coma state much like Roman is. It's limp and not moving. The dog sized spider is just trying to heal from being it's butt kicked by a werewolf. The dogs at least are keeping Roman safe where as this creature has no one keeping it safe.

Dutch curses under his breath as he realizes the thing is still alive. He walks over and grabs a hammer from his toolbox in the back, and raises it to beat the creature's head in, but pauses. The hammer lowers slightly as he considers. He looks around the yard, seeing if he can find something that would hold a spider this large. The best he has is a steel drum that looks like it held oil or something at one point. He gets it and brings it over to the truck. He grabs a shovel and starts to dig, keeping an eye on the thing as he does, intent on making a hole big enoguh to snuggly bury the drum so that the weight of the earth can reinforce the sides.

Dutch to Here Rolled 4 Successes < 2 2 4 4 7 8 9 10 10 > Wits + Survival [No Flags]

The creature just doesn't move as Dutch preps. Though it's clear that the spider breathes the air and eats meat so perhaps locking a golden retriever size spider in an oil drum might actually kill it as well. The spiders little legs start to twitch as it starts to wake up a little. It's slow though, the movements and how it's trying it's best to just get up and keep going.

Dutch dumps the thing into the oil drum, leaving the top off of it and instead getting a scrap of metal grating and tossing it over the top of the drum. By itself it won't keep the thing in, but it will let air out. He gets in his truck, and pulls forward, backing up enough that the rear tire is on top of the grate and holding it down. He shuts off the engine and goes back to test his handiwork, grabbing the grate and lifting to see how easy it is to budge. "This ain't perfect, but someone's bound to know better 'an me." he says, standing back upright and looking down into the darkness of the drum.

From the darkness of the drum, legs reach forward trying to push the truck off the grate. Then a sorrowfilled whine comes out of the darkness. Another quieter whine filled with sadness and pain before silence. The big spider seemingly have given up for the moment until his songs come from the grate. It's not too loud but it's definitely a sad song.

Dutch watches the thing and makes sure it won't be able to lift the truck, but truthfully not many things are that strong, thankfully. Content that it won't be going anywhere he tends to the other corpses, putting them int he boxes and making sure they are not similarly coming back to life as this one. He listens to the song though, and the melancholy of it does reach him. He is a being of Rage, but when it cools down often it is sorrow that remains, and so it is just as much a home for him.

Dutch to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 7 7 7 9 9 9 > Wits + Composure [Rote]

The spider continues his sad song before he goes silent again. As Dutch is dealing with the corpses a small spider, the foot of the spider reaches up to try to push the car off but when it can't, the little leg goes hits at the grate a few times in annoyance before disappearing again in the darkness. Then there are multiple feet, kick kick kick kick kick flail. Then they disappear. It's clearly tried. The head of the spider pushes up against the grate looking around with all it's eyes. It disappears inside the oil drum and whines rather loudly again. A tiny spider, the size of a tea cup yorkie, sneaks around and rushes over to their sibling before squeezing between the grate steal. The sadness is quickly silenced as the two spiders relax quietly in the dark. That being said, there are no other spiders around.

Dutch sees the other spider, and a shudder runs down his spine. These things were not seen here in the last few days. It's like someone walking over your grave. He stacks the boxes of the spider corpses in the corner and shuts the door on the shed, pulling an old chain through and locking it with an older lock, the key going in his pocket. He heads back to the house then, and grabs a hunk of pork from the refrigerator, pulling it into pieces and walks back out to the drum, dropping them down into the drum. "No sense keeping you alive just to starve you to death." he says, taking a deep breath as he runs a hand through his hair.

When the pieces get tossed in a little tiny spider foot reaches out, feeling around for Dutch before disappearing again. The sounds of eating is easily heard from the darkness. A little spider face appears and looks around before staring at Dutch. A slow blink before the little spider disappears again into the darkness. The sounds of chittering can be heard and the big one appears. Now two faces are staring at Dutch, blinking with all their eyes and just watching him.

He tears off more of the meat and tosses it down into the grate again, looking back at the two spiders, one larger. "Well I'll be damned. You'd be pretty cute if you weren't so creepy. Need to get to the bottom of why you and your kind are in these woods, and why you attacked one of us." he says, the last of the meat tossed into the barrel. He kneels down, resting his elbows on his knees and just watching, listening to them.

The larger one's long limb comes out of the grate and lightly taps the top of Dutch's foot before the rest of the meat is tossed in. They seem to be chattering together in their own language as they eat. It doesn't take long before they are asleep and any look into the barrel will show the tiny spider sleeping on top of the abdomen of the bigger spider. They aren't wining at least.