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A Conflict of Opposing Perspectives
Dramatis Personae

Bjorn, Dani, Jorgee (NPC), and Thorn

March 3rd, 2021

After the family meeting the night before Dani and Bjorn wake, converse and have breakfast then have a meeting with Warmaster Thorn. The Legionnaire from the Court of Wrath's perspective on the Hedge and Hobs, as well as an assumption about Dani's motive behind the meeting, lead the trio to have some harsh words between them before the Ogre departs and the couple go pick up lunch together.


Starts in Dani's Room in the Wagner Longhouse on Rising Moon Island and transitions to the New Redoubt Square in the Hedge

When Bjorn came into Dani's room last night he would have found her curled up in the middle of her queen-sized bed wearing a long t-shirt as a nightgown and with her throwing knife garter set worn on her left thigh. Jorgee, however, would have been awake and pointed out a blanket and a pillow that the Norweian man could take without disturbing her changeling and offering, in Norweian, to talk further if Bjorn wanted.

Bjorn comes in and smiles softly at Dani hell move to her and place a soft kiss upon her head. Before gently placing her own blanket over her and grabbing the pillow and blanket Jorgee pointed to. He finds a spot on the floor and curls up close to the bed before responding in Norwegian. "<<You speak the old tongue interesting. You're a smart bug my friend.>>"

"<<I do, yes,>>" Jorgee responds and then says, "<<Thank you and sleep well, Bjorn.>>" He then goes quiet unless spoken to further to allow the two changelings to sleep.

Bjorn closes his eyes and wraps the blanket around himself. He drifts off to sleep.

In the morning, Dani stretches listlessly for a moment until she detects the scent of Bjorn - familiar of course but also not normally present in this location - after which she stiffens slightly and curls upward into a seated position. "<<How long has he slept, Jorgee,>>" she asks her ladybeetle companion in Icelandic.

"<<Hours,>>" is the hob's response, after all he hadn't been bothered to check the time. This response seems to satisfy Dani as she nods and picks up a small throw pillow which she, with expert aim, tosses at the sleeping figure on her floor. "Hey there," she says not overly loud but not softly either.

Bjorn starts and sits bolt upright reaching for a blade that isn't quite there or rather isn't there anymore. He then realizes where he is and the voice that speaks to him and immediately relaxes. "<<Oh mornin' Dani.>>" He says to her in Icelandic hoping this will impress her or at the very least make her happy.

The use of Icelandic does cause the scantily clad beast to smile in a fashion that while not unkind does have a touch of the feral in it. Dani then replies, "<<Surprise surprise,>>" in the same language as she gives a questioning glance to Jorgee which replies to with a slow shake of his body side to side, pantomiming the shaking of a head to the negative. "<<Good reflexes,>>" Dani says regarding the observed reach for a weapon, "<<But do try to remember where you sleep and who else is present.>>" That last is said with a soft chuckle, she's not chastizing as much as joking about the situation.

Bjorn chuckles getting up and sitting on the bed beside Dani hell lift here chin with a finger and give her a kiss. "Thank you for the compliment, some habits are hard to break." He chuckles. "But once Asger has gotten me those blades done and I have them I'll be drawing rapidly again." He chuckles. "Sonja she's interesting. Told me to come tend to you but not to be too loud as she's the neighbor." Bjorn states with a laugh.

Dani blushes and, switching to English herself, says, "I'm still getting used to this post sexual-revolution world," referring to the well-known era that started years after she was Taken. "Thank you for not joining me on the bed," she says, explaining, "I too have quick reflexes and unlike you I don't have to draw a weapon to draw blood," which she illustrates by wriggling her finger-nail like claws.

Bjorn smiles and nods. "Hey I was taken at 15 so truth be told I'm not all that experienced myself. I felt the best thing was to sleep on the floor respect and all I know you were born in and well it's you Dani and I want you to feel safe and happy with me." He smiles before kissing her again a little more deeply this time as he activates cupids eye after meeting the catch.

Though the Wyrd, Bjorn senses an intense desire in Dani to remain free. This is a love of freedom that was born from the lack of it. Freedom of choice and freedom of will. Possibly a bit self-centered but with hints of the desire to help others gain and maintain the same... as long as it doesn't restrict her own.

Slipping of the bed, Dani stands and stretches again, a full body movement with her arms lifted above her head and an arch of her back.

"You are doing a good job at that, Bjorn," Dani says and then, almost changing her tone of voice but still not unkind, says, "Out. I'm going to change and I'm not doing so while you are in here," and then quickly adds, "There's a bathroom down the hall if you need it and weren't told where it was last night."

Bjorn laughs and stands up before walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist kissing her cheek. "Alright love I'll go and let you change. Just know I'll never ask you to give up your freedom no matter how serious we get. Though Sonja seems to think we are already pretty serious." He says before heading out to let Dani change.

Dani doesn't seem to know how to reply to Bjorn's statement and so just says, "Thanks," to him as he steps out the door. After fifteen minutes pass she lets him back into her room, she is now wearing one of her favored skirts made from a pair of jeans split up the inner seam and turned into a full bodied skirt with additional, paler blue denim. Along with this she wears her boots already and a t-shirt with a picture of cats piled up like ice cream on a mass-produced, flat-bottom cone. She asks him to brush her hair for her which he proceeds to do, carefully working knots out of it for her.

After the brushing she grabs her jacket and has Jorgee perch on her shoulder as she leads Bjorn out to the kitchen. She makes quick work of fixing scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast after which they head to the docks to travel back to the mainland. During their conversation she mentioned needing to try to find Thorn to tell him about the traders who were attacked in the hedge.

Somewhere along the way Jorgee flew off and return halfway to the mainland after which he started giving his changeling directions.

EDITOR'S NOTE: transitions to the New Redoubt Square in the Hedge occurs here.

Having been approached by Dani's bug, Thorn is expecting some company shortly. The ogre is here in the main square of the freehold hollow, looking as unimpressed and stoic as he normally does. He's set up shop by the pool with its clear water and basin filled with coins. He's standing there, arms at his sides, his gaze focused on nothing in particular in the middle distance. He looks like an android that hasn't been turned on yet - standing there with nothing to do, no apparently consciousness, just existing in that space while things go on around him. Presumably that will change when someone talks to him.

Following her hob beetle Jorgee, Dani enters the square from the Seabreeze hedgegate accompanied by Bjorn. She says, "I'm sorry for dragging you around on errands and meetings with family and sundry on and after your birthday," to the nearly six and a half foot tall draconic changeling. Arriving in the square she sees Thorn and says, "<<Thank you,>>" to Jorgee in Icelandic. Approaching Thorn she says, "I've been hoping to catch you, there was an attack on ... civilians perhaps? ... in the hedge last week that I thought you'd want to be aware of, Warmaster."

Bjorn chuckles and shakes his head. "No need to apologize. I enjoy spending time with you doesn't matter what we are doing." Bjorn says with a chuckle. "Ah War Master how are you?"

Thorn blinks slowly as Dani and Bjorn come in his direction, his focus shifting and settling upon Dani, "All right." is all he says for a moment, turning his attention to Bjorn and offering the man a curt nod. The ogre shifts his weight slightly and then crosses his arms over his chest as he looks to the pair. His expression is somewhat expectant but he actually uses his words, "Well? What happened? What civilians? What do you mean civilians. In the Hedge?"

"A family of traders, hobs yes but hobs are people too," Dani starts. "The child had run away and got my attention. The parents had been subdued by the three attackers and their wagon had disabled one of those when he tried to steal from them." She pauses, looking to see what Thorn's reaction to the identity of the victims will be. Knowing that Bjorn has heard the story she's with him and aware of him but not focused on him for the moment.

Bjorn smiles and nods keeping quiet but putting his arm around Dani. He nods to her and waits for Dani to continue.

"We are people. Hobs are creatures of the Hedge. Many of them don't even look humanoid. They are not people. They are not members of the freehold." that's what Thorn's thinking on the matter is and, as per usual, he states that up front. "Did the hobs attack any of the Lost? Or attack any places the Lost control? We're not the police force of the Hedge. The Hedge is wild and dangerous. Horrible things happen. We cannot control that." he pauses briefly, staring at Dani and considering his words for what seems like an abnormally long period of time. "But if this particular group of aggressive hobs becomes emboldened or we see a pattern emerging that indicates a threat to the freehold, then perhaps something might be done. But what would you have me do about this?"

Dani stiffens slightly at the touch of Bjorn's arm but also leans into the half embrace showing that it's not unwelcomed. She frowns at Thorn's description of these hobs and shakes her head slightly before continuing. "Actually, the two survivors of the attack swore oaths to not hunt in these lands that would be binding though the third generation to follow them," she explains and then adds, "And all six of them, aggressors and victims were humanoid. Acted like people, looked... people-like. I see them as people." Yeah, this young woman definitely has a pro-Lesser Ones sentimentality.

Bjorn blinks at Thorns sentiments. "We don't police the hedge? Forgive me War Master but isn't that exactly the job of Hedge Wardens? To police the Hedge and keep it safe for those escaping to get here as well as protecting the innocents of the Hedge and taking out the villainous ones?" Bjorn asks curiously. "I mean saving hobs that need rescuing is the right thing to do, and add to it the fact that it can have benefits for the freehold such as things like Dani described. Just because they're different doesn't mean they aren't people or aren't deserving of respect or kindness right?"

"Their appearance is irrelevant." the ogre persists, giving Dani a slight shake of his head. "You can see them however you want, but they are not people. And again, they're not members of the Freehold." his attention shifts, arching a brow at Bjorn, "They are most assuredly not people. They are hobgoblins. if they were people they would be called Lost. Have a seeming and a kith. The Hedge Wardens control the Hedge by whatever means necessary, securing paths and communications for the good of the Lost. To make safe the Hedge for the Lost as much as possible. I don't care about hobs or what hobs are doing unless it is threatening the safety of the freehold. Hob theft is not one of those things. So."

Dani nods understandingly and steps out of Bjorn's half embrace to look up towards the ogre's face as she says, "Even so, there were threats on the trods. I was on my way to the Market when I was made aware of it and I helped make the trods safer," in a somewhat irritated tone of voice before following it up with a question: "Does that fall into the category of things that you find relevant, Thorn?" She's not angry, its clearly not worth that to her.

Bjorn shakes his head and chuckles. "Thats a very small view point my friend. I guess we differ in opinion on what the Hedge Wardens do. The group with which I seek entitlement, and I will follow how I see the views which is to keep the hedge safe for all not just lost." He says with a shrug. "But I'll not try and convince you, you're going to see it as you do and differences well thats all part of life nothing to get heated over yes?:

"Now you're changing things in order to seek my help. First it's hobs stealing from hobs. Now it's a threat to a trod." Thorn tilts his head to one side, lips tugging into a frown. In the end, he shrugs, "I'm not saying you can't do anything. Or that you should not. The Hedge Wardens may very well be interested. I am not one. If you're coming to me for the perspective of one of the Summer court, then this is not a threat. It's something to think about should things escalate. But otherwise?" he shrugs, "You must have perspective. An ability to assess threat. This feels wrong to you and it is. But our focus must be the Lost. More specifically, the sworn members of this Freehold. We can't do everything." some amount of sympathy slips into his tone and his expression softens until Bjorn speaks. Thorn turns slowly to fully face the man, "I am not your friend. You are a vapid, thoughtless idiot with no direction. You should think more carefully before you speak to me in the future unless you want to see what I can get heated over." he is quiet for a moment, his breathing slow, his dark eyes intense before he shifts his attention back to Dani, "I don't know any Hedge Wardens, unfortunately, so I don't know who to direct you to. If things escalate beyond petty crime, then I will be more interested."

Dani sighs at herself, its obvious she's the target in the way she is no longer targeting anyone else with her gaze, and then looks back up at Thorn. She gives him a sincere and apologetic smile. "I see the misunderstanding," she says to start her explanation. "I wasn't seeking your help specifically. I thought you would want to know that there had been at least a small group of reavers." She pauses and asks Bjorn and Thorn both, "Do people still say where there's smoke there's fire?" The attitude expressed towards Bjorn is noted but she doesn't move to do anything about it other than watch to see how the draconic fairest handles the situation.

Bjorn grins at Thorn in an amused but arrogant sort of way. "You believe it wise to insult someone you don't know? Someone you've never seen where their skills lie?" He asks with a laugh. "I see you are brash and quick to lash out over something trivial that's fine. Now that you've given me your assessment of me, allow me to do the same for you." Bjorn states before stepping forward and continuing on. "First things first I didn't say you were heated, I said a difference in opinion is nothing to get heated about. It was a statement, if you took it to mean you that's on you and perhaps than you were. However I think you to be small minded and isolationistic, which in some ways is great, but not ever at the expense of others being harmed. But you've got your views as do I even if yours can come off as small minded. As for not being my friend that's fine, I don't need you to be. That was more or less me attempting to keep things friendly, despite your shallow view on the world. And you sir should also think carefully before throwing insults at those you don't truly know." He then turns to Dani and smiles his expression softening. "Yes they do say where there's smoke there's fire, and I do believe that you're assessment of this situation is accurate. Though not everyone will share the same view we do."

Thorn nods once at Dani, "I tend to focus on solutions to problems if I feel the problems warrant it. It's good information to have but you're right, I assumed you wanted help. Or action. So, I understand." another nod, "But do go find a Hedge Warden. If a trod is potentially being threatened, they should know." he turns a blank stare at Bjorn and waits until the man speaks to Dani before blinking slowly, "I was looking at you, but I did not listen. I'm sure it was some blustering. So I am going to leave before you force me to hurt you. You are welcome." and as promised he turns to go, "If things start to develop in a more dangerous manner, Dani, let me know. I don't mean to discourage you from passing along information so if I did that, forgive me. That's not my intent."

A curt nod is Dani's first response to Thorn and then she said, "A few harsh words because of a onetime misunderstanding won't stop me from continuing to pass on the information. Also, maybe I should have lead with the fact that Bah asked me to tell you when I informed him." She shrugs, "So I'll accept some of the fault this time." She also smiled at Bjorn standing up for himself but the smile broadens at Thorn's "You are welcome" into an appreciative grin.

Bjorn grins and shakes his head waving Thorn off. "Stay safe in your travels." He says with a gruff laugh before offering his arm to Dani. "Shall I escort you home or would you like to go out somewhere?"

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following was a negotiated fade to black.

Dani suggests they go out to lunch. Bjorn takes her to a fast-casual restaurant that she'd never heard of before and the pair talk music with him sharing band and song names he's enjoyed as well as admitting to being a fan of Elvis himself as well as being a fan of the Temptations.