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A Beast, an Ogre, and a Werewolf Meet in the Woods - Family!

Welcome home Cousin

Dramatis Personae

Asger Bjornhammer, Corinthia Wagner (who was going by the alias Rieka at the time), and Dani Olsson

Dec 31st into January 1st, 2021

Dani completes her escape from Arcadia and is found by two of her Wagner cousins. One of whom, a fellow Changeling, asks her three extremely important questions.


North Crow Hollow Woods and the Wagner Longhouse on Rising Moon Isle

Asger was in the forest scouting it for pure. He moves slowly, his axe and shield on his back in the event he got into a fight. He looks about and sniffs the air, something seems amiss, and he can feel it and he begins to follow in the direction of this feeling.

Deep in the Hedge there has been quiet movement alternating between slow and steady or quick and frantic. Finally, somewhere near Asher a bush opens up and a young woman dashes out on all fours, hands and feet touching the ground momentarily as she then tucks into a roll and comes up on her feet in a crouch.

The young woman is wearing a leather jacket and boots, a dagger is attached to a belt at her waist and a set of smaller knives are strapped to her right thigh. She looks around, nervous, expression full of fear as she stares at the open bush as it collapses back into its normal appearance.

Rieka is out in the forest, something very common for her. Free running, leaping over downed trees and bushes, darting around rocks and standing trees.. Simply enjoying nature and her own exertion. A backpack gives off various food scents and she carries a short spear in one hand. headphones about her neck rather than on her head play a heavy beat, chanting music.

Asger makes his way throughout the woods to where Dani is and he looks to the woman. Asger looked like his father, Eivor. Eivor was in america in his youth, about the time when Dani vanished. He makes his way over to the woman and offers a hand. "Hey you alright?" He asks with concern.

Rieka senses the hedge gate opening, the glamour of it.. Well ok, a little black bird with her senses and tells her.. Good enough. One leap has her kicking off from a tree to make a hard turn, very soon nearing enough to hear voice. She slowly comes to a stop, sliding her spear up into a backpack cilender before breaching some bushes.

On hearing the male voice, Dani's head snaps so she's looking in his direction, her amber eyes possibly catching the light and shining in his direction as she does. Her hand moves towards the knives on her thigh and twitch as if considering something but instead she relaxes and takes the offered hand and pulls herself to her feet. "Evi... Eivor, right?" she asks him as her ears twitch at the noise of rustling bushes.

Asger watches the woman. "You look like my father's kin, but thats impossible..." He says as he studies the woman and he looks her over. He hears someone nearby and calls out. "Whoever is here, come help us!"

"I... I'm Dani Olsson," she says almost as if she's feeling out the name again, possibly saying it for the first time in a very long time. "You look like him but..." she frowns and puts a hand on the hilt of one of the throwing knives hanging from the garter around her thigh.

Rieka steps into the small clearing, bright eyes turning from one to the other while brows lift at the call for help. Lips part is a curious smile at the father's kin part before her head slowly tilts in a 'huh' expression. "Haaay Asger, what did you find?" An amused look at the other changeling.

"That's not possible, Dani Olsson died of old age." Asger as he looks to Rieka and he moves a hand to rest on Dani's hand on her hand. "This is Rieka, she is family." He says as he looks the woman over. He then looks to Rieka. "We need to get her back to the island. I do not trust these woods." he says calmly, not saying any more to it.

"Old age...?" Dani looks back and forth between the pair of people and frowns. "What about mama and Afi Oli?" she asks, referring to her grandfather (Oli Bertramsen) with the Icelandic word for grandfather before his given name. The island though, that's not concerning to her apparently because she just nods, assuming that its the one she remembers.

Rieka is soooo lost but Asger seems to have an idea what to do and the curly headed woman both sems to know him-ish and is ok with being taken off. "Well... Ok then, let's all take a hike together." Sooo curious, sooo lost. "Are you ok Danielle" She nods her head towards the hedge gate's direction.

OOC Note From the Editor: Scene change from the woods to a Wagner owned building on Rising Moon Island

Asger takes the two women to the longhouse on Rising Moon Island. He brings Dani over to a coach and begins to go about boiling water to make cocoa for the woman. "Oli died as well. The year is December 31 2020." He says as he returns to the woman and he studies her and then leans in to sniff her as if to determine something. "She isn't one of the people." He says calmly.

Rieka settles into a relaxed amusement as things progress and they travel, enjoying seeing where this all is going. "Well, as confusing and odd as this is.. It's a really safe place to be, and especially if worried about being chased. So there is that." She is not awesome at social manipulations but gives it a good honest try of reassurance and welcome. She is easy to read that way.

"Twenty-twenty..." Dani repeats as she takes a half step away from Asger towards Rieka who she addresses next. "You're the only thing that looks right other than the woods we were in, is what he's telling me correct?" she asks the ogre, seeming to trust her more than the man who claims not to be the person he resembles.

Asger watches the woman and he focuses on making the woman some cocoa as he pours the hot water in a wooden mug and he brings it over to Dani and offers it to her, studying her as he looks to Rieka.

Rieka gets it, yay her! "Ohhhhh shiiiieeeet, you are just back from The Long Trip?" She laughs softly at looking right. "I get that a lot." A wink and then she is nodding. "Yep two thousand and twenty, just ten days into winter." She nods to Asger about not being one of the people. "Of course being bran new, not investigated and sworn in.. Kindof makes you a danger, possible Loyalist or privateer." She looks as if she does not think that the case but holds it as a real possibility. Asger would know from some chats over the months, that those two terms are kindof sort of Fae equivalent of Pure, and in service to the worst kind of spirits.. The enemy. "You sooo need to make getting checked out and settled a huge priority." She sounds concerned for the other Ling. To Asger. "Think she is a new arrival and all out of sorts with current time.

Before she takes the offered mug, Dani sniffs at it suspiciously and then just holds it between her hands so that it starts warming her chilled fingers. She nods to the Ogre's question as it sounds right but she obviously also doesn't understand all the words in it. At the mention to loyalists and privateers she again looks confused but slowly shakes her head also. "I... am ally to nobody... but I miss my family," she says as talk about being checked out makes her take a half step away from Rieka now, moving closer to the tall provider of warmth and the appealing scent of chocolate.

Asger watches the two of them. "Stay out of the woods in Hanging hills and fallcoast, it is predator king's territory. They cannot touch manmade objects unless they made them themselves. Their goals is to destroy the world of man and restore the rule of the Anshega." He says calmly as he looks to the two of them. "There are three tribes of pure: Ivory claws, Fire touched and predator kings."

Rieka gives an amused smile at Dani's shifting towards one person or another. And then she finds something to lean one hip against while listening to Asger. "Well the predator Kings don't have it all wrong. Humans are full on destroying the world. Though would be great if there was a population plummet by mostly stopping breeding, rather than genocide." She sounds half joking. "So the big savage ones I have gotten into it with are Predator Kings, good to know." A breath then look at Dani. "Not allied with anyone is good, meaning the keepers, privateers or such. But I cannot stress enough how much safer and.... Hmm.. mentally and socially beneficial it is to become part of the Freehold."

Dani frowns with confusion again. She has the look of someone fighting with her instincts - which will win? Fight? or flight? She attempts to cover this by taking her first sip of the hot chocolate and then closes her eyes then murmurs softly as a slow shudder causes her hips and shoulders to gyrate with what seems, for all practical purposes, to be true orgasmic pleasure. "Chocolate," she says with the breathy exhalation of a woman saying a lover's name.

A blush paints across her cheeks and she says, "Um, okay, the Pure are bad," to Asger and then asks Rieka, "Like the Keepers?" only to immediately ask her, "Freehold?" Yeah, lets bombard her with information. She's not unintelligent though, just overwhelmed by sensations, information and the whole experience.

"While I won't deny, they are destroying this world, the Anshega would have all humanity as second class citizens, that anything not wolfblooded was not worth living, and those not Anshega to be slain on sight. The Uratha, my people, however see the value of the other races even if it means siding with vampires and mages and changelings like yourself." Asger explains as he stands and watches Dani. He then turns to Rieka. "Because the Uratha made the oath of the moon, we can actually touch silver, while the pure cant. when weaponized it still hurts us but it hurts the pure just as much."

Asger then nods. "I would offer to help you take her to your freehold but I wager certain members of your kind are fearful of other races like my kind is. In the meantime as long as she is here, she is safe, I swear it." He says calmly.

Rieka hmmms at all of this, considering and then after a few moments narrows herself. "Will so get into that later. And thanks but you would be shredded trying to get there. Ok so more on point. Let's get a few things in motion to get settled in." she gives a few soft whistles, receiving a returning song bird set of notes from a near by tree. "Would you please tell us what you last remember from before, what you remember from There, and if you have any loyalties to the True Fae, their agents, or any Privateers?"

"Before?" Dani starts with a question and nods. She sips at the hot chocolate again and comes away from the mug with a happy smile. "It was a night like any other. The next day was going to be a school day so I told my mother and Afi Oli good night and had gotten some sleep before a noise woke me," she starts as the smile fades with the recollection, her eyes locked on the wripples in the mug held snuggly between her hands. "The house was quiet. The glow of my clock hands showed me it was just before midnight but they weren't the only faint light in the room, as its eyes were gathering the starlight from outside my window..." she pauses and looks up at Rieka then to Asger as she interrupts her story to say, "It was the night of the new moon and the vernal equinox so there was no moonlight, I remember that clearly."

Asger nods as he listens to the girl's story and he remains silent as he watches the woman. He turns to Rieka to gauge her reaction before turning his gaze back to Dani. He doesn't say anything, nodding when she mentions the moon phase.

Rieka frowns some, maybe at not quite what she meant, or in sympathy of the story being about having been Taken. Shared trauma and all. Brawny arms hug about her own middle as she listens on.

Continuing her story where she interrupted herself, Dani keeps speaking. "It... he... no, it is better... it was The Cait Sith but I didn't know that yet." She pauses as somewhere in the house a clock strikes twelve times indicating that midnight has happened. The witching hour. A perfect time to speak of such spooky things. She glances at Asger and shakes her head then at Rieka and asks the other `Ling, "Do you know what it is like to be a mouse in the eyes of a cat?" She shakes her head and continues even as she notices Rieka's reaction to the question. "That was the first time I felt that way, and this was before it spoke," she says with the faintest nod to acknowledge how Rieka has been showing emotional support towards her though this whole mini-ordeal. "Then it spoke," she says and then, in an attempt to mimic the Gentry's voice, says, "'It is time for you to serrrve, promise maker,' is what it said to me. And then it was on me, its feet at the corners of my mattress and it picked me up in its maw and tossed me though the wall." She stops at that point and looks to see if Rieka shows any understanding of this part of the tale.

Asger simply listens and he makes a stern face at the mention of the gentry. He then turns to Rieka and points to Dani. "There is a way to kill these monsters, yes? Or is that what your kind tries to figure out with each night of freedom?" He asks calmly as he turns his face back to Dani. "Continue."

Rieka reaches up into her backpack and pulls her short spear free, the shaft growing down until it reaches the floor. Not in any way hostile or 'brandishing', as she leans on it. But showing further reaction, wanting comfort as she nods. And well, speaking of such things, at such times, further to connected to the old time of happening, can be dangerous. Her posture is protective and supportive, rather than threatening. To Asger she waggles a free hand. "Maybe.. Sometimes. They are like minor gods, and not minor in their realms." She nods along with the request to continue.

"The last thing I remember from before is it cutting off some of my hair and handing that and my nightgown to another who I could not see clearly to whom it said," and she makes the rumbly, purring like voice again, "'You saw where to go. Be and forget.'" She pauses and takes another draugh from the mug before continuing.

"What I remember from there? Oh...." She stops thinking and looks pained before saying, "Hiding, stalking, pouncing and sweet, sweet blood running down my lips..." her lips turn into a wain and furtive smile as she adds, "Not always mine I'll have you know," with a hint of pride in her voice. "Also sometimes war, but... those are different somehow," she again pauses and says, "I can't explain how though," as she looks apologetically to the cousins she seems to feel she's betraying by failing to remember more.

Asger listens as he watches the woman. He then moves to the hot water from earlier and pours himself some in a cup to make some cocoa. He then sips it as he watches the two. "So what do we do now?" He asks curiously of the woman.

Rieka glowers about the Keeper or perhaps Loyalist doing the Taking then nods slowly at a few points while listening to the vague impressions. 'Not always mine' and the show of spirit has her break into a smile of admiration. “Understandable, so hard to remember when first back, or know if memories are right. Mine still contradict each other at times. But now for the most important part, kindof. Are you loyal to or work for, or are aligned with any True Fae, Keepers, or Privateers/slavers?”

Dani was preparing to answer this question, not having forgotten it, but when asked again it seems to cause something in her to snap and she flexes her fingers against the mug. Were she stronger it might shatter but the mug is mighter than the maiden in this case. The strain of effort leads to her hands starting to shake, causing the still warm liquid to slosh but she somehow manages to keep it from spilling out over her hands.

"No!" she says a hiss that only Rieka can hear in her voice (her mask covering that, it simply sounds like the angry vehemence that the hiss is part of). So vehemently does she say the next words spittle leaves her mouth randomly, perhaps striking one or the other of the pair she's speaking with as she says, "I would never support them... now." That last is tinged with regret for things only remembered as fading impressions rather than with the clarity of true memory.

Asger watches the women and he nods to Rieka. "I think with luck she can be integrated in your society. I understand the need to prove their loyalty but surely we can tell now that she is loyal." He says calmly as he studies the woman. He then sips his cocoa and offers to pour Rieka some as well. He then looks to Dani. "Welcome home Cousin." He says calmly as he moves a hand to her shoulder.

Rieka mmms softly at the obvious stress shown, quite understanding of how that can be though her own return is several years in the past. There is a bird song, a positive and up lilted song, but.. Oddly a crappy one, the bird bad at singing. Rieka lifts a finger, which brings the bird down to perch upon for a quick whisper before it flits off northwards. She nods to Asger in agreement, smiling at his insight. "Just so. And thanks." She takes the offered mug, sips, then steps forward to try gathering both into a hug. She is a hugger... "Or is that auntie? Yes welcome home!"

The shock of the sudden hug causes Dani to let go of the mug which falls to the floor and shatters sending ceramics and the dredges of the hot chocolate scattered around her and Rieka's feet. She turns towards Asger again, as she apparently finds more comfort in the simple touch than in the full body bear hug she's receiving from the ogre - although she doesn't struggle agaist it either despite stiffening. "Thank you," she intones softly in that velvety voice of hers.

Asger nods to the woman as he turns to Rieka as he watches her hug the other woman. He then looks to the two. "We need to focus on getting her an ID. Sonja should be able to help with that." He says as he looks to the two women. "Sonja is the current head of the family, She should be able to help."