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80s, 90s and the New Year

A couple of hours of music with some information exchanged as well.

Dramatis Personae

DJ LoveFool, "Dee the Elvis Fan" and other anonymous callers

January 6th, 2021

First Radio Free Fae broadcast of 2021, 80s/90s and New Year's Resolution themed show.


Its a radio show, where do you think it was? *wink*

At 3:21:30pm EST on 6 Jan 2021, on the frequency Radio Free Fae is currently broadcasting on, DJ LoveFool says, “And now folks, DJ LoveFool wants to hear all about your New Year's Resolutions. Call in and let me know what you've resolved this year, what you've resolved and hilariously failed at in the past, or something you've succeeded at spectacularly. In the meantime, who remembers Aqua?” After she speaks a song begins to play.

A few minutes later DJ LoveFool says, “I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany.” And then that song begins.

After Tiffany's re-mix of the Beatles ends, DJ LoveFool says, “I would also love to play some of your requests. You know, if I like them. 80s and 90s people! Here's Paula Abdul with Opposites Attract.” and then the song begins.

DJ LoveFool says, “We have a request from Feather and I just gotta ask... Are you okay, Feather? DJ LoveFool is here for you, sweetheart.” After Paula finishes and then after she says “This is These Dreams by Heart.” to introduce the next song.

Next, DJ LoveFool says, “Does anyone else think Boy George is beautiful? Here's Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.” Then the song starts.

A few minutes later, representing Radio Free Fae, DJ LoveFool says, “Okay, since you are all too shy to share your resolutions, I'm going to share mine. This year I'm going to marry the love of my life, the queen of my heart, she whose beauty makes me weak. There you have it, the reason for my name. And now, Higher Love by Steve Winwood.” Then the song starts.

DJ LoveFool says, “Next a request from a first-time listener. It's not quite the right decade, but I'm gonna cut some slack since they gave me their resolution, which is "To get their feet fully under them in this new-old place." Been there, done that listener. I think we can all relate. Here's Hound Dog by Elvis Presley,” following Higher Love and then, after she's done speaking, the distinctive strumming of the named Elvis song begins.

After Elvis, DJ LoveFool says, “And another anonymous caller has informed DJ LoveFool that their resolution is to get more involved with the Freehold. That's awesome, listener! Stronger together and all that. They didn't have a request so here's All Star by Smash Mouth.”

As the "sunny pop song" with its trace elements of rap, punk, and ska ends, DJ LoveFool says, “This is great, listeners. Keep it coming! Call in with your New Year's Resolutions past or present or any funny or exceptional stories related to New Year's Resolutions. And I'm always up to requests that fit the show's theme. Today that's 80s and 90s. Here's Lovefool by The Cardigans.”

As the proceeding song ends, DJ LoveFool says, “DJ LoveFool needs a quick break so I'm gonna queue you up with a couple of songs. Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge and Hold On by Wilson Phillips.”

On her return from her break, DJ LoveFool says, “Dee the Elvis Fan asked for a decade-appropriate Elvis cover, so here's Suspicious Minds by the Fine Young Cannibals.”

DJ LoveFool returns after Suspicious Minds and says, “And here comes one of my favourites. Don't judge me. Wannabe by the Spice Girls.”

Briefly between songs, DJ LoveFool says, “Town Called Malice by The Jam.”

Next, DJ LoveFool says, “Okay listeners, you've got just about half an hour to call in your New Year's Resolutions or song requests. Here's Closing Time by Semisonic.”

Regarding her next selection, DJ LoveFool says, “Just try not to chair-dance. I dare you. Tubthumping by Chumbawumba,” right before starting the song.

DJ LoveFool says, “Katrina and the Waves, Walking on Sunshine,” between it and the proceeding song.

After getting a call in, DJ LoveFool says, “Ketchup just called in to issue a challenge to Spring in the form of his New Year's Resolution. He resolves to attend every single one of Springs parties, so he hopes they are going to try and make it challenging to attend all of them. Here's Oh Yeah, by Yello.”

DJ LoveFool says, “U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer,” before starting the song begins.

As the last half hour nears its close, DJ LoveFool says, “Last chance to call in your New Year's Resolution or request! Here's Mr. Roboto by Styx.”

DJ LoveFool says, “White Wedding by Billy Idol.”

DJ LoveFool says, “And this is DJ LoveFool signing off with Our Lips Are Sealed by the Go-Gos,” and then the song begins.