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Olivia 'Livy' Cavanaugh

xxxxxBorn into the wealthy Cavanaugh family, Livy never really wanted for anything, at least not on a physical level. She had a comfortable home, parents with the resources to get what she needed and a brother who was more interested in helping her navigate the world rather than poking and teasing at her constantly. That isn't to say that she didn't struggle. Being blind, she had a hard time adjusting to a seeing world but was determined to make her way. She's desperately independent, leaning more on the various guide dogs that she's had over the years than the people in her life.

xxxxxPluto is her current guide dog, a black lab with a sweet disposition that loves to be a 'working' dog.

Age Early 20's
Born 4th July 1994
Occupation Academic
Works at Center for the Blind

Siblings Jackson

Sphere Mortal+
Specialty Psychic
Talents Telepathy, Animals
Jackson Big brother, by a year or so. Helped her learn, tutored her in school. Evan Good friend to her brother. Secret childhood crush.
Name Someone she knows. Name Someone she knows.
Name Someone she knows. Name Someone she knows.
Roleplay Hooks
  • Cavanaugh: A high class girl.
  • Mortal+: She can die. Soft and squishy.
  • Psychic: Telepathy, Animals
  • Job: She runs the Center for the Blind in Fallcoast.
  • Disability: Livy is blind and is rarely anywhere without Pluto, her guide dog.

Roleplay Logs

No logs have been posted yet.