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"We don't say shut up because it sounds mean. What do we stay instead?"

- Jesse

"Silence peasant!"

- Chloe


xxxxxChloe lived at the homeless shelter, until one night when one of the nasties that haunt this ugly little town murdered her mother in front of her. Jesse was one of the grownups around that saved the little girl's life. Having lost his own daughters to the tyranny of years, Jesse bonded to the little girl and pulled strings to adopt her. Ritter protested, but as usual, common sense and his wishes were overruled.

xxxxxSince the adoption, she's had her ups and downs, but she's working it out in therapy. The violent outbursts are under control and the sweet kid she was meant to be is coming to the fore. She has gradually become a happy little girl who has put the past behind her. Most of the time. She's got a good life with two dads who pamper her, and the fact that they're Immortal beings who will never age nor die, and that monsters are real will surely never come up again.

RP Hooks
  • Child: If your character works with kids, you might know this one.
  • Pirate Veterinarian Physicist Fashion Princess: Kid has ambitions.
  • Animals: She loves them. Kitties, puppies horsies. Especially horsies.

  • Daddy: Cartoons, bedtime stories, toys, more toys, and also toys.
  • Papa: Horsies, lessons, bedtime stories, and more horsies.
  • Guillermo: Too many swear words, fixes Leapfrogs, and bedtime stories.
  • Spooky Princess: Even spooky ladies get to be princesses.
Chloe Byrne
Date of Birth: August 26, 2010
Apparent Age: 6
Occupation: Precious Little Girl
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath

Anne Murray - Don't Disturb the Ladybug

Be still, take it in awhile
Feel the sunshine warm upon your face
You’ll feel, when it makes you smile,
Like you’re welcomed to the human race.
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