Li MacFarlan (NPC)

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“There is no such thing as an 'excess' of knowledge, kid. Come on. Let's get to it.”
– Li MacFarlan (NPC)


Full Name: Li MacFarlan
Birthdate: Unknown
Apparent Age: 50-60
Occupation: Museum Curator
Virtue: Unknown
Vice: Unknown
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Antiquarian/Windwing
Wyrd: 5
Keeper: Unknown
Court: Autumn
Mantle: 5

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  • Mask
    An older man, scrawny, nearing retirement age, with a weathered Chinese-Anglo mix of a complexion, short, greying black hair neatly swept to one side. His eyes are a warm black-brown behind wire-rimmed spectacles, watchful and alert. He is almost never seen without a suit jacket of some sort, casual, formal or otherwise.
  • Mien
    An old and withered-looking man, with parchment-like skin, oddly elongated and claw-like fingers, and papery wings scrawled with mysterious things in unknown languages. His large eyes are swirls of candle-smoke with hints of glowing flame within. His suit is hedgespun of intricately swirled shadow, smoke and ink.
  • Mantle
    The scent of burning leaves/pages drifts in his wake, Autumn bonfires, and pages seem more brittle while he is near them, desiccated, like old, dried foliage. His presence brings with it a subtle aura of unease, gooseflesh, tingles down the spine reminiscent of being the prey beneath a hunter's eye.

  • Autumn King
    He has been around a long while, and he is deeply, deeply passionate about the collection and curation of data, be it libraries, information about the properties/abilities of known kiths, Hedge creatures/plants, and especially the Fae themselves. Even they have something to fear. Searching out their Frailties is his particular passion, when he isn't pursuing his work for his Entitlement. His voice is whispery soft and doesn't carry far due to old injuries, so he tends to stand close to people he wants to talk to. He is a brilliant man, but shy around crowds, and takes comfort in the rigidity of reserved formality and polite customs to keep distance between himself and others, getting stiffer and stiffer any time there are more than a few people nearby. He particularly dislikes the color mauve.
  • Philatelist
    He LOVES collecting stamps. He has thousands of them.
  • Sage of the Unknown Reaches
    His particular specialty as a Sage is Vampires.