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A Past

From one fire to the next, the Gypsy has never really been capable of settling down and growing roots, at least until Fallcoast landed on him. He was a stray and a rover when he rolled into town in his VW Van. Soon enough he stirred up enough shit to get noticed. There's a reason "Blame Levi," is a reflex and not just a passing phrase.

Now he's answered Luna's call and gone from uragarum to uratha. Uth'Halak, or Storm Crow, is a fast riser. Already his Renown grows along with his ambitions. He has passed the Trials of the Talons and the Lodge of Night already. He leads his pack, The Murder, in bonding with a Totem even now as he plans to deal with the darkest places of the Hisil in Fallcoast.

A Present

  • Werewolf - After a quarter of a lifetime among the wolves, he has become one.
  • Irraka - Born under the shadowy moon, he is already showing that Cunning.
  • Blood Talon - Having sworn the oath of Fenris-Ur he refuses to surrender.
  • Lodge of Night - After being buried alive he's ready to be a candle in the dark.
  • Gypsy - Not your grandmother's Romani, this is the American horror branded Nomad.
  • Scout - Trained from an early age, he fulfills this Aspect well.
  • Insomniac - Even without the spirit hauntings, these habits die hard.
  • Alpha - Despite being a fresh change, the impetuous Irraka feels it is needed for now.

  • Tier - Need a story run? Wolfbloods and spirit appeasement a specialty. @mail any time.
The Murder

  • Priest - Beta - Brother. Trusted. My hope is in you being prepared for what's [next].
  • Judge - Elodoth - TBD
  • Puppy - Omega - Time to put the money where the mouth is and [help].
  • Pockets - Oldest friend, also a crow, makes her [safe] and dangerous. Jackson's mate.
  • Pretty - A Raven of all things. Roman's mate.
  • Bernz - Strong and capable, not to be underestimated or used. Trusted.

Those Close

  • Kitten - Wife. Protected. [Mine]. Class and attitude in hundred dollar heels. Frustratingly Iminir.
  • Quiet - [Sanctuary]. Kindred spirit. Forget me not. There were happier times once.
  • Katt - Hacker, and close friend. Sometimes movies and chill is just that.
  • Old Man Autumn - Mentor. Brother. Friend?
  • Shewolf - Former mate, now sister under Luna. Mixed emotions.
  • Hush - Sera's wolf. Wielder and bitch of Beaut'. Dangerous.
  • Kharniepoo - Here, then [gone] and back again, time will tell.
  • King's Bishop - Iminir. His attentions are hard to pinpoint, but again, Iminir.
  • Doc - Good blooded, active and personable, good taste in wolves.
  • Brant - Good wolf, happy to have him on our side.

At a Glance
Name: Levi Grey
Date of Birth: June 7th 1990
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Scout, Bodyguard
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed

Dead Name: Uth'Halak - Storm Crow
Auspice: Irraka
Aspect: Scout
Tribe: Blood Talon
Lodge: Lodge of Night
Pack: The Murder
Primal Urge: **********
Cunning: *****
Glory: *****
Wisdom: *****
Honor: *****
Notable Stats:

Strength: *****
Brawl: *****
Athletics: *****
Occult: *****
Survival: *****
Trained Observer: ***
Auspice irraka.pngTribe blood talons.pngLodge blood talons lodge of night.png



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