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Bumping Through The Darkness

IN THE BEGINNING: Leslie Anne Kruden is one of three children born to Paul and Cindi Kruden. She was born on a dark and stormy night in the family home in Mineral Wells, Texas, on the 14th of February, 1994; Valentine's Day. Her mother almost died during childbirth from excessive bleeding. The bad weather had delayed paramedics from arriving sooner but in the end the third child of the family was healthy and Cindi survived. Her brother, Mark, is the oldest by three years and her sister Sarah is older by one year. Paul was a police officer for the Mineral Wells PD and Cindi was a science teacher at Mineral Wells Junior High School. Her family life growing up as a little girl was loving and full of the normal things one finds in a fully functioning household.

MOVING TO MAINE: When she was eight her family decided to move to Fallcoast, Maine because of new job opportunities in the coastal city but primarily because Paul's mother was ill and needed looking after and he was damned if she was going to have to spend her twilight years in some retirement home being abused by ordalies that didn't give a damn. The family bought a nice two story home with a NextGen family add on for Paul's mother to live in and things went smoothly from there. Leslie loved her grandmother Lily very much and was devastated when she passed away when Leslie was 14. She died in her sleep with a smile on her face holding a family photo of everyone.

THE HAUNTING: When Leslie was sixteen things in the house started to turn weird. Loud bangs in the night, objects missing and being found in the strangest of places, cabinets and drawers would open and random objects would occasionally fly across the room. Nightmares began to plague both Leslie and her sister Sarah. Mark had already gone off to college for a degree in Engineering and was spared the activity that slowly ramp up until things went crazy in the house. Leslie's sister took the full brunt of the entity haunting the place, driving her nearly mad with terror. What had started as simple petty events were now ending in the girls being dragged from their beds, pushed, scratched, bitten, choked and even molested. The parents didn't believe any of it since they had not witnessed any of it and had thought it was just their girls causing problems, rebelling or suffering from depression from the loss of their grandmother. They eventually had Sarah committed as she sunk deeper and deeper into depression and was starting to exhibit suicidal thoughts. Leslie who was a devout Christian girl went to the pastor of her church and confided in Pastor Martin Graves what was happening in the house and begged him to intervene and to prove to her parents that Sarah and herself weren't crazy and not causing the problems. Pastor Graves agreed to come as soon as he could but was not available. Sarah returned home defeated. The haunting continued though it seemed to calm down greatly with Sarah in the hospital.

THE CASE OF SARAH KRUDEN: Sarah had been improving and seemed like she was going to be able to come home. She had responded well to drug treatment but on the night of June 28th things would take a sinister turn. Sarah Kruden fell to her death from atop the Fallcoast Hospital at the stroke of midnight. Hospital surveillance footage showed her leaving her room close to midnight in a panic, stumbling and screaming down the dark hallways of the hospital mental ward. Everyone that was questioned at the hospital said they had neither seen nor heard anything. At one point Sarah can be seen getting into an elevator, pushing all the buttons and panicking, hiding in the corner staring at the doors that seemed to not want to close. She can be seen screaming and flailing about as if fending off some unseen thing. The elevator doors close and the video feed was cutoff from there. Sarah was found in the parking lot, dead from a fall from the roof of the building. No one knows how she got on the roof as access to the roof requires a security keycard. It was ultimately ruled as a suicide. Leslie knows that the entity that had tormented her sister in the house had followed her to the hospital. After the funeral, to Leslie's horror, the activity that had settled down in the house started up again only this time making her the target. The original news article can be found here: Logs:Suicide at St. John's Hospital

THE CLEANSING: Her parents began to worry as Leslie started to exhibit the same symptoms her sister had; bruises, cuts, scratches, restlessness, depression. Leslie once again told her parents what was going on only this time there was a little bit of belief now as her father had started to notice odd things around the house. On July 8th both Paul and Cindi became full believers as they were awoken to the sound of their daughter screaming for help at the top of her lungs. They could feel the house shaking and her loud banging in the walls. The door to Leslie's room would not open and Paul had to knock it down. Upon entering the room the were horrified to see their daughter's bed slammed up against the ceiling with Leslie still in it, being crushed against the ceiling. With a crash, the bed fell to the floor broken, Leslie bloodied and a sobbing shaking mess. It was time to get the church involved. For the next month teams of Paranormal Investigators, a psychic and a representative of the church document the activity in the house and concluded that multiple spirits had anchored to the house, the most powerful of them being demonic in nature. After an extensive battle with the dark entity it was exorcised from the house which finally came to rest at last. Leslie in the following months did catch minor activity in the house but was not sinister, it was loving and she fully believes it was either her grandmother's ghost or Sarah's or both saying their goodbyes. By the time Leslie had turned eighteen all activity in house ceased.

COLLEGE LIFE: Leslie graduated from High School with high marks and was accepted to the University of Southern Maine in Portland where she followed in her mother's footsteps earning a Bachelor's of Science in Physics with a 3.80 GPA. While working toward her degree she also founded the Maine Paranormal Research Society to deal in a different kind of science; paranormal studies. Ever since the death of her sister and the demonic haunting in her house she had taken a great interest in the paranormal, applying her learned sciences with her paranormal field research to try and help those being haunted in finding solutions to their problems. She led an amateur team for almost her entire four years in Portland that were involved in several active cases. When she graduated she moved back to Fallcoast and brought some of her team with her to setup shop in town and they began investigating and helping the residence of Fallcoast and Hanging Hills in their paranormal troubles.

GHOST HUNTING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS: With the popularity of her YouTube channel, The Dark Portal, she has been making good money off of monetizing of her videos. She was going to get a job teaching in Fallcoast with her degree but paranormal research and doing case work turned out to be so exciting she wanted to make that her full time job. It'll be an uphill battle but the good news is she had already landed a job at Saint John's University as a Teacher's Assistant. With the money from that and her YouTube channel just maybe she can get her business off the ground. She is very passionate about paranormal sciences and lectures on it's validity whenever she can. She's pushing to have paranormal science validated as a real science, worthy of being taught in colleges as a legitimate degree field. She had seen far to much to turn back now. The world needs to know that this stuff is real and not made up stuff to scare people watching TV. She does it in remembrance of her sister lost to evil that cannot be seen.

Hook 'Em Danno!

  • YouTube Famous
    Leslie runs a very successful YouTube channel and website called The Dark Portal. She uses this channel to gather audio and visual evidence from her paranormal investigations she has been part of. The channel features high production values, almost on par with shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. She makes a living off this channel and the seminars she speaks at regarding the paranormal. Maybe you are a subscriber? Maybe you've heard her talk on stage before?
  • Smart Chicks Rule
    Leslie is employed at the Saint John's University in their science department as a Teacher's Assistant, and helps to keep things organized for the professors. In return, she gets access to resources to help fuel her paranormal research. Maybe you've seen her around campus? If you hear students talking about the Creepy Ghost Lady it's probably Leslie they are talking about.
  • Who Ya Gonna Call?
    When Leslie isn't working on her latest YouTube video or writing papers about the paranormal she's in the business of helping out the citizens of Fallcoast and Hanging Hills by conducting paranormal investigations at haunted locations, documenting everything and presenting the evidence to the appropriate groups such as the church should a haunting be demonic or violent in nature. Maybe you need help? Come by our offices or call! Maybe you want a job working for us as an investigator? We can use audio/video peeps and real psychics! Check out our business page right here: Fallcoast Paranormal Society
  • Suicidal Sisters
    Leslie's sister committed suicide from the roof of the Fallcoast Hospital when Leslie was 17. It made the local headlines and created quite a stir in the community at the time. People kept their distance from Leslie and even made fun of her sister and called Leslie crazy too. Those people got punched in the face. Do you remember when Sarah Kruden killed herself? Was it murder or suicide? Leslie knows the truth and it's why she does what she does.
People I Know
Paul Kruden (NPC Contact)
Dear old dad! He works for the Fallcoast PD. He's amazing! I love him! I am most certainly daddy's little girl!
Cindi Kruden (NPC Contact)
MAMA~! OooOoooOOOOO~ My wonderful mother. She retired from teaching kindergarten to start her own floral business when we moved to Fallcoast. She drinks perhaps a bit to much but I love her just the same.
Becky Hargrove (NPC Contact)
Becky is a college friend who joined Leslie's ghost hunting team in Portland and helped her maintain the society there and coordinate ghost hunts when she was going to college. Becky is extremely organized and good at doing location research. She is also psychic which doesn't hurt either when it comes to paranormal investigations. She is also the reason Leslie didn't starve to death while going to school. God bless you Becky for keeping me fed all those years! Love you!
I didn't think I would ever fall in love again after losing Nonomi. Thank you God for putting Kairi in my life. She's healing my heart and making it beat again. She's so beautiful inside and out. It hurts my heart with joy to look at her smiling face. She's special and she's mine.
Popped my Strip Club cherry and wants to pop the rest of me too. Oh my~!
Our first official research assistant volunteer at the Fallcoast Paranormal Society. She so looks like Velma from Scooby Doo!
The strongest woman I've ever met and she's a psychic to boot! Dorthy has agreed to be FPS's psychic medium! WHOOT! The Fallcoast Paranormal Society is now officially super powered!
There are men left in the world not afraid to hunt ghosts! Jalal is my newest volunteer at the Fallcoast Paranormal Society. He's a bit mousy but eager and kind of cute in a dork kind of way.
She's wacky, weird, beautiful, adorable and makes me laugh all the time. One part of the SASS dynamic duo. Girlfriend of Sarah's.
One of the most exotically beautiful women I've ever met and the second part of the SASS dynamic duo. Girlfriend of Shyla's.

Gone But Not Forgotten
I didn't think it was possible to love someone that much but I loved you Nonomi. I am sorry I couldn't save you. I am sorry... I am so sorry baby..... I will never forgive myself....
Cissy Skinner
I'm glad we met. I am glad you were my first. I am not glad that I got you mixed up in such dangerous things... I don't blame you for never talking to me anymore... I wish you well my friend...
Susie Cavanaugh
We had such good times together. I am grateful for all the moments we shared together. I don't know what made you flee Fallcoast but I hope where ever you are you are safe and happy...
Holy shit woman! You scared the crap out of me with a ruler! Where did you go? I need you now more than ever!? I hope the demons didn't finish you off...
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Ghost Hunting Beauty

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“Now clear your minds. It knows what scares you. It has from the very beginning. Don't give it any help, it knows too much already.”
- Tangina
Ghosts in the Darkness
Full Name: Leslie Anne Kruden
Birthdate: February 14, 1994
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator / Teacher's Assistant
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 132 lbs
Bust-Waist-Hips: 38"-26"-35"
Cup Size: D
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Faith: Christian
Bloodtype: O+
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Envy
Sphere: Mortal
xxxxx“Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.”
- Ed Warren
Proof I Don't Suck
WITS ••••
STRIKING LOOKS (Alluring Eyes)

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“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”
- Romans 8:31
I'm Special
COMPUTER Multimedia
MEDICINE Emergency Care
“Monsters are real, ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”
- Stephen King
Music To Hunt By

Warning Call by CHVRCHES

I hear it echoing of every place we call our home...
And I don't talk of anytime I ever believed in the Unknown...
I need it so I hold on to every mistake I make alone...
And I don't lie when I say that we will never return to closing doors...
Sleep tight in a new light through another warning call...
Look down on the cold ground, I will try to break the fall...

Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld

OH! We're on the right side of Rock Bottom!
And I hope we keep falling!
We're on the good side of bad Karma!
Because we keep on coming back for more!

My Immortal by Evanescence

I'm so tired of being here...
Supressed by all my childish fears...
And if you have to leave... I wish you would just leave...
Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone...

Superhuman by Juventa

So maybe I fall, Maybe I fail,
Maybe my heart's not made of stone,
Maybe you'll see secrets I never want to show,
But I can't help it, I'm not superhuman,
I am breaking, don't let me fall apart,