Leroy Skinner

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Full Name Leroy Skinner
Ethnicity Mutt
Place of Birth Maine
Date of Birth July 21st, 1970
Apparent Age Mid-Thirties
Occupation Mechanic
Relationship Long-term relationship with right hand

Skinner Family *****

Deed Name N/A
Auspice Irraka
Pack Lone Wolf
Totem None
Primal Urge ****
Tribe Iron Masters

Cunning *****
Glory *****
Honour *****
Purity *****
Wisdom *****

Strength *****
Dexterity *****
Stamina *****

Intelligence *****
Wits *****
Resolve *****

Presence *****
Manipulation *****
Composure *****

Harmony **********
Willpower **********

Visible Qualities Roguish Good Looks
Striking Looks +1 (Roguish), Animal Magnetism

"Chaos isn't a pit, Chaos is a Ladder" ~ Littlefinger


Leroy is all earned muscle. He's all grease, oil and grime. He's jeans that don't need to be washed until they NEED to be washed. He keeps his hair cropped close on the sides and a little longer on the top, while favoring undershirts you can buy in packs of three from wal-mart. He's a Skinner, a Mechanic, and Uratha...and he wears all three labels well.

Who fuckin' knows what the Urhan skin looks like?


Mechanic — He loves to work on cars, so much so that he regularly brings his work home or can be seen working on his own car out front of his place. He knows not everyone can afford to see a mechanic and he's open to bartering.

Handyman — In the same vein that he enjoys working on his car, he's from a time where you learned to work on and repair a lot of your own household devices. It's a dying skill, but he's open to checking out that leak you've got or patching up your roof on the cheap.

Uratha — He's not exceptionally keen on being involved with them and has always done his own thing. In fact, few even realize he's a wolf with his habitual use of Wolf Heart Lies, allowing him to come across as completely mundane and human in nature.

The Emissary — It's exceedingly common for the Irraka to be the members of a pack that keep an eye on the blooded they watch over, in the day to day of things. So much so that at times, Luna marks one of them as an Emissary, gifting them to pick out the Blooded by scent in the same way an Uratha can scent another Uratha. Leroy's got a special focus on the blooded and looks out for the ones that seem to need it...and not just because they're good breeding stock either! I mean, what the fuck are we over here, pure? Well some of us might fucking be, way he hears it.

Glasseye — Perhaps even less well known than his nature as an Uratha, he's a member of the Lodge of Wires. It goes straight against the grain of the image he presents to the world, but the man is smarter than he looks, knows his way around computers and shares a certain voyeuristic nature with his Lodge Totem.


Bullet-1.png Mackenzie - Niece. Protegee turned partner in Crime. Closer with her than you are.

Bullet-1.png Clarabelle - Waitress. Nice tits. Sup babe.

Bullet-1.png Dima - Freshman Pornstar. Popped her Prostitute Cherry. Eyyy Gurl, sup.

Bullet-1.png Kyrie Skinner - Coz. Knows whats up. Gots her head on straight, but fuck all that noise.

Bullet-1.png Sammi - Dancer. Captivating. Gots some great moves on the pole, hit me up tho

Bullet-1.png Mercedes - Smart. Puts Family first. Has good taste. C'mere, Lemme give you a tune up

Bullet-1.png Wrench - Good taste. Taste good. Nice ride, Rides nice

Bullet-1.png Sabattus - Very particular about how to handle crabs.

Bullet-1.png Jenna - Boss Lady, If I'm going to be working under her, sign me up for some overtime

Bullet-1.png Cheyenne - Wild Girl, I like the chemistry, lets make a bomb.


Born and raised in the area, Leroy is a product of his poor environment. You worked for everything you had and it didn't matter if that work was legal or not. In the years since he's adventurous and rebellious youth, he's had plenty of benchmarks in life. A sprinkling of kids of varying ages, a job he enjoys, a place of his own, his change as an Uratha, joining his lodge.