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Law Enforcement Group



  • Admin: Darwin
  • Tier Storytellers: Always needed

FPD Organizational Structure

FPD Station Locations

  • B02 - FPD Headquarters, Caldwell Municipal Building


Rank Definitions
  • Chief of Police -
    • Deputy Chief of Administration -
    • Deputy Chief of Operations -

Patrol Branch




Motorized Patrol

Ofc. Evan Thorpe (Badge 3826)
Ofc. Jennifer Thorpe (Badge 5309)
Ofc. Sebastian Thorpe (Badge 5548)

Air Support & Patrol

Maritime Patrol

Ofc. Helga Wagner (Badge )
Ofc. Frank Gordon (Badge 7404)

K-9 Patrol

Sgt. Thomas Gunnar Ludlow (Shield 5289) & Chopper
Ofc. Henry Webb (Badge 4211) and Peach

Mounted Patrol

Tactical Team (SWAT)

xxxxxOfficers on the tactical team are trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers. Their duties include performing hostage rescues and counter-terrorism operations, serving high risk arrest and search warrants, subduing barricaded suspects, and engaging heavily-armed criminals. Operators are cross-trained with the Maine State Police for state-wide response and may be called out as part of an interagency agreement when required in other parts of the state.

xxxxxTeam members will continue to work full time in their assigned FPD task; operators will train regularly and will be called out to incidents that require their particular expertise.

Officers designated and accepted as SORT operators will serve in one or more of several roles on two teams:

  • Commander
  • XO:
  • Negotiator:
  • Breacher:
  • Medic:
  • Sniper: Det. Harrison Cavanaugh (Badge 1100)
  • Hand-to-Hand Specialist:
  • Assaulter:
  • Transport:
  • Quartermaster:

Maritime Harbor Patrol & Airborne Search and Rescue

xxxxxThe Harbor Patrol is a specialized unit dedicated to water safety and the protection and preservation of life and property on the waters within the City of Fallcoast. They also maintain a high-visibility patrol and responds to a wide variety of calls including, but not limited to: vessel departures and arrivals, emergency and non-emergency crimes, traffic accidents, industrial accidents, as well as ensuring terminals are compliant with United States Coast Guard security requirements.

xxxxxSearch and rescue (SAR or S&R) is the search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. The general field of search and rescue includes many specialty sub-fields, typically determined by the type of terrain the search is conducted over. Their work often employs the use of air transport for location, extrication, and initial medical stabilization of victims trapped in confined spaces due to natural disasters, structural collapse, or transportation accidents. Other responsibilities include, and are not limited to, extracting people who have become lost in the heavily forested, and unforgiving wilderness of Fallcoast Maine.

Investigative Services Branch

xxxxxThe Detective Division is charged with investigating all felonies and other serious crimes. This Division in addition to generating their own investigations provides support for patrol. That support includes post arrest assistance, crime scene processing and evidence processing, forensic analysis of drugs, case enhancement and the maintaining of criminal files.


  • TBD

Major Crimes Division

xxxxxThe squad within the Investigations Unit that is called in on crimes that go above and beyond the normal including but not limited to:

  • Art Theft
  • Serial homicides
  • Large scale drug trafficking
  • Kidnappings
  • Larceny by Extortion from a Bank
  • Robbery or Attempted Robbery of a Bank
  • Any burglaries where the value is over $100,000
  • Robbery of truck and contents by hijacking
  • All robberies in warehouse depots, or similar locations, where the objects of the crime is a truck or its contents.

Major Crimes Detectives

Det. Katerina Torres (Badge 1144)
Det. Harrison Cavanaugh (Badge 1100)
Det. Alessandra Brown (Badge 1721)
Det. Jackson Wilkes (Badge 2336)
Det. Jack Stone (Badge 1016)

General Crimes Squad

xxxxxThe General Crime Squad are the initial investigators and are charged with investigating all types of criminal conduct, ranging from homicides, serious assaults, robberies, etc. In the absence of the specialized units such as CAIT and Fraud, the General Assignment Detectives will handle these investigations.

General Crimes Detectives

Det. Lance Black (Badge 1853)
Det. Quinn Abernathy (Badge 7013)
Det. Aisling O'donnell (Badge 1701)
Det. Spencer Macallan (Badge 6772)
Det. Vic McManus (Badge 1911)

Crime Scene Unit

xxxxxThe Crime Scene Investigators have numerous duties and functions ranging from latent fingerprint identification, the examination of crime scenes and the collection of physical evidence. CSU technicians may be non-sworn evidence technicians or forensic scientists or in some cases they may be sworn detectives assigned to the CSU.

Crime Scene Investigators

Lorelei Lewis

County Communications Center

xxxxxThis Dispatch Center is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for 911 calls placed in Fallcoast. Dispatching is provided for, municipal police officers, fire departments, ambulance services and other public safety agencies in Fallcoast.

xxxxxThe E-911 Dispatch Center not only processes emergency 911 calls, but also completes numerous activities in support of personnel, such as dispatching and monitoring primary and backup units, investigators, contacting and relaying pertinent information to the field, and to other agencies and businesses. The E-911 dispatchers also answer all incoming telephone calls to the Fallcoast Police department. The Dispatch Center is also responsible for coordinating the communications for multi-agency events and incidents that occur in Fallcoast.

  • Dispatch Center Supervisor
    • Dispatcher

Fallcoast Support Offices

Fallcoast Fire Department

Medical Examiner's Office

Bones - Chief Medical Examiner
Dr Olivia Abernathy - Assistant Medical Examiner
Dr Lenore Harlow - Medical Examiner Fellow

District Attorney's Office

Department of Corrections' Office

Hannah Thorpe, Sr. Social Worker
Sofia Bassani, Probation Officer

The 411 on the FPD

xxxxxThe FPD is the primary agency in Fallcoast, and the majority of policing is done by the FPD. There are a few other agencies, however. The Maine State Police usually have fifteen to twenty traffic cruisers on the highway, and there are occasional Fish & Game wardens and other miscellaneous state law enforcement in the nearby Hanging Hills. On the federal side, only the Coast Guard maintains a permanent presence in the county, though ICE and Customs & Border Protection have a station in the next county over.

xxxxxThe Fallcoast Police Department has a little over two thousand sworn officers and numerous supplemental civilian employees. The exact numbers vary as new hires come and go. Of those two thousand, about a two hundred officers are 'brass' or 'command staff' -- the Chief of Police, and then a score of Deputy Chiefs -- several for operations and others for administration -- and several joint captains to supervise the Patrol Division and the Investigations Division.

xxxxxAbout twelve hundred officers are assigned to patrol. They work in three shifts, day, swing, and graveyard. During the swing shift - the most active times from the late afternoon to very late night -- there are about approximately four hundred officers on duty that serve the individual districts of the city in two-manned cars depending on the needs of the district in question. At off-peak times, staffing is lower.

xxxxxThe needs of the harbor and surrounding bay are seen to by the Fallcoast Harbor Patrol Unit. This maritime unit, which serves as a division of the FPD, is led by the FHPU's harbormaster and patrols follow similar shifts as their fellow patrol officers. Patrols scour the bay and harbor area daily to ensure that commercial and recreational use of these areas are safe and follow state and national laws.

xxxxxAll of these numbers are, of course, rough -- and all of them are ultimately subservient to the needs of individual stories. However, they give a vague sense of what the city of Fallcoast looks like where law enforcement is concerned.

Requirements to be a FPD Officer

FPD Application Info

Things to consider and be aware of

  • The Fallcoast Police Department is roughly equivalent to Boston's own police department in size, manpower, and individuality. As a rule, the FPD is an upstanding organization of men and women who've dedicated their lives to protecting the welfare of Fallcoast's citizenry. But it's a big department! Corrupt cops are available for play, but should be done so discreetly and with as much realism as possible, as should narks and snitches. We aren't all white hats.
  • Other useful things to decide include: Your focus in the Force - are you a patrol officer, and, if so, on foot, squad car, maritime patrol, bike cop, etc? Are you a detective? Vice, Homicide, Property Crimes, all options. Some of these can combine as well.
  • Note: Supernatural Police Concepts require the approval of both the Law TL and the appropriate Sphere/Template Team Lead.
  • New Identity and Law Enforcement PCs: Anyone who wishes to be employed directly by the FPD using a New Identity requires the 2 dot version. Exceptions can be made for civilian employees who want to mix the 2 dot version with judicious bribes, but this will not be as secure. Also, consultants and the like can have New Identity 1 and be fine.
  • ALL Police Department applications must be approved by Law staff in addition to any other staff section applicable.
  • Sworn Officer 3+ may not be taken without prior Law Staff permission. Ranks above Sworn Officer 2 will be determined by staff.

Wanted / Desired Concepts

  • Patrol Officers (variety of types)
  • Major Template

Restricted Concepts

  • Law Enforcement Vampires
  • Detectives under 24 years old

Concepts disallowed from CGen:

  • Any concept where a PC begins with a brass rank. The maximum rank available to anyone from cgen is 'Sworn Officer 2', despite any rank held previous in a background. The ranked leadership are to be determined by staff through the course of the game.
  • SWAT - Minimum 30 days on grid required (among other requirements listed below).

Required by ALL Officers

  • Must by 21 years of age by completion of the Academy.
  • Detective Characters be aware, there is no more free ride. Cases will be assigned and need to be worked on (Solved would be great but not always possible). "I'm a detective I don't answer radio calls" is not the environment here. Work loads will get spread out as much as possible.
  • The following skills are also generally useful for Police Concepts: Empathy, Intimidation, Investigation, Larceny, Medicine, Persuasion, Stealth, Streetwise, Subterfuge. Yes, that is a lot of skills, and it is best to aim for a well rounded character, so build as you want but note that there are a lot of sides to being a police officer.
  • Players cannot have PCs in conflicting Law factions.
  • If you change Professional Training as part of transitioning into a new position, you need to pay justified XP for any professional contacts, professional specialties, or bonus skill dots you received from your old professional training you are not carrying over. That costs 4 XP at PT 1, an additional 4 XP at PT 3, and the cost a single justified skill point at PT 4 -- usually 14 XP, but it can vary.

Patrol Officer Requirements

  • Sworn Officer 1 for FPD Officers
  • Skills: Athletics 1, Academics 1, Investigation 1, Drive 2, Firearms 2, Weaponry 1, Brawl 1, Computer 1 and Medicine 1.

Detective Requirements

  • Sworn Officer 2 for Detectives
  • Attributes: Intelligence 3 or Wits 3 or Manipulation 3
  • Skills: Athletics 1, Academics 1, Investigation 3, Drive 2, Firearms 2, Weaponry 1, Brawl 1, Computer 1, Medicine 1, and 5 points spread among Social skills.
  • Background: Detective applications should consider their PCs having been patrol within a police department for a minimum of three years. That three years does not have to have been served in Fallcoast. When writing a background, please take this into account. Loosely, Detectives should be no younger than twenty-four at an absolute minimum.

CSU Requirements

  • Sworn Officer 1 for CSU (though CSU may not have gone through Police Academy, and could even be 'civilians', they are still Sworn Officers)
  • Skills: Academics 2, Investigation 2, Computer 1, Medicine 1, and Science 2.
  • Specialties: Science: Forensics.

SWAT Requirements

xxxxxThis is designed as an elite unit, as such not every PC will get in! Team members continue to work their assigned tasks as normal. Operators will be, long term, certified by the Maine State Police as deputies with state-wide jurisdiction in their specific SWAT-style duties. All applicants for SWAT must first submit a +request to Law staff. This should include reasons why they believe their PC is qualified and include indicators towards involvement with the sphere and plot. Other factors may also include a PC's current IC workload and other reasons.

  • Must be an officer in good standing (no cadet or probationary.)
  • Minimum 30 days on grid.
  • "Attributes': 3 in two of the following: Strength, Stamina, Dexterity.
  • Skills: Firearms 3 and 1 specialization (Assault Rifle, SMG, or Pistol), Athletics 2, FS: Combat Marksmanship 1, FS:Police Tactics 2, Quickdraw (Pistol), Brawl 2, FS: Grappling 2
  • For Sniper: FS: Sniping 3
  • For Breacher: Strength 4, Demolisher 1
  • For Medic: Medicine 3, specialization in Trauma
  • For Grenadier: Specializations Firearms.Heavy Weapons, FS: Throwing 3, and Athletics.Throwing

Current Plots

Current and Past Law Plots
Law Plot & Scene Approval Requirements

FPD and Law Resources/Useful Links:

This is a knowledge base for FPD Officers and Law-related professions for procedures, laws, rules, etc.

  • For a useful list of law specialties and definitions, click here.

Informational/General Procedures

Investigative Branch

Points of Note

  • If your PC Cop is a Changeling, arresting individuals is a Clarity 5 sin. Every time. It counts as detainment against a person's will. If a Changeling arrests another Changeling, it is a Clarity 3 sin, even Privateers and Loyalists.