Laurel Creek Park

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xxxxxLaurel Creek Park sits on a generous parcel of land, some of which as been given over to the wilderness as part of a conservation project. At the entrance stands stately Bellamy Manor, a historical landmark turned teahouse and visitor's center. Beyond that is an expansive, well-kept lawn with paved paths leading from one feature to another.

xxxxxOn one side of the green is a pavilion for grilling and, during music events the tables and benches are shoved aside to create a makeshift stage. On the other end of the green is a flower garden, whose wending path leads over a bridge spanning Laurel Creek to a day spa with a shallow soaking pool.

xxxxxOn the green is a playground with swings, monkey bars, and a slide as well as a sand box, see-saws, and a kid-sized climbing wall. There is also a fenced off dog park, and a plenty of space for sporting or sunning. In the shade birch and maple trees are picnic tables and a bench here and there.

RP Hooks

  • Camping - Get away from it all, or just get away from the world for a while.
  • Employment - Even in the middle of nowhere, a job can be created or done.
  • Supernatural - Spooky types welcome and encouraged to visit.


Location: Oakfield - Hanging Hills (E02)
Owner: NPC Owned