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Krewe Guidelines

  • In order to join a krewe, a member must be a Sin-Eater.
  • The Sin-Eater must not belong to another krewe. A Sin-Eater can only belong to one krewe at a time.
  • Only PC's count towards the required minimum. NPCs may not be utilized to reach or maintain minimum levels.
  • Only the original 'Founding' members qualify for 'Founder' Benefits. This means those players named on the original +job submitted to staff.
  • Members may leave a krewe at any time by submitting a +request to staff. However, upon leaving a krewe, a member forfeits all krewe benefits and loses access to any merits purchased during their time with that krewe.

Note: Please be advised that players cannot count towards krewe minimums while still in 'chargen'. Due to the nature of online play, it is not uncommon for some players to linger in chargen for an extended period of time or fail to complete it entirely. For this reason, it is highly advised that players wishing to establish 'Tier 2' level krewes wait until all their members are approved to do so. You can set aside a portion of your XP to spend upon the 'Tier 2' merits once all members are approved and the krewe is officially bound ICly.

Tier One Krewes

  • Require a minimum of 3 active Sin-Eaters.
  • One member must possess the Krewe Binding Ceremony.
  • All members must set a +note on themselves with their Krewe information.
  • Submit a +job to Geist staff for Krewe approval and add the names of all of the members of the 'Krewe' to the job.

Tier Two Krewes

  • Require a minimum of '7' active Sin-Eaters. Should this number ever fall below '7', the krewe will revert down to a Tier One and lose all Tier 2 Benefits.
  • One member must possess the Krewe Binding Ceremony.
  • All members must set a +note on themselves with their Krewe Information.
  • Submit a +job to Geist staff for Krewe approval and add the names of all of the members of the 'Krewe' to the job.

Required Krewe Template

The following information should be included in a +note and set upon members of a newly formed krewe prior to contacting staff for approval via +request:

- Krewe Name: (What you are called)
- Overview:(A brief summary as to what your krewe is about)
- Mythos: (This is essentially your krewe's view of the Creation myth and how you see it all. The mythos, etc)
- Ethos: (Your whole belief system/creed)
- Ban: (What you cannot do)
- Duty: (What do you do?)
- Destiny: (What is your Krewe's place in the grand plan?)

Changes in Tier Status

  • Krewes can rise and fall in Tier status based upon their active membership. If a krewe member should freeze or otherwise leave the game/idle out, they no longer will count towards the membership status. Remember, membership is calculated by 'active' players. This could result in causing a krewe to fall from Tier 2 status to Tier 1. Should this happen, all members of the the krewe will receive a warning from staff and be given '1' RL week to get their membership back up to the required level. If they fail to get their membership level back up to the required threshold, they will drop in status to a 'Tier 1' krewe and lose all merits associated with their former 'Tier 2' status. The merits will be removed from their sheet and a full refund issued.
  • Likewise, should a krewe begin play as a small Tier 1 krewe and gain enough members to qualify for Tier 2 status, they may submit a +request to staff for permission to increase their Tier level. Again, they will be held to the same membership minimums and restrictions in place going forward as all other Tier 2 krewes from that point onward.

Membership in the NPC Krewe

  • For those players that wish to be a part of a krewe, but either do not have the time to be part of a new krewe creation or perhaps do not wish the work of making one of their own, we do have an established Tier 2 krewe on grid open for anyone to join. It is NPC led and staff controlled, and has been a staple in the Fallcoast area for years. It is a quick and easy way to join a krewe without much of a fuss. If you are looking to explore this option, feel free to peek at their page here:
  • If you wish to join this krewe, please submit a +request to staff with the subject: Membership - Society of Crows.

House Rules Krewes

  • 'Deathsoul Initiation: This Krewe Merit may only be purchased once. At the time of purchase, you must select the Key/Manifestation from among those held by one of your Krewe Founders. Eligible Keys and Manifestations must come from the Geist Core Book. (No Stygian Key or Pit Manifestation allowed). Follow the pre-requisites per the book (GtSE p185).
  • Default Krewe Starting Status: Founders get '3', new members get '1'. (Be advised that while new members can eventually raise in status to level '3', they can never achieve status '5' in a krewe, nor can they ever be classified as 'Founders'. Only Founders can ever reach status '5'.)
  • Enhanced Merit Restrictions: This merit is valid for Allies, Contacts, and Mentor. Given that we handle Status differently on Fallcoast - we have removed it from a valid option for the Enhanced Merit benefit. Since Resources is under the Pooled Merits category, we have removed it from the Enhanced Merit option to avoid stacking and double dipping.
  • Ethos Commitment Benefit: Upon hitting a discord trigger while adhering to one's krewe ethos, the character may reroll any failed dice upon their degeneration roll once per day.
  • Ethos Commitment Drawback: Invoking the above clause, places the character at a -1 on all additional degeneration rolls for the remainder of the day, regardless of whether or not the actions align with their Ethos channel.
  • Ethos Commitment Opt-In/Opt-Out: Opting in or Opting out requires the expenditure of 1 Permanent Willpower point. This can be repurchased with 8xp. Once you have made the decision to opt in or out, please notify staff and it will be set upon your sheet.
  * Players still can still opt into no more than one Ethos Commitment at a time.
  • Key Initiation Opt-In: Keys must come from the acceptable key list in the Core Geist book only. This means the Stygian key is not eligible for this option. The chosen key must already be known by one of the founding krewe members.
  • Key Initiation Drawback: A Krewe can only have one Key Initiation opt-in. Initiation results in a Universal flaw for all those who Opt-In that must be chosen at the time of Tier 2 Krewe creation or status 'Elevation'. Valid options are: Minor Derangement (which cannot be bought off) or Weakened Attribute (lose all 10-again benefits on the Universally chosen Attribute and all 1's subtract from successes). If the Weakened Attribute option is chosen, it must be an attribute that is normally beneficial to the krewe as a whole. This drawback will overrule any other benefits in place for the designated Attribute.
  • Krewe Experience: This Merit is Not in Play.
  • Krewe Fate: This merit is a 'Founder' only merit and is a Pooled merit. It grants a +2 bonus to '1' standard mundane roll per day, up to a cap of +4 per character. (Attribute + Skill or Attribute + Attribute). The dice pool must be declared ahead of time and can be applied to any inducted member of the krewe, just not on oneself. It cannot be applied to any Manifestation or Ceremonial rolls, nor can it be used for Degeneration checks. It does not apply as a blanket to all members at the same time. If the rolls are not used once assigned for the day, they are lost.
  • For example: A krewe as '3' dots in Krewe Fate. This grants them up to a max of '6' dice they can use on a roll per scene. Tommy, a founder, hears Kim is being pulled in for questioning and gives her a +2 to Manipulation + Subterfuge for her effort to talk her way out of a mess. Meanwhile, Sue, another founder, decides to give Sheryl a +2 bonus to her Presence + Persuasion roll for the woman to talk a bank loan officer into an extension on the bank loan for their Haunt. This means the krewe only has '1' additional dice of Krewe fate available for the remainder of the day.
  • Krewe Haunt: Each Krewe can maintain a max of '1' haunt on grid but must have points invested in the 'Pooled' Haunt merits to justify this haunt.
  • Leaving a Krewe: A player can leave a krewe at any time, doing so immediately removes any benefits and merits the player once had as part of the krewe. Additionally, any Pooled merits the character contributed to the krewe are lost from the Krewe's merit pool. This remains true, regardless of whether it is a general member or Founder. Founders who leave a krewe, cannot be replaced, nor can they seek to reclaim their former position once the tie has been severed. Players seeking to leave a krewe should +request to staff. Be advised this is a spiritual separation and not a decision to be taken lightly on an IC level. A character can only ever bond under the same channel once. Once the character leaves, they cannot change their mind later and rejoin the same krewe. (Note: Freezing is an exception as the character is still part of the krewe, just inactive and does not count for tallying purposes).
  • Mythic Aspect: Clarification - This is reflected as bonus dice added to any relevant rolls for the period of time in question. Players must still make the expenditures of plasm to invoke this merit as indicated per the book. Upon selecting this merit, they must set a +note with either their chosen Skill or their chosen Attribute (depending which version they have selected). This buff is a temporary buff and never permanent. However, the selection between attribute and skill, is a permanent choice.
  • Mythic Avatar: Clarification - Much like Mythic Aspect, this is reflected as bonus dice added to any relevant rolls for the period of time in question. Players must still make the expenditures of plasm and willpower to invoke this merit as indicated per the book.
  • Pooled Merits: The only merits we are allowing for Pooled status are: Haunt & Resources.