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Once a King, always a King.

xxxxxIn Khenan's world, there is nothing more important nor sacred then the Almighty Southside Kings Nation. "Amor de Rey"! "King Love"! "Once a King, Always a King"!

Growing up in the ranks of this ruthless gang, Khenan quickly earned his Crown with a solid initiation and started as a soldier when he was just 15 years old. He learned to do hits on enemy gangs with stolen cars and stolen weapons, dealt drugs and carried out any other activities or orders senior leadership asked of him. He quickly ascended the ranks and found himself given positions of responsibility, leadership and honour at an early age. Eventually he worked his way up to Senior Leadership where he was calling the shots; demanding the same jobs be done by younger members that used to be demanded of him.

In the late 2008, Khenan was shot fatally by police after the brutal torture and double-murder of his girlfriend and her lover; both Southside Kings, who was doing each other behind his back. He managed to miraculously 'live through' the shooting, according to police, but in reality, died and took on his geist. He's now serving two consecutive life sentences in at Main State Penitentiary and 'runs' the Southside Kings through the prison, from the inside out; calling hits, settling disputes, raising status, negotiating deals, etc.

  • Be Accessible to all Kings
  • Settle issues that come up
  • Direct Kings' business from behind bars
  • Increase profits
  • Help drive new membership
  • Maintain current territory, oversee new territory acquisitions
Kings Leadership: Khenan Malik
Khenan 01.jpg
Run By: Darwin (for more info: Kilo)
Full Name: Khenan Malik
Date of Birth: July 8, 1980
Date of Death: December 4, 2008
Apparent Age: Late 30s
Occupation: Southside Kings Leadership, Career criminal
Rep: Status (Southside Kings) ●●●●●
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Arrogance

Threshold: Torn
Archetype: Bonepicker
Geist: Hollywood
Gang: Southside Kings

Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin G's

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