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"The grass is always greener..."

Full Name: Kendra Hyde
Birthdate: February 05 1998
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Criminal
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Sphere: Possessed
Clutch: None
Demon: Viridan Green-Gaze

Notable Stats
Striking Looks 2 (Tattooed Beauty)
Prurient Perfume


xxxxxFrom trailer trash to street criminal, Kendra was seemingly destined never to escape the low and seedy parts of life. But from an early age, she had a burning ambition to rewrite that destiny. Luck came her way, and the young woman was about to snag herself the perfect Sugar Daddy, who would whisk her away to a life of luxury and no consequences. Until someone stole him away from her, and left her dreams and hopes crashing down into the gutter

xxxxxFilled with despair and jealousy, she was visited by a creature of darkness and sin. It whispered to her of all the things enjoyed by other people and denied to her. It promised her she could have them all, if she only learned to forge her envy into a weapon. Kendra let the demon inside her, and since then has wielded its power to seek the things she want, to try and forge a life that no longer feels like it pales in comparison to that of others. But all the while, she worries and wonders what the demon's ultimate plans for her are...


RP Hooks.

  • Criminal - Stealing, drug dealing, car boosting: Kendra has tried her hand at most forms of street-level larceny. She'll need victims, and people to get in trouble with.
  • I want it all - If there's something Kendra doesn't have, she will have to rectify that. That especially goes for the finer things in life, much as her general style might tend to the trashy. If you can provide her with even temporary luxury, she might do a lot for it.
  • Night Life - She haunts the clubs and bars of the city, looking for business opportunities, targets for her Envy, or just a good party.
  • Biker - She's not part of any club as yet, but she does consider herself a bit of a biker chick, and rides a modified Indian. Mechanics and fellow speed-lovers might make for interesting contacts.
  • Possessed - She's ridden by a demon, and has a tentative understanding with it. She might be interested in learning more about demonic lore, though. And she's definitely interested in meeting other Possessed.

Uncomfortable - Halestorm
I do it 'cause I love it
and I want some more of it
and I do it 'cause you said I can't.

  • Yvette - Gonna show you a world of fun and trouble, Blondie.
  • Willow - Why the fuck do I even care?, seriously, why do I?

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