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Fate determines many things, no matter how we struggle.
Otto Weininger

  • Turkish: A long way from home.'
  • Destiny: As a Cahalith and a Dreamer, Keith deals with prophecy and destiny. Even beyond the slumbering visions he pratices tarot and other cermonies to unveil the mists of the future. '
  • Werewolf: One of the People, Keith has taken the Oath of Luna and stands a protector of the borderlands.'
  • Cahalith: Chosen to tell the tales of glory and sing the songs that soothe brothers and sisters to sleep.'
  • Bone Shadow: One with his eyes to the Shadow and the mysteries of prophecy. And a minor talent for rituals and rites. '
  • Death: A member of the Lodge of Death, Keith has seen his fated demise. There is a certainty to his actions and fearlessness in the face of danger. '

Everyday when I speak to the moon.
Pale as a ghost in the afternoon.
Tragedy has a hold of my mind.
Young The Gian - Something To Believe In