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Supernatural Info

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  • "Spring Beast": A baby-fae(Wyrd:1), she is eager to help and defend the freehold, tending to be energetic and good natured, thanks to her beloved Spring court.
  • "BFF & Home": She is almost always accompanied by a shy, erudite, River Otter pup. They live in and operate a large amphibious APC, in or out of the hedge.
  • "Durance": She was Taken by a Privateer Predator and sold to The Commander. Eventually she was released to be a privateer but betrayed and left them.
  • "Ex-Beastkin": Mom, Dad, and Uncle are Ferals and raised Beastkin. She joining the military initially to better help. But being Taken changed her. Still a close ally.
Mortal Info

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  • "Wagner": Raised locally until 17 then returned from the Marines at 23 Marines at 17. Deeply loyal, loving, proud, and protective of her family. R.M.Island's mechanic.
  • "Ocean Girl": She enjoys all athletics, her first love is the ocean. Sunning, swimming, free diving, or boating, the ocean is home. Second love is brawling, when the mood.
  • "Marines": Served age 17-24, with a Raider Company in Central and South America. Some /thing/ killed most of the unit, she was recovered and medically discharged.
  • "Smuggler": She's a Smuggler but with a conscience. Guns for populace defenders, abducted people back home. She ganks trafficers since good people can't pay much.
Enemy Info.

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  • "Overview": From some mysterious underground/Water? hive comes hunting parties of large insectoid/Crustaceans, each a hexapod covered in spiky exoskeleton, legs ending in blades, and hooded heads filled with shark teeth. Their goal is to eat enough flesh to fill each of their bellies, especially the "Elephant" who then begins gestating more of the others. They tend to travel in hunting packs of 1 "Elephant" leading two mini-packs each consisting of 1 "Bear" and 2 "Lions".

  • "Elephants": This elephant sized insectoid/Crustacean moves in 6 polearm-like legs, it's shell an active camouflage. It has Human intelligence, fully able to problem solve and plan out hunts or ambushes. Range hunting is standard, but ambushing travel routes, immobilizing wounded prey to draw in others, and infesting builds are also common tactics.

Size:16, Health:23, Armor:6, Defense:4, Willpower:8,
Speed:32, Athletics:4, Stealth:7, Perception:9,
Claw/bite: Dice:13, Damage:5. Eventide Eyes.

  • "Bears": This bear sized insectoid/Crustacean moves in 4 spiked legs, with two manipulating claws. It's shell an active camouflage, and has a hive-like "shotgun" on it's back.

Size:8, Health:13, Armor:3, Defense:5, Willpower:8,
Speed:30, Athletics:5, Stealth:8, Perception:10,
Claw/bite: Dice:10, Damage:2. Eventide Eyes.
Shooting Spines: Dice:5, Damage:4, Ap:2, 20/.

  • "Lions": This Lion sized insectoid/Crustacean moves in 6 sword-like legs, it's shell an active camouflage.

Size:8, Health:12, Armor:3, Defense:8, Willpower:7,
Speed:38, Athletics:7, Stealth:10, Perception:11,
Bite/Claw: Dice:11, Damage:3. Eventide Eyes.

Full Name: Kerrigan Connor Ripley Wagner
DoB: 20 Mar 1997
Heritage: Russian/German
Ht/Build: 4'10"/Brickhouse
Hair/Eyes: Red/Blue
Profession: Smuggler/vigilante
CrimeRecord: None Neener!
Changeling: Wyrd1/Spring3
Seeming: Beast/Swimmerskin
Feral Ties: Raised Beastkin
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