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“The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”

– Edgar Allan Poe


xxxxx A Fallcoast native of Cuban descent, Katerina (Kate) Torres has worked hard to obtain the rank and respect she hopes she has as a detective in the Fallcoast PD. She has recently returned to her home and job from an undercover assignment with the Boston PD that almost cost her life...and she does seem changed by her near-death experience.

RP Hooks
  • Detective - Has been a detective in the Fallcoast PD for a few years and patrol before then.
  • Undercover - Occasionally she will do undercover work which usually involves her streetwalker identity.
  • Geist - Having recently been slain by a serial killer known as 'The Slicer', Kate has been given a second chance at life. It's still all new to her but she is going to do her best. She owes the world that.
  • It's All Been A Bit of a Shock - You don't die every day and Kate is still getting used to it. Guilt. Confusion. Anger. Relief. All wrapped up in a ball that is best suppressed with alcohol.
  • Nightmares - She may have a second life but she finds it hard to shake that first death.



The Living

Adam - New graduate who doesn't mind getting stuck in. We'll see how long it lasts.

Alma - Party girl who sleeps on park benches...but she can look after herself. At least I hope so since I haven't seen her for a while.

Blaise - Another new graduate. We may have more in common.

Emily - Temptation thy name is Emily. This girl has more mood swings than hot dinners.

Helga - Marine cop. Held it together when things went crazy. Hope we can work together again.

Paloma - New partner. Here's to getting this city cleaned up.

The Krewe

They've all gone it seems. Looking for a Krewe again.

Those With Invisible Friends

Kilo - Fellow dead person who I hear has cleaned up her act. Boy was I wrong. Somehow we continue to get on.

Rictus - Kilo has a terrible choice in men. Though this guy is the least worst so far. That doesn't mean I like you.

The Gone

Aisling - Came down from New York and straight to work. She moved out and then moved in again. No idea where she is now.

Arianna - Coast Guard. Sailed off into the sunset.

Ayako - A private detective who specialises in the supernatural. The things I could show her...and vice versa it seemed.

Basilio - Apparently famous - I need to get out of the house more. But he left.

Brodie - Another of the Living Dead Police - we should chat. Or not.

Charis - Retired. Somehow she found hanging with a rock star more exciting than paperwork. Guess it takes all kinds. She came back without the rock star and I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out but now she's gone again.

Cross - Cross by name, cross by nature. That bottle seems glued to her hand. Wonder if it was the end of her?

Deckard - All kinds of crazy. And, yes, I will be checking if that drink you made is a controlled substance.

Donnachaidh - Good friends with a nun? He seems to have his head on straight though and thinks outside the box, but if he asks me to dress as a prostitute again... He disappeared - very disappointing.

Drake - Ex-cop, now PI. I thought he'd understand but he disappeared.

Jenny - The holder to the keys of the kingdom. Must stay on her good side. She left and I will miss her.

Kira - She certainly leaves an impression...and she's very impressive. Somehow I've convinced her we should be a couple. I couldn't be happier. Then one night she was gone. I should remember that cops aren't supposed to have happy lives.

Libby - CSU and very excited by insects. Really.../very/ excited. She had a scare with a psychotic and it looks like she left town.

Lucius - Another LDP but only met briefly.

Lynneth - Private Investigator who did some good work. I'm going to try out his krewe...but he left in a hurry.

Mike - Always seems too serious. And this is coming from me. Disappeared.

Raegan - Department psychiatrist. Smart. Professional. Stand-offish. But there is someone worth knowing under all that. She left but came back. Then left again.

Rezart - Crazy. Hopefully the good kind. Been locked away?

Stone - A technicality does not make you innocent. Everyone knows you did it and you need to be held accountable. I'm watching you. Gone and hopefully karma found him.

Taylor - Aisling brought her home one night and she's been my coucher ever since. She's finally finding her feet and it's good to see. Now she's flown the nest.

Thorne - Fellow detective who I've known for some years. Finally told her about my new friend and she barely batted an eyelid. Seems we've both been keeping secrets. Her eHarmony account is incredibly popular.

Dr Carthage

Doctor Carthage, no doubt not his real name, is a Geist who studies death and demands it be structured and documented. He no longer remembers his life but his aware, piercing blue eyes - the only part of his face that is not blurred - and his clear, well-enunciated words suggest an intelligent professional once. He is more than happy, though he shows little actual emotion, to determine who should live or die and can be quite persuasive.

After the Krewe Binding he changed; scalpels for fingers and a bloody surgeon's apron added to the mix. It seems he is not as purely intellectual as first thought.

Dr Carthage's Notebook (Keystone)

Doctor Carthage's Notebook is full of tiny coded writing he has accumulated over the decades. Every now and then there is an image of a body...or part of one...that is almost sadistic in nature. And just ignore the stains on some of the pages. He does not talk about what is written within but he is still adding to it and Kate often hears the faint scratching of nib on paper as she investigates a murder or talks to a suspect.



Kate Torres 
Date of Birth: March 14, 1982
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Occupation: Detective
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride
Striking Looks: * Determined
Played By: Sarah Shahi

Archetype: Reaper
Threshold: Torn
Krewe: Enlightened Bulwark
Geist: Dr Carthage
Ceremonies: Final Vision

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